Card Reading #2 10-1-2017

Root Chakra - the base your moving from and creating into this curent reality. You have archangel Michael in your field he is all about the coming together of like minded people - light attracting light and frequencies supporting each other his energy basically draws these people to you without any effort on your part.

sacral chakra- one on one relationships - another archangel this one zedikial who's message is about acceptance and acknowledging that you are the co-creator of your world everything surrounding you especially one on one relationships have been created for you by you and with you in mind so learning to accept all the energy of these one on one connections will bring you more fully into alignment with what your creating

solar plexus - the authentic you, this card talks about your mind (considered left brain more than right) and your heart. I would direct you to know that it is ok to want things in life and anything your mind creates is there for you to feel into and manifest for your ENJOYMENT - don't assign wants to ego anymore know that your channel is pure and every experience/idea/want is ok to peruse have reverence for this part of your authentic self. 

heart - hyper crown chakra - back to the previous card the only thing inhibiting you from manifesting all of those heart felt wants the lay fill your mind is the attachment you have to how that might look or what the outcome might be... if you let go of what the end result of your desire may be more of your desires will mee you in the 3D world! 

throat Chakra - artist card your mind and your passion are meant to move through your voice this creates  artistry in everything you do, express and speak.

third eye (perspective) recognize how much purpose lies between you and your one on one relationships. All yourself to receive from these high vibrational connection in doing this you will open up to a greater perspective that serves you well on your path. 

crown - (the conclusion) you are manifesting the community in this present moment that is going to be the connection you seek at this time on your path. Your presence and engagement within this community will furfill that same connection.