Original Channel - Part 1 University

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.


The University of the Universe

If Halloween could stake a claim on a planet this would be it. The sky above is in a constant swirling motion shining down with colors of orange and black. The landscape is filled with sand dunes all taking on a solid burnt sienna hue. The dunes appear to be filled with creatures. Everything is crawling around me and feels quite alive. Upon further inspection the movement seems to be caused by a living thing that emerges from the sand and looks like a cross between a cobra snake and a centipede. If that weren’t enough to scare you away these new creatures are quite a bit larger than a standard size school bus. While observing the surroundings with more curiosity one of these large cobra centipedes comes slithering over the closest sand dune. As the large hooded head crests the top of the dune I see a person ridding on the backside of this snake. Sitting along the scaled and shelled body she appears to be holding some kind of rains which seems to be allowing her to control this interesting new mode of transportation. The rains are wired to the creature like a bit used in a horse’s mouth.  

I find I am not startled or scared by this fast paced movement headed toward me. Whether the lack of fear is due to the knowing that I have lived in this place before or the fact that I am just visiting as an astral traveler, with each new planet visited I seem to become more comfortable with every encounter presented. The being riding on the back of this new creature is cloaked in garb that can only be described as a costume straight out of the movie, “Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.” She wears a beige colored outfit with a wide brimmed hat and a full mask covering her lower face. I can see only the eyes, but know there is a smile waiting under the veil. She extends a hand towards me inviting me onto the back of the cobra centipede. I comfortably climb aboard and get instantly whisked away towards what appears to be a large city off in the distance.

Riding on the back of a snake centipede feels exactly how you might expect. The hooded head stayed upright the entire time and the body remained in constant contact with the ground. Propulsion from the back of the body kept us speeding forward and tiny legs seemed to project outward from the bottom of the body to grasp down into the sand. As the tiny legs dug down the entire body of this vehicle seemed to increasingly get up to faster and faster speeds. The ride was quick and a distance that seemed quite far turned into a short sweet journey.

As the city came into view I could see we were headed straight for a tunnel along the outside boarder of the exterior wall. The city itself was outlined by a vast exterior wall that seemed only a story or two high and took on a large square shape. This exterior wall was as deep as it was high. The first walls were the perimeters that lead to the open space within. After this exterior structure there was a court yard of sand and then another large structure. The interior structure was a gigantic pyramid minus the top half of the building. This design was intentionally plateau shaped, the base was that of a pyramid and the top looked cut clean off. This structure appeared three times the size of the exterior walls and sat in the very center of the surrounding perimeter. The entire space was the size of a large college campus.

The cobra centipede slithered us right through the exterior walls arched tunnel and parked himself in the shade of the two store embankment. The fluidity of this process makes me think this structure was built to accommodate these large creatures. Could these cobra centipedes be the horses of this planet? My driver dismounted and then turned to make sure I was doing the same.  Standing side by side with my guide I watch as she reaches her hand up to unveil her face. She has a body shaped like a human and very large eyes. When the veil dropped I was surprised to see her entire face was that of a cat. She was not the same cat from my previous voyage to the half animal half human planet she was completely different. Here she takes the chance to welcome me back and flashes an image of my previous self to me. She shows me that she is looking at a very tall male figure standing across from her. Pleased with the encounter she lights up and begins to walk us towards the main center building.

Waving her hand towards the exterior walls she begins to tell me the story of this place. Using her voice telepathically she continues to walk with her back towards me across the courtyard as she explains what I am seeing. These are the living quarters, she says. Mental images of diverse beings start to flood into my mind. I see so many different alien species that I am not sure how to comprehend who or what most of these life forms are.  I see many different mature beings walking and sitting together. I see them lined up within the living quarters at what appear to be stations. They are interacting and engaging in a way one would expect college students to be interacting. As we progress across the sand she extends her hand towards the large pyramid building. This is where we learn, she says. Here she sends me the blueprints of the space we are about to enter. I see room after room built into this structure. There are multiple floors and on each floor is another set of rooms. Classes or sessions are being held within each room and I can see how diverse the students look. There appears to be a teacher in each room leading some kind of educational seminar. Each teacher is vastly different from the other teachers just like the students. I understand that each teacher comes from a different planet or system than there students so that there are unique offerings to learn from.

