What we are trying to achieve:

  1. Manifesting Intention with Grid Layout best suited to needs
  2. Using crystals, grids, and dowsing to manifest in 3D desired result

Why this works:

  1. Radionics Background –
    1. Intention alone (mental field) can be hard to focus, train, manifest
    2. Definition…
    3. Radionics made us aware it’s not so much the machine it’s the vessel focusing the intention
  2. Radionics -> Photonics -> Quantum Entanglement
    1. Photonics Definition…
    2. Using photos – Study of Crops that diminished Pests through Photonic work 
    3. Quantum Entanglement Definition…
  3. Set Intention for work
    1. Dowsing – Clearing field through intention and becoming clear
    2. Crystals – grounding frequency into grid
    3. Dimensions - 3D to 2D the sacred geometry of the grid – the KEY!


Radionics- google: creativespirit.net/lerners/AUCulminatingProjects/CP-Cox.pdg

(1.B) RADIONICS DEFINED: A system of alternative medicine based on the belief that detectable electromagnetic radiation emitted by living matter can be interpreted diagnostically and transmitted to treat illness at a distance by complex electrical instruments.

(2.A) PHOTONICS: Is an area of study that involves the use of radiant energy (such as light), whose fundamental element is the photon. Photon is a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass.

(2.C) Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.

(3.A) Pendulum Dowsinghttps://lettertorobin.wordpress.com

(3.B) Quartz - These crystals are able to transduce the electromagnetic energy of the radio signal back into sound waves which are audible to the listener. Crystal radios do not need a battery or other power source, because they are able to draw energy from the radio waves being transmitted through the atmosphere. The crystal radio is simply a tuned circuit designed to resonate at the frequencies of the AM radio band. - Humans using crystals are said to attune to their energy receiving their impulses then they use this guidance to perform different intuitive and energetic modalities.

These examples demonstrate that certain crystals can act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies. With this principle in mind, it is not too great a leap to imagine that they may be capable of transforming and or amplifying other forms of energy which have not yet been detected by scientific instruments. It may also be true that the human body and or human consciousness is capable of detecting, or "feeling," these energies, especially when one is in touch with the appropriate crystal.

Biophysics are now suggesting that the physical bodies of human beings and other organisms are liquid crystals. A liquid crystal is defined as a liquid whose component particles, atoms, or molecules, tend to arrange themselves with a degree of order far exceeding that found in ordinary liquids and approaching that of solid crystals. Biophysicist Mae-Wan Ho writes: "Organisms are so dynamically coherent at the molecular level that they appear to be crystalline...There is a dynamic, liquid crystalline continuum of connective tissues and extracellular matrix linking directly into the equally liquid crystalline cytoplasm in the interior of every single cell in the body. Liquid crystallinity gives organisms their characteristic flexibility, exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness, thus optimizing the rapid noiseless intercommunication that enables the organism to function as a coherent, coordinated whole..."

Quartz is a piezoelectric material, which means that if you mechanically deform it, it develops charges on its surface. Similarly, if you place charges on its surface, it causes mechanical stress in the crystal. The way a quartz crystal benefits a circuit is that mechanically the crystal acts much like a tuning fork, with a natural resonant frequency, and the piezoelectric property allows that to be coupled into an electronic circuit. Since the resonant frequency is mainly determined by the physical size and shape of the quartz, you get a frequency reference that is much less sensitive to temperature than you would get using just LC circuits.

Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. The word Piezoelectric is derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press, and piezo, which is Greek for “push”.

(3.C) DIMENSIONS: Are there really invisible dimensions, all around us? Surprising, we already know a lot about the crazy idea of dimensions, enough to vastly enrich our lives. What simple stuff do we know? For starters, a dot belongs to the first dimension, whereas a line links to the realm of two dimensions. Width, heath and length create the third dimension. We add the energy of time and whala!

3D -> 2D Why should we even care about dimensions? If we were the dot, we would have access to the information contained within the dot. If we were the line, we would make decisions based on the ‘line information’, and so on. But notice that more information is contained in higher dimensions. The small dot is a small part of a 2D line. Many lines are contained in the 3D world. We can create designs with 2D lines and make a 3D paper house. We are using limited information from one dimension to enter a higher one. Likewise, in ancient times medicine men used meditative techniques and brain entrainment processes to allow their thoughts and emotions to go to other dimensions and retrieve information.

