MS 2-2 Puho


you - this month is all about master building your new self. If you haven’t watched the monthly reading from the newsletter StOP and do that before you move on. Last month you were told to speak your truth and this month as we reconcile the old self with who we are moving into (next month 333 triple goddess!) you are getting faced with those last aspects of old that need to leave and recognizing what is the new you to fully birth next month. So hyper throat. This is you playing role again with your voice and how you are expressing yourself. This signals you have taken on an archetype to get through what you are processing. I am feeling your dad and speaking words of strength instead of allowing yourself to be vulnerable- this would be coming in this month as the external to last month. This is how fluctuations in our field come in we go gfrom one extreme to the next to find our balance point. I a.m. also clues into the card representing gossip! And would ask you how have you been feeling with all this gossip energy surrounding the event and how have you stuck to your authentic self and where are you sitting back to not cause waves. Something about the two of these things, dad and gossip makes me feel like your running internal dialogue that makes you question “what Am I even doing or believe in anymore” it feels like the vastly opposite swings you have experienced is making you question (what you believe??)

blocking you - you are impatient. (Btw breakthrough comes next month!) you wanted to be fully walking the walk and talking the talk by now and life is like nope! We need you release a bit more of the old before your full self expression is in connection to high self. Specifically being asked to have tolerance towards all the changes. 

goal - shadow heart chakra. So vulnerability and letting go. I am 100% connected to your dad and the fact that you need to detach from his path at the moment and trust that he as a soul is clearly aligned to what his greater plan is. Loss as a trigger for you brings up many past traumas of the heart and so I would assum your initial reaction is to hold and control. The greater message for you is to be inside the depths of vulnerable meaning having no control over another souls path and finding your greater connection to that soul through non attachment and having no expectations. This means you let the soul be it’s authentic self and in that you grow together through this process. 

foundation is the balanced chakra card. This provides the foundation for growth and what is coming or that which you can achieve in the goals... here it’s saying your in perfection. That the solid foundation you have is the perfect balance for everything you are growing into here. This card is 1 of 78 it’s the unicorn card hardly ever makes an appearance. 

distant past: this is the flexible card. All about being present with your relationships. I am being pulled to bob and whatever grief you hold onto from the way he passed and whatever state the relationship was in. This shits into the future card which is appreciation. I would say the goals shadow card that’s coming up for you is this “pain” heart specific that you may hav thought you healed with bob that got triggered when you got the news of your dad...... this is another way your heart is being given a chance to heal and feel into the depths of your capabilities in this human body. So your way to heal this part of the heart is through appreciation (w non attachment to outcome) I peeked that’s your outcome card.

your attitude- shadow throat chakra which is lies or deceit. This could indicate a pattern you have of using your internal voice to lie to yourself instead of feeling into the emotions truly surrounding you. This would be an invitation from heart to stop having this manifesting flow blocked at throat chakra level and let your energy descend into the heart where you can truly feel into the expansion of what you are going through. Remember when we resist or try to control it’s like a vice on our field and we start manifesting other ways to release the energy. Not always pleasent. 

other people’s views: you are healing  - thanks a card is heart connected to your relationships.

hopes and fears - evolution the card is the Phoenix which represents the death and rebirth. This would be the greats fear right now that your father is going to die to be reborn. The hope is that you can see this situation for you as a way to heal your attachments to grief and loss that you can awaken more fully to the knowing that death is the ultimate illusion of separation. Remember your higher truths here. That life is not this one body, you know this as truth so use this cycle you are in to let go of this duality and step more fully into wholeness. 

outcome- the only way to mess up this month is if you close off to your highest truths and pick attachment over the situation trying to control from a limited perspective. Let your dad show you the way of his soul and this time go along for the ride with him being in control....

love you dearly