Monthly Reading 3-3-2019 (am)


Ok so first impression of the card layout is - buckle up! There are lots of old cords coming up to be reviewed or to heal or gain the wisdom from, so that these old patterns don’t come back up. 

you - co-dependent. This is hyper heart chakra. This card is signaling that you are possibly leaning to far forward into the future to try and protect your heart. These is a pattern of co-dependency coming up which is now resulting in the overactive mental field . How are you possibly taking on roles that don’t serve your authentic self to protect your heart? Don’t be someone you are not, don’t fake it. Be you so that your heart can magnetize exactly what it needs right now.

whats blocking you - this is the shadow of the crown chakra which signals a very old/deep seeded pattern of attachment. Back to the you card of co-dependence I would say where do you plan/control/and layer expectation on how things should look/flow and be so that everything aligns to your prefect outcome. Again, doing this while playing a role will not magnetize to you a frequency that complements you it will align to the “role/archetype” you are playing. Shadow cards signal areas where we have done something the same way for so long that it feels “normal” or a part of our authentic self, but in actuality this comes up with “the skull sumbolism” to let us know that it’s a part of our old self that needs to die in order for our new self to be born in our new light.

goal is the hyper sacral chakra which is obsession. The only way I can read into this is possibly you are looking for that teenage love! Where you are so obsessed with the person that every bit of your “passion/relationship/partnership” energy is ticketed by the idea and thoughts of finding that union. So is there someone now that doesn’t trigger this? Or are you comparing everything to a person who did inspire this kind of energy?

foundation is patience! Haha so universe is tellin you so far... if you stop protecting yourself/heart. If you heal the past pattern of having to control situations, that you will get that giddy school girl love. This is universe affirming what you need and telling you it’s on its way once you align these relationships  to your willpower or you “fire type” energy that surrounds authentic self. Basically universe is like, when you let go and completely embody that in which you seek you will get what you seek.

distant past is hypo third eye which is denial. There is a less than energy here something that’s making you dim you light and it has to do with your past. There is a cord that keeps you locked into the experiences of your past and if allowed will keep you in denial that you cant or won’t get that energy or connection again. I am feeling into that wild attraction you had with the male aquantence, if he is out of the picture it almost feels like every man gets compared to him and the giddiness he inspired. The message here is that if you hold onto that person as the only embodiment of that energy you will miss or not see clearly the paths as they open up to new, better potentials.

future- you are manifesting the energy of fortitude which is aligning your authentic self to your intuition. Which means you are learning to find the balance between your needs (maybe what you have been conditioned to think of as selfish or self serving because of your past), but the trick here is that the more you serve the authentic self the more your intuition and perspective over life is affirmed. And this happens through you choice to serve your authentic self first.

your attitude - arch angel Chammuel is showing up for you. Currently manifesting I to your field to help you become more vulnerable. Helping you in the need to know and control and allow life to happen to you.

chammuels message (BTW just looked at my clock and it’s 12:22! This must be your duality that your reconciliation) All beings share one heart. The sacred heart belongs to no one person. The sacred heart is a

collection of the love we hold and have for ourselves unified by the connections we have to all

beings. We must learn to love ourselves for exactly who we are. There is no more hiding the

truth of our being. We must emerge from our protective shells and be ready to call from the

mountain tops. They will hear our calls of devotion to ourselves and our dedication each and

every day to finding and loving more pieces of our true being. There is no more time to be afraid

of what people will think. Fear is what keeps us trapped in believing that what we are is

unlovable. We must love ourselves enough that our love reaches every heart everywhere in the

scene and unseen worlds. We must have vulnerability so that we may give ourselves over

completely to the understanding that if we love everyone as much as we love ourselves we can

shift the vibration of all being to that of peace, care and stillness. Our sacred hearts are all

unified by the same source creator. By filling our own hearts with love we intentionally fill and

love each other. By acknowledging that we are vulnerable when we love so strongly we can

take the power away from fear and our own in capabilities to love and give the power to the

movement of love itself.

other people’s views: observer. The people outside of you see you as intuitively following your purpose! How great is that. So trust in this and start to feel ok choosing yourself over the expectations of others.

hopes and fears: evolution. Your greatest hope is that you are going through this life change; this Phoenix moment where your willpower to go after your purpose creates this NEW LIFE experience, but this is also your greatest fear because in this your world completely changes and the old-known-control you once had has to be released so that you can birth a totally new self. 

outcome: kismet! Trust in the alignments happening. Everything in your world is showing up so trust that these connections are all happening to align your high self to this reality you are co-creating. This is manifesting for you and is validation that what you are thinking is your high self and aligned to the divinity of YOU.