Cross Layout - Relationships


You - use your voice in a clear way and walk your walk and talk your talk. Throat chakra. Make sure to express you authenticity ❤️ 

Whats blocking -hyper third eye chakra obsession, this means don’t go outside of your self to play a role because of the repetitive thoughts in your head. Stay true to yourself, don’t think about what the other person might say. Try to be you as much as possible without questioning what the other person might do or say.

goal- realist... BE YOU this is all about being able to ground the authentic you into the situation. Staying realistic with your expectations (over yourself!)

foundation -  flexibility between your passion and what you anchor into your world. You are being asked to stay flexible. Every relationship must find their flow and how two come together to be one so her it’s a reminder that by finding a flow that stays grounded in both of your passions you will stay connected to the goal of being and staying your authentically.

Distant past, the potential pattern you could repeat. This is about intuition. Connecting to your foundation and it’s manifesting for you so I would interpret that in the past you have pushed that intuitive voice away and allowed the ”ride” to go on longer than it should have because it was convienente - this is asking you to not repeate the pattern so when something intuitively doesn’t feel right - get grounded immediately, and be pragmatic about it so if your feeling jealousy..... don’t ground into attacking energy but sit down be vulnerable and say I am feeling really uneasy about something between us, and am not sure why. Can we talk this out and you try to help me.... something like this “pragmatic” is not emotional but more left brain 🧠 (I am using any emoji it shows for the end!)

Future - you are really manifesting stability here! Have you though that this could be a person you move in with....?!? This is manifesting stability again grounding a one on one relationship into you life and making it your foundation. 

your attitude - is you want this to be easy you want this relationship to feel like a vacation! This is about patience. Finding black ace between you want to use your willpower to move things forward while also taking the time to enjoy what’s happening.

other peoples view of this - teacher and manifesting the energy to teach through using your voice in connection to the relationship. Here I would say what your goal is “purifiying” your ability to speak clearly in this relationship is also what those who are witnessing you in this new relationship see as your “triumph” moment. Holding you will authentic speak your truth.

Haha your hopes and fears - kindness, you hear me saying use your voice authentically and now your brain is like well what if my voice and mind are wanting to scream FU! Haha so the juxtaposition here is that you hope that authentically there is always an ability to be kind you the relationshipbit also your own mind and thoughts and your fear is that if you use the voice authentically when you feel like you should that speaking truth might now result is (sunshine, rainbows, and 🦄!) 

Outcome - your lesson/purpose here is to use your voice to find your purpose. Concentrate to make sure what you speak is always aligned to your highest alignment. the goal here might now be just to speak your truth but to learn how to speak that truth in a way that will help (teach, send compassion, and uplift) the other person while you are still presenting your soul for review. Does that make sense. It feels like you are being asked to move to a new stage of expression where you are 100% true to yourself but chose how you speak carefully so that every reverberation of your voice is keeping you aligned to the highest outcome.

jumper - prophet - which I swear you have gotten as a jumper before. This is reminding you that you know what you need, you are a leader not a follower, so trust your instincts because they are there to clue you into the next step even when the people around you might not see or be ready for what’s coming. 

love, Love, love


loving this!!


It feels like you are starting a new cycle (will be or just did!) At your foundation you have the transcended card which means you would have just had or are about to have a huge AH-HA moment in life (we’re talking major milestone... death, birth, marriage, divorce, business open, business close,) from which you learned apart of your LIFE LESSONS, this is huge, but can also now plop you back into the baby role meaning you are now at the beginning of a new cycle and have to find your place within this new space and figure out who you are again and what your now doing with your life (does this make sense?) here is an example: woman goes her whole life needing to learn her life lesson to speak up for herself, she marries husband who is overpowering and she always sacrifices her own wants and needs to bring peace to the relationship, women one day realizes she needs to honor herself applies for a divorce and finnaly finds her freedom after years of suppression. Speaking her truth was the hardest things she ever had to do, but this brought her to this moment of “transcending - the old pattern” and stepping into her new reality. Here she is wise with the gained insight into who she is on this deep level, but now is a baby using this energy in its newly discovered way. She has to learn how to take this new power and work with it in her new reality - she also gets to discover a new path in life through reclaiming this “lost peice” of her soul...

