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It feels like you are starting a new cycle (will be or just did!) At your foundation you have the transcended card which means you would have just had or are about to have a huge AH-HA moment in life (we’re talking major milestone... death, birth, marriage, divorce, business open, business close,) from which you learned apart of your LIFE LESSONS, this is huge, but can also now plop you back into the baby role meaning you are now at the beginning of a new cycle and have to find your place within this new space and figure out who you are again and what your now doing with your life (does this make sense?) here is an example: woman goes her whole life needing to learn her life lesson to speak up for herself, she marries husband who is overpowering and she always sacrifices her own wants and needs to bring peace to the relationship, women one day realizes she needs to honor herself applies for a divorce and finnaly finds her freedom after years of suppression. Speaking her truth was the hardest things she ever had to do, but this brought her to this moment of “transcending - the old pattern” and stepping into her new reality. Here she is wise with the gained insight into who she is on this deep level, but now is a baby using this energy in its newly discovered way. She has to learn how to take this new power and work with it in her new reality - she also gets to discover a new path in life through reclaiming this “lost peice” of her soul...

Relationships: you hold the shadow of FEAR here, this signals that there is a subconscious pattern that continues to play out in your field that is having you make your decisions based off of FEAR. This is big and deserves your full attention, because when we have a shadow aspect at play we tend to make decisions unknowingly in accordance to this pattern. Something about your decision making process when it comes to your one on one relationships triggers you to go into the shadow, that means when you have freewill to make a decision that best suits you (in connection to a relationship - could be: partner / child / boss / friend / parent.... a specific one on one relationship) you most likely don’t make the decision that best aligns to you in that moment because you have fear that if you made the best decision for yourself that it would effect to much the stability of the relationship. Instead of chosing a path that best serves your needs you tend to move into this pattern; which states it’s better to support the family, foundation, or platform that is already in place instead of doing what’s best and most aligned to you in that moment.

YOU card... this is the inspire card it’s about using your voice in a passionate way. I would ask if your a teacher, mentor, coach, leader in your field... this is the card that represents these aspects of a persons personality. It could also be guiding you to freely use your voice when its aligned to something your passionate about, because in those moments you can truly inspire the people around you. 

it feels as if you are trying to find your current direction in life and these next 4 cards are showing us how to begin to see that clearly and what to do to get there.

The heArt is asking you to be a witness right now and to follow the signs your getting. Heart is assuring you that you are getting these signs but your mind is getting in the way (to mental not present enough) 

left brain (human side / logical) is saying you needs to allow yourself to receive more. You need to allow your one on one Relationships to support you during this transition. This will also help release the subconscious pattern we discussed earlier. 

right brain (intuitive) is needing you to become more grounded when you are In connection to these one on o e relationship so that you can get the intuitive hits CLEARLY heart says you are getting the signs but you are not (trusting or present) enough to receive them, which again is triggering you into these old patterns. 

when you can organize you Heart center to your mind in this way... get grounded when around these partnerships, see what they are willing to offer you and then open yourself to receive the intuitive signs you will feel confident speaking clearly your HIGHER SELVES needs and this will come from clarity of the intuition you are receiving. You will not be confused and things will (think & feel) right.