As we walk into the large structure I am excited to see the activity of this place and am eager to meet some of these unique individuals I have just witnessed. Upon first glance everything is black. It is here that I get very confused. I ask why the lights are off and why are we in the dark. My guide now sends me another piece to this puzzle. I am back in the hustle and bustle of the class rooms at full capacity. I see the teachers teaching and the students learning. Along the exterior walls there are flags flying from every individual’s home planet showing the diverse collection of beings in this singular place. Here the students and teachers are all fully grown adult beings representing their home planets. They have all come together to learn from one another about the unique gifts and talents each species has to offer. I follow one specific student who catches my attention. I see him finish class and return to his home planet by way of space travel. Once on his home planet he begins teaching the individuals around him what was learned. There is an air of greed, ego, and domination that can be felt in his actions and it seems the wisdom he has acquired is going to be used for purposes other than good. Their planet begins to become obsessed with the quest for knowledge and further development and begins to disturb the natural balance of the universe.

It is here that my guide tells me I was one of the founding settlers of this planet. It was a group of my planets inhabitants that discovered this planet and decided to create a so called inter planetary market place. Our goal was to bring together travelers from all across the stars to learn and grow a community of supportive and nurturing beings who could help one another with inter stellar problems and concerns by way of teaching one another from personal experience. The original settlers came from the Paladien star system. When the rift happened and the student took the wisdom learned and used it for conquering instead of peace it was the home planet of the Paladiens that had to deal with the disturbance. Due to this shock wave of war created by the schools teachings it was decided that the school needed to be closed down until further precautions could be taken to insure this quest for power would not happen again.

Here my guide walks me up the stairs to the final room at the top of this structure. The room is expansive and large and filled with tubes of suspended soulless beings. This chamber of tubes is such a familiar landscape to me now. This is my fifth planetary visit and my fourth run in with a previous body.  I take to the rows of glass like tubes all anchored into the floor and begin the search for my body. I walk up and down the aisles looking for a connection that my soul can feel. One by one I move past each vessel seeing extremely different and unique beings within the tubes. I see more diversity here than I have on any other planet visited. I begin to ask my guide what the purpose of this diversity is. She responds with a quiet voice in my mind telling me when the war began over the knowledge acquired select beings who helped to found the school and its teachings decided to freeze their timelines here on this planet in suspended animation in order to search the star system for ways to bring teaching back to this planet in a way that would insure success and not improper use of the information. All bodies here within these twenty eight tubes are out living other incarnations in order to find ways to bring teaching back to this vast star system.

Here I am encouraged to reflect on some of the learned lessons so far from my current incarnation on Earth. I see that children who are open and void of singularity are the ones who receive Earth teaching. I see on Earth there is a lack of development of the individual which leads to confusion for the soul. In Earth teachings there is a lack of diversity of thought and experience which limits the souls understanding of their multi dimensional self, but teaching at the young age leads to more receptivity towards a hoped for outcome. On Earth there is a benefit in teaching children over adults who come with a set of expectations. I get the sense that this was one of the problems that lead to the war outbreak from the learned knowledge from this planet. Coming back to the awareness of the room in the pyramid I find my mind racing with possibilities. I feel a connection not only to this planet and the quest to educate all who wish to learn, but also feel a connection to the Earth plane and the interesting expectations for learning in this time and space. I find hope in the continued growth for all beings who wish to expand their consciousness in a loving way and hope that each one of these twenty eight suspended beings find what they are looking for so that life may resume once again here in this space.


Original Channel - Magnetic Planet Angel Academy Part 2

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.



Angel Academy Part Two

Falling down a cascade of clouds my body is caressed by soft comforting sensations. The clouds churn slowly as if to guide my body towards a place it is meant to be. Feeling almost as if I have fallen onto an all knowing conveyor beltwithin the sky I find my body tumbles from white peek to white peek in a slow almost seductive way. Without fear of falling I stop this rolling decent and crawl on my stomach towards the edge of one the large fluffy cloud. Peering over the edge I can see below what looks like an endless stream of blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Further down I can see what appear to be large story book houses sitting on top of select clouds. If you can imagine Cinderella’s castle being made completely out of her glass slipper this is what each story book house looks like below. And there is not just one of these elegant castles, but hundreds maybe thousands amongst these fluffy white clouds in the sky.

