Monthly Subscriber 2-2 Reading (ya)

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Make sure you watched the Monthly Reading before reading this assessment. I do feel your reading is signaling the final pieces of your transformation that are coming together to build your 3-3-3 new human that you will carry forward past next month. SO HERE WE GO…

YOU = Flexible… You have done the work outside of yourself with close personal relationships and here in this month of love you are being asked probably to do this once again with the one relationship closest to you. The flexible card that represents you right now is a marriage of how you ground into your relationship and this is going to be your focus this month. And i believe what you have done with other relationships outside of you you are not going to have to do with that partnership / marriage relationship.

BLOCKING YOU = Teacher, again I love that you have taken on this role outside of yourself in your work now it is coming in much closer and showing possible a block to where you need to grasp this final transition lesson. This card translates to you using your self expression (how you walk the walk and talk the talk) in your relationships. I am getting this visual image of you expressing a though / idea / or even topic for consideration that lands on deaf ears (bad example) I am seeing humor as the deflection here, and because you have patterned so much of your past in this marriage to these roles you each play out you seem to eat your thoughts/ideas/topics up for consideration, because of an old pattern or paradigm between the two of you that keeps playing out. REMEMBER you are shifting BIG TIME -> this means the relationship needs to shift as well. If you play into old paradigms “ARCHETYPES” of how you two use to interact and do not push forward your TRUTH you will get lost and become very confused during this NEW JOURNEY. (like there is a lag between the two of you)

GOAL = Don’t worry you are manifesting CLAIRVOYANCE an opening of the Third Eye chakra or the greater perspective to know when you need to TEACH your partner how to address/deal/play/partner with you in this new ENERGY/LIFE/JOURNEY you have found yourself on. The key here is that you will know when it is appropriate to Teach your marriage partner so that the two of you can grow together and not apart as you start experiencing yourself as this new energy.

FOUNDATION = Awareness -> much of the same your foundation for growth becomes knowing when to use your voice and TEACH. This is the interesting part of partnership, when YOU grow, others around you are also given the change to grow. Some do and some don’t. The key is to stay detached from any expectations over their path, but to give them every opportunity to grow along side of you. Here you are being told that you are manifesting clarity on how to move forward teaching when necessary so that you don’t stay locked into old roles or old archetypes with one another. Here the foundation will be to use your voice in the MOMENT to help him see his new role as it unfolds (and as a partner for you). You are creating awareness.

DISTANT PAST: interesting here it is presenting WITNESS energy which is using the mind in moments of grounded awareness to witness what is happening outside of you and then make internal judgments or decisions. What this means in your reading is that in the distant past you would WITNESS moments and make mental notes (registering) how you feel, what you like, what you don’t like at any given moment. You would process it and then work very hard at aligning these things in your environment (you did all the work). Example: because it happened this way last time, i am going to avoiding saying what I feel that way because you remember when you said it in the past, or did that in the past, or acted a specific way it had an outcome you didn’t enjoy with your partner (you like the path of least resistance and usually sacrifice in order to create that path in life).

FUTURE: YOU ARE IN NEW ENERGY HONEY!!! If asked I am sure you would admit you are the QUEEN and get what you want, but this card here, Shadow of Throat Chakra is telling you -> no longer do you have to mentally work to align everything so that you get what you want (card above = you creating the path of least resistance). You are in NEW ENERGY (can’t stress this enough) in this energy you are TEACHING A MAN TO FISH one time so that he can provide for you forever! Ok broken down this means you will use your voice and say things that are aligning to your newly discovered authentic truth. YOU WILL NOW BE TEACHING… instead of witnessing and then processing in your mind your surroundings to then create a harmonious environment around you. This is to much work and an old paradigm for you. Now you speak what you think - one time and watch as the people around you create the path of least resistance for you.

YOUR ATTITUDE: GUILT haha of course here it comes, but that is so selfish! But I would feel so guilty “demanding” what I want, what I truly think…. So your attitude is still showing signs of the old paradigm which is great and actually helpful. I hope that you get to feel guilty over and over so that you can see how much you are living your new destiny. Ok so what I mean by that is, if you are feeling the emotion of the situation you can usually catch yourself in it and recognize that you might go into an old paradigm. Use this emotional energy of GUILT to let you know when you are breaking out of your old patterns and recognize that you are trying to witness your life from another persons perspective (which is never healthy to try and think for another person). I hope this is making sense there is so much coming through my fingers can’t keep up.

WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT THIS: They see this as you manifesting what you want! This is you aligning your purpose to this foundational energy of your family. There is nothing negative about this - this is you getting what you want and manifesting what you deserve (purpose).

HOPES & FEARS: Artistry, you hope to be passionate about what you want to create. Also hoping to feel so strongly those though of your mind so you gain the clarify and perspective on what it is you truly want. Here the fear is that you will question your passion and possibly decide that this isn’t worth TEACHING or speaking out loud.

OUTCOME: Hyper Third Eye, make sure you stay true to self and don’t get trapped in the mind. Remember what you are leaving is having to try and figure everything out so that things are easy with no friction. You no longer have to try and make everyone happy so that life is easy with no bumps. If you obsess over what others might think, or what might happen you will lose your authentic path and things will get confusing. This is the time to teach from your experience and watch as everyone around you follows the lead/path you have been walking for most of your life!