Original Channel - Part 2 Hallway

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Other Hallway

Finishing the one on one conversation with this Paladien guide I feel at easy yet still have many unanswered questions. Feeling into this thought the Paladien shifts his energetic form and begins to walk, turning around he says, “follow me.” Walking behind this new guide I follow him along the metal grated walkway past the viewing room down the path towards the first hallway I passed on the beginning of this journey. Moving into the open space of this hallway we proceed down a lengthy dimly light corridor. Finding the end of this passageway we come into a large rectangular shaped room. The hallway opens into the corner of one of the longer walls. Where we currently stand I can perceive only a few feel of distance leading to the opposite side of the room yet towards the left hand side the space goes on forever. It appears that the opposite wall is a looking glass to the outside world. It is made up completely of something that appears to be glass or some other type of see through crystal clear material. Standing in the corner of the room still in the hallway I can see out through this wall of glass into the black atmospheric sky beyond. One can see thousands of stars from this singular location within the underground chamber.    

Waiting patiently in this room are the five other Paladiens that made the journey. My guide steps into the room and explains that I am to be told anything and everything necessary to understand the purpose of my visit. The Paladiens all wearing some sort of golden armored plating across their chests shift mildly from side to side. I can’t tell if this is intentional or just the way I am visualizing their light bodies, for everything seems to be in constant movement. As my guide continues to speak it is as if the entire group combined their energy together to allow me the capacity to receive the messages that were to follow.

Waiting quietly I questioned to myself why these beings weren’t unloading stories to me. I had some questions, but felt they might be forthcoming with the information and not need me to speak up to receive the answers. This apparently was wrong because they waiting until I asked the first question to send me a mixture of visual images, words, knowings and experiences to answer my curiosity. My first question was more of a need for more clarity on something already expressed. I asked to the group why they needed humans? Being fifth dimensional beings they seem to have all of the understanding and wisdom to continue on with their society in a highly functioning way so why the need to cross bread with humans and return to the third dimension? “We lack connection. By evolving our species over time our frequency got trapped in the fifth dimension. Our people no longer knew how to return to the third dimension and therefore we lost the ability to return our energy to the third dimension. We found that creating hybrids using third dimensional humans and mixing this with our Paladiens DNA we could create a breed that had the attunement of our kind and could learn our ways yet remain in a third dimensional body.” So what is the purpose, why is it so important that you know how to be in connection with the third dimension? Humans seem to be striving to reach higher fields of awareness trying to leave the third dimensional plane, what do you know that we don’t? It took Paladiens thousands upon thousands of years to achieve a fifth dimensional existence, over time our people lost their understanding of what it meant to be third dimensional. Generation after generation became increasingly more disconnected from this knowing. We bread out emotions, we lost our ability to physically connection to a planet meaning there is no death or rebirth cycles  and overall we found that this lead to the Paladiens becoming ever more trapped in the fifth dimension. There are many planets and beings that operate within the third dimension and not being able to access that plane lead to disharmony for our people. In order to preserve our way of living and to reconnect ourselves into the third dimension we knew we had to find a way to regain this ability and that is when the experiments with the human race came about. We found success in this process and now continue to develop hybrids with your planet.”

One of the Paladiens assists me towards the opposite end of this room. This is the exact opposite side from where we originally entered. Immediately using only thought a chair and a holographic screen appear. I take my seat as the large hologram morphed into the Earth. Watching intently a voice begins to speak into my mind. “Your people are also losing their connection to the third dimension. What we do is not only for ourselves, but also for you.”   I see the numbers 2020 appear over the Earth and begin to see major shifts in the environment begin to happen. I can see what appears to be wide spread earthquakes, tidal waves, tornados, and volcano’s become increasingly active and more violent. I am pulled to the words, Schumann’s Resonance and begin to understand that during this time on Earth if things don’t change our humanity will have begun to lose touch with the vibration of the Earth leading to disharmony where there is no longer a vibration resonance with the surrounding nature. From here I see the numbers 2030 appear over the Earth and I am pulled yet again towards the country of Russia where I see war breaking out. I feel the war is connected to natural resources and the need to take, exploit, and use what remains. I now see the numbers 2050 appear over the Earth and see the world broken down into sectors that have sustained the planetary changes. I see hybrids working alongside humans. This partnership happens in order to reconnect with the Earth and to insure proper survival of the Earth and the humans within it. The hologram dissipates and I am pulled back into the room where I witness the beings now closely surrounding me. Again feelings of warmth, kindness and love are sent my way and I am asked to take this message back to all who are ready to listen.