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Northern Lights Trip 3-26-2017

Before starting the journey of this Northern Lights trip in March of 2017 I felt a desperate urge to perform the 7-week chakra journey meditation. The only inclination as to why I wanted to do this 7 week process was that I had not been meditating and I felt a bit ego centric and in my mental body detached from the present moment. 2 weeks prior to the adventure I started the root to crown experience and as expected had some major tweaks happen to my energetic body. The week prior to the expedition I had a phone conversation with my mentor who had performed an analysis of my chakras column. Something she does every year or so she pointed out most chakras were performing at over 90% effective. She noted something going on with my solar plexus chakra that needed attention. As she began trying to explain this to me she pulled back stating, “the guides are saying you know this better than I and will figure out what is going on here.” Leaving the topic we moved on to whatever next point the guides were bringing up. 

As these things tend to happen I started week three of my seven week journey right before leaving for my northern lights adventure with my kids for their spring break. Starting the first of the three meditations for the solar plexus journey on the Monday before our trip I received amazingly specific information that connected to some of the confusion I had been experiencing. The messages came through that it was time to let go of the control I had once again let sneak through while trying to pronounce myself as increasingly more spiritual once again. One of the traps of being a spiritual seeker is that you continue to judge your journey and where you are in line with your expectations of what your belief system dictates as spiritual. Knowing that this is counter intuitive to a spiritual expansion it is a hard trap not to fall in. Constantly judging my process, I get down on myself that it takes a liter of mountain dew to stay high vibrational for hours at a time to channel necessary information. At this point in my spiritual career this is what my body needs to bring through high frequency information without completely burning out. That’s not to say my body wont burn out because it always does when I push, but at this point in my existence that is what it takes. So when I hit the completion of a manifesting cycle I drop down in frequency and return to a human existence which is probably the hardest part of my creative process. Understanding the energy cycles I still judge my inability to connect when at the bottom of the cycle and starting a new process. The amount of energy loss, disconnect, and depression cause my mental body concern every time. Having gone through a root to crown manifesting process multiple times over the last few years, I can reflect and see just how much of my life purpose I have achieved, yet every time I finish a completion cycle and return to the human world my psyche judges my loss of steam and questions my life path once again.

Having these thoughts fly around a mental body while going through the third week of a seven week chakra journey I found myself landing directly in the center of analyzing the blockages of my solar plexus chakra. The answers started coming through that I needed to find balance this time around. That by staying connected to the human element when connected to such high frequency during a manifesting cycle that I would be able to sustain more balance for my body and not experience such extremes in my physical world. For the first time I understood something I read in a book called “open to channel” the woman stated she was instructed to start running/working out so that her physical body could handle the high frequency of a channel without having the crash back down effect I had experienced so many times. 

When energy needs to come through it will, and if a physical body is not ready the human vessel will find ways to sustain the energy needed to bring through the connections. In my case that meant drinking liters of mountain dew to sustain the energy necessary to connect. During the first of three meditations for this weeks solar plexus chakra all of these realizations came through and I recognized that there is no write or wrong to this process, but if I was not going to take care of my physical body throughout this process that I was going to have to deal with the effects of that crash back down effect every time. Doing this over four times in the last four years, I realize I am done with that level of polarity and found peace in the knowledge that I wanted to take both my physical and spiritual consciousness’s along for the ride through this next manifesting adventure.


Having channeled information while in Sedona I knew I had to travel to specific landmarks, Sedona, Northern Lights, Crystal Mountain, Mount Shasta and Serpents Mound. Not having a clue what was expected of me, I tried to connect a few times and receive information about the upcoming trips, but only small bits of information would come through. I knew my trip was meant to be an unfolding surprise of information, this would keep me grounded and centered allowing the experience to unfold quite like Sedona already had. Not questioning the upcoming adventure all I knew I had to do was position myself in specific places and allow the energy to come through. Part of the messaging I had received so far was to let go and be present, not constricting through the mental body as this only leads to smaller perspective. Pre planning this adventure all I knew was that I needed to seek out the Northern Lights, that was it. I searched far and wide for information and my final itinerary included Northern Michigan, Ontario Canada and New York. Finland, Alaska and Northern Canada were constant contenders, but everything about those searches felt incorrect. For some reason I was being called to stay close to home, not understanding it at the time of planning, I was being directed to stay around Lake Huron. My search lead to three dark parks. A dark park is a planned area void of light pollution used to witness and record astronomical events. Some go as far as banning anything but infrared lights during specific times when astronomers are using the area.  Feeling connected for the first time, the dark parks felt right. 

Driving the first leg of the adventure was the longest. From Aurora, Ohio to Mackinaw City, MI the goal was to stay a night and explore the Headlands International Dark Sky Park. With a seven hour drive ahead of my all my mind could do was wonder. What information was this adventure going to bring. Sedona had been five days of exceptional adventures, but the reasoning behind those encounters didn’t fully make sense until the end. My hopes are high and this scares me a bit because expectation most usually leads to let down. Trying hard to keep my mind clear and watch for the synchronicities, I believe the divine assigned to me Taylor and Camden my two sons to Shepard this adventure. How can one truly plan or control when a five and six year old accompany your journey. Immediately I realized this was not going to be a meditative journey. With two young boys by my side even five minutes of peaceful meditation was going to be too much to ask, so closed eyes meditation was out. That meant all connection would have to come through experience, dream or guided divine encounter. Open to this, I surrendered to the unknown and let my itinerary do the hard work of getting me where I needed to be.

