Original Channel - Part 2 Deeper

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

Deeper into the Labyrinth

The golden glow of the room diminishes signaling I have completed my teaching. Walking past the etched walls I feel as if a piece of my energy will remain here in this room. The amount of connection I now feel between this planet and my home planet of Earth is immense. I understand our contract with animals, I have always understood this contract, but until seeing the soul connection between the Sentarians and the inhabitants of this planet I really didn’t understand how our link worked. I not only understand, but can actually feel my link, it has been reawakened with in my body, and I am so excited to take this wisdom back with me to Earth. The darkness of the room leaves me hugging the walls until I find the doorway I had entered through. Standing along the exterior wall of the chamber my guide begins to move seemingly heading deeper into the part of the labyrinth we have yet to explore. I follow the bird headed man as we walk one in front of the other deeper and deeper through the barnacle lit hallways. After walking for a bit we come to a stop, I can tell that we have entered the center of the underground archives. Stopping I can feel intense amounts of energy coming from an open pathway off to my right hand side.

“This is what you have been looking for.”

My bird headed guide steps aside once again. Intrigued I point towards the entry way to the right and with a nod he allows room for me to move past him. Before getting even four steps into this hallway my mind begins to wonder. Literally my field of awareness leaves my physical body and begins hovering above where I stand. I see an aerial view of the catacombs begins to take shape within my mind’s eye. I can see that we have journeyed into the center most point of this long maze set underground between these six pyramids. It is as if my energy body is now standing on the blueprint of the labyrinth that I had seen in the second chamber. I can see that directly ahead of me there lies a square room dead center between the six pyramid structures. This square room has four pathways extending out from each wall. The hallway I currently stand in is off to the west, it moves in a long zig zag shape before it hits the center square room. It has three elbow bends from where I stand now. Each bend moves the path closer towards the center room of the labyrinth. Upon further inspection I can see this exact pattern happening on the other side of the center room, but the zig zag there moves outward and East away from the center square room. The tunnels all seem to be creating a large geometric drawing that is a mirror pattern from one side to the other. From this aril perspective I can also see that this square center room has two large rectangle rooms extending off two walls to the North and South, these rooms do not have zig zagging paths they are massive rectangular rooms. Each room appears narrow yet long extending directly towards the three pyramids on the front end of the city and the three pyramids on the back end of the city.  

Having now the complete layout of the path lying in front of me my energy body descends into my body from the interactive blueprint. Reanimation happens which allows me to continue moving towards the zig zagging path ahead. Moving through the dark elbow turns the cave barnacles speciously don’t grow this far into the subterranean caverns. The path was dark and not until I found my way out of the third turn could I begin to see a faint golden light ahead. Entering into the center room filled with a glowing golden light I am unsure if my past assumption about the golden light was correct. Searching around the room I inquisitively look to see how this golden light is made or where it might be coming from. With no electricity or noticeable power of any kind I have to assume that the illumination is happening within the walls themselves. Something seems to know where I need to be and illuminates that part of the catacombs to assist my journey. Releasing my search for the source of the light I movie into the center of the room where I see there is a pedestal that holds a small stone version of one of the large exterior pyramids. The small replica pyramid looks quite heavy and has a light beige and blush color. Searching the perimeter of this room the four solid parts of the surrounding walls have seats build into the stone. A simple slanted carving that allows a back and a seat. Noticeably carved out to sit and view this center podium with the replica pyramid. The natural next step was of course for me to go to one of the seats and sit down, so this is what I did. Sitting down I found my body naturally went into a cross legged position, the base of the stone chair was comfortable enough to bring my legs up and once I did my body went into an immediate softening and a deep trance like meditation began.

The golden lights dimmed as my eyes fluttered open and closed. Focused on the center podium I could see the replica pyramid activate and come to life. The pyramid turned from a beige blush color and began to glow in a bluish purple white light. With my eyes locked onto the center pyramid I could feel my peripheral vision pick up the stone walls to each side of me and it seemed as if each wall pulled away or went dark simply. With this a type of mist entered into the room which only highlight the density around me even more and gave greater reach to the illuminated pyramid within the center of the show. With my gaze focused on the newly transformed colored light surrounding me I started to see a hologram flicker to life above the top of the replica pyramid.  The first shape to appear was that of a cat headed being, the voice could be heard as the image flickered in and out of view. The image I was seeing was that of an inhabitant from this planet, this individual seemed to be giving a report on some indigenous life from another planet. Once the report was over another form flicked into view this time it was the body of a man with a tigers’ head.  He too was giving a report about his observations from another planet. I begin to understand yet question the purpose of this room.

