Original Channel - Part 1 Third Star

 (Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.


The Winged Guardians

Sitting on the front porch of my house with Changa snuggly tucked in-between my legs I find myself lost in his tear shaped dark brown eyes. Within his jovial stare I feel a sense of knowing and connection that had not been present before. His jowls seemed to smile deeper today than they ever had before. Humored by our new connection I ask the dog sitting in front of me if there was anything he wished to explain to me about the half animal half human people that I had meet, that I don’t already know. Waiting far to long for Changa to reply I begin laughing out loud at myself. In my defense the lines between imagination and reality had been a bit blurred as of late. Once the laughter subsided silence was all that remained between Changa and myself. Settling into this moment of stillness between us I was able to recall the Sentarians from the half animal half human planet. Visualizing the detailed spiral drawn upon their foreheads, I instantly remember the teaching of the spiral. All one must do on planet Earth to make a connection to the animals is unwind this unseen spiral around the third eye on the forehead and the line of communication will be opened. Having let go of attachment to rationality, I closed my eyes to better visualize the spiral on my forehead. With my inner sight I could see my forehead from the inside out. A glowing light outlined the symbol as I intentionally connected to the spiral. Feeling like my ego mind was creating what I was seeing, I didn’t stop, I had committed to letting the entire process play through. As the spiral began its uncoiling process I could feel intense amounts of energy move into the center of my forehead. Starting off it felt like a slow gentle trickle of energy, but the more I allowed in the quicker this turned into a surge of electrical current. Being someone who suffered seriously from migraines as a child and young adult I can tell you this pain was worse than the most intense headache I had ever experienced. Feeling increasingly more dizzy and nauseous I braced myself against the step of the porch and grabbed change around the fold of his neck. Using Changa like a seeing eye dog, I closed my eyes and followed his lead towards the front door of our house, which thankfully was only two steps away. Pushing through the cracked front door, my eyes squeezed tightly closed trying to push the pain out of my head. Still in the hunched over position I allowed change to guide my way. Immediately inside of our front door landing area was a wooden banister which protected someone from falling through the open staircase area leading to the lower level below. Change gingerly walked me down the hallway around the guide of the banister towards our master bedroom. Depositing me on the side our wooden sleigh bed Changas job was done, soon I heard his nails trotting along the slate floor outside of the bedroom and back down the hallway. Thinking to myself I realize that maybe we didn’t need to talk after all. Changa seemed to know exactly what to do in lieu of a conversation.

In bed, I curled my body into a tight fetal position. The discomfort was unbearable and constricting tightly into a ball was the only way my body could get small enough to not feel the entirety of the pain trying to come through. Twisting and turning you would think I was in labor or moving through a demonic depossession. Putting a pillow over my head was the only way to block out some of the light now tormenting my eyes from the large windows at the foot of the bed. Due to my long history with headaches as a child and young adult I learned early on medicine was just a mask for what the pain in our bodies was trying to signal. Not in a coherent state of mind to strike up a friendly conversation with my body, I basically demanded the pain to stop.
“This needs to stop right now!”

Interestingly enough the pain subsided for a good thirty seconds. Curious as to what this new experience was I asked.

“Am I missing something?”

Again the pain stopped allowing the billowing drums of my mind to stop for what felt like thirty seconds of pure bliss. So when the answer is yes or my statements are clear the pain stops. This I can work with.

“Do you want me to do something?”

Stopping yet again, I now see the light at the end of this narrow and painful tunnel.

“Let go.”

A whisper of a voice gained access to my mind in between the pulsating stabs of pain.

“Let go?”

I repeat this and question how anyone could let go when the pain of the physical body was so intense. Every beat of my heart was forcing blood through constricted blood vessels within my head, and this was translating into an unbearable pain that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. How does one simply let go.


Again the whisper moves through my mind, hearing it answer me yet again only leads to more confusion. How can anyone go to sleep with this much intensity moving through their body?

“Surrender and let go.”

Finding my body still constricted and wound tightly into a ball, began the process of letting go. Through the waves of pressure and sharp pain I slowly started to soften my body. Instead of holding all of this energy in my head I allowed it to fill my entire body and take me over completely. The process was uncomfortable at first, I felt extremely vulnerable and somewhat exposed to this unknown energy, but as time went on I could feel how this ultimate form of surrender was allowing the energy locked in my head to find its way through my body and somehow exit out of me. It was like I was a conductive wire and the energy that I had opened up to when performing the visual experiment earlier had moved into my body and shorted me out. Because my body was not grounded or open to letting the energy flow through I shorted my system out which transmitted into a headache. I was holding onto the energy instead of being a vessel for it to move through. With full understanding of this lesson now reaching my conscious mind I sensed a great pressure lift and shift in my head. I no longer tried to hold onto the experience and allowed it to move though me unimpeded. Lying in bed my body was exhausted, letting the last bit of the experience go, I rolled over feeling wiped out from the days many journeys. My eye lids were getting heavy, and my body was increasingly getting lighter. Not one to stop the progression into a good nap I surrendered once again to the soft pillow cozily tucked beneath my head and found the cadence of my breath. Each breath aligned more fully to the continuous beat of my heart making it hard to ignore the precious and delicate balance needed to sustain a single human life.

