8th dimension

Part 3 - Raise Your Frequency



After you have achieved a grounding practice your next goal will be to learn the importance of raising your frequency. There are many ways to begin to raise your frequency, if you live long enough the natural progression of the earth and its own energetic field will force you to raise your frequency. For everyone else it is recommended that you find a way to help you in raising your frequency. For those who are not separated from civilization and connected to the Earth plane somewhere in nature it is recommended that you manually achieve heightened states of frequency so that you can begin to bring thorough more divine light and energy into this world. In the year 2016 around 72% of humans can be said to be vibrating around a 3.2 frequency, meaning they are vibrating and perceiving within the three dimensional field. That percentage drops drastically when you begin talking about persons who are resonating around a 3.8 or slightly higher. What this means is that in order to move ourselves into and out of the different dimensions we must be able to raise our base level frequency out of the third dimension. Why you ask would we want to move into and out of the different dimensions? Simply put so that we can perform the work we were made to do with clear perspective. Example, when you sit at the base of the mountain you cannot see the top. You know the top is there, but you can only believe that it is there. It is not until you start climbing the base and scale the mountain until you reach the top you have a clear understanding of what the entire mountain looks and feels like. It is here that you gain the greater perspective.

 It is to be assumed if you have gotten this far into the book that you have been brought into this space and time as a teacher. As a teacher you must begin to remember your specific gifts and talents before you can begin to assist those around. These gifts that you must recall are some of the ones listed above like astral projection, time travel, connecting with angels and guides, but also include things like healing, manifesting, telekinesis, telepathy, animal communication, plant communication, elemental control and inter dimensional travel just to name a few. Specific individuals are here in this time and space to remember who they are on a spiritual level so that they can begin to help others transition into the full understand of who they are. By being able to hold more light and raise your frequency you will allow a shift to take place for the people who surround you. Unknowingly people of a lower vibration are drawn to higher vibrational people. This happens because higher vibrational people can aid others in their assention process simply by being themselves. As you embark on your own journey of self discovery you will find that the universe brings you people that can be aided by your unique spiritual skill set. As you begin to discover who you are and what drives you, others will be brought to you throughout your own learning process to be a part of the understanding of who you are, but also to learn from what you are discovering. When we step into the light of who we are we not only make it ok for ourselves to discover our unique gifts and talents, but we also open space for those that surround us to find their unique energy within the matrix.

You may be asking yourself at this point what are the dimensions and what exactly is frequency? It is important to know in physical terms humans and their tangible bodies live within the third dimension. In our matrix there are 10 dimensions that a person can move into and out of at will, simply enough by raising your vibrational frequency. On a scale one can raise as high as a level 10 frequency. If a person holds a level 10 frequency, they can easily move thorough any of the 10 dimensions. There are times in your life when your frequency will be raised so that you may access one of the higher dimensions either for greater perspective on a situation, or to help you remember a part of your spirituality or simply to allow you a glimpse of your unique gifts and talents. When discussing a person’s frequency, it is important to know both of the levels in which you hold, first there is the level of frequency that you have reached at any given point in time and second is the average level in which you consistently hold. These will be two different numbers one for your average frequency and one for the highest level you have experienced. These numbers will be constantly evolving as your practice and work progresses.

Example, Joe has an average vibrational level of 3.3. Joe may have been involved in a near death experience which means Joe has achieved a level of 6.4 reaching into the sixth dimension. When a person goes through a near death experience their frequency gets elevated when they move through the fourth dimensional portal of time space and move into the higher dimensional realms. From this example it would indicate that our subject Joe normally holds a 3.3 frequency and has reached into a 6.4. With a consistent practice Joe will begin to elevate his average frequency higher, with such practices anyone can learn how to hold more light energy and vibration in their body. What Joe had experienced in the sixth dimension could with practice one day become his normal frequency.

Here we will give a hint more detail on the sixth dimension and a near death experience since we brought the topic for review. When a person lives through a near death experience they will travel through the fourth dimension into the sixth dimension. Missing the fifth dimension as this is a place for visiting beings and certain souls who have passed already. A guide from the seventh dimension or higher will be available to greet the person who is now astral traveling or projecting into the sixth dimension. This guide will help to initiate a review of sorts before the soul makes any choices. Think of the relationship between a loving mother and her child, this is what the welcome is like when a soul enters into the sixth dimension. Things move slowly and at the pace of the wide eyed soul. Like the Joe example there can be many reasons humans go through a near death experience. One example is so that the soul can be reminded of their lesson plan. Another reason may be to make choices on whether to stay in the current human body or to move into another human body called being a “walk-in” or even to fast forward life experiences so that a lesson plan can become fully recognized. Meaning the soul visiting the sixth dimension needs to remember what it is to be a soul, possibly this person could have been to focused on their human existence forgetting their divine lesson plan. Souls always have free will when it comes to their path therefore options that are given will be given time for consideration before any decisions are made. After a near death experience depending on the information that was given to the soul to review the soul will then decide if they want to come back to earth or transition on. If return is selected, most souls will return to their body and have little to know memory of what was experienced in the sixth dimension. If a soul remembers the experience or not will depend on what information and tasks that soul is looking to complete. An important note to remember is that as one progresses higher into different dimensional realms it is not necessary to have a near death experience to reach the sixth dimension, this is simply one way an unpracticed soul may achieve this level of resonance within the matrix. With practice holding light energy one can begin to perceived into the finer subtler fields running through the matrix they live in. This is all done by projecting your consciousness through that which is physical, once this is done you can begin to move into the different dimensional fields.

Children and their relationship to frequency. Ever few decades the frequency of the world changes and therefore the children being born into that Earth frequency also make big strides in understanding the connection between human and spirit. The last big shift in planetary frequency happened around the year 1983. Souls that incarnated around this year and after are considered bright eye children. Most souls born into this earth frequency have the ability to remember more clearly their divine connection and have a stronger pull towards their unique abilities here on earth. It is said that each child of a new generation will be born with a stronger connection to the higher dimensional realms. This is an important note because as each generation comes into this world they are bestowed with more consciousness than the line before them. Today children manifest anything and everything they want. They were born into a time when what you think can appear outside your door within 24 hours, yet this ability to transmit through the mental field or the internet is something they will always know. To not have proper mentorship about the different fields will be a means to an end. They must learn how to remain connected into the physical world for our growth in our abilities if not taught to our new generations will lead them to a point of disconnection instead of ultimate connection. 

