Original Channel - Part 1 University

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.


The University of the Universe

If Halloween could stake a claim on a planet this would be it. The sky above is in a constant swirling motion shining down with colors of orange and black. The landscape is filled with sand dunes all taking on a solid burnt sienna hue. The dunes appear to be filled with creatures. Everything is crawling around me and feels quite alive. Upon further inspection the movement seems to be caused by a living thing that emerges from the sand and looks like a cross between a cobra snake and a centipede. If that weren’t enough to scare you away these new creatures are quite a bit larger than a standard size school bus. While observing the surroundings with more curiosity one of these large cobra centipedes comes slithering over the closest sand dune. As the large hooded head crests the top of the dune I see a person ridding on the backside of this snake. Sitting along the scaled and shelled body she appears to be holding some kind of rains which seems to be allowing her to control this interesting new mode of transportation. The rains are wired to the creature like a bit used in a horse’s mouth.  

I find I am not startled or scared by this fast paced movement headed toward me. Whether the lack of fear is due to the knowing that I have lived in this place before or the fact that I am just visiting as an astral traveler, with each new planet visited I seem to become more comfortable with every encounter presented. The being riding on the back of this new creature is cloaked in garb that can only be described as a costume straight out of the movie, “Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.” She wears a beige colored outfit with a wide brimmed hat and a full mask covering her lower face. I can see only the eyes, but know there is a smile waiting under the veil. She extends a hand towards me inviting me onto the back of the cobra centipede. I comfortably climb aboard and get instantly whisked away towards what appears to be a large city off in the distance.

Riding on the back of a snake centipede feels exactly how you might expect. The hooded head stayed upright the entire time and the body remained in constant contact with the ground. Propulsion from the back of the body kept us speeding forward and tiny legs seemed to project outward from the bottom of the body to grasp down into the sand. As the tiny legs dug down the entire body of this vehicle seemed to increasingly get up to faster and faster speeds. The ride was quick and a distance that seemed quite far turned into a short sweet journey.

As the city came into view I could see we were headed straight for a tunnel along the outside boarder of the exterior wall. The city itself was outlined by a vast exterior wall that seemed only a story or two high and took on a large square shape. This exterior wall was as deep as it was high. The first walls were the perimeters that lead to the open space within. After this exterior structure there was a court yard of sand and then another large structure. The interior structure was a gigantic pyramid minus the top half of the building. This design was intentionally plateau shaped, the base was that of a pyramid and the top looked cut clean off. This structure appeared three times the size of the exterior walls and sat in the very center of the surrounding perimeter. The entire space was the size of a large college campus.

The cobra centipede slithered us right through the exterior walls arched tunnel and parked himself in the shade of the two store embankment. The fluidity of this process makes me think this structure was built to accommodate these large creatures. Could these cobra centipedes be the horses of this planet? My driver dismounted and then turned to make sure I was doing the same.  Standing side by side with my guide I watch as she reaches her hand up to unveil her face. She has a body shaped like a human and very large eyes. When the veil dropped I was surprised to see her entire face was that of a cat. She was not the same cat from my previous voyage to the half animal half human planet she was completely different. Here she takes the chance to welcome me back and flashes an image of my previous self to me. She shows me that she is looking at a very tall male figure standing across from her. Pleased with the encounter she lights up and begins to walk us towards the main center building.

Waving her hand towards the exterior walls she begins to tell me the story of this place. Using her voice telepathically she continues to walk with her back towards me across the courtyard as she explains what I am seeing. These are the living quarters, she says. Mental images of diverse beings start to flood into my mind. I see so many different alien species that I am not sure how to comprehend who or what most of these life forms are.  I see many different mature beings walking and sitting together. I see them lined up within the living quarters at what appear to be stations. They are interacting and engaging in a way one would expect college students to be interacting. As we progress across the sand she extends her hand towards the large pyramid building. This is where we learn, she says. Here she sends me the blueprints of the space we are about to enter. I see room after room built into this structure. There are multiple floors and on each floor is another set of rooms. Classes or sessions are being held within each room and I can see how diverse the students look. There appears to be a teacher in each room leading some kind of educational seminar. Each teacher is vastly different from the other teachers just like the students. I understand that each teacher comes from a different planet or system than there students so that there are unique offerings to learn from.

