Part 4 - Creating Trust


The Circle of Light:

Establishing trust in your practice can be as simples or difficult as you like. When connecting to your guides through the process of meditation it is recommended that you first set up a series of guidelines on how you intend to connect and receive information. To begin you will need to ground yourself and set the intention for your practice. During this specific meditation your intention would be simply enough to establish guidelines between you and your guides, further stating that you are creating a process that will establish trust and accuracy while in meditation and while moving about your normal waking life. Once out of the grounding phase select a visual image somewhere in nature and visit this place known to you through your mind’s eye. This meeting place can be somewhere familiar or unfamiliar, but it will be of your creation. Consider this place in nature to your sacred space, a space created to perform this work with your guides. This will be a place where you can set up necessary parameters for your meditative work. This place can and most likely will change once you have a better connection, but for now any comfortable place will do. Call out to your guide by name, three different times, to insure the connection is strong and then request that they meet you here in this natural setting that you have created. Once you see, sense, feel or know the energy of your guide has arrived ask that your guide send to you a feeling or sensation within your physical body that you can attribute to this guide as their unique frequency and connection. Don’t allow this to be a subtle feeling that you question, ask your guide to make this a very unique sensation something that is unquestionable and that you will be able to recognize even when you are heavily engrossed within your normal operating day. Once you have acknowledged this sensation tell your guide that anytime they want to talk to you they have to signal you through this same sensation you are now receiving in your body. This will allow you to trust in the feelings you are receiving throughout the day and allow you to know what specific guides frequency you are working with. If clairsentience is not your thing you could also ask for a unique smell or sound to happen that could work the same way as a touch or sensation in your body. Once you have established these preliminary guidelines it should be easier to build trust in what you are receiving.

After this initial physical connection is made it is time to ask your guide to take you on a walk to a nearby meadow. Once you get to the meadow have your guide show you what flower represents his or her frequency. This flowers image will be used during future connections to this guide. If you want to connect to the frequency of this guide at a later date, you can simply imagine this flower and meditate on its image to raise your frequency to align into communication with this guide. Next ask your guide to walk you into a nearby cavern like space. When you get into the cavern ask your guide to point out the stone that most harmonizes with their frequency. Ask them to hand it to your and see if you can feel the stones energy during this mediation in your physical body. Ask your guide where you should wear this stone on your body for optimum receptivity to his or her energy? Also ask how this stone should be used? Again when out of this meditation try to find this stone if you do not already posses it and utilize it during future meditations or wear this stone to help align your physical body during waking times.

Next ask your guide what color you should wear in the physical world to better align yourself to their energy? Ask your guide if there are any signs or symbols they may also use to communicate with you and then thank your guide for their care and support. Tell your guide that you now require them to signal you with one of these triggers before they relay their communication to you so that you can be more alert and ready for their messages to come through. Over the next few days after this meditation is complete it would be beneficial for you to wear the color your guide suggested so that you can better align your frequency to this guides energy. This will allow your antenna to be clearly aligned to the field of this guides energy. This practice will help you better receive immediate signs and signals meant to come through. During the days following your work while you are still connected to the intention of this work make sure to ask to receive messages throughout your normal day. Make sure to ask for specific occurrences to happen to see how well you are connecting into your guides’ vibration. Ask questions while in meditation and see how the answers become presented to you during your normal day. While you are practicing this connection make sure to keep your journal handy. Different guides will have different methods of connecting with you and you don’t want to forget any patterns or connections once they have been made.

If you have yet to make a connection with your guide you can ask for all of these things to present themselves to you through the course of your day. Simply state out loud or write down this intention: “I am looking to make a connection to my highest and most loving guide, I would like to hear your name over the next few days, or better!” Then go about your grounding meditation every day and night and stay present during your daily interactions making good notes within your journal. It is likely the name will pop into your head quite suddenly.

To find even more trust in the information you receive you can ask for validation that this is your guides name and undoubtedly you will have some interaction that will validate this experience for you. After you receive the name you can sit in meditation to acquire the other information as previously discussed that will help to create a stronger connection between you and your guide who has chosen to come through. 

