Master Trip 77


DISCLAIMER :: Don't Read with EGO there is NO EDITING!!! Straight thoughts from before/during/after trip

Leaving Serpents Mound we drive eleven hours towards Arkansas. Choosing to stop over somewhere along the way I can tell that the messages of Anger were coming through – interpenetrating the trip to Serpents Mound, but were going to be a constant pattern through the driving portion of our trip. Knowing what the energy is trying to express I am able to catch myself during moment of emotional expression, but have yet to completely let go into the flow of those around me. 

The trip to Serpents Mound helped to finalize my connection to the five individuals which started during my trip to Mount Shasta, now moving towards Arkansas and the Magnetic Planet I can tell the information about Anger started to come through to help solidify the messages from the angelic planet and possibly even to help me better understand the messages of Kindness on of the virtues I have set forth to better understand from that cord of connection.

Arriving to Arkansas we stop at our first of three locations. Centered in the heart of Mount Ida or “crystal mountain” as it is known in these parts we have five days of exploring before we pack up and move south towards “diamond country” and more mounds. Having no expectations for the trip all I have scheduled are our three overnight accommodations, the rest I leave up to divine to implant where needed. Thinking about this trip during the days before our drive all I could tell you is that things felt good and exciting almost like there was a party waiting for me fifteen hours away.

Day one does not disappoint at our secluded cabin location. Arriving to our new home we drive into the 200 acer property up and down and around a mountain towards four red cabins sitting along a babbling spring feed creek.  The boys are giddy seeing the pasture of cows grazing the hillside and then noticing that the creek is just the right size to play somewhat unsupervised by moms watchful eyes. We unpack our loaded minivan and start to blow up the floatation devices for more water play. Day one will include mom relaxing Creekside while the boys get increasingly water logged. Towards the end of our day we drive back to the top of the hill where the only cell service can be located to phone home our arrival. Camden was chosen to drive up the hill and Taylor had been selected to drive us down (on moms lap of course) as we crested the top of the first hill a Bald Eagle comes soaring down towards our car and then inclines up towards the tree tops. Stopping, pointing, and getting charged with energy all three of us joyously cheer as we see the magnificent bird. The voice inside my head begins talking as the clairvoyant inner vision begins placing the Eagle at the top of a medicine wheel. In shamanic terms I see the Eagle get placed at the North node and the voice says King of the Sky. 

Intrigued I pause my outward enjoyment of the moment to reflect on what was happening internally. Curious if this Magnetic Planet journey was going to repeat my first adventure to Sedona where animals came out to guide my experiences, I smiled thinking how easy that might be to follow and understand and relished in the thought that this trip might just be that perfect. Letting go of the experience we made it to the top of the hill and phoned home then turned in for the rest of the night. 

Day two it was time to explore the crystal mines housed around mount ida. Having selected Twin Creek Mine I tried putting the address into my cars navigation system only to come up short. No recognizable street, city, location to get us close enough to the mine to find our way and this being day two I was completely lost on where I was in the new town to venture out on my own. Checking my phone I also had no cell reception to pull up one of those brilliant google maps. Remembering the connection once outside of the property we drove on with no real clue where we were going hoping cell service would kick in soon. Hitting the top of the hill text messages came through signaling a connection so I proceeded out of the property waiting for the internet to also connect. Arriving to route eight right outside the drive way, there was still no connection so I chose the direction to the right. Hoping the internet would connect soon we drove route eight for fifteen minutes of no connectivity. Having not been down this road before my heart started to pick up as I realized I might not get cell service at all! Having no clue where to go I read every sign hoping to find some clue as to where a city or gas station or some type of life might reside. Reading a green street sign I was given an option to go towards Mount Ida and decided that is where the crystals were so we turned right again when route eight came to a dead end. Driving and checking my phone over and over still no reception. Twelve minutes later the first glimmer of hope presents itself. A sign for Wagner Mine just 2.5 miles ahead. Not what we were looking for, but a mine indeed. Following the signs we find our way to the mine and park. Making it with a few minutes to spare we are right on time for a 9:30am excursion to the top of the mountain to dig for crystals. Paying for the trip we have a few minutes to walk the property, standing tall in front of the shop is a carved statue and a roped off section of ground filled with quartz crystal pieces. Moving closer I read the inscription on the plaque and can see the carved statue more clearly. 