As children we keep in constant contact with the divine world around us. Babies come into this world and chose to have their all knowing soul incarnate into a physical third dimensional body. Due to the changes that this new dimension holds a baby will continue to astral travel taking its soul and leaving the body returning to the sixth dimension. Energetically it is said that this is why babies sleep so much because they are astral journeying. It is hard to move from a completely energetic form and then be forced into a physical form. In order for babies to completely acclimate they will astral projects up until they develop their language centers and may even continue to project after this language center has developed, but it is a fact that as an infant the baby will leave the body almost every time it moves into sleep. Children up until the age of eight will have the presence of a guide with them most all of the time. This guide will act as their guardian angel protecting this child and making sure its lesson plan is looked after. Once the child reaches the age eight they will lose contact and knowledge of their guide. This loss will happen mostly because it will be time for the child to enjoy the life of a third dimensional being. At age eight the child’s guide will stay connected to the soul of the child, but from the perspective of the child the connection will be gone. At this age a child becomes very internal and will begin to transmit from their mental field, this combined with the soul growth that is needed at this point in time the guides will step back and allow the child to develop on a more self-directed journey until they are around the age of 27. This is to insure that the child has experiences that are unique to a human existence in the earth plane. Then around the age of 26 or 27 the guide will reestablish a connection and begin introducing elements of the soul lesson plan. Whether the 27-year-old knows it or not the guide who has stepped back in the picture will now begin assisting the person into situations, encounters, dreams and remembrances that will help keep them moving towards their divine purpose. At this point those adolescences who have held onto their spiritual connection will even begin to develop their unique gifts and talents and move into a clearer channel of receiving their intuition and messages from their divine connection here in the physical world. Between 26 and 31 beings will begin doing physical world activities that begin to connect them to their divine lesson plan. This will start to align in their lives in subtle ways and become more predominant if the being is clear with their intentions and goals. Beyond 31 the guides will always be around to assist and keep a person centered on their lesson plan, how clear the actions are will be based off of how clear the human is. It is always possible to develop your unique gifts and talents no matter what age, it is simply most accessible when a person is clear during the timeline provided.

The Circle of Light:

The 12 dimensions all coexist within the world we live in and can perceive today. When you look around with your two physical eyes you are seeing into the third dimension. What you may not see, lying in wait are the other subtler dimensions all coexisting right beneath the veil. Dimensions in nature become less dense as they progressively get higher in frequency. Even the most attuned spiritual seeker requires much practice to raise their frequency high enough to get access into the highest dimensions. With enough practice, openness, and an ok from the higher realms we can all experience the higher vibrational fields that are contained within our matrix.

The third dimension is explained as everything physical/material that you see around you. The third dimension is considered dense and therefore contains physical matter. You will learn later on that it is possible to take your physical body into higher dimensions, but this practice requires the ability to raise the vibrational level of the cells of your body very high.

The fourth dimension is the dimension of time and space. The fourth dimension is used to travel into the past and future. Beyond the fourth dimension there is no such thing as time so three dimensional beings must use this tunnel to access that which is all “time and space” or “past and future”. Here by using the fourth dimensional gateway we can travel outward (faster – more fine) and other beings can slow down and travel inward (slower- more dense) the fourth dimension is like the great inter dimensional airstrip allowing all with the intention to do so a landing strip to move wherever they are looking to go. When traveling through the fourth dimension many explain that it feels as if your body is being pulled or sucked through a cylinder like tube. As you raise your frequency your body will become lighter and around your head you will feel a pulling or lifting sensation. This is one of the ways that you can tell you are moving through the fourth dimension. Using the fourth dimension is where you can begin to remote view. This means using the eyes of another human or guide to gain perspective on a situation that has happened in the past or in the future or even in current time. When we go through a past life regression we are using one of our talents called ‘remote viewing’. During meditation in connection with your higher self, guides or angles you are most of the time using the fourth dimension to remote view. If you see yourself from a distance or watch a situation play out as if on a movie reel you are almost always using the fourth dimension.


It is easiest on a human body to use the talent of “remote viewing” as opposed to other techniques you will learn later. The fourth dimension being closest to our third dimension is close to the frequency of our normal Earth plane and therefore makes it easy for us to reach and hold this higher frequency without much change in our normal state of being. When a human brings in higher frequencies it changes the molecular structure of their physical body. This means when a person raises their frequency enough their physical body will begin to change and not always for the best. People who have channeled high frequency energy for repetitive years will begin to get mutations in their cells which can lead to tumors or cancer. So to own your energetic field and be cautious about the work you do is always recommended. Like my mentor told me, doing this work is not easy, it is a choice and being that it is a choice one should know exactly what they are getting into before they proceed.

The Circle of Light:

In the fifth dimension we can astral travel. This means that you don’t have to use another energetic forms eye to view timelines and you have choice in where you go and what you see. Here you are able to take your own etheric body and see events as they happen or as they may have happened at one time or in a specific timeline. You may move between remote viewing and astral travel during the same meditation session. A way to know you are doing both is to chose to meet your guides to review an upcoming even, once in your meditation you may at one point be remote viewing meaning using their eyes or your higher selves’ eyes and then in the next moment you may transition into astral travel. Astral travel is much harder on your body energetically so it is not uncommon in the beginning to bounce between the two dimensions depending on what you are working towards. If you feel you might be transitioning back and forth a way to know you are astral traveling is that when you touch or embrace your guides, you will always feel the surge of energy from this deep loving connection. If you are remote viewing it will not be as intense or you may not feel an energy transfer at all in your own physical body. During remote viewing we are simply witnessing encounters or events, not able to use the senses during the situation, but with astral travel we can go where we want, we can touch, smell, feel, hear and when these senses are engaged it is an indication that you are using the fifth dimension. An easy way to know you are using the fourth dimension is that the images will flash forward and back as if someone is pressing fast forward or rewind. Sometimes it can feel as if you are watching pictures scroll in front of your visual perception. As if you are flipping through a photo book with no control simply witnessing a series of events.


