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WOW something here about RELATIONSHIPS (feels romantic…?)

I will start with this; 11:44 is the time I started your reading and this is very important because it is validating the YOU card here. 11 = gateway 44= transmutation of old gaining mental balance to create a new consciousness to step into.

YOU = Artistry Card, this card signals a great deal of passion (creative energy in your life), you are creating not only from your mind, but creating things very clearly in the physical world. Everything you think is surrounded by beauty and creativity. This signals a great opening of the Sacral Chakra which physically might even signal weight loss!

BLOCKING YOU = Arch Angel Raphiel - Angel Message: You must separate yourself from your limiting perspectives. Pretend your life is a play, and act as if you are a guest with a ticket to watch the show. Your goal is to watch your life from everyone else's perspective. If you can start to live as if your physical body is the actor in your life and a higher version of yourself is the one watching the performance, you will start to gain insights as to what the world around you is trying to convey. In this moment you can shift your consciousness outside of your own body and begin to watch the world play out around you. This will be the moment you will gain insights from your clearest perspective and realize what is being created by your every move. You must change your perspective to one that is floating above your normal body watching how people react to you when you walk into and out of a room. Watch what people do, see who takes notice, and watch as your physical body does repetitive things that cause you to receive the same reactions. Start to witness your life and start to recognize what roles you are playing around the people you encounter. Learn how to interpret the psychic impulses they are sending to you through which you will learn more about yourself than you had ever imagined possible. Clear your receptive center by seeing a halo of light around your forehead and brow center. Doing this will allow you the telepathy and psychic images you need to recognize what kind of world you have created. This will give you clear intentions to move forward in the most harmonious way.

GOAL = Receive, you are currently manifesting a relationship that is connected to your purpose… Again this all feels romantic, but I know the reading last month was also “relationship” and that felt more business… Only you will know. This is literally saying your GOAL is to manifest a RELATIONSHIP that is attached to DIVINE / HIGH SELF

FOUNDATION = You are at the end of a cycle. This is the MANIFESTATION card and it is manifesting into your FOUNDATION as we speak… Again if this is relationship I would say this is the love to end all loves! If not it is saying that you have just come off the craziest cycle (remember cycles can span YEARS!) where you learned exactly who you are authentically and you are now at the completion of this phase of your journey where everything is grounding and becoming your tangible, physical reality. Your goal as you ground this energy is to finalized that relationship that is attached to your purpose (from above).

DISTANT PAST = Shadow Guilt. This is signaling that there was / is a relationship from the past that you still hold “limiting beliefs” from. Shadow comes up when we are finally ready to break free of a pattern that has been playing out in our subjective “internal / unconscious” reality for sometime. Shadow is one of the final steps in breaking free. This is the death and re-birth. I would have you move back to the last relationship where you questioned yourself (next card is SHAME) where you were made to feel less than where you took on a role that diminished your light. Now open yourself up to understand and review the different ways this PERSON made you feel guilty about who you were, what your path or purpose was. The shadow is hard to reconcile because when we confront this energy “guilt” it is like trying to fine one tiny granular of sand under a whole beach of sand! You must dig down deep uncovering all the ways this external situation made you feel guilty and than own that part of you that allowed someone to push your boundaries that far… Remember its never about the other person its about healing the part of self that allowed someone to make us feel a certain way without sticking up for our own authenticity.

FUTURE = if I am correct in saying this is about a romantic relationship coming in, I would encourage you to do the work on the shadow of sacral chakra “guilt” because if you do not understand what it was about YOU that allowed you to be made to feel guilty than you will repeat this shadow into the future with now the shadow of the Solar Plexus chakra showing up which is Shame… Shame shows that we have denied a pattern of sticking up for self and we will question what is us and what is outside of us… This can make mental field go CRAZY.

YOUR ATTITUDE = You are grounding the Heart - CONNECTION haha if this isn’t about a romantic relationship… I turn in my reading card. I am now thinking about the monthly collective reading and there was a lot of energy coming in about (romance/ but in reflection of self…)

HOW OTHER PEOPLE SEE YOU = Courage, your mind is in alignment to your willpower. Meaning you get what you want and other people see you as being courageous for going after what you want.

HOPES & FEARS = Evolution! This is the phoenix moment I spoke about earlier during your foundation card. You have just completed a cycle, this energy comes in saying you have aligned so much of your willpower to your High Self to make these transformations in your life. This leave you at the beginning of a new cycle which can be HUGELY TERRIFYING because we are now a new person and that means we are going to have completely new experiences, but this is also what humans live for. Its the thrill of the unknown and achieving something you have never experienced before.

OUTCOME = Illusion - shadow of the Third Eye watch out for the patterns of the past to cloud your mind. Remember the 11:44 you are in a gateway to transmute old patterns of thought in the mind to better serve your path forward. Here is the illusion warning for the mind: There is something big going on. Your lines of connection are open and receptive in your mind, but you are not asking the important questions to make sure the information you are getting is correct and serving your greatest good. Your mind is filled with thought forms created by the ego (old) and this is playing to your own physical world hopes and dreams. You are allowing this illusion to take you away from your divine purpose, and now you if you continue the old paradigm you will get trapped in a world of created by old illusion. Watch your internal thought processes and see how many times your ego flares up making you feel GUILTY or SHAME…This is how you will know if you are in the old paradigm and when to transmute what you mind is feeding you.