IMG_4191 2.JPG
IMG_4196 2.JPG

Arch Angle Michael! Now laughing at the extremes divine went through to get me here today I almost dance with joy in front of the crystal pit knowing how connected this adventure is going to be. Day two of eleven and I find comfort in the fact that even the littlest of mistakes of planning on my part will be rewritten by divine to get me where I need to be. The Magnetic Planet’s guide is Arch Angle Michael and it is only fair that I start out the eleven day adventure knowing that he is guiding my journey. I am sure when I planned to go to Twin mine first, the guides made sure I would be redirected to find the Wagner mine with its statue of Arch Angle Michael and the glorious bed of crystals. 

I have been guided to grid crystals throughout these adventures leaving connections behind in the five states I have visited not only to ground my energy and connection to each place, but to also raise the vibration and space itself to that of the discovered energy. Before coming on the trip to Arkansas I searched my heart for what felt connected to this experience and what crystals wanted to join alone on the journey. Feeling almost silly to bury crystals where crystals were already imbedded in massive supply the only stone that jumped out was a record keeper stone and of course the Tibetan tektite for connection to the cosmic thread connecting all this together on the Earth Plane. Having such an amazing time during our three hour dig and quite literally getting wiped out by the sun and bending over to harvest quartz crystal the boys and I finished our dig and walked right back to the car heading straight for a cooling body of water to take respite in. The day ended with everyone drained and ready to fall over asleep.

Day three began with a trip towards Twin mine, now having a better understanding of the area and getting a pamphlet including turn by turn directions we found our way to the mountain where this mine was located. Turning off the paved road we headed up a pit hole filled gravel road, moving slowly up the side of the mountain about ten feet in front of our car a black bear comes barreling down the left side of the mountain heading towards lower ground moving in a straight line in front of our car. Never stopping I scream for the boys to look and see what quickly moved in front of us. Missing it by seconds they do not glimpse what I see, stopping the car I wait to make sure there are not more to follow as this one seemed smaller and possibly young. While the car idly waits the voice inside my mind and clairvoyance kick in placing the bear at the West node on the medicine wheel in my mind and the voice whispers the King of land. Smiling I wonder what all of this is going to turn into and find enough time has passed to drive on. Making it to the mine we dig in the blazing sun for 90-minutes before it seems to be time for our packed lunch. Stopping to eat we never seem to regain the energy to go back out and dig so we say our goodbyes to the woman at the mine and drive back down the mountain scanning for bears the entire way back to the main road. 

IMG_4202 2.JPG

Being around noon there is plenty of time to do something else before we head back to our cabin. Having a despite urge to drive to a city I saw written up in an online article, we begin our north bound drive.  The article talked about this town having multiple locations where a plethora of different crystals could be found by looking in creek beds and just lying along the roads. Driving the hour north we enter the town and begin hunting in the random locations. Finding everything, but crystals we had fun poking at a mini lobster in one creek and jumping a trampled barbed wire fence at another. A total adventure that earned the boys ice cream shakes for participating so willingly. Driving back home it was time for the water as another hot day of rock hounding took its toll. Not but 30-minutes into our drive heading back to the cabin I realized I had completely forgotten to bury crystals at this location and at the statue of Arch Angle Michael. Wondering if I should turn around, I realized this might infuriate my passengers and decided we would stop there again on another one of our trips.

Day four June 1st a day for wrapping up loose ends. We start the day heading towards Wagner Mine. I forgot to bury a record keeper and Tibetan Tektite there and I have this urge to ask if I can buy some of the crystal that surrounded the Arch Angel Michael statue for the master grid I plan to make at my home once all of these five trips are complete. Driving the street towards the mine I pass a rather large snake crossing the road, once again the voice and clairvoyance kick in and I hear King of the Ground and see the snake anchor into the Eastern node. Smiling yet again I wonder what the last king could be? Sky, Land, Ground… I think about the water and laugh at the thought of seeing a dolphin or whale somewhere in Arkansas. Making it to the mine I am told we can shop for crystals in the garden surrounding Michael so we do so and head out towards Magnet Cove the city where I forgot to bury the other crystals on day three.