Arriving to the first hotel around four thirty the seven hour drive wound the boys up and tired me out. Unloading our 1 night bag, I made sure three out of the five places we were going to stay had an indoor pool. Luckily this first one did so we grabbed the pool toys and swim trunks hit the room to unload and ran down to the pool. Brining a few books and a journal I didn’t plan to swim, my goal was to wear the boys out so that if inclined to do so we could awake later that night and search for the northern lights. Two hours fly by at the pool and I have yet to read or write. Relaxed to the point that I could fall asleep I sit poolside and watch the boys splash amongst other hotel goers. Sitting next to a family with two young children, I stick up conversation with the father. This is something quite out of my realm of ordinary. I am usually very contemplative and very much in my mental world. Very aware of my surroundings I use them as a barometer for life not usually disturbing the flow of what is happening around me. For whatever reason this questioning energy become too much and I started to engage the father about his young son who was very pool savvy. After time spent talking he introduces me to his wife who I find out is a local and loves to give recommendations about the area.  After a few local tipsregarding dinner and attractions, she explains she is from the northern peninsula, synchronistically right where we are heading. Having no dark sky park there this was the only day I had absolutely no agenda or no plan for what to do. She explained that we had to visit Tahquamenon Falls State Park, it was a must see even though it was an hour out of our way. Great! This is exactly what I needed.

“It’s like Niagara but smaller.” She states 


And this catches my attention. Our trip is slated to end with Niagara and not one to miss the synchronistic connection my seventh dimensional guides must have been working over time to get us two together. Her words connected me to a vision of the trip I had yet to perceive. Before coming on this trip while still in aurora Ohio I had to make decisions on what to bring. The only spiritual component of the trip I understand is that I am to bring crystals that need to be buried. This clue I learned from my first adventure in Sedona where it was explained to me that I was using crystals to create a grid of energy between these specific places I was to visit. Having no clue what crystals to bring again I stayed open to receive guidance. Two days prior to the trip I had a vision of selenite, wondering how much selenite I had I didn’t question until the day before when I packed the car. Needing at least four pieces of selenite I knew I had two long rods of the stuff, but wasn’t sure what else I owned. Not questioning the vision I simply packed the car and then went to my meditation room where hundreds of lovely crystals reside. Finding the two rods from my vision I walk around casing the place looking for the remaining crystals that are to make the journey. Hanging on the wall I find three selenite pieces I had completely forgotten about. They are as large as your hand from the wrist up. Each have flat bottoms and pointed tops raw on the bottom and carved into the pointed top. Grabbing these three I lay them next to the two rods and question how these five are going to partner together, but recognize I don’t need to know that now and acknowledge their connection will come through later in the trip. I also grab the Tibetan Tektite that has established itself as the connection to my frozen bodies and the ET race and grab four pieces of that as well. Sunday the car is loaded, the boys jump in and I walk from one side of the car to the other where I being to enter the driver seat. Something pulls me back and I walk as if I had forgotten something inside the garage. Walking back slowly I scan the open garage and shake my head, catching the planter box filled with trees I see the statue of Buddha we have sitting amongst some low shrubs. Last summer my boys and I put fairy stones around the statue to bring the fairies to our garden. Pausing I stare at the stones and say its not your turn. Having a direct connection to a fairy planet my timeline there reanimated and there was no longer a connection to that body on that planet, I was moving through this journey to connect to Uriel from the Planet of Fire. Confused I walked back to the car, and paused once again as my mental body tugged me back towards the stones. Surrendering I walked towards them and grabbed the four stones not understanding how they would participate but knowing its better to bring them and not use them to not bring them and want them.

Having the selenite and hearing the woman's words sitting next to me at the pool I get an instant flash that the waters of the great lake of Huron are going to somehow be a big part of this journey. Long lost memories of the great lake come into my mind and I can see how the magical energy is going to be supporting this journey. I can see the energy grid I am creating through the five different places and somehow get the feeling the lake and its energy will help to support all of which I am trying to create or help establish. Again having only a small piece of the puzzle it feels right and I thank the woman and man who are now leaving with their family. They have imparted so much more than they will ever know into my journey here. I am so thankful for these synchronistic connections as my path would have never found the connection to Tahquamenon Falls without her. 

After another hour of pool play it is time to find food and move to our room. Relaxing into the hotel room the boys are happily watching cartoons and I decide it is time to finish my Solar Plexus chakra meditation. Asking the boys to not bother me I put the headphone into my ears and start the third meditation of the solar plexus chakra. Listening to the words I am fully engaged for about ten minutes before my own journey begins to take place. Moving quicker than normal energy begins pulling from all around me. Hearing only brief words form the recording in the background I am asked to bring in an archetype. I find myself staring at a mirror and a full body image of myself is staring back at me. My mental voice calls out to my angels and guides and Uriel and asks them to allow me to transcend this physical body I see standing before me. The voice again begs asking out that I relinquish my human agenda allowing my path to align to that of the divine. I feel the words all around me like a prayer being uttered from my own heart. Then my energy started falling and spinning the vision of what I had been staring at disappears and everything in the vision goes black. It feels as if my physical, and energetic body had been captured by a spider who was about to feed on me, the web began spinning around me and I spun around and around. Having a consciousness in my physical body in the room and also having a consciousness in all of my other bodies I could feel each body tumbling and spinning in different directions. I knew I was laying flat on the bed but could help but also feeling like I was in a never ending free fall. All of a sudden the intense energy simply stopped. I intuitively knew the crystals within my body had been aligned and the mental voice spoke again requesting that my DNA and chromosomes be updated, upgraded and activated. I felt all of my divine team surrounding me yet couldn’t see a soul all was still black. The frequency within the hotel room was palpable, my body was on fire it was vibrating so intensely. Letting go I know whatever had just happened was done. I was recalibrate and felt like I had found a new zero point for my human self. Again on some intuitive level as I opened my eyes I could feel any remaining bit of need to control this path this journey had gone. I had gained a level of 100% trust in this adventure, but not only here. This was a new calibration for my life. There was no need to control from the human agenda, transcendence from the human container has gone. I feel completely expansive and trusting in the void of what lies around me. Trust is gained and I am ready to move forward not knowing what is waiting for me in all areas of my life.

Coming fully back into the room, I find Camden and taylor are relaxed we are all ready for sleep. My agenda to see the northern lights is still present, but I recognize I can have trust and faith that if I am meant to awake and seek them out that I will be waken if and when the time comes. Settling in for sleep we all hit the hay by 9:21pm. Sending a final prayer out I ask that my guides, angles and Uriel wake me up if I need to get up, that way I don’t try and control when to go out and stress about what I am going to experience. Leaving everything up to the divine plan I lie my head down and settle into bed realizing that if I am awoken there will be something to experience and that if I stay asleep maybe that was the overall intention. Finding it hard to quite my mind, after a good few turns from left to right sleep finally comes. 