“Is this some kind of war room?”

The dark room surrounded by mist and holographic beings speaking and reporting on situation of people and places felt very ominous. If not a war room as I know it from depictions in movies, this definitely had to be some type of council area where reports where reviewed and decisions were made on how to move forward. Many other begins came into and out of view from the projected hologram. It almost seemed as if this replica pyramid was an answering machine, as soon as I sat down the recordings started to play for my review. I wonder what would happen if I stood up mid-sentence from one of these images?

Not having the heart, I waited until the holograms ceased to be and the golden light of the original room I entered returned. Once everything stopped I noticed my hawk guide had moved into the space of this center room. Pointing to the pyramid, I asked.

“What did I just witness?”

As quickly as I asked the question I see images begin to appear around me. I see what appear to be ghosts of this planet, these inhabitants sprung to life as if in replay mode for the pyramid answering machine. They poured into this center council room from one side of the labyrinth in a single file line, first the cat headed woman, next the tiger headed man. As they walk by the center podium they laid their hands on it and bowed their head toward the stone pyramid in the middle. As their hands make contact the pyramid illuminates and it seems as if a link has been made. Their ghostly bodies then proceeded out towards the rectangle room on the opposite side of this room and left my view. I was not seeing ghosts, but the energetic signatures of the beings that performed these ceremonies during a different time than the one I am in now. It all felt so organized and precise it almost had a military component to it, like these were the planets soldiers going off on a mission and this ceremony was a part of the process they had to complete before they leave. 

The bird head man waved his hand towards the two chambers on the north and south side of the room. He is encouraging me to explore for more answers instead of speaking them to me now. I choose the rectangle room off the north side of this chamber to investigate first. Walking into the room there is one long and narrow room creating rectangle shape I had seen from the blueprint. The room does have a recessed sunken down step and through the middle of the room you can see what appear to be stalls or rows of stone booths that create this middle building. It appears I can choose to walk the perimeter of the room and walk between tightly spaced walls or I can step down into the middle row and walk between multiple phone booth like buildings or horse stalls on either side. Staying on the higher ground I pick a side to walk down and see what appear to be fifteen to twenty of these stalls side by side. Apparently each alternating stall is only able to be enter from the middle row or the outside perimeter row. I am able to enter every other stall from this exterior route. Looking into the stalls as I walk past them each has ruin like inscriptions that fill the entire stall from top to bottom. Entering one of the stalls I position myself in front of one of the walls and allow the ruins to begin their swirling motions. Getting in sync with the stall my eyes soften and the animation begins. This movie takes me into a jungle, other movies pop up showing different kinds of jungle animals each within their own box with symbols and statistics scribbled all over the comment area below the visual of the animal. Questioning what this means I sit and watch these movies all playing along the wall of this stall simultaneously. The animals are being observed in their jungle habitat, nothing more really happens. Watching and waiting I decide to move onto the next stall. Upon entering the second stall I begin to see animals from an arctic landscape. Again a main movie showing details of the landscape begin to play out and other boxes or movies pop up highlighting different animals from this area. Seeing the pattern here I walk to the next stall and see African animals, the next staff I see water animals, the next stall I see desert animals and so on. I understand this is some viewing station for all the different kinds of animals back on Earth. One of the stalls in particular host animals from India, I see some of these animals are illuminated in a light almost white colored with a bold blue outline.

The word human pops into my mind and I get an immediate pull towards the inner stalls from within this long narrow room. I make my way back down the tight path moving towards the front of the room where I had started. Finding the middle pathway I take the step down and enter into this middle path. The same rectangular layout presents itself with alternating stall openings. Walking past a few stalls I see they also have the etchings within their walls. Stepping into one of the stalls the movies begin and I can see how this highlights the same jungle movie now, but with and from the human perspective. Moving from stall to stall I see the same pattern as before, Arctic, African, Water, Desert and India. Moving into the stall with the India I see the movies and begin to hear a number of blue dotted lights tick, tick, tick, moving across the movie screen as if in real time filling up many lines moving around this region. Confused I call out to my hawk guide asking for assistance over what I am seeing. Moments later the bird man enters into the stall I am in, laying a hand on my shoulder his warmth seems to steady my body.