Driving towards the city I decide we will head into little rock another 90-minutes from this destination and go to play at a splash pad for kids that I had jotted down might be nice for the boys. As we make our way north I see the sign signaling our ascent towards Magnet Cove. Seeing this sign I also feel like something slaps the side of my face and immediately realize that I am headed to a place called MAGNET… The planet of Angels was named The Magnetic Planet. I am startled that I did not recognize this on our previous trip and am astonished at the synchronicity. No wonder I didn’t find what I was looking for on our previous trip, it was about the crystals it was about recognizing the connection. This trip was panning our more like Shasta than the Sedona trip and the animals, but both were ever present. Finding the bridge we placed our two crystals and headed out of town towards Little Rock.

Almost two hours later we found our desired location along the canal or river or whatever it was filled with trendy shops and restaurants. There were a lot of blockades near the Peabody Splash Pad area our GPS was trying to take us to so we drove around until we found a parking garage near the end of the row of shops. Getting out of the car it was around 11:30am we walked back towards the splash pad location to find everything was closed down getting ready for rockfest… a famous street fair taking place that Friday. A bit disappointed a man stationed at one of the rockfest openings told us to go to the War Memorial where another splash pad was located. 

Finding the War Memorial thirty minutes away by the zoo we were deleted to find a gigantic public water park and play area. Spending hours playing we stayed as long as we could until the rain started to poor down. Jumping into the car, I searched for a panara bread nearby needing public wifi access I knew a panara would have good food and open connectivity. Having to do some 9-5 work responsibilities this was an easy opportunity to accomplish what needed to get done. Arriving at the panara we all played, our electronics until the food came, and then we ate. Towards the end of our meal a man named Mr. Aaron came over to our table, an older gentleman probably in his seventies he gently and kindly engaged with the boys. Talking to them in his best story telling voice he told them, “eat up for your mom now.” Be good boys so you can grow big and strong like Mr. Aaron. He went on to wrapping their bread like it was gold and he dazzled them with his magic wrapping style. He catered to their every need and coddled them to the point of Taylor saying, “I will never forget Aaron.” Mr. Aaron even walked us to our car to say goodbye. At one point Mr. Aaron pointed out that he had been given the title of Kindness Ambassador by Panara, a title he was so proud of having. Little did Mr. Aaron know that is exactly what my unfinished contract with the Magnetic Planet was all about. Mr. Aaron was a pure reflection of what the Angelic Virtue of Kindness meant. Mr. Aaron changed my relationship in that one moment to the Anger I had experienced during the trip. I recognized exactly how a person can get wrapped up in another person’s field to facilitate the ultimate good and help completely change the perspective and narrative of the reality being experienced. Leaving the Panera we went onto see a movie as it was still raining and then drove two hours home to our cabin turning in for the night. 

Day five our last full day at the cabin on Mount Ida. We chose to explore a new mine called sweet surrender, where Taylor found a massive quartz crystal the biggest one of the trip. Spending three hours at the mine the boys had earned water time so we drove home to the cabin. Up until this point the three other cabins on the creek had been empty, but now we had neighbors to the left and right of us including other kids to play with. The boys changed quickly into their swim trunks and began making summer friends. Sitting on the covered porch of our cabin watching the kids play I allowed my mind to doze in and out of reality under the warm pressure of the sun. Each time an animal would come out to play near the porch I would question divine if this was the forth animal of the totem that was being created. Humming birds flew to and fro drinking from the hanging liquid feeder. A hawk made his appearance in a tree near the brook and squirrels played endlessly near the trees below. Not one seemed to fill the empty forth spot of King animal. 

IMG_4236 2.JPG

Pulled out of my lazy gaze the kids start screaming near our neighbors cabin. “It’s a snake, I think it’s a water moccasin!” to this I jump off the porch and move towards the loud voices. The kids are gathered around a black snake who is now curled up on the side of the creek. Throwing rocks at the snake they are taunting it to either strike or swim away. Not knowing how to feel, I pull my kids back and tell them not to throw rocks, but do not feel right in telling the other children what to do. Being the adult I stood by until the show was over making sure no one got too close or hurt for that matter. The one boy threw a final blow that made the snake slide off the shore into the water to which it swam away to the other side of the creek. Feeling sick to my stomach at the thought of the snake getting hurt for simply being around, I walked back to my spot on the porch with an uneasy feeling. Was there something I was supposed to do? Snake showed up for me as a reminder of my journey yet I did nothing for it during its time of need. Sitting with this though for quite some time, I realized that the snake showing up might have been a final showing of the King animals. Right before the screams erupted I had been questioning what the last King animal was, but maybe snake showed up again at that moment to say this is it, or even this King lives in the Water and the Ground! Now figure the message out.