Being spiritual beings living a human existence you may find it frustrating having so much energy surrounding your field during random times of the day. Establishing boundaries should be an important part of your practice when you begin to make these spiritual connections. When beginning to develop a clear connection to your guides it is important to establish these boundaries early on. By doing this you will also help in developing your trusted connection. In some cases, it may be beneficial to establish specific times to connect with your guides. You will establish these boundaries by stating that you are only to be connected with during specific, pre-determined times. These parameters can be adjusted anytime to best suite your needs and growth. An example of this might be that sometimes while at work you may have to ask your guides to respect your time only coming through if you chose to open the lines of communication. By doing this you allow your energy to be reserved for specific times when you are ready to work within the energetic field. If you find yourself drained or resisting daily meditations, it may be due to your boundaries not being fully in place, which could lead to an energetic drain.

A solution for fear of missing something is to always keep a journal with you. The small hints you get throughout the day can be written in your journal with the intention to follow up later. This will save you the hassle of spending extra time and energy on messages that pop into and out of your energetic bodies. Once at home and within your delegated hours for spiritual practice you can then chose what to follow up on. It will be here within your scheduled time that you can connect and start acknowledge the message the guides are presenting you with. Once you have established these boundaries you will become more perceptive on what fills your own energetic field and it will be from here that you begin to perceive from a higher dimensional plane without the assistance of your guides, but that comes later for now simply know that when you carve out this time for not only your human self, but the energetic levels of yourself you will begin to open more fully and align with all of the energy surrounding you.

By doing this work in this way you will undoubtedly become present to your energetic field at all times, you will see clearly the lessons that are being presented for you to learn from while working together with these divine beings. During this time, it is important to keep an eye out for synchronistic occurrences that begin to happen in the physical world around you. When you are present enough to perceive what is happening, you will begin to learn what work you are being called upon to do. These synchronicities are confirmations from your guides that you are receiving their messages loud and clear. The goal is to be able to ground your energy daily into the third dimension while still holding an open line of communicating to the energies present in the higher dimensional realms. This objective of presence everyday can get you the answers you seek without having to close your eyes. It is normal and quite human to feel we must go into meditation to receive the most understandable guidance. Because we believe that meditation is where we can establish clear visual, audio and sensation based guidance that can be trusted above all else. Through meditative journeys it is true that our guides can help us answer questions that have been within our mental field for too long and have become clouded during our normal day. Meditation in this way is encouraged and is sometimes required to help one learn information in a clear and encompassing manor, but it is not the only way. Be fully aware that at some point you will need to rejoin society and perform more waking mediations.

A waking meditation is where you can be active in the third dimensional world surrounding you and still receive powerful guided messages similar to how you receive with your eyes closed. Here the goal is to hold this space in your every waking moment and be grounded and present enough to filter through the energetic field as you move through your daily activities. This can be tricky at first as it is hard to stay fully present in the third dimension while believing and deciphering the guidance you receive. That is why it is so important to set up guidelines for your practice and boundaries with your guides early on so that when these patterns of connection present themselves you can have ways to confirm what is happening while in a waking state. The goal is to not have to run somewhere and close your eyes hoping to connect into the matrix to see if the answer you think you are receiving is correct. When you can create these trusting connections to your highest guidance the information you receive will be directly connected to your highest and most loving path. When this happens your everyday life will feel fulfilled with high spiritual energy and guidance.

A final tip about trusting. It is important to not attach to the idea of receiving information in the same way every time you try and connect to your guides. This is the quickest way to block your ability to receive and can lead to second guessing what comes through. Allowing the left brain to think it has everything figured out when it comes to psychic work will push you to the edge of stagnation. As guides and allies change in your energetic field so too will your method of receiving also change. One day you may chose to wear the color red, a guideline you set up to help you connect to your guide associated with healing. You may call out their name and ask for a sign that they are with you. Every time you moved through this process in the past you would see a specific flower in your physical world or in your mind’s eye, signaling that this antenna of connection had been made between you and the guide you had intended to connect with. This time when you called out to this guide instead of sensing the flowers presence you received an intense burning sensation in your shoulder, this distracted you and made you move through the steps again to call in your healing guide’s energy hoping to see his flower that signals your connection has been made. You start to question why this guide is not coming to you and begin to think you are doing something wrong. Instead of questioning the burning sensation in your shoulder you dismiss this sensation and resign to try to connect again later. Your guidance is always evolving, trying to keep up with your growth as you move through your path.  The pain sensation received in your shoulder might have been the frequency of a new guide stepping in to assist with a new area in your life. This might be a signal to a cord or attachment you need to entertain before moving forward. There

are times when your spiritual connections will change, and it is important not to attach to any hoped for outcomes when you practice.

