SD 4-4-2019 Membership reading


First impression- there is a huge intuitive shift coming in for you but you have to release something OLD paradigm that’s attached to an outdated way of being. 

you- so to try to nail down the item you are needing to shift it has to do with Sacral chakra most likely from your past or this can just be affirming that this is the old paradigm item you are shifting. It has to do with your feeling state... questions I would ask? Are you afraid of picking up other people’s energy? (Answer: if you are divinity how could anyone over take your energy unless you allowed them to on some level) Are you to mental body and don’t allow yourself to truly feel things inside your own body due to some old fear or (negativity / bad chi / whatever???) these are the types of questions I would ask to nail down what old process you are still operating within that is keeping you locked out of this huge update!

blocking you- (this is where this above comes from) arch angel Uriel come in to show you are blocking a final release of the human self. Haha just realized that’s YOU!!! He represents solar plexus chakra which is the final stop of human/mental plane so next stop is integration of high self... there is something your resisting here: his message

There comes a point within everyone's existence where they experience a shift and a release of

the physical body, this is where you start to live from a place of remembrance of who you have

always been. You remember the soul you have forgotten along the way. You remember that life

is more than what you perceive and you hear the calling inside to become who you were meant

to be. When this happens you must make room for the soul to renter the body. Like a sun

finding its way home through a dark universe this is what happens inside of your physical body

during the shift. Once the soul finds its way back home you no longer see duality. There are no

more choices in your life, everything is one harmonious direction or path that you feel inclined to

take. Your life becomes directed and your sense of doing becomes laser focused. You have

made room inside of your body to allow divine soul light to come home and when this happens

there is no stopping you. Your energy becomes uplifted and you release old patterns that have

kept you trapped in untrusting version of yourself. With your new light body you find ease and

openness in everything you do, there is no more resistance in life and all stars align just to allow

you to find your way home.

goal- the goal is to become present, grounded and aware. I would suggest this anytime you are emotionally triggered. This will help you start to identify where this resistance is situated. 

foundation- clairvoyance. This is what I see wanting to manifest. This is your new foundation. You are bringing in a new way to read, see, experience energy (totally new perspective!) this is combing in, but you have to shift old paradigm. 

distant past- pioneer. People follow you because you lead by example. This is interesting because it comes up in distant past which might also give us a clue as to what your shifting. I would ask... this is a detached way of leading, it’s basically you doing you and people respecting that and then following you because you are a pioneer in how you do things. But you also see how this is hands off and emotionally separated from another persons journey... something with emotions for sure!

future- your passion lies within speaking your message. You must start teaching or getting behind a podium to spread your message further. 

your attitude- observer. High self is coming in through your intuitive work. This should be showing up more and more in the signs and synchronicities you are experiencing. When high self starts merging with the human your environment starts validating what you have been experiencing subjectively. 

other people’s views- hahahahaha everyone is talking marriage around you?!? You get the marriage card or the relationship card. So other people’s views or what other people are expecting from you now..... marriage?!! 

hopes and fears- your head is at odds with your heart. Here is another clue! You fear that if you go 100% into feeling body and trusting your own instincts and heart felt guidance that you will loose the direction or higher path or wisdom and knowledge you are on. I see it now and can feel into an example. You studying with Michael. There comes a time when you have to honor a teacher for taking you to a point of success but trust that you have learned enough to explore the next part of your journey alone and discover how you are dipped to be working with the I formation in your own way. Creating your own personal connection with it. You hope your heart is connected to the right things but have more faith in the mind and the wisdom attainment part of your journey right now. This card is reverence. You must cultivate this within yourself.

outcome- progress. With enough will and solar plexus fire energy you can ground this “release” that Uriel is being through to you. You must trust fully. Solar plexus is all about trust energy to progress forward.