“What do the blue and white dotted lines symbolize?”

The warmth from his hand increases which seems to calm my mind. With this new open and clam stat I seem to be flooded with the memory of the holographic beings I saw mere moments before entering this space. Each setting out on a type of missions. As the connection to the holographic images are made I seem to be downloaded with understanding of each of their stories. 

In a flash my mind settles and my eyes begin to flutter. I see teleportation happening from this planet to Earth. I see most of these beings like the cat woman, or the tiger man make connection to Earth and stay looking as they had when they left. I see them very transparent and moving around Earth unseen through the fifth dimension. These beings are observing the interactions of humans and animals on Earth presumably among other things. These beings seem to be doing some kind of scientific study of our kind. In one instance I see a being from this planet make the journey to Earth and upon moving into the third dimensional plane he separates his animal self from his human self, the two parts move in different directions. I see the man engaged with the humans from his human self and with the animals from his animal self. It feels as if this being has come to Earth as a teacher, trying to impart wisdom and messages to those that surround him.

Moving out of the vision and seeing clearly the stalls and their images I understand the different breeds of humans and animals within each of the stalls. I get the sense that those who are coming to Earth from this planet are not only studying our interactions on Earth between humans and animals. Some are also trying to help shift the consciousness levels of our two species and are manifesting in places of need where the animal and human coulters are still not aligned. I see locations being chosen from this rectangular room within the labyrinth where blue dots are not present within specific stalls. It seems to be that the white and blue lights and dots signal places where a conscious shift has been sustained between animals and humans. The areas filled with blue dots are areas that merely need observation and no intervention from the people of this pyramid planet. I am pulled to my limited knowledge of India where some in their coulter still worships animals and a growing number of its population are vegetarian. More than 35% I am told at this point in time. This is why the stall that held the research of India was mostly blue it represented the growing number of people accepting of the divine connection between animals and humans. This shows growth and potential to realign the animal kingdom to that of the humans.

Taking the Water

Moving from the rectangular room back to the center chamber my guide leads me from the stall we currently reside within through the center walkway and back into the “war room”. Up until this point my hawk guide and I have stayed on the west side of the catacombs. Originally our exploration started in one of the six pyramids large above ground assembly space. Upon meeting together, we straightaway moved below ground and stayed tightly in row with the western wall pausing only moments to investigate chambers close to that initial western path. Moving for the first time towards the East we exit the center room and following the zig zagging pathway. Everything appears to be dark and quite similar to the path used on the western side. Getting closer to the singular pathway aligning to the outside wall of the labyrinth our pace quickens. We walk only a few feet on the labyrinths perimeter path before we come to a stop. This time my bird headed guide does not step aside allowing me space to investigate a new place on my own, this time he takes the lead almost rushing down a long row of stairs moving even deeper underground.

Following directly behind my guide, only the luminescent greenish yellow glow of the cave barnacles showed up to light our way. I counted the steps as we descend the carved staircase; one, two, three, four… until my feet go no further finding step twenty. This last step lands my feet ankle high in water. Wiggling around, I test the stability of the stone platform felt beneath my bear feet. Securely locked in place, I feel comfortable where I am standing, but in this darkness I stand firmly grounded now knowing what to do or where to go. All I can hear and feel is a mighty rushing of churning water, the power of this room is intense and thick. Up until this point I have wondered somewhere quietly within the recesses of my mind if there was any water on this planet as my surface journey didn’t seem to uncover any of the liquid substance. Caught mid thought my guide locked eyes with me and motions for me to proceed deeper into the underground chamber. I watched though the glowing light as he disappeared around a wall to my left. Not one to get left behind in a dimly light unknown space I follow his exact foot placements as we both now slosh through the ankle high water. Entering a large chamber found to the left, my guide enters first moving down one of the walls and lazily takes his position against the far corners of the room. I watch his slow movements and chose to stand a few feet away from him on the same wall. Centering myself in the middle of the room I begin to understand that our positions are not selected by accident.

Quietly leaning against the wall my thoughts begin to flow freely like the water at my feet. Trying to make sense of this place I have yet to come up with a good explanation for our purpose here. Images of a roman bath house begin to fill my imagination. As I play around with this new idea the words “Oracle of Delphi” also pass through my mind. Having no clue what these new thoughts are supposed to connect me to, I send out a metal question to my guide.

