MS -2/2/2019 DoublePA


You right now have a shadow to your throat chakra. You are living in deceit and this creates shadow influence in your life. Meaning everything is going to be valed in this shadow confusion. Watch how you become more distrusting in people outside of you as a side effect of your own shadow, this is how you will know the pattern is ingraning.  

What’s Blocking you in this deceit is the ability to fully self express what’s in your mind. the energy here is kindness. This has come up in the monthly reading for integration and here it is again as a block to your process.  

the goal for you is to manifest fluidity into  life. This card has showed up for many this month and is specifically signaling a partner. This is grounding passion into your life so you can find more fluidity in your everyday routine or foundation.

your foundation is signaling a manifestation flow which will bring the minds passions to life. You are currently bringing this artistry energy which signals a release of sacral chakra energy. Once manifested watch for some weight loss as a signal this burst of energy has hit your foundation.

distant past, recognizes that you are manifesting this evolution energy. That you are going through a Phoenix moment. Your high self is connected to your will and will be manifesting this outcome.  there is always a warning when it come to distant past and that is the fact that you have done this before. So recognize we’re you felt stuck or possibly the traps you fell into when this happened last time... I am being pulled to you marrying a person that might have been an extream opposite or the one you recently left and how you might have attracted a shadow partner that filled areas in your life where you felt like you lacked... distant past always reminds us not to repeat old lessons.

your fture the realist card. You are also manifesting this!!! All manifesting. Your authentic self is becoming grounded and in that you are able to clearly look at your life and decide what you need as a human to move forward. This is the slap in the face card! Realist, showing up to help you the human manifest what you need.

you attitude. Your voice is coming on line with your passion. This is interesting sacral chakra has shown up for you not as relationships but in the emotional connection to this chakra which is passion you have 3 of these 7 cards on your board. Shows a shift deeper into your sacral chakra. You attitude right now is inspire! This is the message in a bottle card, what has sailed a long way to get here is now washed up on shore ready to be spoken.

other rookies views they are in denial. They have pulled back from their truth and living in denial over the situation. This would signal shock when your message is spoken. You will need to help them see clearly from a greater perspective. 

your hopes and fears are freedom. Of course being able to live your full self expression in connection to authentic self is your hope but the freedom and the unknowns it carries is also your biggest fear. You must recognize that if the hope over powers the fear and fills your heart that it will bring you all the positive attachments to this energy. If you let the fear win you will be clouded in confusion as you move forward.

outcome: jophiel and reconciliation! Angel Message: You live in a world created just for you. The sooner you recognize that you are the student and everyone around you is your teacher, good, bad, or indifferent, the sooner you will be able to see the world for what it truly is. You must remember you have handpicked your interactions in life and every meeting is an opportunity to learn another message and regain clarity as to who you are and what your purpose is. The more you fill your day with activities and interactions, the more you are asking to learn about yourself. Everything that holds energy or charge in your life is an area you are choosing to work on. As you begin to reconcile with all the knowledge you were meant to have, you will gain more wisdom and slow down accepting everything for what it is. This will start the process of reducing your physical responsibilities allowing you to be with your internal wisdom. As you make this shift you will find more stillness, acceptance, and presence in your life. Your interactions will not require thought and your teachers will present themselves as your equals. You will start to see all energy for what it truly is and will understand the deep unifying connection between all things. You will hear and understand the voice of the universe deep inside of you and will find clarity in all that you do. Your shift will bring you to a place of quiet reprieve where your silence will allow others to hear your call and students will seek you out for help with reconciliation of their own path.