Original Channel - Underwater City Part 1

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.



Underwater City

My body usually does not change for a journey yet as I exit the fourth dimensional portal into this new world my body begins to change to adapt to the water world I have been immersed into. Seeing my arms I have what appear to be fins extending down my forearm towards my elbow. Covered in a mixture of scales and skin I know my body remains in human form, but with specific features that can only be attributed to marine life.  My head has fins and wispy tentacles that extend off of the back quite like a jellyfish. My legs have fins that run the length of the calf from the knee down to the ankle. I walk erect like a human yet have webbed feet and hands I can feel there is some connection still to that of the human form which I resemble. Breathing I can feel my entire body expand and contract. I feel every cell of my body inhale from what is held in the liquid around me and with the exhale my entire body contracts expelling the waste from between every cell. Breathing her is a full body experience and it is truly an amazing sensation.

Scanning the area surrounding my body I see that below me awaits a large city. There is a red glowing mound that resembles the look of an active lava flowing volcano, but has much more defined structures and form. This massive construction looks like some kind of reactor or power plant of some kind that has been made here under the water centered on the fissures exposed within the ground floor. I can see through the structure and into the ground where there are cracks that are alive with a very powerful glowing substance. I can tell this erected structure has been built to capture the substance below and change it into some kind of usable energy.

There is an extensive amount of work that has gone into creating a bridged pathway from the power plant to the city. The path itself is around a mile or more in length and connects high above the ground floor by beautifully appointed arched supports. Walking on this path towards the city with the power plant glowing on my backside I see that every ten or so steps there is another arch carved out on my left and right hand side. The bridge is open on the top and has a solid bottom. Made from what I can only describe as coral and sand mixed together the structure has the appearance of wet shaped sand yet has the strength of coral. Following the path to its destination I find I am staring at a large sprawling city now in front of me. Quite, dark and deserted are the three best words to describe the energy in front of me. Holding completely still on the path I stare at this large city almost holding my breath for some inkling as to what might await me inside. Seeing not a single wave of motion anywhere I decide to move forward into the large caged opening of the first building.

Standing as tall as any city filled with sky scrapers this underground town is identifiable by its hundreds of arched pathways that move from structure to structure. In the very center of this massive city lies a building that has the appearance of Seattle’s Space Needle minus the needle. All around the space needle are other buildings that are tall, but never quite reach the height of the center building. The structures surround the space needle form what appears to be tall bird cages on a thick stand each detectable by their exterior spindle like appearance and see through facade. These bird cages also seem to be large connection points between all of the interlocking arched pathways. The paths are the spaghetti and the bird cages are the meatballs everything seems to touch everything else and there is really no direct path to get from one place to another.

The building directly ahead of me off of the main bridged path looks to be rectangular in shape and also has a bird cage feel with open see through spindles that attach to a top roof and bottom floor. As I move into the building it is longer than it is deep. Within a few steps I move right to the back end of the structure. The view here looks out over the entire cityscape. Feeling like a royal figurehead staring down upon my city I take in the sights yet again before peeling myself away to search for the clues I  Walking towards the set of spindles on my right hand side I make my way across the long room. Finding the open bars I stick my amphibian like face as far thought two of the spindles as possible. Seeing now the entirety of this underwater landscape I begin to become aware that the place I now stand is one of eight landmarks within a circle.  The bridge that I took to arrive here does not merely go between a singular power plant and a single city it moves from power plant to city to power plant to city and so on creating a circle of eight stops. This circular path appears to move out the back side of this city towards the next power plant. Here I can tell that there is only one active power plant glowing red and that is the one I had just swam over. Every other city and power plant looks quiet, dark, and deserted.