Allowing the clouds to roll my body down towards the houses I find my journey thus far to be pleasant and quite tantalizing. The wait to see the houses is unbearably, but the journey amongst the clouds is so pleasurable. I bide my time allowing the last soft caresses of the clouds to pass me by as I come to the first shimmering structure. Being softly placed by one cloud onto the other I find my body placed upright by the cloud right in front of the large castle like door. Now standing directly in front of this dwelling I analyze the architecture in more detail. The door towers above my body by at least one and a half times my size. The walls are all a translucent shimmering diamond fleck that radiates like glitter in the light. The structure seems only two stories tall, but feels stretched as if someone has taken the top of it pinched it and pulled it up a bit like taffy. There is an almost whimsical feel to the roof line and the design above. Just like a castle there are three pointed turrets that create quite an interesting roof line. I reach out for the handle of the door and find it to be locked. Pulling hard there seems to be no entrance at this first stop. Finding my way to the edge of the cloud base the house and I now share I allow the cloud to drop me down towards the next dwelling. Moving along cloud to cloud I find every door is locked that is until I reach the seventh house. Still with no ground to be seen below and hundreds of possibly thousands of castle dwellings surrounding where I now stand amongst the clouds in the heavens I find the singular house ready to open its doors. Pulling on the handle the door opens and I find myself in a very tall two story home. The first level is open to every corner of the house and touches a sleeping quarter that appears to be the only addition to the second floor lying directly above the kitchen area. As I make my way to the center of the room the shimmering exterior begins to fade away and warmth and color begin to materialize as if life has been giving back to this space. Just like a story book cottage the walls have exposed brown wooden beams and there appears to be plaster or stucco filling in the space between. There is an L shaped kitchen with a sink under a window on the far left wall and the entire right side of the room has been taken up by a curved book case. The book case runs the entire length of the wall on the right and the back of the building and reaches two stories high. There is a rug with a singular reading chair in its center and the sleeping space seems to be made to fit only one. Searching through the rows of old books I find one that nearly jumps off the shelf at me. Selecting this book I walk towards the old reading chair and take a seat. Opening the book I see golden symbols that fill the interior of the pages. I know this writing to be that of the angels. As my eyes pass over each word the golden letters illuminate and I can hear the word being translated in my head and into my heart. At this I realize I am no longer the only one in the room.

Turning my head to the side I can see standing on the edge of the rug is my guide Raphael. Smiling brightly I ask what is the purpose of this place and he kindly returns with, “See for yourself.” Pointing towards the door Raphael steps aside as I move past him to see what lies outside of the door. As I make my way to the cloud base I see that the cloud I stand upon no longer resides miles above a ground amongst the clouds in the sky, but is making a direct course for green sprawling hills below. Descending very quickly I am surprised that I could not feel this motion when I was inside, but realize that all together there isn’t much feeling going on as we speed every faster towards the ground level. As the green hills visually become clearer I recognize that we are on the Magnetic Planet where the angel academy is located. I can see the long wall spanning across the green hills and can start to see the courtyard and fountain that signals the center of this large floating island.

Moving back into the house to engage with Raphael I take a seat once again and wait for Raphael’s explanation of why I am back in on this planet with him instead of my other guide. “You are a teacher here.” Raphael says. “Those who teach here also live amongst the land. That is how you were able to reconnect to your home.” As Raphael finishes this statement the house makes its final decent onto a space that seems to have been made specifically for this house. Walking outside of the door I can see we have nestled amongst the hillside and are attached to one of the extensions of the long wall and have a beautiful vantage overlooking the city center below.  “When the soul of a teacher leaves its body here the house becomes non-material and floats into the sky waiting for the souls return. Once the soul returns so too does the house that belongs to that soul.” Understanding that my body must again be stored in the large building below I ask Raphael how I can be a teacher and a student here on this planet. “You incarnated here as a teacher from the Sirian star system. That means you have held both a Pleiadian life and a Sirian life here. It is not uncommon for one to learn specific lessons from this planet as a student and then reincarnate as a teacher to help teach others moving through the same lessons. As a matter of a face to acquire the level of learning you seek it is required that you teach and learn these lessons. Your two bodies will never be functional at the same time you see, it is impossible for you to have two souls here at the same time. You will always be either teacher or student.” Beginning to understand the possible meaning of this I sit back and allow Raphael to continue. “By having your bodies stored here you are able to access the knowledge of these existences and connect into the timeline at any time no matter where your soul is. This will allow you to access the wisdom and understanding that each path of each of these two bodies holds. This is part of your divine plan and by holding onto so many different life cycles or bodies you are intentionally trying to create an infinite path for yourself in a singular incarnation.” The only thought moving through my head is… What? “You are trying to become immortal.” Raphael says this last sentence with a big smile.