10:21pm exactly one hour later my phone buzzes and wakes me from the part of REM where you almost feel sick in having to get up. Rolling over I check the time and grab my phone. Bryce my cousin has texted asking for a recap of my Peru trip from this time last year, he is 90% ready to go and needs the final motivation to buy his ticket. (not knowing it at the time, this text would perk up my subconscious allowing for deeper experiences later). Seeing the text and not replying I recognize the text was sent through a very sensitive individual to get me up and out of bed to proceed on my first late night adventure to find the northern lights.  Rolling over I fight the urge to go back to sleep, my mental state is trying to ignore the synchronicity. The warmth of the bed and the heavy breathing coming from the two boys gives me every reason to ignore this intrusion, I had pleasantly requested before closing my eyes. Standing up I move towards the windows to see if the sky has any painted colors present. Black and dimly lit by the bridge overpass by our hotel, I debate in my mind one more time the benefits to going or staying. This being the first nights adventure to find the norther lights I hadn’t quite bought into the whole release control idea. Finally surrendering, I get dressed and start dressing the sleeping boys.

Taylor is much more compatible than Camden who fights every twist and turn battling on his pants and then shirt.  Leaving the hotel room, I am carrying Cam and Taylor is walking like a zombie next to me. Taking the back stairwell we exit the side door and arrive at the car in no time. Having set up the back of the van prior to leaving Ohio it has been primed for this portion of our trip. There is a memory foam mattress, sheets, blankets and pillows, the perfect little sleeping space for late night light hunting. Cam immediately snuggles in and falls immediately back into sleep where Taylor cuddles up but stays lucidly awake. Diving the empty streets our hotel is only 25 minutes away from the dark park. The eerie setting of this empty seasonal town is a bit haunting. Yellow lights illuminate the road ever so often allowing the slick wet black road to take shape underneath us matching the sky above. 

Arriving to the park the GPS gets the car only so far before the destination is over, this leave us at what appears to be the first entrance to the park. Following the sighs down a dirt path the road becomes bumpy and we slowly drive down what appears to be a sloping hill. Hoping this is not a foot path, andnot having done much research on how busy this place could be I drive 10 miles an hour and turn up the cars lights. Searching every twist and turn a light rain has been falling since we left the hotel, the wetness coats the trees in such a way that everything glistens leaving things almost dream like. Searching the path, the sky and the trees my eyes are scanning everything for as many clues as possible. Not knowing what my purpose here is, I am as open as possible to receive divine guidance wherever it might come from. Turning another corner something is spotted in the trees, first my eyes catch what I assume might be a plaque describing the trail, yet standing directly behind it I see a brief glimpse of what I think is a fully dressed solder!  Having turned the corner my eyes only rest upon this figure for a second before the car passes. My heart starts pumping faster, and I can feel my breathing restrict. Did my eyes really see that? Was that a ghost? Is this part of my journey? Was that a hiker watching our car? Every possible question and solution moves through my mind. Wanting forever to see apparitions with my open eyes I wonder if this trip is where that talent will finally settle in?

Arriving at the bottom of the hill this seems to be our destination, there is a large sign at the bottom of a small turn around area. There is a gate to the side that says something about a cottage house and there appear to be paths to our front and other side.  It is pitch black as soon as I turn off the car, having already adjusted the door lights at the hotel not to come on, we are left with nothing but the stars. When I started planning the trip I realized that this spring break adventure would take place on March 26th 2017 the day the new moon would start, meaning there was zero visibility from the moon in the night sky. Divine presenting itself once again, recognizing this again at this moment when everything was pitch black, I tried to trust in the adventure and however it was supposed to unfold.

Opening the car door, alerted Taylor to my intentions. “Mom, I am scared.” His words matched my feelings exactly. The vision of the person in the woods had startled me, and I could feel the residual fear in my body. Knowing that divine guidance won’t connect when you are in the energy of fear I tried to release the tension from my body and relax into the unknown space of what could happen. “Why are you scared, Taylor?” my voice was calm and intrigued open to hear what he was feeling. “I am not so sure, but I am scared that there might be predators out there looking to attack.” He was of course talking about animals, but his concerned matched exactly the internal state of what I had witnessed in the forest moments ago, and in my case the concern was fully connected to my ability to protect my vulnerable family from any physical predator. 

Talking to Taylor about his feelings, I was trying to convince myself just as much as I was trying to convince him. “No animals are going to come for us, they would see us and know not to mess with us.” Questioning my own trepidation, I know that I am 100% protected by divine guidance right now, so why am I allowing so much fear to come in. That image shock me to my core, and made me question my physical safety. Planning this trip I had only prepared myself for our destinations and the midnight adventures, I didn’t allow my mind to wonder concerning anything else. I knew everything else would come through by synchronicity, like it had from the encounter at the pool earlier in the day, so why so much questioning in this moment?

Getting out of the car, I popped the trunk to be able to see and sit with Taylor in the back. The light rain was still falling and there were no visible lights in the sky. Moving behind the car, I did the only other thing I knew to do regarding the spiritual portion of this trip. Uriel came to me during a meditation experienced not to soon after Sedona. When he came through he explained that I needed to perform a sort of dance when I got to each of the places on my Northern Lights trip. The only way I can explain this dance is to review the body positions. I believe the intention is to create a type of vortex because there is clockwise and counter clockwise spinning. While spinning one arm is above your head with the palm face up and the other is below your waist with the palm face down, spinning in one direction you repeat with the same hand positions in the opposite direction. Then flipping the arm heights and palms you perform he spinning again in both directions. Once the spinning was complete I was to bring the palms of my hands together where I could see rainbow light pouring out of them and move into a low squat. That was it! So I performed this sequence and then jumped in the back of the car with Taylor who was asking me to come inside because he was still scared. Feeling the same, I did what he asked and then allowed his concern to guide me into leaving the park. Staying there no more the thirty minutes we had made our exit back to the hotel.

