Monthly Subscriber 1-1 Reading (WEF)

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YOU: This is the shadow of the HEART chakra the wisdom here for you is grief which signals the LETTING GO of something in order to move on. Because I performed a reading on you with an intuitive art piece I can tell you that I know for sure this is in regards to the letting go of the “low self” the personality you have created on EARTH up until this point “ego” and stepping into the HIGH SELF stepping into unity body which guides you into the higher purpose and how you are here to guide humanity.

BLOCKING YOU: Hyper Crown Chakra which is spiritual disbelief. I am getting pulled more towards a sense of “confusion” or not being completely clear right now on who you are as High Self and therefore you question some of this NEW energy coming in… Let me validate you and say this energy is COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! There is no way you get to this point and claim to know how you cross this bridge from LOW to HIGH self. So I know this card is coming up to simply give you validation on this part of your path during this transition time and let you know its ok NOT TO KNOW because that will help you align to something so much greater than you can envision right now.

GOALS: Your voice & your passions are coming together to create the TEACHER energy. In this new space you are going to be called to teach more than you are, more than you know, more than you can imagine right now… Keep your self open and aligned to this GOAL energy coming in. (also manifesting for you right now).

FOUNDATION: Your foundation is filled with WISDOM. Your authentic self and your purpose have come together to create a solid foundation for you to grow from. All of the wisdom you have acquired up until this point will become your foundation moving forward. Everything you have learn will become your launch point as you move into this next phase of UNITY consciousness and begin leading humanity.

DISTANT PAST: Low Self-Esteem, what are you questioning…I am getting or maybe hearing you think about if this is the time to drastically change your “human” role and step fully into your calling… The placement of this card is a reminder of old patterns or paradigms you have held in the past that if your not careful could repeat again in the future. Here its a warning of you distrusting your are enough to accomplish your goals (which are this TEACHER energy) and that could disrupt your future (potential block in throat chakra - which is also 5D shift energy) do not lessen your light here, trust completely in what you created up to this point so that you can clearly into your future/goals.

FUTURE: Shadow Throat Chakra - your internal voice is strong. What is the dialog you are repeating with your inside voice? When you think about your future what is the story you are telling yourself… “Just 5-more years…?” “When I achieve this benchmark, I will peruse my goals…?” -> There is some internal story that your “interviewing voice” tells the mind that is dysfunctional. This also triggers the old pattern of Low Self-Esteem… Review this story to remove blocks to your future timelines wanting to come in. (you might discover the story if you review where you feel low self-esteem…)

YOUR ATTITUDE: You are currently manifesting another level of harmony and balance. I feel as if life has been “FLUCTUATING” a bit more than normal… Like there is a level of normalcy that you are missing? This placement shows that everything is coming on line once again to bring balance / centering back into your life.

OTHER PEOPLE: Hahahaha INSPIRE card - this is the teacher card but from people perspective. This is a message in a bottle. YOUR PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR YOU… Why are you making them wait? This card shows you are heart aligned to teach your one-on-one relationships. This is the build it and they will come card.

HOPES & FEARS: KISMET that your purpose is what you think it is… This shows that part of your path right now is in contrast or duality. Its like you know what you need to do, but you question what you need to do. Does that make sense? This energy here is saying, everything you can “imagine” is your potential so trust what is in your mind is what you are supposed to be in purposeful connection to.

OUTCOME: Fluidity, your family is your passion or read in connection to your other cards look to your family to receive the validation over your passionate pursuits. There is something about this card that triggers this deep need for validation or that the family will support your passions… The outcome here states that when you find your fluidity in connection to this new platform, this new energy you are bringing in will help you flow with everything you are in alignment to and this will be completely connected to your passion.