Original Channel - Part 1 The Angel Academy

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Angel Academy

After the final reflections from the Planet of Peace and Connection the guide known to me as Michael draws my attention while extending his hand towards me. Still surrounded by the circle of twelve beings and beginning to lose touch with the reality of the coliseum surrounding me I sense that my body is already aligning to yet another guide for another journey.  I see clearly now how these transmissions are taking place and begin to understand how this story is going to continue to unfold.

I am a fifth dimensional traveler being escorted throughout the universe in all time and space to witness twelve of my suspended animation incarnation cycles. I am being given an opportunity to learn the karmic lesson plans I have created and still have yet to fulfill. As I learn more about each cycle I find I am here on Earth as a vessel to help teach humanity, warn humanity, connect with humanity and learn from humanity. I feel and understand more with each passing encounter and find with the knowledge learned also comes a deeper understanding of who I am on a soul level. I can understand the urgency of each guide and can also start to make healthy choices as to what paths are of the most importance for me as an Earth bound being during this space and time. Looking across the coliseum Michael stands waiting, within a few steps I join hands, shoulders and arms with him and feel my body yet again begin to soar up into a tube of light that sends us speeding off into the cosmos.

Landing on what appears to be a red planet we are dropped into yet another empty terrain. Upon landing on this planet I feel an immediate connection to New Mexico back on Earth, where things seem red and sometimes barren and dry. The ground is comprised of tiny sand particles with swirls of white and red color patterns. Each step taken forward plants my foot into a mound of sand that reaches up midway around my calf. The weather is warm and with yet another glance around I find there is still nothing around.

Having Michael make this travel with me I knowingly started this journey out with a companion. Using this to my advantage I projected my thoughts behind my body and asked Michael to help me understand this place better. With that singular request I begin to sense multiple things happen at once. There is a vision of Heavens pearly gates ahead of me. I sense that a veil has been lifted and an invisible gate has been opened. The ground also begins to shake as if a path is going to be released from the sand below. I begin to see a floating island of green hills that remind me of the terrain around Banff, Canada. Here the word Atlantis also becomes apparent in my mind. I see the shimmering gates reveal the path I had expected to see and begin to walk towards the floating land.

Starting to piece together some of these details I walk the exposed path and can begin understand I am on some invisible floating island. This image validates my original connection to the word Atlantis. I find my mind is filled with some type of knowledge about how this island is able to float. I can see that the red sand below the floating land is magnetized in some way and so is the island. Each has an opposite charge to the other allowing for the slight separation and the constant repelling movement to happen. As Michael and I make our way onto the island the path disappears and the island is yet again a floating marvel.

As large as a big city the circular island is completely surrounded by green pointed mountains. These mountains give the city an enclosed and somewhat protected feel. There is a large interior corridor that feels like the area surrounding Frances Arch De Triumph. On this island instead of the Arch there lies a singular fountain that sits in the exact center of this floating land. Every path radiates outward from this singular location giving the fountain the feeling of great power and focus. Scanning the large mountains I can see a wall that looks like the Great Wall of China curving down and up around every curve of the island’s mountains. This wall extends outward from a very large building sitting behind the fountain. Running in an almost fully connected circle around the entire island there appear to be extensions or pathways that protrude off of this wall every so many miles creating clusters of what I would expect to be homes or dwellings. Directly ahead of me behind the north point of the fountain nestled between two large mountains lies a building that one could mistakenly compare to Washington D.C’s White House. It is long and narrow and has very large columns that create a semi circle around the entrance way. Here is where I decide our journey will begin.

Walking past the fountain I can feel a pull to look upon its waters. Like the call of a siren the fountain entices my entire being to move towards it. Having to focus hard to break my connection with the fountain I swerve towards the far side of the path away from the center of the city with its alluring fountain. I set my gaze upon the long narrow white building sitting amongst the green mountains beyond and continue to head towards this direction. Once past the pull of the fountain I look backwards over my shoulder and can see many beings that have decided to stare into the fountains waters. I am interested to find out more about its function and ask Michael what the fountains purpose is. With this question my view changes and I am now seeing through the eyes of one of the current fountain gazers. I first see a face being reflected in the water of the fountain. The face then turns into a series of images that seem to be connected to this specific person’s life. From here I get a deep sense of peace over what is needed to be done in order to move on. There is a sense of completion, knowing and service that come with the acquired knowledge from the fountain. I am pulled back into my body and can see now that this fountain is like an oracle connecting the people here to a destiny that they seek. Now more than ever I am interested in what I may find later in that fountain. Picking up the pace towards the great structure between the two green mountains we finally arrive at our destination.