It is not uncommon for an individual to move into states of “lucid day dreams” where they are unknowingly within the fourth or fifth dimension. I will give an example from my own life, whenever I sit in my salon stylists’ chair I begin to get lulled into a state where my frequency raises into the fourth dimension. I will begin to move into “telepathy” or the mental field of my stylist. I will begin to pick up on her thoughts as if they are my own and begin to sense into her field. Unless my mind is sharp, I will not catch this activity before I am hearing the same words come out of my stylists’ mouth. This can happen to anyone when they are tired or not consciously on guard of what their subconscious and mental field are doing. This also happens to people when they perform repetitive tasks like driving, gardening, or washing dishes. During these types of activities one can find themselves slipping into states of lucidity. This is where the energetic bodies find harmony with one another and the natural breathing becomes very regulated. A persons’ field becomes pliable and their frequency will naturally raise. It is within these moments that one can sense into the subtle fields surround them. A person might go into life/timeline review, or have pre cognitions about future events, possibly one might move into the mental field of someone they are thinking about inspiring the other person to connect in the physical plane. Because humans are not taught what it means to live being surrounded by energy people do not know that they do these things on a regular basis. When these things are done unknowingly it can cause for much distress in a person’s life. When you don’t know what is your energy and what is someone else’s energy you may constantly feel confused, thinking that everything you see, sense, feel, hear and know is you when that is not always the case.

The Circle of Light:

In the sixth dimension you will encounter what humans call “heaven”. The sixth dimension is where souls go once they transition over from the third dimensional world. Here they move away from the dense matter in the third dimension and return back into higher vibrational energy. Due to souls freewill there is the option for a soul to stay behind in the fifth dimension where they exist on the earth plane still moving through life, but without a physical body, they will be without a vessel. A soul might choose to

stay and not move on because they are attached to the third dimensional existence or people they use to know. This typically only happens to souls that have been through catastrophic deaths or subsides as these souls are unknowing of their death most of the time. This may happen because the energetic connection to those still living is too strong and the living might be keeping the soul behind.  Most souls that die here on earth in the third dimension have to go through a transition period where they are bound to the earth and their physical body that remain in the third dimension, but they are stuck in the fifth dimension while this transition happens. When this happens all souls have their guides with them helping them to clearly understand what has occurred, but again there is a transition period and it takes time to acclimate to the new senses and receptors that get turned on when you enter into energetic form. Most souls choose to move on from this period in the appropriate amount of time and can find their way easily and with help from higher frequency beings into the sixth dimension. There are some that want to stay behind or stay to long and find it more difficult to find their way back into the sixth dimension. As each day passes in the fifth dimension, connection to a potential different way of life becomes more distant and acceptance of the new fifth dimensional lifestyle settles in and souls become stuck in this dimension. These are what we call the ghosts in our third dimension. Please note that a soul that wants to move into the sixth dimension will always be allowed and shown the way, but as time passes so does any need or reason to move on. Remember that the fifth dimension is a place where we can see, feel, sense, touch and it looks as if we may still be living in the surroundings of our familiar world so it could be very easy to forget and remain behind. The fifth dimension is used in time travel; many beings from other dimensions use this dimension to move about our earth. Those in the fifth dimension can see beings in the third, but because of a lower vibrational level those in the third dimension can’t perceive what is in the fifth, unless you find yourself slipping into higher states of frequency.

In the sixth dimension we will become our higher self. This is the divine part of our self that has remained tapped into the higher frequencies of all space and all time. The higher self is knowledge and wisdom of all of our life times a complete version of our soul that we have access to always in this third dimension, but due to the vibration and energy of this component of ourselves unless we higher our frequency while still on earth in human form this part of ourselves remains convoluted full understanding is veiled from our human perspective. We connect to this knowing only through signals or impulses of remembrance like dreams or synchronicities.  Remember our human forms are very dense and it takes high frequency energy to connect all aspects of our soul self into a singular time and space. When one passes on from physical form into the sixth dimension this is where our soul gets taken into a life review lasting around twenty human years here we have the ability to work out the areas of karma where it did not successfully accomplish what it had set out to do. With the help of our guides who work here we figure out what lessons we will work on in our next lives or what work we will choose to do in our next incarnation. The sixth dimension then turns into a school for the soul, it’s where we review, learn and plan and practice for our continued existence as a soul making the return journey to Earth. This phase of our journey takes about 100 human years to complete. Beings in the third dimension can access the sixth dimension by raising their frequency and using either remote viewing or astral projection to experience timeline review, past life viewing of lessons, light retrieval, and even karmic clarity. If you have heard the phrase “heaven on earth”, there is a point at which a human being can raise their frequency high enough so that they are in constant contact with their higher self. Eliminating fear from their journey and bringing a sense of comfort and ease to the human body. This is called the decent of the higher self and it can only happen when a human is able to maintain a frequency that permits that haven energy to reside within the human form by raising the base level frequency to a six or higher. This can happen in short intervals over a life time or be maintained with conscious awareness of the energetic field and opening to the energetic field around one’s own body. For most souls going through this spiritual journey it will be hard to stay open and receptive enough to allow the higher self to descend into the body as well as stay connected and grounded to the Earth at all times. It is important to know that by practicing your meditative work and staying open and grounded all of the time you will create space for this shift to occur. The higher self or wise consciously aware self cannot stay in a body that is constricted or holds any dense or lower vibrational energy so eliminating these patterns from your body will allow for a more natural merging to happen.