The next morning we gathered our items from the hotel and packed the car. Getting ready to go I told the boys we were going to go back to the dark park, because I needed to bury one of the crystals. Getting to the park we followed the GPS until it stopped and then followed the signs like the night before. Moving down the hill in the light of day I was amazed to see this path was only big enough for one car. Hoping there would be no other cars out exploring I moved cautiously down the path. Scanning the forest my heart skipped a beat when I saw the solder again. This time in full daylight I could see it was an erected cut out standing next to a sign apparently explaining more about the dark park. Feeling a bit silly it only took a moment for the totality of this journey to set in. The realization of what I was here doing became clear. Being a self proclaimed “balanced” human I recognize the amount of fear I held last night was completely out of balance for my normal constitute. My mind flashed to the selenite crystals I brought and the location of this adventure and I realized immediately that I am here helping to transmute fear! Getting to the bottom of the hill I see that the sign we parked in front of the night before talked about the beach below. Getting out of the car with the boy we walk the short path to the beach. Standing on the edge of the beach I realize we are at the exact point between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. The water and its transmuting power becomes completely evident to me and my mind begins unraveling pieces already collected. Standing by the lake the boys and I find a tree that has corkscrewing branches signaling its connection to energy and a vortex and we decide this is the exact place we need to bury this first crystal. 

The boys each put their beautiful energy into the selenite point and I take hold of it and allow all of the fear I held the previous night to flood back into me. Realizing that this journey is for me and humanity I recognize the amount of fear that our collective still holds attached to the physical world. Not having to deal with this in my normal life the previous night’s experiences brought up not only the deep connection to fear I had buried but also brought up the amount of fear evident in our collective connection to one another. All of my spiritual teaching have imbedded the knowledge that higher vibrational forces doing divine work will always be protected or in alignment therefore having nothing to worry about, so why did I allow myself to become susceptible to the energy of fear? I realize I was in a very physical place and living a very low vibration one that humanity typically experiences, therefore allowing my energetic field to tap into the vibration of fear. The experience of my meditation also floods back into my awareness and I realize I am being called to step out of what I have created and transform into the next level of my own divinity. IN doing this I have to 100% trust in divine and allow my way to be guided when I have no control and give in to the vulnerability of my path. This is much easier said then done,  and I believe this Northern Lights journey will hep teach me these principals.

Layering the three stones, Tibetan Tektite to connect to the ET cords still present. The Fairy stone which I now understand was brought to help transmute the fear and imbed JOY, and the selenite crystal. We decide to bury the point facing up helping to pull that fear from the physical Earth and humanity and transmute it into the ether which lies above the physical. Doing the vortex dance now all three of us on the shores of Michigan we laugh together and then run back to the car, tucking ourselves in, ready to move towards our next adventure.

Upper Peninsula – Sault Ste. Marie US side.

This leg of the journey was only slated to take an hour and thirty minutes, but after meeting the local family I couldn’t pass up taking the guidance to explore the Tahquamenon Falls State Park which will detour us maybe two or so hours. Being a stop planned more for the hotel pool than the norther lights this will be a nice unplanned experience. Driving onto the upper peninsula it is apparent that this part of Michigan is also closed down for the season. Arriving right onto the highway we get detoured quickly towards what I expect to be the opposite side of the island. Driving we are scheduled to be on this same road for over an hour. The trip proceeds on and close to an hour in we have passed one truck and one gas station. The landscape is never changing and I feel like I am driving into some twilight zone opening. Signs warn to drive with a half full tank of gas, and watch for snow mobile traffic. Watching the sides of the roads still covered in snow I see recent carvings left by the proclaimed snowmobiles. The markings signal life once existed here yet boarded up shops and deserted streets beg otherwise. 

Making our way to the opposite side of the peninsula we drive along streets that meet the lake, frozen waters kissing the barren landscape create an eerie ambiance and the isolation begins separating me from rational thoughts. Checking my gas tank the needle is hovering below the ¼ full mark and a sinking fear begins to settle in. What is it with this fear? Never feeling this trapped and alone my spiritual self begins analyzing the situation from a higher perspective. Where are these feelings coming from. Separating from the emotion of it all I begin analyzing the situation, being divinely guided I have nothing to fear, when and if something is needed I can trust the answer will present itself, so why do I still have so much fear?

Driving past a gas station, looking at the one exposed free standing pump and the flashing open sign my mind twists at the thought of stopping here. Scared emotions surface once again preventing me from turning in. Leaving the safe comfortable reality I am use to and heading into these back woods with their unfamiliar options scare me. Something didn’t feel right about the location so I continued on with less than 50 miles of available gas. Reassuring myself that I will be taken care of, I am beginning to question myself here in this isolated landscape and begin reviewing emergency options if something were to happen. Driving into the town settled outside of the falls I can see more civilization come to be yet everything is closed. Little mom and pop shops and food places sprinkle the streets all with closed for the season messages posted over their signs. Driving further into town we being our ascent into the state park and as the gas needle drops further towards empty I see over the hill a 76 orange ball come into view. Relief washes over me as I pull closer towards the drive way. Once in view I see this station is a replica of the last, one single pump and a glowing open sign. Realizing it is now or literally never I pull over and face the ego I had been holding onto. Parking the car, I carefully walk across the melting snow which has become slick ice towards the shop. A husband and wife team greet me as I walk inside. “Do I pump first or pay first?” part of my fear is that I have no clue how to deal with this kind of small town service station, and I didn’t want to do things wrong and look silly. “Pump and tell us the amount, we will charge you when you’re done.”

Performing the task as instructed, I proceed back into the store to pay when the husband asks if we are heading to the falls. My face softens as I answer him, yes. “I wouldn’t suggest going to the lower falls this time of year, they don’t plow the paths and its sure to give you trouble unless you brought your snow gear.” Understanding the reason for entering this gas station I ask a few questions about the upper and lower falls, not having known there were two to select from and thank the two for the kind help. Relieved at the kind openness of the two I head up the hill the remaining twenty minutes towards the falls. Passing a large obvious sing for the lower falls I send a silent thank you to the man who helped me avoid a complete disaster in coming all this way just to turn away when I found the paths un walkable. Without knowing there were two to select from and the signs not being of much help either I can see the reason for my gas dilemma.