Relationships: you hold the shadow of FEAR here, this signals that there is a subconscious pattern that continues to play out in your field that is having you make your decisions based off of FEAR. This is big and deserves your full attention, because when we have a shadow aspect at play we tend to make decisions unknowingly in accordance to this pattern. Something about your decision making process when it comes to your one on one relationships triggers you to go into the shadow, that means when you have freewill to make a decision that best suits you (in connection to a relationship - could be: partner / child / boss / friend / parent.... a specific one on one relationship) you most likely don’t make the decision that best aligns to you in that moment because you have fear that if you made the best decision for yourself that it would effect to much the stability of the relationship. Instead of chosing a path that best serves your needs you tend to move into this pattern; which states it’s better to support the family, foundation, or platform that is already in place instead of doing what’s best and most aligned to you in that moment.

YOU card... this is the inspire card it’s about using your voice in a passionate way. I would ask if your a teacher, mentor, coach, leader in your field... this is the card that represents these aspects of a persons personality. It could also be guiding you to freely use your voice when its aligned to something your passionate about, because in those moments you can truly inspire the people around you. 

it feels as if you are trying to find your current direction in life and these next 4 cards are showing us how to begin to see that clearly and what to do to get there.

The heArt is asking you to be a witness right now and to follow the signs your getting. Heart is assuring you that you are getting these signs but your mind is getting in the way (to mental not present enough) 

left brain (human side / logical) is saying you needs to allow yourself to receive more. You need to allow your one on one Relationships to support you during this transition. This will also help release the subconscious pattern we discussed earlier. 

right brain (intuitive) is needing you to become more grounded when you are In connection to these one on o e relationship so that you can get the intuitive hits CLEARLY heart says you are getting the signs but you are not (trusting or present) enough to receive them, which again is triggering you into these old patterns. 

when you can organize you Heart center to your mind in this way... get grounded when around these partnerships, see what they are willing to offer you and then open yourself to receive the intuitive signs you will feel confident speaking clearly your HIGHER SELVES needs and this will come from clarity of the intuition you are receiving. You will not be confused and things will (think & feel) right.



Let me start by stating this cross layout is mostly used to answer a specific question. If your looking for general information about your life from a bigger perspective this too will give guidance, but I can already see resonance to specific aspects so just know I am going to read this as the cards dictate it might go back and forth (big vision then specific)

#1 - you card... here we get hypo third eye chakra. This means you have pulled back from your authenticity and have settled into a level of distrust in what the bigger vision or perspective is. I would have to say this is signaling that you have been given a “download” (purpose, guidance, direction) and after it was gifted to you - the mind began running through reasons why this “download” is not possible or probably for you at the time. This shows that manifestation energy has been halted here in your mental field most likely because you are not trusting in the bigger picture ”download” as it has been gifted to you.

#2 what’s blocking you... oh yes the above is true because here you are getting the shadow of the root chakra of whic is fear. Let me validate you and say this is a typical human pattern... we get “downloads” of our higher purpose and then our most grounded aspect of self “the human” in us says, I can’t do that - that would completely change my and my families lives! Then we chalk the “download” up to being our creative mind daydreaming way to big for our little human selves once again.

#3 your platform for growth... yes!!!! Love this, you are currently manifesting the support from your partner to chase the dream “download” you have been gifted with.

#4 goals... You are manifesting a new growth cycle through aligning YOU this most authentic version of yourself to your passion!  this passion is creative in nature.

#5 distant past... this is where you need to watch out because you could fall back into an old pattern that doesn’t serve this new energy. Here we get hypo root chakra which triggers our anxieties. Your mind after hearing these words of encouragement might be telepathically screaming “hell yeah!” Bring on the “download” this time I am going to follow through. And here what’s coming through is this has happened before and when it was time to manifest your purpose/download into physicality you got anxious and pulled back right before you had to make the shift that would change your life.

#6 future projection... follow your heart. If you follow your heart your future will be in complete balance. Heart also reminds us to trust and lean into vulnerability for the greatest outcome potential. 

#7 your attitude / position... you want to manifest stability so that you can bring your relationships into this present moment to align to this “download” 

#8 how others see you... haha now this is funny because your worried about the security of your relationships and this is saying they all know you always follow your intuition with conviction anyways... so what you waiting for! 