Try a fun mental activity: Take away any concept of time and now reread the above paragraph. If time does not exist in the sixth dimension that would indicate that our six dimensional self or our transitioned soul is infinite, even in the here and know all knowing and perfect. If this soul piece is infinite and resides in all space and all time and we have access to that component of ourselves what happens when this shift occurs and we being to know ourselves as the higher self? How does this relate to heaven on earth? What happens when we are channeling our higher self and are aligned completely with this component of our existence? What is a human life (considering time) if we have an infinite existence in these other dimensions?

The Circle of Light:

The seventh dimension holds a higher frequency than all previously reviewed dimensions, here guides amongst other things may reside. These seventh dimensional guides chose to partner together with humans and assist with items within their divine lesson plan. Guides can be working with multiple humans at one time, remember past the fourth dimension there is no such thing as time so it is possible for a guide to work with any number of humans at the same time in this dimension. A guide from the seventh dimension will work with a human on specific areas within their lesson plan. For example, a seventh dimensional being and your soul might have connected together during a transition time while you were performing a life review in the sixth dimension. During this life review before you chose to incarnated back to a physical plane or elsewhere the two of you may have decided to partner together during your next cycle of life. The seventh dimensional being is tasked to take on your soul’s case and their job was going to be to help you stay aligned to your path by learning some of the life lessons you chose to learn in this next existence. Seventh level guides can be considered very social, due to their jobs descriptions within this seventh dimension. These guides are continually trying to align humans together on the earth plane encouraging people to come together to either resolve past karma or to assist in learning lessons or to help in transitional times. In the seventh dimension there is a lot of networking going on between guides, their goal is to fill our social calendars and our day to day interactions with encounters that keep us aligned to our highest path. This means that these guides are working behind the scenes trying to get people to meet together to encourage growth and alignment. In a human term we would call these guys our soul agents, because they are working together trying to get us a starring role with another soul in the stage that is our Earth. A great piece of advice to remember is that if you are having problems with a human from the third dimension you can always call on your seventh dimension guide to step in and talk with their seventh dimensional guide to elevate the tension or bring light to the situation between you and this other human. This will work if it is for your highest good, it will not work if you are trying to avoid a lesson or experience that is for your greatest alignment. A seventh dimensional guide will pop in and pop out of your life depending on what your needs are at any given moment in time.


Remember as you elevate your frequency into higher dimensions’ the things that you perceive around you do not change only your relationship to them do. As three dimensional beings perceive only that which is tangible and material around them this will become their reality. Once a three dimensional begin begins to play within the unseen field around them they will being to develop a different understand and relationship to that which is a higher frequency. So to do higher vibrational energies perceive all that which is similar to their frequency. As a person begins to elevate their frequency and has experiences with time travel, remote viewing, telepathy and other modes of higher energy beings you begin to realize that everything coexists within the same matrix, it is only our limited awareness that holds us back from this complete assimilation into the truth of our existence. Think of a high level military security compound. Those who have a first level clearance can access common spaces that are open to all, they do not have knowing’s of what lies within the spaces of the higher level clearance areas. Those who have a second level clearance can access the same areas as level one, but also have special areas that those with their same level clearance can access. Those who have a third level clearance can access even more areas than one and two and so on. Level three has the same access to level one and two, but also has access to a new area that includes those from level three. This is how the dimensions’ work. Once you gain access to a specific level those abilities stay with you yet it takes much clearing work and time spent trying to reach this clearance to begin to perceive from this state of awareness. Unlike a military clearance one only needs to open themselves to the possibilities of the dimensions to begin to perceive from its space, like a military clearance there are those who guide us who help us to achieve these different levels so never be scared to call out to your highest and most loving guides to help you achieve the perspective in which you hope to seek. Within the higher dimensions our guides also deal with these clearances. In the fifth dimension beings trapped here have no greater knowledge then your human self and these beings if they come in contact with your light might actually impose their own ego driven needs onto your journey. Above the fifth dimension is the sixth dimension here there are souls who are able to be in contact with third dimensional beings for a time during their stay in the sixth dimension. These souls are not supposed to interfere with your lesson plan at all because they are not guides, and do not have the ability to mentor you on your path. Above this are seventh dimensional guides, these guides come from a different solar system then you and have finished their incarnation cycle. They have had experiences just like you and are now tasked with seventh dimensional responsibilities of mentoring you along your lesson plan, you would have meet with them while in the sixth dimesion. There are seven different levels of knowledge or clearance within this dimension and each comes with its own job. Past this is the eight dimension here again guides who have passed through the clearances of the seventh dimension are able to work with us with greater knowledge and understanding. There are seven different levels here and each comes with more knowledge and clearance then the last. Past this is the ninth dimension where there are eight levels that guides can move through.

Circle of Light:

The eighth dimension hosts guides that work with humans on bigger picture items. For example, if your lesson plan states that you are to learn, remember and use healing arts while living here on earth you will have an eighth dimensional guide who is waiting for you to come into this phase of your life. When you are ready the eighth dimensional guide will be with you during the times when you are learning these skills and even performing these skills. They will make sure you are in contact with the people and information you need and help you to stay aligned to this process so that you can accomplish your goals and complete this greater objective. This guide will only enter into your field of awareness if and when you are focused on this goal. They will not be there day to day like your seventh dimensional guides. They will come into and out of your life mostly while you are engaged in this specific activity. These guides help you by allowing you the frequency necessary to remember how and why you are aligned to this goal and they will make sure you receive the lessons necessary that surround you and this new energy. Eighth level guides have a bigger picture take on your life and they will pick and chose based off of your own progression when to enter into and out of your energetic field.