“Where are we? What is this place?”

No words come back, but I do get a visual of the rooms blueprint. Rolling the blueprint around in my mind I see the exact layout of where I currently standing. The room appears to be made out of stone, either granite or marble similar to the pyramids above ground. I wish someone would flip on the lights so I can see all of the hidden details more clearly. What I am standing on feels slippery and has the coolness and texture of ice. Rolling the mental schematic around I zoom in to inspect the stone I am standing upon more clearly.  Here I can see in greater detail that the slab underneath my feet is the size of a school bus. Underneath the bus shaped stone are six large circular pillars and then underneath that lies another bus sized stone. The circular pillars anchor into the top and bottom stones and because of the blueprint I understand that this top stone can move up and down on the pillars when necessary. Surrounding all of this is a large underground river. The current of this underground rive circulates intensely giving rise to the small surface waves still licking my ankles.

Blinking the blueprint out of my mind, I inspect what I can see now that my eyes have adjusted to the room thickened by moist. The entire room surrounding us is covered in sheets of this cool stone. As my eyes wonder around each wall it appears there is an opening in the corner adjacent to me where the two walls don’t touch. This is where the river water must come or exit through. Again I ask my guide.

“What does all of this mean? Am I missing something?”

I am immediately downloaded with the all too familiar blueprint. This time I can see all four levels of the schematic at the same time. At the top are the six pyramids with the city that connects them, then below the city is the labyrinth, even lower than the labyrinth is this current water level, and below that is the river running underneath it all. The river flows underneath this newly discovered lower level, it moves in from deep underground, yet at some point the inhabitants of this city built these structures that now lie within its flow. I assume this was done to help support the needs of the people living in the city above. On the blueprint the underground river springs to life directly beneath the main pyramid above, runs the length of the city and disappears again below the pyramid at the back of the city. The drawing shows a large whirlpool like vortex where the river springs to life under the main pyramid in the front of the city. Illuminating now the blueprint highlights an area that I can journey to that connects to this whirlpool. There seems to be another large chamber off towards the right hand side down a long path. This chamber resides closer to the front pyramid moving away from the center of this second underground level within which we currently reside. I can sense a massive amount of energy in this chamber and wish to explore it more fully. Looking at my guide he is already moving as if he has been monitoring my intentions. Passing through the sloshing water we follow the path back towards the stairway. With the option to start down the long path leading us towards the front whirlpool chamber my guide pauses and looks back up the staircase towards the first of the twenty stairs. Distressed, I wonder what my guide is contemplating. This whirlpool seems to be the source of this cities purpose, it seems to be the reason everything has been created and I intend to find out more regarding its unique purpose and placement here, and I believe we must do this by taking the long road towards the front pyramid.

Looking now at the back of my guides head as he continues to stare up the long staircase I question him.

“Why are we not going down the long path to the whirlpool? Why can’t I see what its purpose is?”

With this final question my guide lifts one foot and then the other so that he is positioned now standing on the dry step of the staircase. Turning around he clicks his beak at me in full recognition of the desire held within my heart. The clicks move through me putting my physical body at ease which allows my light body to break free of its physical constraints. My physical body turns into an unmoving statue locked in the sloshing water of the underground river. My consciousness is no longer locked inside of my half bird half human body, I am now experiencing full freedom as my spirit soars above my body and through the levels of the underground labyrinth. My spirit is being pulled very quickly as if magnetized towards the first of the six pyramids. I am pulled up and through the floor of the grand pyramid where I see the entire city has congregated in this one space. The inhabitants from this planet are all on bent knees with heads bowed, positioned and waiting on the ground floor of the pyramid. Every individuals head is bowed towards the front of the room, just like I had seen the Sentarians do. The room is filled yet there is complete silence. In my mind I am told it is time to take the water. My spirit settles onto the floor and lies in wait with the other inhabitants. Surprisingly my spirit body is noticed by the two half animal half humans I settle in between, not lifting their heads each one adjusting slightly to the side to accommodate space for my energy body to settle in. Broadcasting into the minds of each individual the message to take the water has settled in and with it an electrified energy surges through the crowd. Just as the electric intensity of the room hits its peak the ground floor within the great pyramid released a fine mist.  Plums of mists projected through the floor and poured in from the walls. The mist had to be signaling the commencement of a grand ceremony, but in a way it also feels like a type of feeding. All inhabitants remain in their bent knee position with their heads bowed. While everyone’s physical bodies remained in this frozen position my head remained up. Witnessing these individuals take full body breaths of the mist I can see that the half animal half humans are drinking this mist so deeply that each sequential breath makes them bigger growing so large that they might pop through their physical bodies. Drinking the mist works like a form of osmosis entering not only the body, but ever cell making up the being. The intense energy subsides and a state of euphoria follows the feeding. Each individual once frozen onto the pyramid floor has now melted their statuesque positions and have relaxed into a meditative trance. During this softening moment I actually begin to witness some of these beings’ lucid dreams. Seeing the energy of these dreams pop out of their mental center like a beacon of light I am naturally drawn to what they are experiencing in this state of lucid dreaming like meditation. I have an immediate understanding wash over as I move my energy body towards one of the individuals. I know from the bottom of my heart that this is where the inhabitants of this plant connect into their purpose work. Light a light bulb going off inside my awareness, it comes to me.