#9 hopes and fears... your authenticity is completely aligned to your purpose right now and this gives you as much hope as it does fear in the changes it might create in your life. Use your wisdom trust your authenticity.

#10 outcome... this is the last card of the deck 78 of 78) when it shows up it signals the complete union of human and divinity. It shows completion. It is perfection. The question you ask is being received and divine is saying yes, it’s all yours, the gates are open you just have to enter DEAR one.




wow let’s get started!

foundation... this new ascension energy is all about healing our limitations for growth, here we attract to us what can reflect or show us the deficiencies we still hold. Your platform for growth is showing a tendency towards your own inauthentic communication. How this will manifest through your relationship is in your partner speaking untruths back to you, or speaking one way and living/vibrating differently. Let me paint a picture of how this could play out... your relationship is fun in the beginning both people establish who they are through words/conversations then a few months in we realize something isn’t connecting, something just isn’t right... (somethings missing) do I even like this person. Confusion sets in because you both attracted each other through un-resonant throat chakra energy. You basically told one story then convinced each other of it now have to either do the work to become completely authentic in each others presence or just quit. This is a WARNING this does not have to be your future unless you chose to SPEAK in ways that are not in alignment with who you are at the core. 

relationship... manifesting appreciation- this is new and interesting because your heart emotionally is connecting in new ways to this new experience. This is aligned to high self so something about this is connected to your higher wants and needs, appreciate that it’s different and not like anything you have explored before remember new is good because it gives us a chance to step out of old patterns.

you... the witness (SIGNS) remember that song “I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign... it’s ringing in my ears. Again you are manifesting the ability to stay grounded in you thoughts. Everything about this is different and that freaks out your patterned left brain - that says, this isn’t like anything we’ve done before. (This should be your first sign it’s good!) stay grounded to see the signs that HIGH SELF is sending you as affirmations to validate what your brain is trying to figure out. 

bridge... (high self & low self bridge) again you are manifesting this energy so it’s not here yet. It feels like HS is trying to get you to see clearly a path “intuitively or instinctually” that will open you up to more clarity about the groups that surround you. This bridge can bring you closer to divine or block you if old patterns are chosen. This isn’t about the relationship this is about how you changing to align more fully into your profit role and the groups that start to surround you in this space and the people within them will look different, now the question remains how are you going to lead? (Hyper throat - foundation, will you get triggered to speak from an inauthentic place or will you discover and speak authentic power)

voice... so how do you speak authenticlly you ask? Passionately and straight from right brain, through this you will create artistry through your words that paint this new teality into being. This will support your HS and not the personality/ego/low self vibe that’s been hanging around.

perspective... wow manifesting complete evolution. So we have shifted into HS energy which means you asked about relationships but HS wants to remind you (soul mates come when we are most aligned to our authenticity because from here we can support one another as partners who don’t need anything from each other, but act as compliments to one another’s unique vibration) here your purpose is to find yourself and be authentic in the face of a new relationship and through this (whatever outcome) you will be more aligned to your divine destiny. 

outcome... to your question. This is going to take courage your mind is struggling to remain in control. The mind likes what it knows and this is a cycle you no longer live by, speak only things connected to your HS or in other words your TRUTHS let these new relationships give you the opportunity to step into your full power and don’t back down, this is your stepping stone to the next more aligned version of you. (Ps- don’t repeat old mental patterns, this will hold you back) 



Jumpers say...

Patience dear one, you are releasing old demons here from loving relationships where your voice was stifled. Stay grounded to stay connected and stay rooted in the present moment to see outside of you what is trying to keep you held in old paradigms or a lower limiting vibration the no longer supports your divinity. 

Reading 1-21-18

What guidance is currently waiting for me


You - Harmony card. Your authentic self has aligned to your heart which makes you unstoppable. There are moments when our human journey would tell us things are wrong or thing are out of place where divine would say everything is exactly as it needs to be. Life can get confusing, but know that evern of you can’t see clearly right now everything is in harmony and it is because you have been able to aligne those aspects of yourself to your heart center.

whats blocking you: Completion, this is an end of a cycle card. It is where mind connects to the present moment. Here is where I would say what your experiences are currently in life (why you need to be reminded you are In complete harmony)  are becoming slow and muddled in the presence of your life and your expectations of a Grand finale moment are not going to show. You have to trust in the work you have done to get you to this place and understand that you have successfully completed this “human school” that now is time to create without having to know why you need to create it.

