YA 4-4-2019 Membership Reading


First impression of the layout... what is going on with your throat chakra lady!?! Is there a big meeting / presentation / or just more integration? 

you - freedom. This month of april

you can expect the energy of FREEDOM to be manifesting. I love this for two reasons. For you it’s. Connected to solar plexus chakra which you have been working on for so long. Finding yourself and being confident in presenting that person to the world. And here you get the LIONESS breaking free of those last limiting chains. Second reason is the throat starts showing up here in the you card through the emotional body of how you are expressing yourself. So interesting this month is about body “physical symptoms” of the energy integration so are you experiencing voice loss, throat cold, coughing... curious.

whats blocking you: lacking emitions this comes up as sacral chakra which is your relationships but I feel this more connected to the physicality of this month. You have had patterns in the past to numb the pain of the body, so very curious if this comes up to signal the automatic response you might have if experiencing any body discomfort. “Numbing the feeling body” which would inhibit your soul integration from happening as expected with the freedom card. 

goals: hypo throat... speak up! So this is one of the reasons I ask if work is giving you opportunities to lead, present, or guide in some way. Is there something you can do to step up and grab the mic right now? It could also represent the final cords between you and your partner since lacking emotions came up as the block. If it is relationship this might indicate that you have a bit more to discuss before the curtains close. 

foundation: another throat! Concentration. Using your voice in connection to your purposes I have told you before to seek out the opportunities in your job to get more recognition. Now I want you to make sure these opportunities are really connected to your purpose or things that make your heart and stomach do summer salts because you need to focus only on what is going to bring more of your purpose into your life and not keep you locked in old patterns of just doing work for work sake. 

distant past: your passion aligning to your authenticity creating growth. Interesting that this comes up in distant past because I would encourage you to think back to past positions and remember those jobs or projects that really inspired you and you had a ton of fun creating. This is what you need to be thinking about at the moment and how you can incorporate more of this into your current position. 

future: you are manifesting patience. Specifically with your partner in connection to your own willpower/expectations. Know that he is receptive and moving at his own pace trust that everything is unfolding as it should and be patience. 

your attitude: manifesting a group around you. Another throat. Because of what you are doing/speaking you are attracting a group that is going to support your momentum. 

arch angel michale message:We must recognize our differences as humans and allow this to unite us and not drive us apart.

When someone who does not share your view or opinion comes into your life it is not your job to

make this person aware of your views. It is not your responsibility to try and solve their situation.

It is your job to recognize that this soul is understanding life differently than you and all you can

do is accept them in their time and space and allow them to be and feel whatever it is they might

need to be and feel to go through their own awakening process. We tend to separate ourselves

from the people around us because their vibration is different than our own, and this can make

us feel uncomfortable if our own energy is not maintained. We must seek as much togetherness

as possible even in the most diverse of groups to allow everyone the opportunity to feel the

loving energy that is of non judgment and fully accepting. By connecting with your own stillness

and divinity in situations that are less than perfect you will allow others the space they need to

see and feel your vibration. This alone will allow other souls to open up to their own stillness,

acknowledgment, and divinity. We must stay together with non verbal, non judging support. This

will allow everyone on earth to feel and experience their own journey while still supporting each

other through love, stillness and calm.

other people’s views: hahah your voice is your tool right now to release all your inner Demons! People know it’s all coming from the heart though so no one taking offense! 

hopes and fears: manifesting presence. OOooch you are manifesting a break a time to stop and smell the roses this is SUPER challenging for you because you operate at super human speeds, but know it’s time to give yourself some deserved present moment awareness. Try to establish a routein this April that gives you time to completely detach from the mental field. Like your coffee break, but no ideas, no thoughts. Just be.... 

outcome: ahhhhh another throat! Hyper throat. Your going to be SPEAKiNg this is why I ask are you up for something? Like a presentation, speaking engagement? Your throats on FIRE in a good way! 

light & Love