It took me all night to put the pieces together. Now lying down for bed I performed a quick meditation and asked what the meaning of the King animals on my path meant. I saw the animals triangulate around me and saw five crystals in the shape of a five pointed star around them. Then a large crown came down from above and fit itself around my entire body. The voice came through and said, “you are the kingmaker.” This was a familiar phrase and triggered me immediately to something I had experienced during my trip around the Great Lakes of Michigan. In a dream I was shown five crystals in a shape of a star, then upon looking in a mirror I was told I am the king maker. I called upon my astrologer friend Diane to decipher this message as I knew the Kingmaker was a star in the sky “Regulus”. 

Diane got back to me at the end of that trip which was a bit ironic since the information I thought I needed during the trip did not come through. Now I know the information was not necessarily meant for that trip, but meant for now! The Kingmaker star is a fixed star in our night sky, it is said that Regulus represents one of four Arch Angles, Regulus being Arch Angel Raphael. And here we begin the shift. There were two parts to the Magnet Planet the student and the teacher. Arch Angel Michael came through to represent the student who is still learning the divine angelic virtues and Arch Angel Raphael came through during my second visit to the Magnet Planet to show me that I was also teacher. I can see clearly how these energies are intersecting on this trip and I now understand why this trip had to be so long compared to the others. It is now day six here at the red cabin and it is time to leave for the second half of our trip. It is here that I believe Arch Angel Raphael will be guiding my adventure helping with the final activations of this trip.



Leaving The living waters cabin on Mount Ida, it’s time to move to our next location and hour south at Diamond Joes right behind the Crater of Diamonds State Park. The extended drive gave me time to reflect on all that had been experienced while exploring Mount Ida. The trip thus far had proved to be all that I had hoped it would be. Greeted day one by Arch angle Michael and the last day recognizing the shift to Arch Angel Raphael I could tangibly see the transition happening from Part 1 of the Magnetic Planet to Part 2. 

Learning the lessons of Kindness and flow that Michael was trying to usher in, I had come to terms with this shift on yet another emotional level and allowed the stagnant energy to release helping to finish the contract, completing more of my divine lesson plan. Planting pairs of crystals all around Mount Ida (a record keeper and Tibetan Tektite) the three pairs were left at the feet of the statue of Michael, in a creek bed in Magnet Cove and outside the Living Waters Cabin. At each place, much information had been received helping to connect the dots. Seeing now how these crystals are going to be gridded, I can clairvoyantly see a hexagon shape begin to take shape in my mind creating the bridge between the three experienced locations and three upcoming. Bringing six record keepers and six Tibetan Tektites, three pairs have already been dedicated to Michael where the other three I can assume will go to Raphael and his lessons from the Magnetic Planet. 

Arriving at Diamond Joe’s we check into our tree-house cabin throw on our swim attire on and head to the state park where a promising water park awaits two excited boys. After an hour of swimming we get stormy weather overhead which leads to the guards calling the kids out of the pool. Hopefully waiting, the weather does not change so we decide to grab lunch at the local gas station. May I remind you this is a very small town with limited eating options! Grabbing a few essentials for our tree house we head back to Diamond Joes camp ground where we find the cage housing peacocks, ducks and chickens and a cage with a golden finch. Playing around the birds cages and taking pictures from every angle, we walk back towards the river where other campers have congregated and decide to spend the rest of the night gabbing, fishing, playing in the muddy banks and swimming to the sand bar. 

Sitting along the rivers edge digging my feet into the grass, I noticed something that had started happening to my feet during the time I arrived at Serpents Mound. A bit more than three weeks ago I had done a peel on my feet, being a Spa Director I receive a lot of products to test out for potential use at our spa. Peels usually take effect 72 hours after the peel is administered, maybe because this acid peel was expired nothing happened in the typical three days, but a little over two weeks later my ankles started itching. At first, I thought I had quickly acquired a lot of bug bits from the grass around our cabin at Serpents Mound. Then along the drive to Arkansas I had noticed the itching turned into peeling. Once at the Living Waters Cabin in Mount Ida more noticeably the bottoms of my feet started peeling off in sheets as if full casts of my feet were being removed. Not something I would take any particular notice of, especially after performing a standard peel, but the timing was oddly strange and delayed and not to mention my feet are big symbolic connections in relationship to the my 3D human experience. 

