Monthly Reading 3-3-2019 (pa)


First impression of your card layout is follow your heart and speak your truth! Also you are 1 of 3 monthly subscription peeps that got the high self BALANCED card this is insane and crazy as this card never shows up! I take this as affirmation that you guys all have achieved the 3-3-3 energy!!! 

you - devotion. High self in connection to your community your group. I believe this is showing you being lead by the heart. When you do this your heart connects you to the community that reflects your level of heart connection. The man in this picture is beaten down to a point of surrender and his heart is taking his hand and guiding him the last steps of the climb up the mountain. I think this is a perfect picture of the place you are at in this journey. You have to trust that the heart can get you to the top even though you don’t know the path or how to get there.

whats blocking you - fluidity. Haha so everything’s not going exactly how you have envisioned it when it comes to your current passion in connection to the family, but know that this man sits in contemplation over his own coat of arms (wow all these pictures are super representative of your current journey!) so he sits trapped in thought instead of finding fluidity within his family and the support that is there. 

goal is to manifest acceptance. This is archangel zadekial who will be a support system for you moving forward. Here is his message.

The world that you have created deserves your connection, recognition, and acceptance.

Everything happening in your world, from the trees you surround yourself with, to the people you

talk to, to the food you eat is all created by your power of creation and your choice. No two

human worlds are evolving at the same speed or interacting in the same way. Think about it

everything you do on a daily basis is 100% your choice and of your creation. No one on this

planet is seeing or experiencing everything you see and experience, and when you look closely

even those we chose to most closely share our lives with have different understandings and

perceptions of what we know and believe. Everything we chose to experience already has our

connection and signature on it. We must look at everything in our world, everything we can see

with our eyes day in and day out and chose to acknowledge the love we have put into creating

it, start to see its true heart. By seeing the heart outside of yourself in the things you have

created you acknowledge the heart within yourself. By acknowledging the heart within yourself

you chose to recognize the heart of everything outside of yourself. Example: Even the most

tense and negative situations in your world are of your creation, find the silver lining, recognize

and accept your part in its creation and allow your heart to fill with the understanding that this

situation was created by you to help you find new and different ways to recognize and love

yourself. By you accepting those worlds interacting and connecting into your world, you help to

bridge the worlds and create understanding and acceptance for all. You have a hand in creating

everything in your world. You will start to recognize the need to love all aspects of yourself and

those things in the world you surround yourself with

archangel of sacral chakra too! 

foundation: connection. You are grounding into your community again the heart outside of you! You are building your new foundation which will support you and reflect who you are on the inside. 

distant past- purification. This signals the patterns that you are being asked to watch out for so that you do not repeat them in the future. Using you voice and self expression to say pure and clearly aligned to your highest authenticity. So speak your truth and live in connection to that truth by being fully expressive in accordance with the words you speak and think. 

future: wisdom! Wow high self in connection to authentic low self! This is the energy of 3-3-3 you are moving towards the discovery of your divine union on earth. This is it my friend your divinity is so strong there is nothing that can stop this union from being recognized in your near future!

your attitude is that of the artist: you are manifesting your passion as you have been seeing it in your mind. You are birthing a new way to live and experience yourself and it’s all about staying connected to those things that inspire your passions and these are all the ideas/concepts you have been building in your minds eye. 

how other people view you: archangel Raphael. Who preaches clear intentions. You are manifesting this energy in connection to how others see and are experiencing you right now. Here is his message:

You must separate yourself from your limiting perspectives. Treat you life as if you are a guest

with a ticket ready to watch the play. Your goal is to watch your life from everyone else's

perspectives. If you can start to live as if your physical body is the actor in your life and a higher

version of yourself is the one watching the performance, you will start to gain insights as to what

the world around you is trying to convey. The moment you can shift your consciousness outside

of your own body and begin to watch the world play out around you, is the moment you will

begin to understand the psychic impulses you receive, the visuals you tap into, and the realities

that are being created by your every move. You must change your perspective to one that is

floating above your normal body watching how people react to you when you walk into and out

of a room. Watch what people do, see who takes notice, and watch as your physical actor body

does repetitive things that cause you to receive the same reactions. Start to witness your life

and start to recognize what roles you are playing out around the people who you encounter.

Learn how to accept the psychic connections they send out to you and learn more about

yourself than you ever imagined possible. Clear your receptive center by seeing a halo of light

around your forehead and brow center this will allow you the telepathy and psychic images you

need to recognize what kind of world you have created. This will give you clear intentions to

move forward in the most harmonious way.

This angel message should help you in how to communicate and express yourself to your relationships.

hopes and fears- prophet energy. This is using your intuition in connection to those groups you are connected to. So here this is the heart that resides outside of you attracting the community that reflects your hearts desires. The hope is to begin to lead from the heart and create the group around you that trusts and needs your guidance, but when you chose to step into this prophet role you also have to be and live your intuition when it come through. This takes trust and confidence that you are being guided for your highest good. ( your community here can also be your family)

outcome - hyper throat chakra which means you are way to forward leaning here thinking about what you will say how you will say it.... you are hanging out too much in this future space and it’s keeping you out of your authentic timeline where this magic can happen. So stop thinking about what you will say and how you will say it and start living your day through purity of speech and actions and the outcome you desire will present itself.