MEANING: For those looking to work on the matrix and all of its fractal timelines, connections, and dimensions..

IS THIS GRID FOR ME? When you have mastered trust and rely solely on intuition and instinct this is the grid to work with. The Sri Yantra is one of the most inclusive sacred symbols and can dive into the matrix unlike any other geometric blueprint. Layer upon layer of this grid will uncover that which lies within the different energetic folds of the person working it.


Using an intention: If you have an intention you are working to manifest or more fully understand, select a stone ally that best represents that energy and program the crystal to hold your intention - placing it within the center of the grid.

Upward facing Triangles - Represent mans quest to achieve divinity. Man turning into god and reaching higher vibrational realms.

Downward facing Triangles - Represents divines quest to manifest a new collective reality where love and light are the one unifying connector for all dimensional realities.

Each point or intersection of two geometric shapes represents a place where two energy fields meet in a space, time where they are able to reflect the divinity and uniqueness unto one another. These are the points where divine contracts are made.

This grid has the potential to heal and clear blocks from all dimensional realities shifting clarity and consciousness into the user.

Working for an individual or for the matrix, this grid can heal on infinite levels and layers of ones divine existence.
BEGINNING INTENTION: Only that which serves my greatest good is allowed to be with me today, anything here not serving my greatest good must leave immediately. (Claiming space – then state). I call on the highest and most loving 12 Angels of light to help me become a clear channel for my high-self and raise my understanding into the space of the tenth dimension.. (Heart center- then request). Connect my work and intention today to the blueprint of the matrix.


Favorite stones to connect to I AM grid

Favorite stones to connect to I AM grid

The center stone is always the most important as it identifies the intention and the individual being worked on. Selection of this stone can be performed 2 different ways:

1- Intuition: Here a stone is select not with the mind, but with the heart and placed at the convergence points of the two center triangles. Then work is done around the grid to bring clarity to what is happening on an individual level., usually helping to identify why this stone was selected in the first place.

2-Pre-Determined Selection: Here a stone is selected for its own collective value. Meaning you select the stone based off its properties or agreed upon meaning. Then using the rest of the grid you come to understand why this is blocked or has yet to manifest into your own energetic field.


In this grid you are able to move through space, time to clear lessons, blocks, patterns, and programs that were established during other realities of a souls existence.

Using a pendulum find areas of contention within the grid.. Once discovered use stone allies to assist you in clearing, healing, removing, learning these patterns so that no further resistance has to be experienced.

Continue to empower these areas by leaving the stones on the intersection points within the grid. Moving from one point to the next placing necessary stones as you go. Your one intention could find every intersection point needing worked on before full clarity can come.


In this case you will intentionally program a crystal (quartz)for the center of the grid, making it a channel for the situation you wish to learn more about or clear. You will then preform the same pendulum work around the grid placing stones at necessary junctures within the grid which will ground the energy needed to enlighten the intentional situation being worked on.


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