Seeing a pattern to this story I begin to wonder if I am going to come in contact with any other inhabitants while exploring this underwater city. Pulling my head back through the spindles I move towards the opposite side of this structure and find the only path that leads down and out of this welcoming room. Steeping onto the walkway it is more of a slide that a walkway, the angle that this path attaches to the bottom of this room is one only a fish person with fins and gills might be able to traverse. Laid out in front of my now is a plethora of paths and buildings to choose from. My eyes remain set on the Space Needle in the center and I try hard to make out how and where my path will intercede one of the paths leading to that middle building.

Navigating my way through the undersea highway I reach what appears to be the bottom of the Space Needle tower. Entering into the bottom of this building I am surprised at how tight the quarters seem to be. The tower looks to only accommodate one person and even that seems tight. I follow a stairwell of sorts that leads straight up the tower in a circular fashion.  Winding around and around I finally make my way to the top of this open chamber that sits high above all else. The inside of this top chamber seems to have twenty to twenty five seats carved into the sides of the walls. There are windows to the outside and each seat has what looks to be some kind of harness for the person to wear once they take their seat. Seeing that there is nothing else to investigate in this room I take a seat and secure the buckle on my harness. Once seated and secure a series of high pitched sounds begin to roar to life and the top of the Space Needle begins to spin to life. Spinning faster and faster the outside world begins to turn into a blur and I feel all the particles of my body begin to pull away from one another. As the motion continues I cannot sense where my body begins and ends.  Hearing the high pitched wine is the only constant throughout this entire experience.

The loud wine begins to subside and I can sense a beam of light begin to fill the room surrounding me. The particles of my body reform together within what appears to be a portable trailer like room stretched over a wooden dock. Sloshing all around us are the sounds of choppy water licking the sides of the old beat up structure. I stand exposed out of the water on this dock with humanoid like beings surrounding me. My body seems to be in the same form it had been in when in the water yet my breathing has drastically changed. My breath now comes in and out of a rise and fall of my chest. Scanning the people surrounding me one in particular looks vaguely familiar resembling a Pleiadian being I know I have meet before. Along with this person there is another sitting at what appears to be a desk taking notes on and off. The dock has missing square holes as if someone intended to fish through the open cutouts, here I see the water splashing onto the wood dock and it is here that I begin to feel faint.

Taking quite a bit of time to center myself I awake to the people surrounding me asking if the last core generator has gone out. Instinctively knowing they are talking about the red glowing volcano like structure below I said it had a faint glow the last time I checked. Here the Pleiadian looking man covers his forehead with his hand and begins pacing. I get the sense that we are now on a timeline and this is confirmed as he states well it won’t take long now. Escorting me off the dock through the trailer like building I am lead to the land where a massive boardwalk like city greets me. In shock and not able to ground my energy enough to take in all of the sights my eyes are seeing. I am greeted by shining lights like the kind you may find in Las Vegas and I see overhead what a child might see as they walk into an amusement park for the first time. There are great looping structures that look exciting, adventurous and whimsical. Everything is so grossly disproportionate to my size that I find myself getting vertigo trying to stare up at these large structures. It feels as if the loops are endless and the size is so far beyond my comprehending that I can’t tell how far into the sky it reaches. It is compacted together yet has plenty of navigational room within each shape. I feel as if I have been placed onto a carnival island that is sleek and highly advanced this is the city of these people and I am somehow working for them or with them in so way yet unknown.

It is while walking towards the edge of this city along the watery shore in the dark of night that I see other beings that look like I do. They are a mix between human and amphibian and they have dwellings here on land sitting at the edge of the water. Their homes here look like a row of life guard towers strung along a beach side by side the same brown wood from the dock seems to have been used to create these single dwelling structures. I see the creatures like me sitting out in the open staring deep out over the water lying ahead of them. As my path gets closer to these beings I begin to mull over the details of my last encounter. Knowing the power is almost gone if not already lost I wonder how these two beings live in partnership with one another. There is a distinct separation between the two and I can sense that the humanoid beings needed the energy from under the sea yet I am not sure what these amphibian like beings needed from the humans. Questioning the connection my field or awareness begins to broaden and I can see this planet for what it is. I see large walls of rock creating separation between different sectors in this planet. Like the continents of Earth are separated by water here different populations are separated by large unsalable jagged rock formations. Within each formation is a large boardwalk like city with massively oversized carnival like swirling and twirling golden metallic like structures. There is also green space and then there is a massive creator like hole where water pools and moves deep into the inside of the planet. This pattern repeats itself all over this massive planet.