Driving another 10 minutes after seeing the sign for the lower falls we make it to the upper falls. Walking the short fifteen minute track alone piled snow towards the viewing area, each new viewing area gives another little glimpse of the falls which are increasingly getting louder and louder as we move along the snow covered path. The last stop brings us to the 96 stair wooden descending platform which looks out over the falls. With new excitement the boys run down the stairs and I quickly follow behind. Standing on the lowest deck the energy of the falls roars and the electric energy fills the air. Understanding why we were guided here and understanding the cleansing power of this rushing water I lift my arms and release the tension, fear, worry and isolation I had let cloud my journey. The cool air married with the tiny dewy droplets of water kissing my face brought me right into a meditative space. Having used this image many times while connected into my sacred heart space I feel the heart beat of the world happen here and I find a release and vulnerability I had yet to tap into. 


Having brought one of the selenite rods with my on this hike, I understand now how the waters of the great lakes are going to play an important role in the divine process of this journey. These waters are here to help transmute this energy they will help with the release, the cleansing, the purification. Reflecting back on my original assumption, it was almost spot on. The three selenite points are going to be implanted into the earth somewhere near each of the three dark sky parks, where these two selenite rods are going to be put into the water. Feeling the totality of this water I can see this fall pouring into Lake Superior and can see how our final destination will end near Niagara falls where I know the last rod will be placed to move from Lake Erie which pours into Ontario. How amazing this journey is stacking up to be, I can only imagine what else will come to light along the way. Having dealt with a physical fear already and now being given an opportunity to transmute this with the purity of the falls I am excited for what else is to come. 

Calling to the boys I have them each hold the rod and give it some good mojo. Taking it back I have them stand along the wooden railing as I crank my arm back and throw the selenite into the waters moving behind the falls. Letting go of the rod I receive an immediate rush of relief. The boys intuitively understand the moment is done and begin racing up the stairs, counting out loud to see if they can hit all 96. Coming to the top of the stairs Cam was somewhere around 98 and Taylor had stopped counting. Reversing our path back out towards the car, Camden looks at me and states. “Mom, I am not scared anymore.” Having not expressed to Cam any of my internal findings over the falls or this part of the journey, I am amazed at how intuitive he is over what we just accomplished. Feeling validated in a way that only the most perfect of moments can we continue our walk and proceed back to the car full of joy and peace.

Arriving to Sault Ste. Marie our hotel sits directly across from the border into Canada where we will continue day three tomorrow. This is the last hotel with a pool for two days so in honor of the two accompanying chaperones of this spiritual journey we check in and go right to the pool. Unlike our first hotel this one is quite, and at one in the afternoon no one else has decided to take advantage of the indoor pool area. Having brought my books and computer along I realize the stress and isolation of the day has emotionally drained me. Sitting down pool side I catch myself nodding off every thirty minutes or so, having no energy to read, write or even parent the two happy boys I sit legs up pool side letting time fly by. 

Night two ends quietly and we find ourselves tucked in to bed by nine at night. Surrendering control of the adventure to the angles, guides and Uriel who are navigating this adventure from the astral plan I again state if I need to be woken for the norther lights or anything of interest to please do so otherwise I will take advantage of the sleep since night one was a bit more adventurous. 

Walking abruptly at six in the morning I am up before the boys. Reviewing the early morning dream, I am perplexed to say the least. I am very aware of my dreams and know how to lucidly move through the astral plan in the early hours of the morning through a semi active dream space to achieve guidance from my divine team. This mornings dream was no different than most and the guidance received was chock full of symbolic meanings.  The dream had one major point that lead me to seek advice from a very good friend, Diane a master Astrologer. 

At 6:30am this is the email I sent off to her:


Question for you:

I am on my trip burying crystals with the kids and last night I had a vivid dream where they “the guides” showed me the five crystals I brought and they were buried – to vanquish “fear” they put me up against a mirror and said you are the “KINGMAKER” this is your purpose- do you remember where this star came in my chart and what its meaning is?

Thank you!

To go into more detail the lucid dream had me and a group of people involved in an alien invasion, there was an alien that I was trying to catch that was straight out of “ALIEN” the movie. It had negative, bad energy and my astral guides came through to me and showed me that I needed to lay the selenite crystals I had brought in a circle on the ground and that this would trap the “bad” alien. Once this being was trapped the brought me the mirror and showed me a reflection of myself and through the mirror they stated that I am the KINGMAKER. This I only know from my encounters with Diane the Astrologer, she has talked to me about this star Regulus also known as the KINGMAKER and therefore when I awoke with this information I knew she was the one I needed to contact to get more clarity on my adventure and some of its more hidden details.

Diane’s response did not come until the final day of my trip on Friday, Sending the email released the questions and allowed me to become present to the adventure ahead. Day three began filled with information that was not ready to be processed, once the boys awoke I allow them to sucker me into a morning pool session before we crossed the boarder into Canada. Down to the pool by eight in the morning we had until eleven to swim and then check out. Bringing my books and computer I finally found the energy to begin documenting some of my adventure thus far. The boys ran off their steam and I was on a roll writing. 

10:15am Camden comes running around the pool slips on the tile and lands face down. Screams erupt and blood starts spilling. Running to Cam I pick him up and see he has slip his forehead open all the way down to the bone. Running for a towel I scream to Taylor to follow me and we run to the door which connects right into the lobby of the Holiday Inn where complimentary breakfast is being served. We get to the door, Camden still screaming and I yell to the woman at the desk. “I think we need an ambulance!” Walking briskly over she stands in front of us phone in hand wanting to see what happened before she makes the call. Darrel the only guest eating breakfast is sitting front row for the entire show. He stand up grabs a chair and throws it over the railing so that Camden can sit down while we organize ourselves into position in front of the desk attendant. 