When I started recognizing my detachment from the human experience years ago at the beginning of my spiritual emergency, I noticed it all started by my recognition of how much I hated the feeling of the Earth beneath my feet! Now years later I am always aware of walking barefoot and acknowledging the special connection I have with the Earth beneath me. Watching my feet become activated at the beginning of this trip and now continuing to peel almost completely turning into new feet at Diamond Joe’s I take subtle notice of something trying to grab my attention and shift my perspective 


That night the boys went right to sleep just as our power went out at 8:30pm, and for whatever reason, “she said… with a grin on her face!” my night was not so peaceful. Twisting and turning I could not get comfortable. The temperatures outside were in the high eighties yet the inside of the tree house was freezing cold from the multiple AC units. Not recognizing just how uncomfortable I truly was I tried to make it through the entire night; cold, in pain from the bed and with an overly active right brain. I recognized immediately that this was a duplicate repeat of my traumatizing night during trip two in Michigan while trying to sleep in the back of the van! 

The next day with nothing to do in town, and not yet ready to mine at the crater we headed to a native American burial ground and spent the morning running from mound tomb to mound tomb in a downpour of rain. Having more fun than I thought we could have exploring the area in a storm we waited for the weather to lift and then combed the terrain for arrow heads which had been neatly placed for the kids to find. After a few hours of work and collecting many treasures we chanced the water park yet again even though the storms were looming overhead. Getting to the park right at noon we were able to stay until closing. The kids made friends and even I connected with a traveler from Texas. Saying our goodbyes we both agreeing tomorrow would be the day to take the kids to the crater and mine for diamonds then repeat the swim park until close yet again. We parted ways hoping to see one another the next day.

Getting back to the camp ground I started wondering what my spiritual purpose was here at the Crater of Diamonds. So far, I felt completely disconnected from the spiritual experience. I was 100% connected to making sure the boys were having a good time which after Michaels teaching made sense in the grand scheme of thigs, but even if that was the lesson to be had I still felt as if divine had left my field all together. Confused on what the lessons here were I took some much needed time to sit down and meditate hoping to connect with Arch Angel Raphael and see what his messages for me might be. 

On cue the boys ran towards the rivers edge, finding their fishing buddy this allowed me some time to sit and connect through meditation. During the quite reflection time Raphael’s energy came through very strong. So much so that I felt his presence around certain parts of my physical body, signaling our connection was strong. The messages that came through were all focused around my connection to an underground crystal and how this crystal would help to bring balance to my bodies during this transitional time. I could feel strongly the energy of the crystal as it adjusted and manipulated different areas of my body, creating a state of euphoric ecstasy. The light energy pulsated into areas of my body opening and allowing for activations to happen on some unconscious level, leaving me feeling weightless. The sensations were welcomed, but I left the meditation having no more clarity then when I had started on this locations spiritual purpose for my journey.  

Night came quick and as the three of us retreated back to the tree house the familiar and distinct sense of unease came immediately back to life. Greeting me like an old friend, it kept me up late that night probing my mind with questions and ideas that could not manifest, for the time and place were completely wrong. I reviewed the ending of the trip and the grids that would soon need to be completed in my own yard connecting the five grids I had planted all over Norther America. I saw miniature grids manifesting to life through my mind’s eye and reviewed the smallest of details that needed to be acknowledged before making these talismans. Knowing it was the wrong time for this endless borage of questioning thoughts I could not stop them from coming. Wondering again what my purpose was for coming to Diamond Joes in this present moment I got lost yet again in the unknown spiral of thoughts. This constant borage finally broke me. It lead me to grab the television remote turning on the television simply to numb and distract me drowning out the thoughts I can’t control.