As we walk into the large structure I am excited to see the activity of this place and am eager to meet some of these unique individuals I have just witnessed. Upon first glance everything is black. It is here that I get very confused. I ask why the lights are off and why are we in the dark. My guide now sends me another piece to this puzzle. I am back in the hustle and bustle of the class rooms at full capacity. I see the teachers teaching and the students learning. Along the exterior walls there are flags flying from every individual’s home planet showing the diverse collection of beings in this singular place. Here the students and teachers are all fully grown adult beings representing their home planets. They have all come together to learn from one another about the unique gifts and talents each species has to offer. I follow one specific student who catches my attention. I see him finish class and return to his home planet by way of space travel. Once on his home planet he begins teaching the individuals around him what was learned. There is an air of greed, ego, and domination that can be felt in his actions and it seems the wisdom he has acquired is going to be used for purposes other than good. Their planet begins to become obsessed with the quest for knowledge and further development and begins to disturb the natural balance of the universe.

It is here that my guide tells me I was one of the founding settlers of this planet. It was a group of my planets inhabitants that discovered this planet and decided to create a so called inter planetary market place. Our goal was to bring together travelers from all across the stars to learn and grow a community of supportive and nurturing beings who could help one another with inter stellar problems and concerns by way of teaching one another from personal experience. The original settlers came from the Paladien star system. When the rift happened and the student took the wisdom learned and used it for conquering instead of peace it was the home planet of the Paladiens that had to deal with the disturbance. Due to this shock wave of war created by the schools teachings it was decided that the school needed to be closed down until further precautions could be taken to insure this quest for power would not happen again.

Here my guide walks me up the stairs to the final room at the top of this structure. The room is expansive and large and filled with tubes of suspended soulless beings. This chamber of tubes is such a familiar landscape to me now. This is my fifth planetary visit and my fourth run in with a previous body.  I take to the rows of glass like tubes all anchored into the floor and begin the search for my body. I walk up and down the aisles looking for a connection that my soul can feel. One by one I move past each vessel seeing extremely different and unique beings within the tubes. I see more diversity here than I have on any other planet visited. I begin to ask my guide what the purpose of this diversity is. She responds with a quiet voice in my mind telling me when the war began over the knowledge acquired select beings who helped to found the school and its teachings decided to freeze their timelines here on this planet in suspended animation in order to search the star system for ways to bring teaching back to this planet in a way that would insure success and not improper use of the information. All bodies here within these twenty eight tubes are out living other incarnations in order to find ways to bring teaching back to this vast star system.

Here I am encouraged to reflect on some of the learned lessons so far from my current incarnation on Earth. I see that children who are open and void of singularity are the ones who receive Earth teaching. I see on Earth there is a lack of development of the individual which leads to confusion for the soul. In Earth teachings there is a lack of diversity of thought and experience which limits the souls understanding of their multi dimensional self, but teaching at the young age leads to more receptivity towards a hoped for outcome. On Earth there is a benefit in teaching children over adults who come with a set of expectations. I get the sense that this was one of the problems that lead to the war outbreak from the learned knowledge from this planet. Coming back to the awareness of the room in the pyramid I find my mind racing with possibilities. I feel a connection not only to this planet and the quest to educate all who wish to learn, but also feel a connection to the Earth plane and the interesting expectations for learning in this time and space. I find hope in the continued growth for all beings who wish to expand their consciousness in a loving way and hope that each one of these twenty eight suspended beings find what they are looking for so that life may resume once again here in this space.