“This ceremony is where a person will be able to hear the voice of the divine!”

This is where tasks are received and reviewed for betterment of the being. This entire process was a self-guided gift, the dreams of these individuals are all unique and different. From one being to the next each seemed to be on their own journey, yet all collectively are here supporting one another. Just thinking about the collective of this group brought wonderment into my field and sent immediate electrified energy through all of my senses.

Allowing the collective connection to settle down I find a softening once again and bring my awareness back into the space of this great room. As soon as my mind settles I am brought the vision of the water vortex spinning beneath the room in which I stand. Seeing this as a picture in my mind I begin to feel that there is great power coming from the whirlpool itself. The mist was only one of the gifts begin created by this pool of water.  Pausing yet again I begin to feel a whirling cyclone of energy begin to spin around the room. No one accept myself seemed to be noticing this change, so I am not sure if this awakened to my call or if it was happening to everyone together. Opening up my senses I could tell that this energy was spinning in a clockwise flow around my body. Moving from the bottom of my energetic body up to my head. The whirlpool was also creating a vortex of spinning energy in the space of this pyramid. Remembering one of my visions from the labyrinth I understand that if inter dimensional journeying needed to happen it could happen from within this space by using the vortex of energy. I couldn’t tell if there was any travel being done today, but in all honesty I am not sure what that kind of traveling would look like so I gave up trying to figure out. What I do know is that the energy created today is one that is being created to assist all inhabitants in attendance with whatever needs they seek on whatever level they seek them from. During the ceremony I watched as a half penguin half man took a journey into the arctic where his energy split into two different forms, from here I followed a half giraffe half man on his journey up a mountain side. Feeling the elation of each individual on their own journeys I began to find my own space to begin considering my unique questions. Finding my own stillness, I rested back onto the ground floor of the pyramid. It was easy to move into the energy of my own lucid dream from this space. Maybe through the collective of the people surrounding me, the mist, the vortex or all of the above I simply let go and fell into my own dream.

The lucid dream comes in like slides from a move projector, not unlike the experience had with my soul crystal in the records room on the Pleiaden planet. I first see myself in a tube in suspended animation on the Pleiaden planet. The next slide shows my human body getting dropped somewhere deep within the labrynth here on this half animal half human planet, I see this room is lined with golden sarcophagus and feel an instant longing to connect to my body which lies within its golden shell. The next slid shows me the version of myself as a living breathing human in the time space of 2015 on Earth. I begin to question the incarnation cycle and the message of creation from the half human half animal people. Instantly I am downloaded with memories of a previous encounter already had on this planet. The wisdom is unraveled to my yet again, it explains to me that these half animal half human people populated Earth. Thinking though this again I questioned to myself or my invisible dream guide.

“I though the expectations of this first population cycle of Earth was to get the humans and animals to come together in union and harmony living together as one like on this planet?’

Through the mental formation of this question I begin to understand more clearly what I was intended to know. My original assessment was wrong. Part of the reason these beings chose to inhabit and populate Earth was to experience themselves as individuals and not in union together as an animal and human race. Earth was an opportunity to forget their connection to this home planet and a chance at experiencing a different part of themselves away from the whole they had experienced. I see that the human and animal vessels (bodies) were given to Earth to use as a means for exploration in a different time space so that each could understand more of their uniqueness.  Also allowing the soul who incarnates an opportunity to remember and reconnect to their divine roots.