Waking in the morning my body hurts and I am overly aggravated at the outcome of the previous night. Grabbing my phone to distract my still overly active mind I start reviewing the pictures of the trip thus far trying to select some to send to my husband. Scrolling through I see pictures taken from the previous day, first in line is a full color image of the peacock. When I saw this one image the totality of what has been trying to come through at Diamond Joes became clear! Diamond Joes sits on Roy road, which is my last name. Stumbling across this picture of the Peacock helped to fuse the name of the street together with the picture of the peacock allowing me to access a flood of memories locked in my subconscious body. The peacock has been my spirit animal, my souls’ totem animal since I became a conscious spiritual seeker. This was one of the first fully connected spiritual experiences I had that validated my clairvoyance and it was through that shamanic journey experienced in Norther California that I received message after message to start moving forward. The shamanic journey validated my spiritual existence, setting me towards a path that has not slowed down or stopped since I first connected with the peacock. 

Now here at Diamond Joes this memory resurfaced along with the understanding that I have been asked to leave “Jenessee” behind, that is the Roy connection and step into my next spiritual role. This was the main teachings of my astral experience that lead to these five journeys. All along the goal here has been to finish the open contracts I still hold and move into the next phase of creation alongside our matrix. Now thinking about my feet I recognize the fact that I am actually loosing my physical connection to Earth and who I was. No wonder I have not felt Raphaels presence with me, I am being asked to completely disconnect from “Jenessee” to lose the person with whom I have created these experiences so that I might step into the next phase of my journey. The phase of the teacher. No wonder this place has been so hard to connect to! I was never meant to connect, I was meant to let go and the more I tried to connect and create a relationship to what was happening the more aggravating it got trying to get me to let go!

IMG_4249 2.JPG

At this recognition, everything I had been struggling to connect with simply melted away. We were scheduled to stay another night here at Diamond Joes, but with this new information I can’t see staying another minute, I will happily forfeit the final nights payment if I can leave this disconnected feeling behind. While the boys slept, I began feverishly packing the contents left in the tree house into our car. Not knowing where we were going to go, I simply had to get out. With this final part of me disintegrating with the last thing needing to be transitioned now gone I recognized more than ever the disconnect from this location.  No longer supported by the foundation underneath my feet, energetically this chapter of the book had ended leaving me ready to step into the next adventure. Ready to move and with no fear present in what lied ahead, all that was left to do was wake up the boys and go. 

Packing the last contents of the tree house into the back of the car, I see tucked into one of the cars side shelves the box of crystals I had brought to bury at the different transformational locations. Opening the box, I am ready to bury two more crystals to represent the transformative energy taking place. To my surprise when I opened the box along with a pendulum and some Paulo Santo burning sticks I notice I had packed a huge A+ grade Pink Danburite Crystal. Apparently, I had completely forgotten about this selection made back in Ohio. Looking at the pink crystal, I knew immediately this represented my heart, my love for Volume One Jenessee, the one who had gotten me to this moment in time and who was now ready to be buried here. The love vibration of the pink Danburite represented my connection to the growth, life and now death of the soul and lesson plan from volume one Jenessee. 

Understand that this death is not a human one, but more like a shamanic death where no more learning can be done from the current soul’s perspective. When this happens the soul must leave everything behind going through a little death which creates a clear and open vessel to bring in new teachings and grow from a different higher perspective. Burying this stone here will help signal the readiness and completion of my path up until this point. Excited to begin creating the next level of my existence I grab the pink crystal and count the Tibetan Tektites. I notice there are four remaining! How does divine always do this… Either I packed seven or these things have multiplied. The subconscious actions we perform always have meaning, my etheric body must have know this would happen and had me grab seven of these black stones instead of six to match the number of record keepers I had brought. Either way it was destine to be this way. Walking to an overgrown pond area that no longer moved water, but grew lush greenery I noticed the three Easter Island Statues sitting along the top of its stone laid wall and found this as memorable a place as any to bury my heart and connection to the hybrid human existence I had now fully accepted.

