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As an individual begins to see clearly through humanities wide-ranging transformations it becomes evident that all people coexisting today poses unique gifts and talents that act as a representation of not only their individuality, but also their divinity. The matrix, otherwise known as the “multi-dimensional universe” makes it possible for every living thing to be a part of the super conscious or the oneness that resonates throughout all living things. Although the matrix is everything all at once it also enables a person to project into a physical form which makes said individual appear to be separate from the whole. The conundrum here is that when soul’s chose to be seen as separate they will experience that of an individualized journey, moving through learning processes customized to his or her own extraordinary experiences. To rattle off characterizations of the matrix and a souls’ involvement within it, only means one must divide its wholeness into separate parts which further segregates an individual from the oneness in which they seek to understand. Here it is best for you to keep in mind that everything in this universe is happening simultaneously. Therefore, that in which you seek you already have, as long as you believe you are able to obtain it. When individuals begin to see their journey as interconnected and apart of the oneness they will have the knowing that all things are happening simultaneously, past, present and future realizing everything in this space and this time is within reach. It will be here that individuals chose to experience, express, and expand on their unique gifts and talents and it is here through trust and a belief in that which remains intangible and unseen that a person will begin to tap into their most divine path. It is here within the matrix surrounded by the oneness that soul’s will being to understand that everything they seek they already have.  Only when choosing to separate themselves will they be faced with what appears to be challenges, levels or plateaus to obtain, because it is only when something is outside of you that you have to reach for it. Through divine order that in which you seek is already imbedded into your divine lesson plan so you are being asked here and now to read these remaining words with the understanding and knowing that everything you think, you are, everything you feel, you are, and everything you know, you are so choose wisely what path you wish to continue walking. Will you choose oneness, will you chose separation, or will you not chose and simply trust in what is created around you? 


The processes outlined within this book will become your story of growth. You will be afforded time for introspective work, during which you will feel like the information being digested is known and familiar to you. Here you will be offered the opportunity to experience yourself as a more connected part of the divine whole. The goal of this book is to have you remember exactly who you are on a soul level by reigniting your passion to discover your unique gifts and talents. Once entangled within the matrix you will being to remember your divine path and why during this lifetime you choose to bring these qualities back into a time when people are awakening fully into the full recognition of not only their own divinity and light, but the budding of light all around them. With faith in the unknown and a deep trust in yourself you too will be able to remember how your thread weaves into the divine fabric of the matrix. These unique qualities are what will separate you from the whole yet bring you together at the same time. Every human will go through their own discoveries and initiations which will inevitably open their energetic field up to the greater consciousness of the human experience. 

Beings coexisting in this year of 2016 living within our multi-dimensional Earth plane are more sensitive than any know. All oxygen breathing life forms are spiritual beings simply living out a divine human experience. When our soul reincarnates fragments or memories from past existences reside, within the all space and time known as “human” this can take a toll on even the most advanced souls and at some point in time the quest for consciousness begins. Consciousness begins when a soul yearns to break free from its limiting human experiences and thought processes. In esoteric cosmology this initial expansion process is when it is said that a human reunites with its energetic field or dimensions surrounding them. As the frequency of our world shifts so too it is required that our human consciousness expand. The human race is opening up to these frequencies one by one and discovering the fullness of their hidden qualities. By way of this frequency shift we have more humans than ever before recognizing that there is more going on in the energetic field around them. Recognition of talents, synchronicities and patterns are becoming clearer and validation around what is happening is received. What was once secret or unspoked is now expressed freely and by many around the globe. No longer will individuals feel alone or ostracized because of their unseen and hard to validate beliefs. The fear is lifting and because of this it is time to remember your part in this process to help reflect the light and knowing back to those who surround you. We are all connected and to hold our own light means we are able to reflect the light into those who surround us so that they too may see more clearly their own path. The number one truth behind all of this is that all humans are clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognostic, and clairaudient. You are now and have always been tapped into the seeing, knowing, sensing, feeling and hearing of everything going on around you. Unfortunately, like many people you probably didn't have teachers available during your times of growth and because of that you distrusted in what you received. The messages henceforth are here to validate you, to give you tutelage, and to assist you in knowing that which you seek you already know and what you are is divine so embrace your unique gifts and talents so that you may begin reflecting back to others what you are soon to discovered within yourself.


The following pages will be filled with guidance from three different sources. The first team to be introduced, we like to call the “Circle of Light”. The circle consists of eight different guides who channeled most of the spiritual practices and reasons surrounding those practices through the channeling vessel Jenessee Roy. Jenessee (a human) took dictation from the “Circle of Light” (energy or spirit) while the information came through and will be adding tangible real world explanations to some of the information that came through she felt needed further clarification. Jenessee will take on the role of “teacher” through the rest of the book, the goal being to thoroughly explain the information needing further clarification. The third contributing source is Julie Gable, Julie is the most surprising addition to this book as her presence as a co-author was not originally planned. Through a series of interesting and divinely guided synchronicities Julie was asked by spirit to join this collaboration as the “student”. Taking on this role Julie will live the following words and respond to the information like any good student would. She will question, comment, relay experiences and also help to further clarify the information that proceeds. Our goal here is to create a dialog and conversation around your opening process. This book will not only help you remember your own divine purpose, it will also help to validate your experiences through our following exploration and questioning.