During practice if you are not getting your hoped for results it may be time to sit in meditation with your eyes closed and set a clear intention to better connect to your guidance. You will need to stay open to how you receive once you finish the grounding process of the meditation. If you find you start to have mental impulses on how or what you should be doing, your left brain is becoming too active and you are going in the wrong direction. Stick to your breath and simply place your attention on the feelings moving through your body. By doing this your next initiation or stage will come. It will do you good to remember, there are also times when you are required to do introspective work. During times of introspection you will be required to implement recent teachings or finish a lesson through to completion. During these times it may feel as if your growth is blocked, you will feel as if you aren’t connecting as deeply as you once had and this is ok. As a matter of a fact this is expected, during these times you are integrating the learned wisdom into your energetic field and will not connect as deeply as you once had. There are also times where you may feel you are not connected to anything divine or spiritual and this might have to do with previously received information that has not yet been finished or followed up on. Here your guides will wait for you to implement that work before you are given or told anything new. This too will feel like a block or stagnancy because in this space you may not get to connect regarding anything new until you clear the previously assigned tasks.


Throughout my journey I would admit that the integration phase is always the hardest adjustment to become aware of when it is happening. There is not predictable time when it will happen to you yet low and behold one day it will happen. Once in your field the trick is to catch the shift in your energy and make use of the down time to regenerate your body, otherwise you may find you begin to experience feelings of depression, loss, and confusion just to name a few.

An example of my most memorable integration phase happened a few weeks after I had finished writing my fourth book, “Survival guide to 2054”. During this writing process I had with me twelve guides who would assist me in astral traveling and writing. The entire process lasted a total of thirty days and each day came through with seamless accuracy. I woke up each morning in the flow of synchronicities, connection and energetic support. When I would intentionally sit down to start the process of meditation for the book my body would connect quickly and perceive what was needed almost immediately. Following the completion of this book my body began to fall into increasing states of tiredness and depression. I felt lost on my path and was not able to connect in meditation. I found I had no energy or desire to move into the field of the matrix. Each day I became more confused as to why I felt so disengaged from life. Coming off of the high from writing the book I fell directly into what seemed like a never ending pit of disconnect.

It is here that I will remind you yet again, when you take these first step and begin to question your consciousness you step into the open awareness of the matrix and all of the subtle fields surrounding you. It is here that you exist as all forms of yourself, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is here that you will learn what it means to be a spiritual being living a human existence. It is here that you must learn to listen to all levels of your “consciousness”. In my experience I had just had the connection and support of twelve high frequency guides. Each day they lent their frequency to my physical body to achieve the outcome which was a completed book. While experiencing this connection I had transcended the limitations of my physical body and connected each day into their higher frequency energy. To be running this much high frequency energy a physical body will at some point need to ground and recharge to the Earth plane otherwise a short in the circuit just might happen. In my case when the book finished writing, five of the twelve guides detached from my energetic field. I went through the experience of losing five of these being’s energy. When this happens the human who is connected to this being will need to go through what could be called a mourning or integration back into the physical realm. In this example it took me about a month of disconnect and integration to rebalance my body and begin to move back into the matrix. When I finally did I found I had gained some new guides who were surrounding me ready to start the next phase of my journey.

Other not so extreme examples of an integration phase could happen when a person goes through their first meditation where full connection into a different frequency is achieved. Here when the person gets up from their meditative state they may feel dizzy or light headed. If there is no documentation noted regarding the experiences the person may go through a loss of the content received. Making details fuzzy and over time the experience you had in the field will become like the aftermath of a good dream. You will return to life and begin to live again from the third dimension. When the time is right, you will be given a synchronistic occurrence in your daily routine that connects to your experience in the field. This will trigger you back to your meditative state and begin the process of you exploring the information you subconsciously stored regarding the experience. When the integration phase is over, meaning once the information has moved thorough your spiritual, mental, emotion and physical field you will find time or inspiration to follow the hunches, connections or synchronicities that the encounter brought you. This is how the field works. We receive information from a higher plane. Most of the time the information is in pieces and these pieces need to be “integrated” into our full energetic field for complete understanding to occur. The last phase of this integration happens when the information begins to manifest into our physical world by way of patterns or synchronicities that connect us to the full message. This entire process is our integration. Once we give ourselves the time to allow these pieces to come together better understanding of our next step can be received. These are opposite ends of the integration cycle from someone who has lived it again and again. The important piece of information to take away here is that if your body either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually is going thorough something out of the ordinary don’t push, don’t resist and don’t force. Stay connected to the energy surrounding you and find the silver lining. Allow your body the time it needs to balance and integrate and you will bounce back in a much more harmonious way.