In the ninth dimension you also have guides, but it is less likely they will be working directly with you. The only time a ninth dimensional guide will be working directly with you is if you are performing jobs here on earth that effect large groups of people or major shifts in consciousness. In the ninth dimension guides mostly preside over other groups of guides. An example of this would be that a ninth level guide is working with a group of eighth dimensional guides who are all working with humans who are learning to teach others humans about healing using medical intuition. In these dimensions’ guides will be working directly with humans if and when it suites the best interest of the human and their lesson plan, guides will also be working with other guides as in the example above. Ninth dimension presides over eighth dimension and eighth dimension presides over the seventh dimension and so on. Although there is no higher archery there is a level of perspective that is achieved that is greater as you move into the higher dimensions. The ninth dimension guides could be considered Karma Cops as they are making sure that everything is within the divine alignment of the humans, the guides and everything in the matrix. These guides will make sure that everyone is working towards the highest good of all involved and they will make sure free will is kept intact and lessons are not taken away from those needing the experience. This happens all throughout the dimensions, each level you move through there is more gained perspective so where one dimension may believe an action is best taken in a specific way the next level may see that there are other opportunities to take the same action during a different time or space. Even within the dimensions there are checks and balances to keep the matrix operating at maximum harmony.

In the tenth dimension we no longer have guides that work directly with humans. Here we have gatekeepers or guardians to the energy that resides here in the tenth dimension. Within the tenth dimension we have the god head energy, this can be experienced as the light that connects and move through each and every human being and dimensional being within our matrix. In humans this energy connects down into the heart center or the fourth dimensional gateway or chakra. The energy found in the tenth dimension is a collection of all of the healing rays of light that are found within each of the other dimensions. This is where complete assimilation into our matrix happens and receptivity to our own divine existence happens. When complete balance of positive and negative energy is achieved within a being it is possible to hold and use this energy. Access into this space will complete a trinity of energies and bring the merkabha light body into full knowing within a third dimensional being. Tapping into this field will allow for ultimate healing and harmony to occur to a physical body. This tenth dimensional field can give access to all beings within the matrix or all dimensions of existence and allows the one using this field to gain wisdom and clarity over one’s experiences and purpose.


Healers use the tenth dimension to bring through the rays of light into the physical plane to help heal a physical body. When a person can resonate with this energy no lower vibrational energy can affect the physical body. This is divine light energy and anyone who wishes to use this for their greater good has access into its frequency.

Circle of Light:

The eleventh dimension holds a connection from our matrix into other matrixes out beyond our known field. It can be seen as a frame work of gridded lines that extend form our matrix outward having the ability to touch all known matrixes in existence. Our matrix or “god” holds within it these ten dimensions and this eleventh dimension is the gateway to reach out beyond our known matrix and discover some of the other 40+ matrixes or gods that are within our reach.

Lastly is the twelfth dimension. This is our creator or the “god energy”. Although it may seem that these dimensions exist separate from one another that would be an untrue assumption. As you move through the dimensional frequencies the vibration of each dimension becomes higher and less dense and therefore all dimensions exist within one another just in finer and finer energetic levels. When trying to understanding what this god energy is we begin to see that it’s the energy that fills into every being on the subtlest of levels creating the grains of connection that unify all creatures within all the divine matrixes. It is the constant that connects everything to everyone and everyone to everything.

Circle of Light:


It is important to be able to raise your frequency if you wish to grow your conscious awareness and be able to gain greater perspective on the energy of things happening around you. Most humans reside in the third dimension which means if you are plotting this mark on the frequency scale they would be considered somewhere between a three and four. In order to move into the higher dimensions and connect with your guides, your unique gifts and talents, and the universal wisdom you must be able to raise your frequency and release the density from your energetic field.

Frequency changes in a body will feel slightly different to each individual going through them, but ultimately there are a few command threads between each individual’s experience. The goal when working with frequency is to first be able to feel it, and then begin to hold the higher energy within your body. When you begin holding this energy you will be able to consciously move the subtle vibrations around your body feeling and illuminating each area of the body you think about. A first time encounter with frequency coming into your energetic field might feel like a head ach or possibly pain to review one of the extremes. If you have started a meditation practice for the first time you may find yourself going through moments of dizziness or lightness in the limbs or head. Frequency in its most beautiful and subtle of forms will feel like light energy moving through your body starting at the head in most cases and running through the body like a chill or shiver. Again each person will describe this encounter differently and each is correct. You must recognize that whatever you are feeling no matter if it connects to these words or not is energy. If you think it is, it is, so go with what you feel and begin to play with what you are experiencing by seeing how long you can stay connected to it, before the sensations dissipate.


To review, if you hold a three frequency and find yourself receiving the full impact of an eighth dimensional guide while in meditation, it might feel like you were going to explode from sharp pain wherever the energy is channeling though you. It is important to know this is an extreme example and not how our guides chose to work with us. Over time we will be introduced to small amounts of our guides frequency allowing us to establish a connection to the higher energy. Once we begin to hold and work with this higher vibration we will be given more. It is a fine balance between human and guide when discussing how this energetic connection works. Remember frequency is energy and has the ability to change our biological constitute, therefore if an eighth level guide were to work with you they would do this work gradually allowing your physical body time to adjust to the new energy. Your guides will begin by sending you small amounts of this energy over time until your body is able to hold the higher vibration on its own. This might mean that during this time in your human world you will be called to let go of patterns and density that no longer serve your field. This will allow you to open up more fully to receive the higher frequencies coming through. This work takes time on so many levels so it is important to respect your journey and allow it to unfold as it is intended to. Release can and should happen on a physical, emotional, mental and then spiritual level. When one resists a calling to change their frequency they will most likely experience “problems” in their physical vessel. During cases of resistance one might take on illness and pains that can create sever blocks in their human body. This happens to try and signal the human to release whatever it is that they are holding onto that is no longer serving them. Note, this change will not happen to someone unless it is in their lesson plan. We all set parameters for ourselves for when we come into this human life and some will be called to change a lot sooner than others, so never compare your journey to that of another because all being are different in their lessons and that is part of the beauty contained within this experience.

Circle of Light:

When you first begin a journey and a guide is bringing to you a new level of frequency the information you receive during times of connection may come in fuzzy or be contained within brief encounters. This will happen until you are ready to hold this new energy more fully within your physical body. For an inexperienced meditator you can begin to request to feel energy within your own body by simply making a statement to the universe. Through a mental connection simply ask that you begin to feel energy within your body. When you say this from your mental center and send this request outward you should immediately start to feel energy moving within your body. This may feel like ants running up or down your spine or around your head, you may experience this energy as the hairs on your body standing on end. At this point it is suggested not to overanalyze what is happening to you on a physical level and just recognize that it is happening. Simply keep yourself open to the experiences that follow.


