Guest on Soul Chat Radio

October 16: Continuing the October theme of "Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween," today's broadcast features our guest: "Jenessee Roy: Chakras Root to Crown."

We had a wonderful time getting to know Jenessee and her work as her "primary language is with the chakras," and our conversation is a beautiful tie in to our last week's broadcast, "It's All About You and It's Not About You."

Listen to Jenessee describe her work in after school yoga programs to empower young ladies from grades 1-12. She explains that any mentor working with someone that looks up to you, it's extremely important to ensure that you serve as channels of clear love so that none of your own dysfunctions can be picked up on by the mentees. Jenesee and her mentor partner help these young ladies learn through their body systems (emotional body, mental body, etc.), to help these young ladies to actually see themselves, to allow them to receive their authentic self. It's very inspiring to hear!

We also discussed grounding and the chakras in general, with Jenessee providing some suggestions. This was a beautiful segue into information surrounding each chakra with the physical, emotional, and spiritual/karmic lesson; its shadow; and then Michelle and I tied Jenesee's description to the planets/astrology.

 Have something to write with to take notes! There's great insight and helpful information to assist in the necessary part of knowing yourself, especially as we learn to move away from negative labels to describe our life experiences, to see that the things we go through are, in fact, a beautiful part of life and to experience more of who we are, as Jenessee said: you're then able to experience more of your total soul!