Here I feel the sense of urgency as there appears to be no more power to supply the planet with. The fissures below the ground under the water seem to have been depleted fully and there is no more fuel to run the cities above ground. I understand that there is a separation between the amphibians and the humanoids as this news only seems to be known by those who work underwater. I see that the cities still function and a reserve is kept yet few now know of the impending doom that will befall the citizens of those above ground cities.  Walking slower now along the water I begin to feel my mental center speed up with thoughts that forecast the future of those living in this place. I see that all technology and advancements cease to exist and a new age of community must prevail.  These lands amongst this planet were linked through their advancements and technology they could harvest items from another area through their advancements. They could stay in contact with those from other sides of the non penetrable rock through these advancemans and now with no power to supply their cities they will cease to have this connection and contact. I see the world becoming smaller and the individual cities having to come together to reestablish a working order where the people create what they need and do not rely on the power sources from under the planet. The amphibious people will also be effected, although there underwater canals connect from one civilization to another there lives will also drastically change. They will be called on now more than ever to bridge the planet together and keep communications going between the different areas. This is an interesting dynamic where those who seemingly were in power because they knew how to use the power now become reliant on those who worked and harvested the power source for them to use.

Turn of Events

Seasons turned into years and those who dwelled above the water began to disappear. The lack of knowledge and understanding of the world around them and their inability to adapt to the new environment without the harnessed power from the underground energy source left the humanoids unable to sustain themselves and depleted their will to continue on.  Inhabitants who had lived beneath the water’s surface returned and found their simple homes once again and were able to reestablish their lives. The humanoids who had found this planet and settled onto it found much pleasure when they found a hard working, submissive indigenous race to assist with their master plan of full emersion into this new environment. This led to a misuse of the people and the planet and exhausted resources that would never have been used so frivolously if the work had to have come from those using the power. The amphibian people found the ways of these new beings impressive and they had skills and knowledge that those original to the planet did not. They exchanged their servitude to gain access to these gods with their impressive talents. The indigenous race had no clue that they were putting their faith into a race that was inevitably going to extinguish itself and the world around it due to an inability to understand their new land and the resources it came filled with. The humanoids were seduced by a new land the amphibian people were seduced by a new way of life and all were seduced into a dramatic turn of events.

Overtime the humanoids ceased to exist and the indigenous people accepted back their simple live off the land lifestyle. They remained under the water and continued to live and thrive off of what they had once new in their past before the humanoids had landed on their planet. Having very long lives these amphibian people passed their stories down generation to generation recounting their experiences about the humanoids. The beings made sure to teach their lessons to the new generations and pass along the warnings of the potential of losing their way. The amphibian people watched their planet change and cultivated the energy to come back to the planet. Over time they found the return of the energy source to be a sacred sign that they were ready to once again take care and protect what they had once lost. It is with the return of this power that five beings decided to freeze themselves here on this planet for eternity to ensure that this message of authenticity and lure of power be spread throughout the universe. These beings knew that their planet would once again be sought out for its power, as a matter of a fact they had prophesized it and seen that once again a humanoid race would try to settle their planet to harvest the power from deep within the planets core.  It is because of this vision that five amphibian beings decided it was necessary to freeze themselves until a time when they may be needed once again. When the story had passed by many generations and had lost its power or when the allure of power and shiny new things yet again swayed the inhabitants of this sacred space. These five beings have chosen to hold the memories of their civilization forever so that when the time comes and one is needed they can be awakened to spread these messages to those willing to listen.