Removing the towel from Camden's head both Darrel and Susan the woman grab their phones and start dialing. Darrel grabs the towel from me and begins applying pressure to Camden's head while Susan walks to the front desk awaiting the ambulance. I look at Taylor who has been completely quiet and tell him to stay by the door of the pool. Running down the ramp next to the pool I grab all of the clothes, toys, and bags we brought down and run back to Camden. Darrel is quietly talking to Cam who is still screaming things like, “I don’t want to die, It hurts and Ouch!” I look at Darrel and with our eyes I convey I can take back control of the towel. Feeling sorry and like I am inconveniencing Darrel and his free breakfast I want to do everything in my power to let him get back to normalcy. 

Two maybe five minutes at the most have passed and the ambulance and Susan are on their way over. There are four men with a stretcher a mix of fire department and EMT plus one police officer Weis. Being a minute from the Canadian boarder we had everyone on duty there immediately. Darrel on one side of the gate steps back I on the other step back to give way for the men to get to Camden. A fireman grabs me, looking at Darrel he gives me the node that its ok to leave Camden he will stay close. Stepping back the man takes me to a table on the other side of the gate and sits me down asking me questions. “How old is he?” 

“What, his age – um four, no five.”
“Did he stay conscious the whole time, does he seem normal right now?”

“I think??? He screamed the entire time – if that indicates consciousness ok?” “Normal?” I think to myself well he's pissed off I thought, so yes this is Camden when he's in pain, he doesn’t handle blood so well. “Yes, he's normal.”

We move through a refusal of an ambulance ride and Officer Weis assures me he will give me a police escort to the hospital to make sure we get their ok. The EMT wrap his head with a pretty serious bandage and then pack up. I ask Susan if its ok if we miss check out at eleven and she nodes saying do what you need to we will keep your room open. Standing next to Darrel the stranger who will never forget his holiday inn stay near the boarder, he looks at me and says. “maybe you want to take the boys and get some clothes so they are not wet outside?” Looking at Darrel I search his face for what he means. I can seem to think straight and am not sure I he is saying he will watch the boys while I run upstairs or if he wants me to take them upstairs. I wish he would just tell me what to do. Staring blankly I nod looking at Taylor and Camden then back at Darrel. “OK, thank you Darrel.”

Looking from Darrel to Susan I see Susan's neck is completely flush and Darrell's eyes are big. Officer Weis touches my shoulder snapping me back to the situation and says he will wait in the lobby for us to come down. How do I convey my sincerest thanks to Darrel, I have to go immediately, but I owe him my life. Finding his eyes one more time I look at him and say, “Thank you.” Still standing you can tell he is shaken, but feels satisfied with how things turned out. We make it to the room where Camden says again.

“Mommy, I don’t want to die.” This snaps me back into my body where I sit in front of him and try to find the words to assure him he is not dying that everything is ok and the ambulance wouldn’t have let us go if we were in trouble. “I didn’t want to go in the ambulance, they said you couldn’t go with me.” 

Gut wrenching, I never would have let them take you without me, ever! Back into the lobby officer Weis has a huge teddy bear the size of Camden and walks us to our van. Assisting Camden into his seat, he starts to put on cam’s seatbelt and Cam says I can do it. Well at least Cam is getting back to normal. We follow him to the Emergency Room which is only five minutes away. Pulling into the parking lot the officers car stops in the middle of the road, I pull into a handicap space not realizing what I had done. Officer Weis gets out and says I probably need to pick another spot and he will take Cam into the ER. Taylor and I have yet to speak to each other, stunned and disassociated from the events.

Moving into the hospital Officer Weis gets us situated and then leaves, again how do I express my fullest gratitude for his expert care over my family? I look at him in the eyes and say Thank you and he leaves.  None of this feels like enough to convey how deeply touched I am for all of these peoples care. Moving through the process of the ER Camden gets taken care of with a series of stitches and towards the end When the process was over I had to rest my head on the gurney, feeling nauseated and near fainting the emotion swelled into my body making me dizzy and feel like I was about to pass out. Images of Camden open wound started visually playing out in front of my eyes each time making me almost vomit. Sitting for the required time after treatment I needed this adjustment time to reacclimatize to what had just occurred.


Where did my body go? I was a shell, a void, I could make decisions. Without Darrel I am not sure what I could have accomplished. The amount of fear now present in my energetic field was intense, I continued to see, feel, and relive the slip and fall and the moments after the cracked head. Released from the ER we got into the car now ready to journey across the boarder and start our four hour drive to Manitoulin Island. Driving across the bridge from the US to Canada was interesting, until this point I had not actually realized I was going to be driving in a different country. Having detached from the journey I really didn’t give any thought to the experience once I set up accommodations. Having never driven into Canada before I realized that the new experience was one I couldn’t control and that I have improperly prepared for. Exiting the boarder I my navigation placed us onto a one way road. With no signs indicating this my heart began to race, how do they drive in Canada? Am I on the right side of the road? There was a car in the far lane, but nothing curb side. Oh my god, I didn’t prepare, what am I doing? Then the mileage is in meters and the speed limits are all in conversion I don’t know how to do in my head. 

The fear is back, I am so scared now I start questioning the people in this city I just emerged into. The town wasn’t clean and there were many people walking the streets. The fear was choking me, what did I get myself into. Finding our way to a shopping center I pulled off and had to recollect myself. This is Canada, these are probably the nicest people in the world, what am I doing? Why am I so scared? What is going on with me? 

Finally finding the highway that I was going to be on for three hours the fear settled down and allowed me space to relax into the drive contemplating what was happening to me. Recognizingthat this trip was going to be steeped in Fear and that apparently I was being called to face fears I held that I didn’t realize I was holding I started widening the perspective of what was happening. First physical fear, then a complete drain from the isolation yesterday and the emotions with Camden today. What so this trip is going to be about releasing or confronting the fears still held in my physical, emotional and mental body? And there it was, that was the purpose. Three selenite points, three dark parks, this was never about the northern lights this was about the search for the light from the journey through the dark. Thinking about Uriel and the Fire planet, I realize the first time I meet Uriel it was through a shamanic journey which is all about facing that which resides in the dark. Uriel and my connection to the frozen body on the planet of Fire is about soul retrieval, finding the soul wisdom so that you can create and walk the soul path. Here I thought this adventure was going to be about bringing in the healing energy from the norther lights and I had it backwards. I am the light, my journey is the light, but its letting go of the perceived darkness, the shadow, the shade that blocks us from seeing that it is all light. So this I understand, and now knowing what I am up against I can move forward ready to acknowledge and confront where I still hold the fear that is blocking me for the completely illuminated path.