Words for the new meditator. There will be times during meditation when you will experience a very fluid connection to guides and the imagery that they will be sending or showing to you. This will be new and exciting. In these cases of connection, undoubtedly you will have had a guide with you helping to higher your frequency. This will allow you the ability to receive whatever it is you needed to receive. It is here that you will later understand what dimensional level you reached into by way of the help from your guide. This assistance alone will not promote your base level frequency to raise, but will show you the way to creating a connection through your human experience, to be, to see, and to feel into the new level you were brought into by your guide through meditation. Within this connection you will not have the bodily pains or density releasing discussed earlier, because you were being lifted into another dimension momentarily. It is only when you are doing clearing work that your body may experience the pain associated with a base level frequency increase. What you may experience after this connected encounter with your guide will be feelings of light headedness when you stand up or a vertigo sensation while sitting down, and quite possibly numbness in your limbs or face. After an encounter like this you may feel either a surge of energy or like you need to take a nap, no in-between, truthfully there has never been an in-between for me while practicing. No matter if you are experienced or inexperienced it is always recommended to take your process slowly and respect the energy as it comes in. If and when you overdo it, and I promise you will overdo it. It is recommended to listen to the signs to slow down, when you feel tired, or like you don’t want to mediate, do not force yourself into situation you are resisting. There will be times when your body needs to integrate the information it has received and if you don’t slow down you will be forced energetically to slow down by the universe, this is never a good sign.

Circle of Light:

Methods to raise your Frequency.

There are many ways to raise your frequency beyond what is stated here. Through reading the words below you may be inspired to try something new and exciting that pops into your head. Know that in order to connect into the energetic field around you all you must do is request it, if aligned to your path the process will be simple. Trust in what you are guided towards and be sensitive to your own inner callings. Raising your frequency is a trial and error method of practice that only you will be able to validate as successful or not. It is important like always to initially ground yourself in meditation before you begin to explore raising your frequency. If you are ungrounded and begins this work, you may not be able to register the changes happening within your field, so find a pathway to grounding that works best for you and make sure to perform this ritual before moving into any of the following techniques. It is also important to set your intention prior to your practice. Make sure to note this intention in your journal for full clarity during your practice while moving into the stillness of your breath work. This will help to align you more fully to your hoped for outcome, and will enable you to understand the results more fully based off of your set intention.

Method number one.

This method is best used if you have already established a connection with your guides. Meaning that if you have meditated in the past and been able to connect to the energy of the guides or angels with you either by clairvoyance, clairsentience or other methods of perceiving while in the higher dimensional realms. If you have not connected with these energies yet it would be recommended that you try the other methods first and then come back to this one once you have established a trusting connection to those working with you. The only reason to not practice this method before you make a connection is because of the trust issue between you and the practice. Without some type of encounter to recall you will have to be very trusting moving into this specific practice and as it is humans will question everything.

Method one simply stated consists of you asking your guides to higher your frequency. After your grounding meditation is performed take notice of your body. Once you feel into the sensations moving through your body then ask for your guides to raise your frequency higher than it was just moments ago. Compare the feelings you hold now to the feelings you had when you initially sat down.  Do you feel more vibrations or tingling sensations moving around your body? Can you tell how these waves of energy are now moving through you, meaning what direction or towards what part of your body? Are there areas in your body where you can’t feel these energetic sensation?

Once you have found this initial baseline within your body, call on your highest and most loving guides to come and higher your frequency even higher than it was just moments ago. It is good practice to get in the habit of asking your guides where you currently are on the frequency scale, meaning what your base line number is. This means being open to hear a number between one and ten. This will help so that you can note how deep you can go within this frequency raising practice. After you find out where you are on the frequency scale, begin to feel into your body for any areas not completely taken over by this new vibration. Ask your guides to move their energy into those areas and create more alignment for the energy to resonate more fully within your body. Once you feel fully aligned into this vibration ask your guides to raise your frequency to any level above the number you were given earlier as your base line, asking for a specific number or staying open to be raised as high as you are meant to go today. At this point don’t do anything, this is very important, here you are placing your trust in the guides surrounding you. Simply sit back and continue your circular breathing. The only goal of this practice should be to raise your vibration to the number you are open to reaching or had just requested. You can wait until you feel a complete diminishing of this energy and then ask your guides to tell you what level of frequency you were able to achieve.


For those who are clairaudient when they ask a question they will get an immediate voice response back answering their question, if you are not clairaudient or more likely have not developed this talent yet in your practice you will need another method of connection to get answers to your questions. A fun way to receive answer that I will use to this day to eliminate any ego concerns over what I am hearing is to use my fingers or hands as different indicators of the answers I am seeking. Example of this, set up your fingers with numbers from one to ten reaching from one pinky finger to the next. Tell your guides to stop you from moving on when you have gotten to the right number or finger. This is working on your claircognicianze or your direct knowing. Your mind will clear or you will not easily be given the next number in sequence you will simply know when you hit the correct number or finger that answers your question. If your primary mode of receiving is clairsentience or feeling, ask the guides to send you a sensation within the finger that represents the number you are looking to receive as the answer to your question. When searching for yes or no answers I wills sometimes set each hand as either, yes or no, I will then wait for my hand to be closed or moved or effected in some way to receive the guidance I seek. If your primary method of receiving is clairvoyance you can ask for a red light and green light to appear for you as you count higher and higher up the scale to see where your frequency landed. There are many different methods you put into place to receive the direct guidance in which you seek.

After you figure out your achieved frequency send gratitude and love to those that assisted you with this practice and close your session. Following this session in your meditations you will ask your guides to raise your frequency to that of the vibration you achieved during this session or something better. You will work on this until you can feel your own frequency move between the different dimensions. This takes practice and patience. Stay consistent and be open to receive the subtle changes in vibration that your body goes through during these practices. When you become aware of your frequency during all waking moments and meditation moments you will begin to feel when your body begins to slip into higher level frequencies indicating a need for you to ground and become present to what the field around you is doing.

