WEFDW Membership Read (4-4-2019)


Initial thought are you are integrating and in complete manifestation mode this April! 

you- manifesting a major integration! (Like the rest of us haha) this is hitting you in you human body/reality! This is arch angel Uriel who’s message is release. 

Uriel’s message: There comes a point within everyone's existence where they experience a shift and a release of

the physical body, this is where you start to live from a place of remembrance of who you have

always been. You remember the soul you have forgotten along the way. You remember that life

is more than what you perceive and you hear the calling inside to become who you were meant

to be. When this happens you must make room for the soul to renter the body. Like a sun

finding its way home through a dark universe this is what happens inside of your physical body

during the shift. Once the soul finds its way back home you no longer see duality. There are no

more choices in your life, everything is one harmonious direction or path that you feel inclined to

take. Your life becomes directed and your sense of doing becomes laser focused. You have

made room inside of your body to allow divine soul light to come home and when this happens

there is no stopping you. Your energy becomes uplifted and you release old patterns that have

kept you trapped in untrusting version of yourself. With your new light body you find ease and

openness in everything you do, there is no more resistance in life and all stars align just to allow

you to find your way home.

whats blocking you: tolerance! Your high self is trying to express through you in a brand new way and this is always challenging. Mostly because it is new and usually unexpected so we resist. I suggest expanding into everything (if your in pain / welcome it. If your confused / do nothing ) whatever you are experiencing ask to experience more of it so that this new way (integration) takes hold and becomes clear. 

goals: this month to expand into this new way of operating your goal should be to do intuitive group work. You are being asked to achieve your prophet status. The goal this month to really solidify this new integration is to hold ceremony but do it in an unplanned and in structured way where high self can work with and through you to develope this “newness” that’s emerging. 

foundation:  so two things the foundation you are working from this month has a lot to do with connecting your passion in this group setting and letting it all unfold in a spontaneous and “adaptable” new way. This is no news to you. The interesting part here is that you have the ascended masters working with you and this might be the “new” integration you are currently processing!

distant past: you are manifesting the energy of appreciation to give to the connection between your heart/compassion and high self. I find this interesting and goes along with the monthly Reading. You need to let go of the old paradigm that high self is outside of me and it is something I connect to. You are saying good bye and thank you to an old paradigm here and it has to do with how you use to perform or even connect to high self or what you consider guides/elders/spirits...  

future: have you been considering more of a consultant role? You get the teacher card which signals one on one work with other people with you being able to freely walk your walk and talk your talk. This could be in business or more private sessions with your clients, but instead of just the hour healing work you add an hour consulatation session to it where you walk them through things “teach”

your attitude:  I feel your daughter here. The card is healing and this is about a one on one relationship that your heart is attached to. I felt her very strong presence last Reading and I get here here so part of you attention is directed to her.

other people:  awareness. The people around you are very aware and ready for you to start using your voice in a more perdominant way. I highly suggest finding a way to consult if you are not already.

your hopes and fears: hyper root chakra. Heee I get “where will I find the time!” This is the card that represents no action because we are leaning so much into our future that it seems daunting and like it would take too much energy to get it all done. So how exciting that there is so much but, don’t get to far forward otherwise you lose all this amazing manifestation energy your dealing with this April.

outcome!!!!!!!! High Self girl you are amazing! The 3-3 connection took a minute to catch up to you but here it is and every price of the puzzle is coming together. Trust in everything this month because it will come in totally blind - meaning it’s all new and different your working in a very new high frequency way so PLAY. 

light & love