IMG_4311 2.JPG

Now on the road and not knowing where to go, I pulled up an old website I had briefly explored before the trip started. The search I had performed to find this page included something about the vortex points in Arkansas and where their present- day connections were. The sight didn’t match this search request exactly, but when your performing a spiritual google search it doesn’t necessarily have to! The page talked about the fall of Atlantis and made connections to Arkansas in the present-day, quoting it held vortex energy, sun discs, and recently activate underground crystalline energy emanating from underground caverns. Skimming the page while driving the one road out of Diamond town, I found a paragraph that talked about Magnet Mountain apparently different than Magnet Cove. This is exactly what I needed to see, the planetary connection has come back once again to save the day! Just like the chapeters of my book, the Magnetic Planet connection had made itself known two times in my objective world confirming divine was back on my side. Having no clue where in Arkansas this mountain was I went right back to google and typed in magnet mountain. The number one link was The “Ozark Jesus” built on Magnet Mountain in Eureka Springs. My mind makes the connection and realizes that of course, it would be another connection to my birthed from Master Archetype of Jesus. Concluding Volume One of the life of Jenessee I guess when you disintegrate your first human timeline and begin your second journey ready to expand fully into the cosmic matrix it makes sense for one to go back to the starting point within the cosmic origin. For me this is with Ascended Master JESUS! 

Eureka Springs here we come! Its seven in the morning and we have a five-hour drive ahead of us. Not wanting to stop for breakfast because that would mean having to spend another minute in a town that no longer supported this new timeline of mine, I promised the boys if they could just hold on for an hour I would find them donuts! Speeding as quickly as I could along the back-county roads, the navigation system ticked along and an hour later we are in the familiar territory of Mount Ida where a small local donut shop resided along our route. Making this one stop we were slated to arrive to Eureka by noon.

The remainder of the trip I can only explain as an activation that has completely changed my ability to perceive what is happening around me, release limiting beliefs and judgments, as well as opening me to a flow that was sometimes forced to be around coming from the old version of Jenessee. Now connected to the aforementioned Atlantean website, I see how starting my journey around the northern tip of Arkansas and moving down is quite like what is happening to my clear and open channel.

IMG_4309 2.JPG

Ozark Jesus and Magnet Mountain house the Platinum Crystal of Communication which was activated on 11:11:11. The Platinum crystal exudes calming energy of brilliant magnificence. Balancing between the dimensional realms of the New Earth and those realms that will help us interface more greatly with the Angelic Realm. This crystals helps to regulate everything between matter and antimatter creating a harmonic cycle of energy. The magnetization of the mountain helps to facilitate this and the expansion of the 11-crystaline grid. It was here taking pictures near the Ozark Jesus statue at the top of the mountain that I captured many blue orbs signaling the angelic connection taking place. I left one of the remaining pairs of crystals here for a connection to this part of the grid. Spending the day and night in Eureka gave me a chance to assimilate to the energies coming from Magnet Mountain. Swirling channels of soft flowing energy is the best way to describe how this crystalline connection greeted me.


After a blissful night in the Ozarks we headed south towards Pinnacle Mountain where it is said one of the twelve Sun Discs resides. Arkansas is supposedly the most powerful of the twelve discs staged neatly around the globe including: Sri Lanka, Australia - Uluru, French Polynesia – Moorea, China – Xi-an Pyramids, Africa – Kilmanjaro, Egypt – Giza, Russia – Siberia – Lake Baikal, Russia – Ural Mtns, Scotland – Roslyn Chapel, Bolivia – Lake Titicaca, Brazil – St. Tomas Des Letres. The job of the Arkansas Golden Sun Discs is believed to help in the rise of the Lumerian Energy, bringing back into full power once again. Going through activations which starting around 11:11 and completed around 12:21:12 these discs are helping code the DNA of the Earth to that of the NEW EARTH reprograming vibrational frequencies so that transition for both human and Earth can happen. These discs connect to sacred geometric lightcode which will help humanities expansion into higher dimensional fields allowing the 3D to become 5D then 12D moving in ascension towards cosmic awareness. 


At Pinnical mountain I was reminded of my connection to Toth or in Greek lore Hermes. Before my trip to Serpents Mound and Arkansas I was repeatedly contacted by messengers of Toth first by numerous birds in and out of my life carrying his signature then by his name synchronistically appearing on License plates, client names, print and other means the few weeks leading up to my departure. While at Pinnacle Mound during meditation I was reminded of my exploration years ago into the Emerald Tablets which produced a very powerful initiation by Toth. I was gifted the name Shu Shu Ma, which I was told meant connection between Earth and Sky. While meditating on top of Pinnacle Mountain connecting to the Golden Sun Disc I was shown how I was a connection between the duality of Heaven and Earth – Human and Alien – this was my task. I am a bridge for hybrids who reside upon this Earth to help them remember, to help them re-connect and to validate their Earthly experiences. Leaving my second pair of crystals here I wanted a remembrance of this connection here validating for myself the connection to the Golden Sun Disc and this part of the grid.