Circle of Light:

Method number two.

Method number two will review how you can raise your frequency by using a crystal or gemstone. Crystals are known to help clear low, dense, energy from the field around you. Along with clearing energy within a space, crystals can also help to raise your frequency and the vibrational field of the space around you. It is best if you have already performed clearing work on your chakra centers and your energetic field so that the crystals you use can work effectively on your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Without having performed energetic clearing work in your field it may be hard to perceive the subtle vibrations of the crystal. While using crystals in your meditative work if you can see, sense, feel and know that they are functioning it will be extremely helpful in confirming that these shifts and changes are affecting you in the way you intend them to. Please note that crystals will always be active and do what they are supposed to or intended to do, whether you notice the subtle shifts or not. If you are not clear within your energetic field, it becomes confusing as to what is happening and that is why it is so important to do your own clearing work before you experiment with this exercise.

When you have created space to receive higher energy within your vessel the vibrations from the crystals will help to raise the frequency in your body. This in turn will allow you to move into higher dimensional states of existence. Performing this work will feel similar to working with a guide, but in this case you will hold the crystal in your hand and ask the crystal to do the work instead of calling out for the energy of your guides.

Teachers Note: Crystals are said to be manifestations of higher dimensional energy that has chosen to manifest into physical form here within our third dimensional plane. So there is no real separation between working with a crystal and working with a guide. Their divine energy is very much the same, but here you have a tangible element to hold onto while requesting and intending through your work. When we bring something like amber into our energetic field our field replicates some of the signature qualities that amber holds like it natural anti-inflammatory qualities. Simply by having amber around our physical bodies the physiology of the way we operate begins to change from the physical through to the spiritual. Specific minerals, gems and crystals have come into our Earth plane as certain points during our existence to bring through different energetic currents that humanity needed at that point in time. The manifestation of these elements into our plane have come to assist us in our own assention so use them if you feel drawn to their energy.  

Circle of Light:

In selecting a crystal if you are new to this work and do not yet have a crystal collection, you will want to take a week or two and surround yourself everyday with crystals energy. You can do this simply enough by thinking about crystals, and asking for crystals to appear, ask for crystal guidance in your life. Set the intention that you want to find a crystal that will resonate with your energetic field. Specifically ask that this crystal will help enable you to travel into higher dimensional plains. Sit with this intention in mediation and then become very aware at the synchronistic events that start to happen in your life. You may see a program on television that you have never seen before talking about gemstones and their unique qualities. You may find a stone lying in the open somewhere unexpected waiting for you to pick it up. You may have an urge to drive down a street that has a metaphysical shop filled with crystals for you to examine.

Keep your field fluid and open to receive the guidance that will begin to come through. Remember when you ask the universe to provide, it does, but there are factors that come into play that will help you achieve your desired result. One factor you must be aware of is that you must be open to receive, meaning you must be present and grounded to the energies coming through. The second factor is that you need to be aligned to this part of your timeline or path. When working in your energetic field (simply meaning when working with the divine) when you ask for a stone guide to present itself for you it almost always will come to you when you ask. We say almost always because if you have asked for something else in the same manor that you were not present to when it appeared, you may have placed an energetic block on your ability to manifest, and it might be harder to get the synchronistic connections as they come through.  By using this practice, of asking the universe, you will also see how quickly things manifest into your world. It is always interesting to see how aligned we are on our paths by how quickly what we ask for comes into our field. Does it take one day to bring something of want or need into being in your world? Does it take a week, or a year? Start to journal your requests from the universe and create a timetable to see how quickly those requests get brought into your life. You may be surprised by what you find.

Once you find a crystal ally you should begin to work with this stone during quiet meditation. Sit in your meditation space and begin to perform your grounding process. You will want to be holding onto your crystal in whatever hand feels most receptive to its energy. From here start asking the crystal to raise your frequency higher than it was just moments ago. Feel your body and feel where you may be closed off to receiving this crystals’ energy. Ask the crystal to send energy into those areas of your body that feel stagnant and are not fully opening up to this flow. Ask that your entire body be filled with this crystals high vibrational energy. Request this for every area of the body that feels pain or might be holding onto stagnancies or blocks.

Once your entire body feels open and is in resonance with this crystals vibration, meaning you can feel your body shift into alignment, feeling the tingling sensations moving freely through it. Ask your crystal what base level your frequency is in this space and time? Wait patiently until you receive a response. You may have to practice this exercise multiple times before you get relaxed enough to hear, sense, see or feel into the number given. Once you get your baseline number continue to ask the crystal to help raise your frequency, moving it even higher than it was moments ago. If you have practiced this multiple times finding that you are not increasing your number at all, it may be time to ask a few more questions. You can ask how high this crystal is meant take you, and find out what the overall goal of this crystals partnership with you is? In some cases, it may not be time for you to experience different levels of dimensions using higher frequencies through this crystal. This could be because you need to experience something you on your path that you have missed. Or you may need to experience something you haven’t played around with yet. Remember crystals are here as messengers and most have a divine message from humans, if you have not moved into the crystals world yet to hear that message and have been solely focused on your intended journey you may not gain the full access in which you seek. As humans we tend to want to move into the next level without fully experiencing the level we currently reside within. Make sure you are receiving the teachings and lessons before you assume something is broken. Other times the answer to your frustration could be that you have gone as far as you can with that one stone. Make sure you ask your crystal if it is time to find a different crystal to experience different levels of frequency and dimension? Some crystals may only take you up to a certain frequency because they may only be working with you to move into the astral plane or possible to connect you to a seventh dimensional guide or experience. If you are feeling stuck with your current crystal make sure to open up a dialog to find out if it is time to transition onto another crystal or possibly bring a second partner crystal into the mix. Crystals also love to work simultaneously with one another for greater benefits to the user.

Method number three

Using nature to higher your frequency.

