AP 4-4-2018 Monthly Reading


Initial thoughts WOW omg what have you shifted and why are you resisting?!? 

you- evolution. This April you are manifesting the energy to follow your divinity and be the spiritual being you know yourself to be. you are ready to burn down the bridge connecting you to an old life and set sail on this next adventure. But this is for good this time haha!

Blocking- transformation. I hope you listened to the monthly Reading. I get an immediate impulse that you are blocking an integration into your physical body. Have you been getting headaches, fatigue, pains? Any of these right now would signal a frequency shift for you and if you try to push through it using medication, more work, or denial then you are resisting the changes.

This can also be the need to completely change an old way of doing things so that you can successfully step into your divine evolution, but that means leaving a part of the old you behind. (Examples: Always taking care of others not yourself)

goal- you are manifesting more stability into your life and like this feeling of being able to be YOU. the goal is to find more ways to ground this YOU energy so that you can attract the flame that will represent this divinity you feel within. 

Foundation- realist. You are manifestingmore and more of your authenticity into your every day life. This is creating a very solid foundation for you to achieve your goals. During April find more ways where you can establish rituals and practices around YOU. By honoring your own divinity you are sending a strong message to the world for others to also honor it! 

distant past- decit. Have you been triggered by a lie or did you have an intuitive hit that someone was lying to you... you have to trust these instincts. What you have experienced in your past and the level of hightened awareness you have for inauthentic situations is valid. Do not start distrusting your instincts or you may find yourself repeating old patterns. 

future- you are following your heart. Your purpose is greater than what you see in front of you. Don’t give up or give in! You are here to serve a much larger crowd and right now you are being asked to have blind faith that everything will unfold for you as it should as long as you follow your heart.  This April try to get out of your head and make decisions because you feel it not because you anyalize it.

your attitude- denial. What have you pulled back from. Again I am pulled to distant past... possibly lies you feel you might be getting told... you are districting your higher perspective and this is repeating a pattern from your past. You need to start affirming, “I am clear, connected, and intuitively guided daily.” This should help revenged this tug into past patterns. 

other people’s views- interesting people have see you as pulling back from your spirituality... or does this mean you are being covert in how you express yourself spiritually to the people around you. Either way it is showing a disconnect over how powerful you are and how powerful you are allowing yourself to be perceived. 

hopes and fears- you are manifesting all the signs you need! Why are you “in denial” again. Trust your gut here get out of your head. You know how to spot synchronicities and can read clearly the signs. Trust in what is coming through. 

outcome- WARNING. Illusion. This is a shadow of the third eye. I am back to the distant past, your attitude and now here. I fear you might be telling yourself a little story to ignor your divine guidance over a situation you are experiencing. (Ex/ if the little voice in your head is warning you about a man you are dating.... don’t ignore it!) you don’t need another pattern to break this April you are too busy EVOLVING! 

stay open and try to really let heart guide you this April ❤️