#1 Preparing Your Mental Body

Upgrading Your Mental Crystal

When the time comes to raise your consciousness to the level you are destine to understand and help raise the frequency and connection of those around you one must first start with the Pineal gland.

Use this Meditation over and over until its resonance doesn't feel connected to your path any longer. You must begin by upgrading your crystal/pineal gland before you can upgrade and shift the Earth energies in a consciously connected way.

#2 Spinal Adjustment

Alignment Meditation

Moving into the next phase of your journey it is imperative you create a space for high self to reside. Our human bodies reside on the third dimensional plane for most of our existence. Until we are able to raise our frequency and hold higher streams of light energy our high self must do most of its work from the higher dimensional planes, causing most of the human experienced confusion. This meditation will prepare your body for the energy of your high self so that more harmony and balance can come to the seeker moving through their journey.

#3 Heart Opening

Butterfly Energy

The energy continues to move down and through your receptive energetic centers. The process of awakening to this new energy includes upgrading your current energetic system. The process starts with the Pineal Gland, moves into the Spinal Adjustment and now awakens the Heart though downloads of galactic star energy.

#4 Sacred Flame

Enter The Sacred Flame!

The time is now, stay relaxed as much as you possibly can during this meditation. By doing this you will allow the sacred flame energy to move through you more clearly and activate with less resistance. This meditation will continue to active days, weeks even months after the initial meditation is completed.

After recording this meditation and sourcing a picture on google... I click on one image that intrigues me and click through to the sight where low and behold - destine info resides waiting to be shared for more clarity. (enjoy!)