Energy flows through dimensions, both ways. We can go to a higher dimension and retrieve information like our ancestors did. We can also go to other dimensions and leave information. Why would we do this? Back to our simple example. The dot is part of a line, like a finger is a part of your body. Do you care about your finger?  Yes, the safety and well-being of your fingers is important to you. The reverse is true as well. If the body dies, is the finger impacted? Do the energies within one dimension affect the other? Of course!

Because of these points and more it is time for those looking to channel their intuitive skills into crystal gridding. Whether you do this on photos of people for healingpurposes, grid the Earth for transmutation and balance or use boards deconstructing the 3D world around us to plant and seed our hearts desires. When the call to action is received its time to act. Draw your grid and begin your work.

Stone Placement Chart

This chart is meant to be used when dowsing for the placement of stones. Any chart can be constructed to assist one in their dowsing practice.

Always start with Clearing yourself and your field of any distractions and say your prayers or call in your divine team for guidance and support.

Connect yourself to high self and become a clear and natural channel for spirit and the divine work you intend to do.

Check to make sure your EGO is at 0% on the chart by dowsing and that your field is clear and it is ok to work on yourself or another.

Once the GREEN light to go is on start your dowsing. Bring your stone allies out and get your grid ready. Connect through the heart to whomever you are working with and begin.

Numbers along the top can be used as percentages for accuracy as well as indicators of number of stones or help answering other questions.

1- Clearing/Purifying - when the dowsing signals this ray it is signaling your stones have been placed in a specific spot to clear or purify in the area they are resting. Once a stone is placed you may ask what the purpose of its position is and the pendulum may move here.

2- Downloading/Manifesting - when the dowsing signals this ray it is signaling your stones have been placed in a specific spot to download or manifest in the area they are resting. Once a stone is placed you may ask what the purpose of its position is and the pendulum may move here.

3- Place Stone - indicates it is time to place a stone on the board

4- Remove Stone - indicates it is time to remove a stone from the board

5- Adjust Stone Placement - Energy is constantly changing along with the energy and intention of the person working the grid therefore 1/2 way through stone placement your pendulum might move to this ray indicating a stone needs to be adjusted on the board to better connect with the energy coming through.

6- Repeat Stone Different Spot - This indicates that the stone that was just placed needs to be used again in a different location.

7- New Stone Same Spot - This indicates it is time to select a new stone and place it in the same spot (sometimes layered) one on top of the other.

8- New Stone New Spot - This means it is time to select a new stone and dowse a new location to place it.

9- Energy Changed Re-Check Stones - This means that the energy has shifted while working and each stone needs to be checked using the % scale before you continue.

10- Shift Stones on Lines - This indicates that a stone recently placed needs to be moved onto a line for better connection to the grid and other stones.

11- Connect with Stone Before Placement - This indicates you need to take the stone being placed into a quite meditation to connect deeper to its energy or hear its specific message before placement. Stones carry a collective consciousness meaning all rose quartz heals with loving energy all bumble bee jasper helps balance a solar plexus chakra, but sometimes stones have a hidden subtle message that need to be connect to personally to bring out.

12- Charge Grid/Lunar Cycle - This indicates that the grid and stones need to be placed out during one of the lunar phases of the moon for better connection. Find the lunar phase most connected to your work and charge the stones and grid during the most potent night for the corresponding cycle.

13- Board Done - Will indicate your stone placement and work is done. Even after a lunar cycle stones may still need to be added or changed so continue to add stones until Board Done is received. *When this is signaled also check how long the stones need to sit on the board before you check the chart again. Ask for the number & if that is days/weeks/months...

14- Interference/Ground - This may trigger if there is interference happening with your work. When received reground and clear your connection to high self and spirit. Restate your intention and ask what % you are clear to work? Unless you hit a 0% do not continue to work. You may need to stop for some time and re-visit the board at a later date.