Moving into the long narrow building I am greeted by a very familiar set up. In this large rectangular room there are multiple glass vessels holding the bodies of many different beings in suspended animation. I now understand why this building was able to pull my attention away from the fountain it is because my body resides within one of these vessels. There is also a much deeper and older connection here in this room than in any of the other rooms previously visited. This room also has more bodies than I have ever seen before and is much more active than I have ever seen before.  I see vessels stored on top of each other meaning were not just seeing row after row of singular vessels here. I see three to five vessels stored directly on top of one another and there are multiple rows of these stacked beings. There are so many beings apparently in suspended animation that I see multiple beings with what appear to be clip boards checking on the status of the inhabitants of the containers.  As I walk the isles looking for a connection to one of the tubes I see what appear to be ghostly figures flying into and out of the room. As this happens I see life returning to specific bodies and other lives being taken away. The amount of activity happening here is mind boggling. Every other storage facility I have seen has been almost crypt or tomb like, quite and uninterrupted by activity where this facility seems like a highway for souls.

Michael begins to send me an understanding of what I am seeing, feeling and sensing. He tells me that this place is an Academy for Angels that what I am seeing is one of the original separations from source or the matrix. Beings who wish to elevate their frequency into or past the eight dimensions must engage with this place to go through the teachings of the divine virtues. If this island abided by the rules of time or followed the click of a clock like the third dimension I would say it feels as if my body has been here since the beginning of time. Michael assures me that within this place a being will go into suspended animation for multiple life times to learn without any shadow of a doubt one of the virtues and that is why it feels so ancient to me. He goes on to share that once a virtue is learned the soul will come back to its body here on this island and reanimate once again engaging with life. Then when ready the body will go back into suspended animation to again learn the next virtue that has been lined up for the soul. This happens when the individual receives the call from the fountain or the oracle to start the next journey. There will be many lives lived between each virtue to make sure that the being is in full awareness and practice of what is being taught.

I begin to understand why there are so many bodies held here. If there are multiple virtues to be learned and each soul will be required to incarnate into multiple lives before a singular virtue is learned one can only imagine the amount of time necessary to achieve the perfection it seems this plane is seeking. That also explains the reason for so many souls coming back to reanimate their bodies here, due to the virtue a soul may come back at any time to seek further guidance or understanding about the virtue from the fountain. The depth of knowledge one must have about themselves to fully understand all the facets of a singular virtue are immeasurable. I feel comfort in knowing that this is an origin planet for me and that there is no rush to finish this race. I could not imagine what it would be like to have the pressure of accomplish this task overnight. I feel acceptance towards souls taking their time here and feel that souls can move into and out of this existence as they see it fit for their own divine destiny.

Walking out of the great hall Michael and I walk straight towards the fountain. Taking our time we stroll towards the center of this city both in quiet contemplation. My mind seems to be reviewing what was just learned through the guidance and support of my chaperone Michael. Getting closer to the fountain I can begin to feel its magnetic pull on my body. I assume this must mean it holds a message for me. Michael who has been monitoring my thoughts simply shakes his head in agreement and gives me my space as I take my place. As I sit on the edge of the fountain I begin to see the known markings of my reflection. Staring lazily at the swirling colors in the pool of water I get flooded with a full life review. There are images from my current existence on Earth that bubble up to the surface of the water staying present for mere seconds and then float away. Not seeing any one image, but understanding everything clearly as one continuous message I glean my current experience on Earth is about the virtue of Friendship which is tied into the overall message of Kindness. As stated before the virtues must get fractionated so that true learning can be done. When this happens it could take ten plus incarnations to understand and master a single facet of one virtue. Here I get the overwhelming attachment to my current life cycle and what is needed to achieve this lesson of friendship. Pulling myself away from the fountain I feel clear on my direction and need from this life cycle. I know this is yet again a single sliver of my twelve bodies and find peace in knowing this life at least is meant to be relived over and over for full comprehension. Although there is a want to achieve the lessonfully I understand that this timeline take finesse and mastery for full completion and this elevates yet another burden for what I am to experience here on the Earth plane.