Taurus Full Moon Reading


I love random layouts! As soon as I look I usually get a hit on what the layout represents. Not being an astrologer or having any context for Taurus I am excited to see if this sign has anything to do with mind or mental filed, because this is what I see when I look at your layout. On the bottom I see you and your experience and the scaling cards to the left will represent your left brain where the cards on the right will be your right brain.  

Left - analytical, but also how you get things accomplished on the horizontal timeline that is this human existance.  

Right - holographic, but also your antenna to divine. This is the 10th Dimensional access to your limitless potential (if you can hold and connect to its frequency) and bring into physical manifestation using left brain... 

so very interesting 

right Brian is holding the spiritual message/wisdom/lesson of courage this is aligning all of your physical and emotional energy towards what’s happening in this “download” process you are experiencing. “Family or foundation” connection per left brain.  you are tryin to find your sanctuary, your home, your place. This is about feeling comfortable grounding Into the family or whatever is currently supporting you. These are the ideas in your mental field. It seems as if your questioning or getting the courage to make a big shift/move/leap as it pertains to “family” whatever that means to you.

now emotionally this is creating a “transcendence” moment or one that will forever change you. This is crow chakra awareness. Top of the mountain, full clarity kind of stuff, there is a level of maturity or growth. Physically there is a group of people surrounding you that you are either maturing with or stepping up to, your identity is maturing and you are now equal to those in this group supporting or surrounding you.

outcome - you, wow artistry card! So funny in 10-min I am doing a radio show and it’s all about sacral chakra artistry and how what we bring through creatively is our birthing of our next transformation. You don’t have to be an artist to do this, but humans are constantly connected to their passions and how they bring this through in the physical world signals their artistry and can ground them more fully into their authenticity.

light and love