Goals: Sanctuary: you are trying to manifest the perfect (home, family, space) are you trying to relocate or just trying to make your current foundation more of a sanctuary either way this energy is currently manifesting into your life.

foundation: prudence: you are manifesting the ability to use your voice in a clear way to express your intuitive intelligence. Because this is the foundation card and your goals are sanctuary I would say there is something here to grow out of. Don’t have fear to raise your voice to speak your mind. By doing this it will creat your opening to find and achieve your sanctuary. To have Prudence is to have deep respect for your abilities to continually be able to produce the results you need to help keep you on your path and secure what you need.

distant past: aligned chakra card. Typically the distant past card shows where a relaps could happen in the current foundation, but here you show perfection! So to me this means that there may have been a time in your past where you were able to use your voice to manifest the “sanctuary” so have you shifted or changed from some of these values or causes? Are you speaking your truth? Look to your past for understanding on how to align to this sanctuary the resides within your goals.

Future: Inspire! Hahah there not letting you get away until you understand that your voice is the KEY. Align you PASSION to your voice this is going to be how you are able to inspire those around you showing you the clear path forwArd. Sometimes we fear we don’t know what to say.... or if it will be right.... or if we have the wisdom... yet you have it all! As long as your in your passion these truths will come out to guide your progress.


Should I get a real job?

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physical - what’s happeing in life. Arch Angel card Zadekial - message of acceptance. The world that you have created deserves your connection, recognition, and acceptance.

Everything happening in your world, from the trees you surround yourself with, to the people you

talk to, to the food you eat is all created by your power of creation and your choice. No two

human worlds are evolving at the same speed or interacting in the same way. Think about it

everything you do on a daily basis is 100% your choice and of your creation. No one on this

planet is seeing or experiencing everything you see and experience, and when you look closely

even those we chose to most closely share our lives with have different understandings and

perceptions of what we know and believe. Everything we chose to experience already has our

connection and signature on it. We must look at everything in our world, everything we can see

with our eyes day in and day out and chose to acknowledge the love we have put into creating

it, start to see its true heart. By seeing the heart outside of yourself in the things you have

created you acknowledge the heart within yourself. By acknowledging the heart within yourself

you chose to recognize the heart of everything outside of yourself. Example: Even the most

tense and negative situations in your world are of your creation, find the silver lining, recognize

and accept your part in its creation and allow your heart to fill with the understanding that this

situation was created by you to help you find new and different ways to recognize and love

yourself. By you accepting those worlds interacting and connecting into your world, you help to

bridge the worlds and create understanding and acceptance for all. You have a hand in creating

everything in your world. You will start to recognize the need to love all aspects of yourself and

those things in the world you surround yourself with.

Emotional -  

1- why your battling this question. Attachment- you have patterns of attaching your purpose to foundational issues of support/security and self worth. Know that you have 2 more arch angles with you Gabriel for co-creation and Uriel for release. It’s time to trust that you are in co-creation with the Divine and it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are able to play in co-creation with the world around you.

Uriel says - There comes a point within everyone's existence where they experience a shift and a release of

the physical body, this is where you start to live from a place of remembrance of who you have

always been. You remember the soul you have forgotten along the way. You remember that life

is more than what you perceive and you hear the calling inside to become who you were meant

to be. When this happens you must make room for the soul to renter the body. Like a sun

finding its way home through a dark universe this is what happens inside of your physical body

during the shift. Once the soul finds its way back home you no longer see duality. There are no

more choices in your life, everything is one harmonious direction or path that you feel inclined to

take. Your life becomes directed and your sense of doing becomes laser focused. You have

made room inside of your body to allow divine soul light to come home and when this happens

there is no stopping you. Your energy becomes uplifted and you release old patterns that have

kept you trapped in untrusting version of yourself. With your new light body you find ease and

openness in everything you do, there is no more resistance in life and all stars align just to allow

you to find your way home.

emotionally is where you are holding onto patterns that have created belief systems making you question your path. Remember this world is just a hologram - everything is in divine perfection, just the way you created it. 