The twitching of my body indicates that my brain is in the beginning stages of sleep yet my mind is still alert and active. I feel my physical body go numb as my mind detaches from the human shell holding it securely in place. This is exactly how I felt when I left my physical body on the half human half animal planet. Now soaring above my wooden sleigh bed I can see my human body resting below, my conscious awareness is active and free yet my physical shell remains empty below. Reaching higher into my room my energy body soars through the ceiling of my bedroom into the expansiveness of the world beyond. Seemingly having no control over where my journey is going I find my body pulled so high into the atmosphere that I can see only outlines of Earths continents below. Suspended in the weightless atmosphere above Earth I find the silence of this vantage point peaceful and quite serene when all of a sudden a tornado of light hits the back of my body and moves through straight through me. Spinning wildly the light carries me tumbling back towards the direction of Earth. Like a sling shot the energy begins to pull my energy body apart. I can feel my form expand like a large rubber band until the stretch seems to progress no further. All at once a release is made and the tension is gone, I feel weightless once again and on a trajectory to hit Earth at supersonic speeds.

Upon entering this new planet the first apparent change within the environment observed is the heaviness and dampness of the air. Surrounded by perpetual mist I find myself spinning around in circles trying to ground my energy so that I may take in all of the sights. I find it hard to keep a connection to this place today, unsure of what my goal or purpose is within this new planet I begin my exploration into the clues around me. The landscape is lush with massively overgrown plants. Images straight out of a Jurassic time frame everything appears to be so much larger than life should be. Deep colors of emerald green appear around every corner. Even the trees seem to soar high into the sky. Upon further inspection the tree tops are so high I am unable to perceive an end from my small place on the canopy floor. This landscape is thriving. It seems every element here is working to establish healthy this vegetation.

Finally stabilizing myself amid the environment I begin to walk forward on a dirt path. Moving directly towards one of the first visible trees in the surrounding scene my past travels have confirmed that trees tend to hold answers, so why should this be any different. I move towards the base of the soaring tree in front of me and place my hand on its trunk.  Thinking nothing of this initial touch my hand flies right through what appears to be a holographic façade. As I lean into the fall I brace myself for impact and fall into what appears to be the center of the tree.

The fall lasted mere seconds with no damage done. As I regain my balance I see there appears to be a circular curving stair case carved right down through the bottom of this tree. Finding my feet beneath me and on either the fifth or sixth step, I slowly wind my way down towards the bottom of wherever this tree trunk may be leading. A few downward corkscrews later I find myself at the last step. Here lies a grand opening that has been shaped by hands and tools through the side of the tree. Exiting onto another dirt path in what seems to be an enclosed tunnel I find myself trying very hard to understand how I am able to see what is around me when there appears to be no light. Using too much mental strength and awareness I begin to question what I am seeing and find myself retreating back up through the stair well to the forest floor once again.

Once through the holographic façade I look up into the sky to see if there are any perceivable sources of light. I see many outlines of what look to be moons, but I better understand to be planets. This is determined only through some deep knowing within me that is yet to be explained. As I keep my gaze focused on the slivers of sky that are visible through the canopy above I see what appears to be an enormous flying dragon. Fixated on this gliding beast above, I hear a voice to my right say, “It’s ok dear one some of this may still be a bit confusing.” Looking to my right I see a massive dragon with her head on the ground, her snout is pointed directly towards with her nostrils flaring as the words escape leave her. She then inclines her head to look up at the sky and then down into the ground. I understand that she understands the confusion I feel over just about everything that has been experienced up until this point.

The dragon has patchy metallic yellow scales covering her snout. The rest of the body that I can see appears to take on a dirty brownish color. The proportions of her body lying down seem a bit scud as her belly projects out in a very full round shape and the head appears to be smooth, lengthy, and sleek. She keeps her head on the ground as I approach her and even closes her eyes to apparently show her vulnerability to the situation. I place my hand on her snout and ask her what her purpose is in being here today?

She tells me she is a guardian. This seems to be a running theme within these planets. She expresses that her kind live along with the other inhabitants of this planet. The dragons live on the ground floor and in the skies while the others mostly live below ground. An image of her nest is show to me. She states, “This is where many dragons live together in one place.” I see many different kinds of dragons, all appear to be sunbathing and lazily enjoying a relaxing stretch over different outcroppings of stone boulders. She begins to project to me a different image and follows this image up with an explanation. I hear her voice explain, “This is the work in which we are required to do, our purpose if you will.” I hone in on a specific dragon from the nest. This dragon seems particularly comfortable enjoying his place belly up on a rock. Within a split second he rolls off to his side and disappears into what appears to be a wormhole or some type of portal. Moving through the portal the dragon slides from his rock and rolls into a flying position, he quickly soars through the sky of this new world. As if receiving silent orders he soars above the place in question and rains fire down upon their trees, homes, people, or volcano whatever may be in his path. I see the fire manifest into physical form while the dragon stays in a higher dimension. The fire burns the entire area to the ground. Although this seems devastating it seems the fires intention is twofold. As I watch the powerful display of this dragon I also hear the words of my new companion say, “The fire of a dragon is rich in properties that allow new life to grow, like the story of the phoenix when something dies it can once again rise from the ashes into a new.” I am assured that this process of destruction is meaningful and that the dragons are called to help rebuild places that need assistance with their new growth cycle. My new companion expresses that this is their purpose. They are guardians for all planets who need the immediate impact of a new growth cycle.

The dragon continues to play images for me of dragons receiving the call to start a new growth cycle for a planet. I see lazy dragons turn active as they move into another time and space to perform their work. I feel intrigued by what I see and seem to have more questions than answers at this point.  Feeling into the landscape of this place I can see a connection between the vitality of the lush environment and these majestic beings. I sense the work the dragons do to establish new environments for others also helps to create the pristine environment of their own planet. There is much energy and vitality here in this space and it seems a lot of that can be contributed to the presence of the dragons