Understanding is accepted as truth in my being, I recognize this message is not solely about the half animal half human inhabitants on this planet, this message is also intended for me and all of my bodies. Immediately my conscious mind is pulled to review my three known bodies residing on Earth, the Pledian planet, and here on the half animal half human planet. I am curious to know why I would chose to have vessels (bodies) on multiple different planets, some with no soul consciousness. What is the purpose of having a shell of a body waiting frozen in a state of suspended animation? Through the process of forming this question my mind is taken into another lucid dream and it is here that I receive another download of information immediately answering my question. My process of incarnation continually tries to know itself more fully as an individual, away from the one soul that I am in totality. I am on a quest to understand the uniqueness of my soul parts more fully. An example of a human acting one way at work, one way at home, and one way with their friends comes to mind, so too this is what the soul is doing on the cosmic level through different incarnations. Bridging the gap between all of these qualities trying to reconcile all of the soul parts into our one true being seems to be our true mission. Yet we can’t achieve this until we have understood who we are within each of those parts. I am flooded with the understanding of time and space and the knowing that there is no such thing as time unless you are living in the dense energy below the fourth dimension. Once outside of the fourth dimension everything is happening simultaneously and therefore all consciousness is experiences as one singular time. When I am removed from the third dimension like I am now, I can choose to experience my soul parts as a fully integrated oversoul with full knowing of who I am throughout all three of these different incarnations. When in the third dimension my mind cannot fully accept the vastness of no time and no space and therefore I am trapped in an unconscious world choosing to experiencing myself as an individual away from the whole. Until I can reconcile all of these soul parts together I will remain unconscious of who I truly am in all space and in all time and remain unconscious. I wonder if I will remember this when I go back? I wonder if anyone understands this on Earth?

The souls’ ability to experience different levels of consciousness at one time makes sense, to my mind. I understand that only in the third dimension do we think of a start and end date for our existence. It is clear that out of the third dimension everything coexists at the same time. This all makes sense on a soul level. It makes sense that the soul would try to understand itself through all of its existences trying to reconcile its lessons into a singular moment in time. I recognize all of this, and see this as the way to become a fully enlightened being understanding ones’ soul purpose, but why then would I chose to freeze my body on a planet if it is not a necessary to do so to learn my purpose? There has to be something I am missing. I can accomplish my purpose by simply reconciling the energy of all of these lives into the consciousness of my body on Earth, so why is it that I have bodies frozen with no souls apparently waiting for my soul to return on the Pladian planet and here on the half animal half human planet?

Confusion and distrust settle into my field of awareness. Becoming very conscious of my mind I am snapped back like a rubber band on a sling shot into my body that remains in the underground labyrinth of the pyramid. My bird headed guide is standing, unmoved awaiting my return appearing positioned in the same spot I left him. Being reunited with my body is uncomfortable, the heaviness of the vessel is draining and gives me an immediate pain sensation in my head. My guide begins clicking his beak, creating a vibration that is immediately felt inside of my own body. The action allows my body to soften and my mind to relax. What I held as concern and confusion before are slowly dissipating leaving me to feel connected once again. The hawk gently speaks into my mind.

“It is not always easy brother to know the truth of your journey. It takes open receptivity and patience to things unknown. Stay curious, but not to a point that you forget your purpose. This will get easier.”

Replying back, I say.

“How can you be so sure?”

In the kindest, softest voice he responds.

“Because brother you are me, we are one. I know your story and you must understand this is just the beginning.”

After the last word is spoken he turns around and begins walking up the steps. Following my guide, he slowly and thoughtfully ascends up the stone staircase. With each step a glowing light at the top of the staircase becomes more noticeable. Step by step the light gets brighter until I can barely see the outline of my guide in front of me. Walking now with a squint in my eyes I begin breathing heavily. Struggling the stairway seems to have gained a thickness making it hard to traverse. With only a few steps left the light becomes so bright I can no longer hold my eyes open and surrender to the heavy lids closing. As this happens my body becomes weightless I feel the amulet from around my neck disintegrate and I release from my physical body here on this planet. My breathing returns too normal and the light around me turns warm. The glowing light softens and my eyes begin to adjust. Feeling my breath return fully into my body my chest heaves with expansion and contraction. My eyes still acclimating let go of the remaining bits of fuzziness. As my vision returns I see none other than the soft fur of my beige colored cocker spaniel, Changa.