Mental Field - 5D - your need to have the supportive community around you who believe what you believe and understand you on the deepest of levels is manifesting into your path. The thought that if I only had the people around me to support me now, is coming into reality. Here arch angle Michael comes in to support you. 

you are also in a phase of growth where your passions are aligning to your authentic self which will create new energy for you to follow. From the confusion of the mind you will begin to “feel” intensely a pull to create and manifest new which will take you deeper into your purpose work.

your ideals, and your need to be free keep you out of the normal limiting patterns of humanity. Your authentic self is in alignment with your self expression and this creates the momentum you seek within the realm of your career/job. You have this freedom and it doesn’t seem as if this will change.



What is happening in the next 6months, and what do I need to make it successful

You - manifesting card, intreasting thing is that you have the reverse energy of this card as your foundation. these two cards represent the opposit ends of a cycle. Here in the you position it describes what you are currently going through. This is where your present moment connects to your high self and brings into your field the ability to manifest. It means you are in prime mode to create into your field exactly what you need as long as it’s deemed purpose filled and supported by high self. This is the baby card of the cycle - what is new, what excites you, what do you want, where can you play and explore here is where you will find the “thing” wanting to be manifested

whats blocking you - your own awakening! Where is your passion not connected to your high self. Remember to manifest in this new cycle you have to be playing and passion filled so where are you blocking your own high self connection by your inability to find joy in what your doing? 

goals - stability. Easy! You want to connect your one on one relationship to your present moment!

Foundation- complete card, this card signals the completion of a long cycle it’s where purpose meets your foundation. Think of the flow of energy up and down a tube, this signals the downward flow - manifest in cycle where everything comes back down into your foundation. You are manifesting the completion of a long cycle and it will soon come to an end, but it will create the new foundation that you can grow from. Think all the experience you learned instead of what you lost in the process of what you took so long to develope. Everything had to be cleared to put you in a place to create this new higher level thing.

distant past - shadow of illusion, this is a pattern that if you don’t let go will continue to hinder your own growth and success. Block in third eye or perspective, where are you not seeing clearly what’s unfolding and holding onto the dark side of what’s coming through. Stop your overactive mind and allow yourself to be open to the totality of what’s coming through instead of your limiting views on what you think you see. 

Future- hyper root chakra, in order to move forward in the next six months you have to stop playing this role/archetype! Stop being someone your not. Root Chakra is all about fear in moving forward, where are you living someone else’s path and not you own because your scared to not have a solid foundation Beneith you. 

Your attitude/position - you are manifesting the ability to tell your story clearly. This has to do with walking the walk and talking the talk. Family connecting to your self expression and you authentically speaking your truth your story. 

other people views- people witness you as someone who is putting on a hyoid mask or they see your “fake ness” they can tell you are playing a role. This has to do with your obsessive tendencies, mostly connected to relationships and passion. 

Hopes and fears: you,-“if I become completely authentic and be who I want to be in the future... hyper root chakra card” what happens if there is no foundation what happens if I don’t have support or stability to do what I want to do... you hope you can find the balance between who you are and living in this completely connected and authentic way but fear if you do so you will not have support in what you want. This card signals the pulling back or away from your foundation (job, family, foundation) 

Outcome: witness. Divine is asking you to watch for the signs. Use you MIND your ability to perceive what’s going on in connection to the present moment. By doing this you become the witness of what is happening around you which becomes your roadmap to the success in which you seek. You must remember we’re not given the entire path we’re given steps and the steps arrange themselves into experiences. These experiences when joy filled and connected to our passion create a harmonious path that your entire self (high & human) can get behind. 



Physical- heart and your one on one relationships. You are currently moving through a healing that will actually show up in your physical body

emotional- you are playing a role in your spiritual center of the crown chakra. Watch out where you pull back from the grand perspective of what's happening and where you detach from what's going on. 

mental - your making progress! Your will power towards creating a new foundation (although it's taking everything you have) is manifesting and your making progress. Release any worry in your mental space to move forward more seamlessly. 

spiritual - your authentic self is aligning to your intuition brining you more into balance with what is happening on a higher level for you at this time. You are being asked to have the fortitude (strength) to stay connected and present to left and right brain right now. 

past- manifesting harmony and compassion towards yourself in this new energy.

present - being adaptable aligning your passions into the community supporting you. Or finding you passion for what's at hand and getting the support from the community around you.

future- a warning to not lie, if you lie or tell lies your future will have patterns from the past and be hard to navigate clearly. Speak truths and this will make the future clear and more easy to move into.


