Monthly Subscriber 1-1 Reading (TC)


YOU: its saying there are still solar plexus chakra shadow energies coming up for review. So lets figure out where your going this month. Also remember we are in 1-1-3 energy which means this is like the last gateway to enter into TRUE/AUTHENTIC self for you.

BLOCKING: hahaha ok I am interested to see what comes up for you here. This window is TOLERANCE. This window is all about your high self wanting to express through you… SO what have you been denying on a spiritual level that high self is trying to align to you? Lets go very straight forward - what outside of you do you have NO TOLERANCE for right now - where is your trigger? And how is this coming in as another item that needs to be released for you to clear this shadow side of the solar plexus chakra? example: I have no tolerance for my husband when he_____ or how you are looking at the Pelaton instructor who feels so in-authentic when she does________. SO this same area is where you are not giving yourself a break and it is here where you are not fully expressing your own desires that you are blocking high self from completely manifesting through you.

GOAL: Your readings always remind you to speak up for yourself. The goal for you ALWAYS is to speak instead of swallow (old thyroid issues…) speak what you feel so that you don’t swallow those feelings and confuse your emotional / feeling body for what you are wishing to express.

FOUNDATION: Clairvoyance. Yes, you are getting sooooooo clear. Clear sighted, so I just looked at your FUTURE because here your foundation becomes a support for what you are moving towards in your future. And the future window is DEVOTION, where you high self wants to serve a greater / bigger population. You have expressed wanting to get into training and here is where your clarity is guiding you towards this future timeline.

DISTANT PAST: Spiritual disbelief or hypo crown chakra. Meaning when you got to close to your purpose or fulfillment of goals, you sabotaged yourself (your words) this placement shows old patterns where when things started aligning so perfectly you might have dismissed them as happening to you instead of acknowledging that you created every opportunity and everything was aligning to you for the highest good. So here the warning is to not pull back to stay connected to the moment and own everything that aligns to you because it is the stepping stone for your next catapult forward.

FUTURE: Devotion, your high self pulling towards the group that await your expertise!

YOUR ATTITUDE: Archangel Michael YAY for you your finding your people. I would not be surprised if you started magnetizing people into your life that began helping you achieve this FUTURE card. Interesting for you and old patterns (not letting people get too close / or helping you) you taking on the entire load of work. You are in a place now where people are going to show up who want to help you because it is a part of the destiny to help you get to a place where you can lead bigger groups of people (YOUR ENERGY IS EXPANDING - YOU WILL NEED THEIR HELP) and know that they need to help you!!! its part of their destiny.

WOW OTHER PEOPLE: Are ready for your message - throat chakra card… They see you as walking your walk and talking your talk - PURIFIED to speak a message clearly and with transformative potential! (i feel all education w/ spa)

HOPES & FEARS: Hypo Root Chakra (here is comes again) am i ready, am i good enough, am i schooled enough. All these minor hesitations (not quite fear) but the beginnings of pulling back from this being your complete reality and new foundation.

OUTCOME: Progress you are grounding the momentum the willpower the drive into your physical reality to achieve your goals (Speaking your truth) - now i am back to you asking for what you want and co-creating this next step. Remember all of this here in January is to release these last bits of shadow from Solar Plexus so that you can expand into this next version of self!