Manitoulin Gordon’s Dark Park

Making our way onto the island was easy, the road was straight and clear and the weather was actually approaching fifty degrees. The island was shut down, again not in season there was a running theme of isolation here, meaning this was my journey and just like a good shamanic quest it had to be done in isolation to confront the demons. Thankfully I had my two consistent companions to help guide the presence and reality of what it was I needed to experience. Day three we checked in to the hotel and found the one open pizza joint. Played some card games got ice cream at the same pizza place then hit the road at 7:30 trying to make the next norther light show. Still hoping to see the lights and bury the next crystal we headed thirty minutes away from our hotel to Headlands International Dark Park. 

Finding the park the first gate we drive past states it is closed for the season, what a bummer. Driving past the park hoping to find some other gazing point we find another entrance. Pulling in this spot seems like a campground and home. We pull through and park, starting to get out of the car another red car pulls in directly behind us. 

“Can I help you a woman’s voice yells?”

“Hi.” Walking over to her car Camden runs up and says are you here for the Dark Park?

“This is closed right now.” She says back looking at me.

“Oh yes, I saw that we tried to schedule here but found that out too, we traveled from Ohio. Since we were here we were hoping to take a look to see what it was all about for next time we are here. Do you think that would be ok?”

“I am their neighbor and the owners are gone for the season, I was just dropping off some soup to my mom but I can get out for a minute and show you around.”

Not expecting this I take it as a sign that maybe there is something I am missing. The kind woman walks us around for five minutes and explains all of the wonderful things this camp ground does along with another neighbor to her other side. Exchanging pleasantries we part and both leave the Headlands Dark Sky Park. Not having a chance to bury our crystal I wonder where the energy is supposed to go on this island. Fifteen minutes down the road is the southern point where a fairy picks people up during the season to take them towards Toronto. Not feeling right we decide to head back towards our hotel. There was a sign that caught my attention on the drive out that said 10 mile point lookout. Not remembering where this was on the drive we proceeded back the way we came with our eyes on the lookout. Nearing eight thirty and increasingly getting darker we finally find the sought out area. Arriving we come across locked gates preventing cars from entering the area, like everywhere else. This time it didn’t stop us. Parking the car outside of the gates we walked in a hundred feet or so found a wonderfully gnarled spiraling tree indicating good vortex energy and found a soft spot in the ground to bury our selenite point. 

Looking out onto Lake Huron this spot seemed divine perfection for what I had come to understand about this journey so far. Looking at Camden and Taylor I handed off the crystal for good intention and we took turns digging. Deciding to place the crystal point down we decided that we needed help bringing the unseen intangible emotional energy into physicality making it more relatable and human. Placing the fairy stone and Tibetan Tektite also into the burial ground, I think about everything experienced dealing with the emotional energy of fear and let it all go. Performing our spinning vortex dance we moved every which way across the lookout point seeding our intention to help transmute this emotional energy of fear and joyfully laughed all the way back to the car.

Day four the journey was going to take four hours and our destination was Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve. The seamless journey felt like. Coming to understand how this process was unfolding I was assured at the pace and progress we had made. Driving around lake Huron towards Torrance Barrens we drove through many rock formations. The drive is beautiful, peaceful and serene. Every time we passed through a large rock formation we would see small piles of rocks left in stacked designs along the cliffs. Seeing all of the native culture shops, town names and outposts along our journey I had again not researched our path much and was not familiar with the areas heritage. Living the experience now I can see how the shamanic influences of this journey are becoming ever more present. This entire area is rich in the Iroquois culture and these piles of stones are called InukshukIt. Traditionally they were used by the Inuit for communication and survival, now they represent “You are on the right path”, “Someone was here.” Driving past each and every one of these tiny monuments you can feel the energy of the landscape and the collective experiences of those who have journeyed this path before. The combined energy and unity creates a feeling of harmony and peace from brother to brother which solidifies the message of release during this journey.

Arriving in the city of Bala heading towards Torrance Barrens, I am greeted by a large sign right after exiting off the freeway. A carved Raven with the message Seven Generations fly with you presents itself for my review. Having seen many ravens fly along with us on this journey I smile knowing that my Brother Raven from the Half Animal Half Human planet is still with me along for the ride, watching and guiding our path.  This leg of the journey we have planned to sleep in the back of our car hoping to see the Norther Lights. Arriving at the park around five at night, it was still bright out. The towns were sleepy and like everything else closed for the season. Not one car passed us as we navigated our way through winding back roads to get to the dark sky park. Once we settled in and picked a nicely tucked away spot on top of the flat rocks of Torrance Barrens we went out exploring the area. Once covered by a glacier the area is still surrounded by water and the now flat rocks provide many interesting places to perch and watch the sky. Walking around we pick a large flat rock anchored in by a massive tree and set up our picnic dinner. 


Deciding this is the perfect place to bury our crystal we follow our now routine steps and perform our dance imbedding the crystal and all the wonderful energy into the ground. The night sky turns dark and we retreat into our car. Playing card games in the back until there is no more light to see with we begin our slow decent into sleep. As soon as our heads hit the pillows we begin seeing white lights and hearing car doors open and close. Intrigued by the movement we had not expected to see anyone else. The trip thus far had been completely isolated not a soul ever really crossing our path. So here at this final spot we were shocked to see life moving around us. One car filled with explorers, exit with their flash lights starting their own journey. Then another and then another. Startled I have to explain to the boys what is happening, they like me were completely surprised by this new energy. After multiple cars pulling in and out, some parking and staying the night, doors and lights constantly in flux moving all around the inner space of our car the boys finally find their peace. 