10-10-17 Reading

When corosponding through email I felt your throat chakra "ascension symptom" you could say - and got a flash of running this layout for you. Saying that I assumed I would get direct info pertaining to your throat chakra integration, alas not a single throat chakra card, but so much more and actually more clear! SO here we go:

Root Chakra your foundation: the energy here is awakening. Your "high self" or cosmic awareness is aligned to your passion at the moment and creating an awakening In your field.

Sacral Chakra one on one relationships: "high self" cosmic awareness is connecting to your right brain the intuitive center and asking you to observe what is happening outside of yourself. Specifically aligned to your one on relationships. This can be romantic, business, friendship... anywhere that you hold energy in connection to another. Your intuitive senses are becoming heightened by what you perceive happening outside of you in dealing with these close personal relationships. What's becoming more present and what's falling away. The cosmic self in connection to everything is triggering you in this intuitive center to show you what's happening...

Solar Plexus the human: you have the Heart Chakra card symbolizing complete balance. Your authentic self has found harmony in the collective experience.

Heart Chakra the bridge: by aligning your authentic self to your heart you were able to find harmony in what you do and what you've created in human form (3D reality) this heart connection inside YOU has been your number one guide in getting you through this bridge or this 4D gateway.

Throat Chakra your purpose has been in leading the community through devotion and heart centered guidance. you have manifested a path that has been directly influenced by the heart guiding you.

Third Eye your perspective. It is going to take all of your strengt/fortitude to now align yourself with your intuition regarding the current situation presenting itself. (Here your awakening from root chakra and what your observing from your one on one relationships) cosmic self aligning with your passion in this moment. Also a lot about duality and balance where have you separated: right from wrong, positive from negative, ego from intuition. This is all about finding the strength to unify as one whole - authenticity to intuition knowing it's all me and everything is one.

Crown Chakra - outcome this is the shadow side of the heart chakra (grief)  what are you unwilling to let go of. Shadow comes up where there has been a pattern repeated many times and it's a warning for you to look at;  what am I scared to lose or what am I afraid to let go of. Everything about you is connected to heart center and in this new paradigm the emotional body the 4d emotional reality is releasing if you do not move past this pattern of (rejection, protection, vulnerability, grief - letting go) you will stay in an old pattern not creating the expansion you deserve. Find the space to make yourself expansive (where can you bring yourself more into oneness) the fortitude to reconcile duality from third eye. It is here when everything is the same that you will not have fear in the loss or potential of loss.


Card Reading #2 10-1-2017

Root Chakra - the base your moving from and creating into this curent reality. You have archangel Michael in your field he is all about the coming together of like minded people - light attracting light and frequencies supporting each other his energy basically draws these people to you without any effort on your part.

sacral chakra- one on one relationships - another archangel this one zedikial who's message is about acceptance and acknowledging that you are the co-creator of your world everything surrounding you especially one on one relationships have been created for you by you and with you in mind so learning to accept all the energy of these one on one connections will bring you more fully into alignment with what your creating

solar plexus - the authentic you, this card talks about your mind (considered left brain more than right) and your heart. I would direct you to know that it is ok to want things in life and anything your mind creates is there for you to feel into and manifest for your ENJOYMENT - don't assign wants to ego anymore know that your channel is pure and every experience/idea/want is ok to peruse have reverence for this part of your authentic self. 

heart - hyper crown chakra - back to the previous card the only thing inhibiting you from manifesting all of those heart felt wants the lay fill your mind is the attachment you have to how that might look or what the outcome might be... if you let go of what the end result of your desire may be more of your desires will mee you in the 3D world! 

throat Chakra - artist card your mind and your passion are meant to move through your voice this creates  artistry in everything you do, express and speak.

third eye (perspective) recognize how much purpose lies between you and your one on one relationships. All yourself to receive from these high vibrational connection in doing this you will open up to a greater perspective that serves you well on your path. 

crown - (the conclusion) you are manifesting the community in this present moment that is going to be the connection you seek at this time on your path. Your presence and engagement within this community will furfill that same connection.