Nature is one of the quickest way you will find to raise your frequency, especially as a newly practicing meditator. By removing yourself form areas where there is electromagnetic frequency you will be able to connect quicker and more clearly then when surrounded by these distracting electronic impulses. There is no trick to finding a spot in nature, you could honestly go right into your back yard, assuming you have some grass and a good looking tree, and lie down amongst this earthing connection. In nature whatever fells most pleasant will allow you to achieve this transcended state of connection that you are looking for. Like during each of the previous instructions you will start with your grounding meditation as this establishes an intention to move forward and connect openly to receive the energy from the field around you. Once you are grounded it will be your job to do one of the following things to raise your frequency.

The first step you will perform through the process of raising your frequency whilst in nature would be to look and feel around your space for a spot that is calling out to you. By doing this you are finding a place in nature that resonates with your body and will help to align your energy and raise your frequency. When you connect with a spot that feels good to you, it could possibly mean you are sitting within a natural vortex which is very common in many places within nature. Our earth produces natural vortexes where our energetic levels will naturally raise whilst we are amongst them. Another option would be to look around at nature and wait for a tree, flower, or stone to call out to your field by catching your view. By keeping a soft gaze, you may even be able to perceive a space within nature that is holding a higher vibrational energy, vortex, or even auric light that seems right for your work. Again when using nature, it is important to stay very open, for this is old, deep, slow magic that presents itself to those who can ground into its stillness and strength. If you are familiar with the place in nature you have selected, you could perform this last act with your eyes closed. Choosing to sit in a spot that feels right and wait for an image of a plant or flower ally to show up to you. Someone not so familiar with this practice can search around the landscape as expressed above and move into a spot that energetically feels most in harmony with your own being. If you feel you are being called to stare more closely at a flower or tree it might be presenting itself to you, specifically to help raise your frequency. In nature this can happen very quickly and quite harmoniously so don’t hesitate if you feel a pull towards something, meaning you hold its gaze for more than five seconds. Move next to that part of nature and simply be with it while becoming hypnotized by its many details.

The practice will begin once you have completed the steps above, whether you are sitting in an energy vortex created by nature or are connecting with a plant or flower these next steps you will chose to do with your eyes open or closed. You must judge for yourself whatever feels most connected and comfortable for you is what is recommended. Keeping your eyes open helps you to stay connected to the present moment, allowing you easier access to your breath and the connection to the time space you reside within. Closing your eyes may allow you to travel interdimensional easier or perceive things which the open eyes are unable to see. Each is a different level of experience and each will bring you the intention in which you seek.

Like all previously discussed practices involving frequency you will start with your grounding meditation and then move into a full body scan, here you will begin to recognize any feelings of stagnancy or pain inside your body. Placing your attention on these points of resistance you will being to open your energetic field up to the vortex, the surroundings, or the nature allies of the trees and flowers you have chosen to connect yourself with today. When using the natural energetic flow of your surroundings or a vortex allow all energies that surround you to enter your body using your breath. Allow the energy to open your body up so that you can feel the subtle vibration move through your body, releasing any blockages and taking you deeper into the practice. When working with the energy of a plant ally simply connect to the image of the ally you are working with, allow yourself to become very relaxed in its presence and begin to receive the harmonizing vibrations that this ally sends to you. Note if you try to understand this connection using the logical left brain you will close off the natural give and take between you and nature. Keep yourself relaxed creates the natural harmony between the duality of our human body to take place and by staying fluid through left and right brain allows transference to work.

Whether you are working with the energy of the surroundings or a specific tree or flower ally, ask this connection where your current frequency is at on a scale from one to ten. It may take time to establish a language or symbolic understanding between you and nature so whether you receive an answer or not ask that this energy or ally help raise your frequency higher than it was just moments ago. Simply sit with your breath and hold the image of the tree or flower in your mind’s eye or breathe into the vibration and flow of the vortex surrounding you. Don’t create expectation or time limits, simply allow yourself to receive. When you feel your time is done ask what frequency you achieved and send gratitude and thanks to your surroundings. Working with nature is so wonderful because you can call upon the image of the flower or tree you worked with at anytime, even when you are not around them you can use their connection to raise your frequency. This goes the same for the vortex energy, once you experience the feelings and flow of the vortex you can close your eyes and use your mental center to bring back into view the natural setting to reconnect with its energy and raise your frequency. Connecting with plants and nature is just like using crystals, plants and nature may show up for you to help your life and your divine alignment in specific ways, so make sure to keep good records of your experiences. By keeping these records, you will know what energy to call upon when you need something specific and what is going to be the easiest way to connect and receive the information you are searching for. By keeping records, you will also begin to see what connections are showing up in your life for the same purposes, this can be very helpful when you are seeking higher wisdom over your path.  

Finding allies that will assist in hiring your vibration is going to be the key to receiving clear guidance surrounding your life’s path. To find an ally in the form of a crystal or flower will help your natural antenna or energetic channel to connect to the frequencies of the universe surrounding you. As a human being living a spiritual existence it is important that you can understand not only the vibrations that are familiar to you, but those vibrations still unfamiliar, that is where the amplifier of an ally can become very handy in your training. Take crystals for example, today quartz crystal is still used in microphones, because of their ability to change sound energy into electrical impulses which can then be used to broadcast a message. There are subtle frequencies moving all around us that we only pick up on because we are tuned into their channel. When we surround ourselves within the world of the elements and we become still enough to resonate with their vibration we become tuned into a language we never thought we could understand. These amplifiers or allies become our still point, our authentic place from which we chose to move from daily. All we must do is simply become attuned to their energies, to hear their guidance and wisdom.


When creating resonance with the frequencies of your spirit guides and allies one of the most important qualities to establish is trust. Without trust your practice will slowly unravel beneath you leaving no foundation to work from. Questions asked during mediation will be mulled over with endless curiosity. Without complete trust in your practice no answer will ever seem to fit that can be completely accepted. To establish trust between you and your channels you must establish boundaries, guidelines and understandings that will help you to feel confident in what you receive. The following will hopefully empower you to begin to establish trust within these sacred connections.