DPA 4-4-2019 Membership Reading


Initial thoughts - the pressure cooker your in is about to blow! 

you- shadow side heart chakra. Grief. Your now patterning so deeply your creating blocks within the heart chakra. Don’t be worried these can go as easily as they came, but it makes your decisions and the pattern you are in stronger. Grief comes in to let us know it is time to let go. This can be in the physical world meaning saying good bye or letting go of an outdated though or pattern you have been trapped within. 

blocking- you have to start speaking your truth. The truth will set you free my friend and what is currently blocking you is the fact that you are unwilling to speak up about this truth. 

goal- your goal is to be in receiving mode. Your relationship right now is your purpose. The goal is to be in reciprocity with this partner and let them show up for you helping to guide the way. 

foundation- progress. You are currently building a foundation towards progress. Your family and your will are coming back online. Allow the small steps you chose to make daily guide you forward and trust that the fire in your belly that is burning on overdrive right now will direct everyone in the right way. Trust your gut when it come to your family and get out of your head.

distant past- this signals the completion of a cycle and what you are facing signals a reflection of your past experiences. Know that if your make Free will choices in the present moment your high self will be the one leading the way.  

Future- narrator. You must speak your story. Your family will follow your lead if you stand up talk and walk your walk and talk your talk this April. If you speak true words and then act in accordance with these words your future will be aligned to how you act now.

your attitude- depression. Your heart center is off line which makes everything near impossible to complete and feel clear. You need to allow yourself to feel. Get out of your head and start listening to your heart. By doing this a lot of the funk you have created will clear. 

other people’s views- people see you overly in your head/ obsessive. You are so distracted by life that you appear detached and removed from life!  people are starting to pick up on what you have been hiding!

hopes and fears- reverence. Your mind and your heart. You are so stuck in between these two worlds that every though and every feeling now feels daunting. You have so many thoughts and feelings just floating around and not grounding enough for you to feel comfortable making any decisions. The object here is to have reverence for everything your mind has gone through and send it Love for its experience. Start connecting your heart to your head (do this visually through a golden lasso) 

outcome- you are manifesting arch angel Raphael’s guidance of clear intention

his message:You must separate yourself from your limiting perspectives. Treat you life as if you are a guest

with a ticket ready to watch the play. Your goal is to watch your life from everyone else's

perspectives. If you can start to live as if your physical body is the actor in your life and a higher

version of yourself is the one watching the performance, you will start to gain insights as to what

the world around you is trying to convey. The moment you can shift your consciousness outside

of your own body and begin to watch the world play out around you, is the moment you will

begin to understand the psychic impulses you receive, the visuals you tap into, and the realities

that are being created by your every move. You must change your perspective to one that is

floating above your normal body watching how people react to you when you walk into and out

of a room. Watch what people do, see who takes notice, and watch as your physical actor body

does repetitive things that cause you to receive the same reactions. Start to witness your life

and start to recognize what roles you are playing out around the people who you encounter.

Learn how to accept the psychic connections they send out to you and learn more about

yourself than you ever imagined possible. Clear your receptive center by seeing a halo of light

around your forehead and brow center this will allow you the telepathy and psychic images you

need to recognize what kind of world you have created. This will give you clear intentions to

move forward in the most harmonious way.