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YOU: Manifesting prudence to speak what you know to be true. What is it that you have not spoken… You have taken time and built up the awareness to speak this understanding. You intuitively know what is happening and thus far have been mentally making up your case. This card show that you are ready to speak this truth, to express this knowing. Its manifesting so get ready.

BLOCKING YOU: This “prudence above” must have to do with a one-on-one relationship. This window is all about you walking your walk and talking your talk in the presence of this relationship. You have been expressing your truth outwardly through your actions, but its time for what you have been doing through your actions to be spoken directly. It seems like the person hasn’t gotten the message, and your now being asked to SPEAK your truth not just act in accordance with your beliefs. To change this situation and really teach this person or give them the message it will require your words.

GOAL: You are manifesting the potential to lead a group. All windows that come up "(cards)” tell the same story, so here you are getting ready to lead a group, your intuitive guidance is clear on this and your ready to guide a bigger group towards a collective goal. So where does this come in with this individual who you need to speak up to???

FOUNDATION: It also seems as if this is a new group because here in your foundation you are manifesting these connections. (to the larger group you are supposed to lead) it feels like this one-on-one relationship is like the gatekeeper that has been keeping you from this take…

DISTANT PAST: this spot clues us into the patterns or old paradigms that we could bring into this new timeline. Here the old pattern is that you have not been able to manifest the conviction to go after / or speak your truth to this “person” one-on-one relationship. There is a power that you give over to them where you have allowed their energy to dominate you and overtake your intuitive senses are, you have allowed them to dictate the terms (???) Its about not have enough conviction to stand up for your intuitive knowings and allowing their power to direct you.

FUTURE: Archangel Uriel - you are being asked to release a very deep seeded aspect of self and surrender and trust that this incredible feeling of SELF you are in connection to will lead you into the next stage of personal development. Call on Uriel when you need validation and need a push to step into this next phase of self. This is a caterpillar to butterfly moment for you.

YOUR ATTITUDE: to have awareness. This is about learning from the present moment when you actually use your voice and speak your truth. This window is about duality - let me explain… It now feels like you are being asked to become aware of how you react when you speak in front of this relationship. It feels as if who you are in connection to this person is a lessened (or dualistic) version of your authentic self. Like this person can turn you into a totally different person. This feels like a big LESSON / PERSPECTIVE moment for you. The future being (URIEL) if you can release this aspect of self you have a transformation moment that never has to be repeated. The duality (the energy feels subservient in a way) To have enough awareness you can change this.

OTHER PEOPLE: hahah here we go - so whoever you are supposed to use your voice with will gain a level of appreciation for you. But this comes from high self and settles into heart center. Which means it might stay subconscious…. meaning they might now outwardly show their appreciation, but on a higher level the compassion for what you are doing will be there.

HOPES & FEARS: Witness, this is all about being grounded enough to see and recognize the signs. Because this is such an intuitively driven “goal” (goal being the prophet energy that will lead these groups) you are looking for the validation that you are on the right path, although the signs are all around they only connect to your and your intuitive senses since this is in connection to your purpose. So trust in your instincts here.

OUTCOME: there is a warning here and it comes from hypo heart chakra. Heart has come up all around you leading these groups of people so the warning here is that if you don’t follow this desire to lead these people it will leave your heart feeling empty (depression energy) this is what will fill you up and give meaning to what you do, your heart longs to lead and create a more connected collective so don’t disconnect from this passion otherwise there might be a emptiness in your heart around what you are doing.