Reading Happy Birthday


Whatever you question: thought process: or current contemplation is I will say this - You are living your divinity! In the you spot you got high self card which means everything you are living/doing is in complete alignment to your truth!!!!! This is so crazy rare and it happened on the 3-3-3!!!

whats blocking you... your following blindly your heart calling and because you are trusting in what you “feel” there is not a lot of validation! Hence blind... this is scary because you readjust and reverted when things don’t feel right and to the outside world this looks fucking crazy! So stay connected to your heart and truly trust. 

your goal is harmony in the human world. Your heart is trying to validate the human hence the ❤️ Reflected on the other side of the mirror. You are reconciling what the heart wants and the human needs, your trying to find harmony

foundation shadow throat chakra. I will clue you into your internal voice. Where is your heart in full knowing and the inner voice interviews that feeling to death and makes it to cerebral or human. Where is the foundation for what you want to create being side swiped by your voice. Listen carefully to how you are talking to yourself to start manifesting your heart centered reality not your head. 

hummm receive for distant past.... this usually signals a discordant attern that may be likely to trigger again. This is all about your purpose connecting to your relationships. Are you finding yourself string out of authenticity lately? Is there something you want or need that the partner isn’t providing or you are unwilling to speak up about??? Throat chakra- figure out that trigger and a lot of this density should shift. 

ok so buckle up because I see you have a shit tons of stuff coming up in throat chakra! Have you gotten sick yet?!? I feel like if you don’t discover what this is it’s going g to flat fast in throat/sickness (just a feeling) ok so future is hypo solar plexus - is there something with your partner you have pulled back from? Example: he always says or does ——- and it kind of nags at you or bothers you but you don’t engage because you like “harmony” so the last card and these 3 all are helping you to see clearly where you are repeating a very big throat chakra block! So here the future is showing this is a cognitive though - something you think but don’t feel “confident?” Enough to say or express

your attitude - hypo throat chakra (girlllllll) this shows again a pattern you could find from your past where you chose to swallow words instead of speak the. To keep the price. Remember your distant past is about being able to receive and this is big because in literal translation. It says your partner will deliver to you your destiny... so why are you scared to ask?

other people’s views: prudence people know and expect you to speak from an intuitive place. You don’t need the answers / you don’t need to be the smartest one in the room. What you bring to the table is a tapped in pulse on exactly what’s unfolding you just need the courage to express it. Because people around you expect you to. 

your hopes and fears are directly connected to family or the idea of family. You are manifesting the energy of flexibility here so whatever it is that’s again in your mind that you get caught up mulling over in connection to all this is what you want but also what you fear.

outcome your passion is your purpose! What excites you and inspires you is exactly what you need to be creating and birthing right now. You are the divine artist and because you are high self what you want will birth so put your energy there and watch this new baby come to life!