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Moving South yet again we connect to Toltec Mound where The Ark Crystal of Gravity resides. This crystal is said to have a counter rotating specific magnetic field around cylindrical crystals creating antigravity waves. The crystal here helps to apply crystalline ovid-shield effects around crystalline structures, minerals and gold which create vibrations making hyper-dimensional divergent energy fields. It is said that when a light worker connects to this crystal they become a code carrier helping to transmit the activated crystalline energy to other grids helping to seed in the rising vibrational energy of the New Earth. Sitting alongside the lake with my side facing towards the furthest mound I can feel the swirling energy as it meets my body. Through my minds eye I see my astral form move in between the three visible mounds. Surrounding my body are wind turbines that shift horizontally in a counter clockwise spin. The crystals I can feel reside in the fifth dimension and sit not under the ground but project upward from the mounds which creates such strong vibrations which any sensitive could feel.  Moving from my first meditation position to the open dock the boys and I shift now to the opposite side of the mound where another small seat has been built into the decking. Feeling inclined to sit once again, the energy changes completely or possibly my reception of the energy changed. I feel it move stronger now through my body making me almost loopy from the energetic effects. Walking away from the visible mounds back towards the visitors center I feel dense once again. Or in different terms as I am sure I am not spiritually dense I feel grounded. There is an emptiness to my vessel that was not present before and I feel energetically like things have completed.

Not realizing it at the time, but by separating myself for my original travel plans and departing Diamond Joes to head north I had moved away from my foundation of this journey where so much learning had taken place and started the ascent process towards the northern region of Arkansas. By doing this I had literally and figuratively started the creation of my new soul self by simply listening to the instinct to “GO!”. Symbolically, I had to scale the mountain to meet my maker which allowed the divine transformation to begin taking place. Feeling everything starting to manifest clearly into my channel, with no cognitive attachment to any of it I allowed myself to become clear. Successfully opening to let go, I now drive towards our next scheduled hotel with excitement in my heart.

Typing into the cars navigation system I am told it will take around two hours to arrive to our destination. Having no clue where I am going I know I am headed back towards mount ida as I had originally scheduled all three locations about an hour away from one another. In planning these five spiritual trips all I know prior to the adventure is that I want to be near a specific aspect of the trip that drew me there. 

Sedona – the Spiritual Vortexes

Michigan – the Northern Lights

Shasta – the Energy of the Mountain

Serpents Mound – the Mound itself

Arkansas – the Crystal Mountain, Mount Ida

In booking places to stay in Arkansas I selected areas within an hour of Ida and only knew I wanted to mine for crystals. I assumed everything else needing to be done would present itself clearly. So in driving back towards Ida I was amazed when my path was almost exactly the same as when I drove down for the first time from Serpents Mound. Not realizing the last hotel would take me back towards Mount Ida, because in complete honesty when on these trips I live minute to minute. So, when the freeway showed signs for Ida and the navigation system told me to take route 270, the route I drove to get in the first time my mouth gapped open and then drew into a smile. It was like I was being give a second chance to experience the Crystal Mountain with all of the new activations in place. This trip I can only describe as a journey that has been experienced through two completely different perspectives and two completely different bodies. Engaging the first time as a student, I re-entre Ida as a fully realized teacher, but a teacher who knows nothing and doesn’t have to hold onto anything previously known or experienced I reenter Ida as a clear channel a vessel that will be given the wisdom needed in each moment as the wisdom is needed. I can see that my channel will mold to the student, one day a lesson might express one view of life where another day the information might seem completely different to address another. I no longer believe in anyone thing, but trust in what may come through the light when present with another enlightened individual. I trust in that which is unclear, and find no longing to know what lies ahead. From an individual who use to have to know where the path was leading I am happy to give up the vision of the finish line I use to hope to hold, and surrender to a life full of surprises that will amaze me every second I am willing to be present to its unfolding gifts. I understand trust in the divine as I have never understood it before because I finally realize I am co-creating every minute of it and if I have no expectation of what it might bring every “present” moment will be just that.