Trying to surrender to this new energy and find my sleep, I recognize the familiar feelings begin to swell within me. The fear is back and it is more active than it has ever been. Having not expected to share this spot with anyone I am on heightened alert, watching and analyzing all of the movement and energy going on around me. Trying to let go of the fear and giving up the control of the situation I continue to talk to my guides and angles stating that I want to sleep and if I need to get up to notify me so that I can. Unfortunately I found no rest, the constant thoughts of my mind would not subside. Questioning the people, safety, and experience I was alerted to every sound, and every light that came through our protective car barrier. Rising up on bent knees I continued to look at the new comer’s wondering who they were and what their intentions were. A car pulled right in front of ours and filled the air with more than ten new voices, my mind reeled at thoughts of young hoodlum kids getting ready to drink and do drugs under the stars. Peering out through the front window I see it is older Asian men with binoculars and cameras ready for the full astronomical experience. Ashamed at myself and my mind for conjuring up such displacing thoughts I lie down once again. Repeating mantras over and over I try to let go of the mental games that are playing with my divine connection in this space and can’t find any relief. Moving from fears over the children’s safety to my own discomfort I am riddled with fear. Knowing full well this is just another test I cant get out of my own head. I am trapped within my mind and early into the morning I realize the journey will not conclude with this night. I realize that I have not let go and that my lesson of release has not been achieved. Defeated by this mental game I crawl over the boys and turn the car on heating up the windows trying to dissolve all of the internal fog created by the three breathing bodies. 

Three in the morning, and its time to go. The last day of this adventure we were going to Toronto to see Niagara Falls but more so check into Great Wolf Lodge for the boys to have a fun water park experience before we head home. Counting the time if I leave now we will get in around six in the morning. Check in not being until one in the afternoon, I figure we can find something to do that will hold the boys interest and hit the road. Driving through the back roads it takes an hour of bumpy roads before we find the freeway. The sky is pitch black, and all I want is to see the Norther Lights. Knowing this was not the purpose of my journey I tell the guides that if they just let me see the lights I promise I wont write about it. Knowing full well the lights were not the journey. To no avail, the path is pitch black the stars are out and no painted lights in the sky. Finding the freeway I fall into the flow of traffic and question my experience at Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Park.

Putting my fear aside by way of deep breaths I allow my perspective to find its way back into the cab of the Honda Odyssey Van where the two happy boys currently rest. As perspective over the situation grows I begin to realize that last night I went through a purging. Everything about my experience reminded me ofmy trip to Peru this time last year where during an Ayahuasca experience my body went through stages of purging. Never physically but emotionally, mentally and for the entire collective. The pain my body felt was akin to what I was feeling during the night at the dark sky park. The level of severity was much less than my Peru experience but the intensity, frustration and physical sensations were all the same. Having never actually thrown up during the Ayahuasca experience my stomach would move through sensations hard to verbally describe, and last night was the same. My body ached in very specific way as it did last night. I remember the voice of Gaia coming through and speaking to me at the break of dawn after my first night on Ayahuasca in Peru during this final release she said when you are in pain you are not in the flow, if you are feeling the pain you are not completely in the flow of divine. As the voice rings through my mind reminding me of the Peru experience the freeway becomes oddly colored. At first I am drawn to the color of the reflective street lines and tags on the barriers between the north and south bound traffic. Instead of the white and yellow reflection the color turns orange. The orange is like a fiery red orange and I search for what is creating this new color. Looking for the source of the light change I can find nothing and wonder if this freeway used this orange color instead of the white for this portion of the street I am driving. As my focus attaches to this new color change the totality of my journey comes flying into perspective. I actually feel like I am descending into the gates of Hell or the Fire planet. As if the freeway had changed to open like a gateway for my shamanic descent into the fire planet. This matched with my purging from the previous night all come slamming into my physicality together confirming my shamanic experience thought the underworld of fear, and that I had physically, emotionally, and mentally purged for myself, for my family, for the collective. 


This realization did not lessen what I was experiencing. The gravity of what I had experience still sat atop my shoulders heavier than ever. The clock says six thirty and we are making our way down Niagara street pulling into the falls parking lot which is open and not charging admittance because of the early hour. Camden is awake and Taylor is still asleep. Moving to the back of the car I pop the trunk and allow the gushing mist to flood over the boys. We wait for the sun to come up jump out and snap some pictures. Driving up the road a bit further we find a pull off that has a walkable island where waters from Niagara come pouring in. Playing around we find the perfect spot where the falls water comes rushing in directly under two beautifully intertwined trees. The boys and I perform our final ceremony and I chuck the selenite rod into the water. Hoping for this to release the frustration I was still carrying from the journey I was only lightly lifted by the release of the stone. More work to be done, I hear in my head as I try to ground into the energy of the falls.

Finishing our journey at the water park the boys are happy little clams and I am also happy, but curious as to what to do with this newly acquired energy. These five cords of connection journeys to my frozen bodies were supposed to take me to the end of 2017, but recently the timeline got moved up. Traveling to Mount Shasta California in two weeks from now I am intrigued at what energy might be needing to come through. Leaving the great wolf lodge I have three and a half more hours to contemplate the adventure and resolve some of the missing information. As we make our way towards the bridge separating Toronto and New York I read Welcome to the Rainbow Bride and laugh out loud a deep crazy laugh. 

“Really” I say looking skyward.

The five frozen bodies and cords connecting me to these bodies and experiences have been established but this years 2017 crystal burying journey is coming through piece by piece. Starting in Sedona I didn’t know unit I was there what or why I had been called. Once complete I knew that Sedona was the start of my five final planetary adventures. Sedona was a connection to the Half Animal Half Human planet and I learned about my guides being present in my life and to watch them for the signs of where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing. Shortly after returning home, Uriel came through from The Fire Planet and told me he would meet me on my trip to see the Norther Lights, when he came through he showed me the dance I needed to perform when establishing the vortex energy connected to each crystal. Now leaving Canada I journey across the rainbow bridge the only sign that could directly connect me to the energy of Jesus and the Planet of Peace and Connection. In two weeks I travel to Mount Shasta where I now know I will connect with the energy of my frozen body from this planet. As I understand this connection a truck pulls in front of me with the word JESUS carved into the dirt on its back side, then a few miles later we cross the PEACE bridge into Buffalo. Oh how beautiful this world can be when your ready for the signs.