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YOU: Finding your fluidity while grounding your energy into outside relationships.

BLOCKING: Need to find your courage, you do this by aligning your willpower to what you know to be true in your mind. I usually give a paragraph of information for each of these, but this is so in connection to me and chris that I don’t want to project!!! hahah I find myself pulling back from giving all the details because I don’t want to put too much of me in here. but FUCK IT - here we go!

GOAL: is to become more vulnerable. You are currently manifesting this energy with Archangel Chamual at your side. All beings share one heart. The sacred heart belongs to no one person. The sacred heart is a collection of the love we hold and have for ourselves, and unified by the connections we have with all beings. We must learn to love ourselves for exactly who we are. There is no more hiding the truth of our being. We must emerge from our protective shells and be ready to call from the mountain tops. They will hear our calls of devotion to ourselves and our dedication each and every day. Finding and loving more pieces of our true being. There is no more time to be afraid of what people will think. Fear is what keeps us trapped in believing that what we are is unlovable. We must love ourselves enough that our love reaches every heart everywhere in the seen and unseen worlds. We must have vulnerability so that we may give ourselves over completely to the understanding that if we love everyone as much as we love ourselves, we can shift the vibration of all beings to that of peace, care and stillness. Our sacred hearts are all unified by the same source creator. By filling our own hearts with love, we intentionally fill and love each other. By acknowledging that we are vulnerable when we love so strongly, we take power away from fear and an incapability to love and give the power to the movement of love itself.

FOUNDATION: You are narrating this story LOVE —-> its time to ground your voice into the conversation. This is manifesting into the picture right now so when you do this and start dictating (haha)/directing the story (LEADING w/ COURAGE) you will create the solid foundation needed.

DISTANT PAST: Usually shows the patterns we could recreate into this new timeline and here the energy is that of patience. Interesting because this is all about your willpower and your relationships and finding the balance between forcing others to follow and allowing time and space for things to evolve. I would have you look at who you typically are as a producer and who you have projected yourself to be in this triangle of this “retreat” project. Is this an extreme of how you typically operate? Find the balance point so you don’t re-create a pattern here.

FUTURE: WOW this is big… Spiritual Disbelief HYPO crown chakra - where has this story line pulled back a bit for you? Where do you not feel 100% aligned to how this retreat is moving forward? You have to put more of your narrative into this story line to get yourself back in balance with the project. *This is interesting , because I go in and out of this field here too, the energy seems to fluctuate a lot with this retreat.

YOUR ATTITUDE: You are manifesting complete clarity - CLEAR VISION on not only who you are but who you are in connection to this. Your mind, intuition and clarity are all coming into perspective so again don’t let the potential block (not sticking up for your mind and what you know to be true - stop you from creating the foundational energy for all of us (you are the base of the pyramid!)-> which is you narrating telling or guiding this story.)

HOW OTHER PEOPLE SEE YOU: Shadow of Solar Plexus Chakra which is shame…. here I see this as a complete block out of your authenticity. ***I will validate this, I miss your direct approach - I know you to be very specific with how you see the big picture of a project (creating copy with Rhondalynn is on my mind!!!!) and it seems as if you have taken a step back, your direct approach is missing at least how I know you to be when you are directing a project.

HOPES & FEARS: Your high self is wanting to express through you. The card here is tolerance - specifically defined as the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. = When you do not agree you are out of alignment with High Self and this becomes part of the hope (to reconcile) and the fear (scared to express your alignment completely) in order to stay in alignment HIGH & LOW self w/ this project you need to find that balance point and start telling the story.

OUTCOME: LOVE IT!!! You are manifesting PROGRESS energy which is you grounding your willpower into this situation. SHES BACK!!! - let that LION roar!!!!