Original Channel - Part 1 Hell

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.




For those of you who have sworn to have journeyed through hell and back I invite you to the Planet of Fire. There have been few journeys where my guides have been present from the beginning and today happen to be one of those days. Departing the Earth plane I am greeted by a new guide, Uriel who has been in my field since the download of this book began back in August of 2015 having little to no interaction with Uriel before today I asked that when he comes through he make a grand gesture so that full understanding of him and his arrival could be clearly laid out. You see I have been working with the other eleven guides on and off for a few years now so to have a new guide come right before the big show I decided needed to be very clear. Throughout the experience of documenting these journeys I have come to understand that each guide I hold in the Earth plane of 2015 connects to a body I have stored on a planet in some other dimensional time space within the multiverse. It has been explained to me that around 2000 people on Earth at this moment in time have a body stored somewhere out in the universe therefore, there are many here on Earth connecting right now trying to figure out the fractionated components of their own existence. Uriel is my twelfth guide to show up he has come through to help me explore the tenth planet of fire and as expressed before those who have felt like they have been pulled through hell and back may have a body  where we are about to go.

Seeing Uriel he greets me looking like a friar with a banged hair cut covering his forehead and wearing a brown burlap robe he is slender and of average height. He stands on my left hand side as another guide takes the space on the right. The three of us set of through the fourth dimensional portal and raise our frequencies soaring up and into the astral planet. Here I am pulled through an inter dimensional wormhole, this is the easiest name to describe what it feels like moving through the long tunnel of light with twisting tuning bends. Finding our door way or exit was abruptly stop and move towards an opening in the wormhole that is present on the left hand side. Uriel and I proceed towards the opening as the other guide disappears. Here the experience of transitioning through the door way is like staring through the porthole of an airplane window. You can see clearly what is below and as soon as you chose to move through the door way you are somehow in the exact place you were just looking at. Finding myself on the ground all I can see for miles around are burning fires. My guide Uriel changes completely as he takes his space next to me. Seeing now a man with an old face and a cloaked hooded robe I get the impression that I am standing next to the sith lord from Star Wars or the hermit from the tarot deck. Either way my companion has changed greatly and I can now see how my other guides were so veiled to me at first encounter. For some reason they take a different shape when dropped into these planetary realms.

Grounding down into my feet I establish a strong connection to this new plane. My mind is racing and I can begin to sense what is surrounding me so here I take the time to establish a strong connection to my physical form here in the new place. After a few breaths I bring my head up to see what lies in front of me. There appears to be an endless line of fires and teepees that lead towards a large stone building off in the distance. Surrounding the fires are larger than life teepees. There are two rows of these teepees separated by a straight line of bon fires. This pattern of teepee fire teepee repeats itself over and over until you hit the large stone building at the end. Having to get through a seemingly infinite array of teepees and fires my guide and I begin the journey down the path towards the stone building off in the distance. As we begin our walk I notice the intense heat that the fire puts off. I can feel the flames lick certain areas of my body that are exposed to its light. I hear Uriel speak into my head “Fire brings Life”. Scanning the scenery the sky takes on a color pallet of black, maroon and pink. It looks as if a child from kindergarten took a paint brush and swirled the three colors together to make the dark streaked mess that lies above. We slowly walk in a serpentine pattern around each of the fire pits why we do this is unknown, but it feels better than making a straight line toward the large structure ahead. Each teepee we pass has animals painted on the outside of the cloth. Each one is different and beautiful in its own way. With the bright lights of the fire projecting outward each teepees animal seem to come to life dancing and moving in harmony to the flames glow. With this I hear Uriel speak to me, “Fire brings Life”. 

On our final approach towards the large stone building I can begin to see the steps that lead towards a long glass door. The structure itself is glossy and wet looking as if lacquer has been painted onto the exterior of the grey stone to give it a glassy appearance. The building is long and rectangular in shape. Apparently approaching from the south side there appears to be four distinct sides each with the same façade. The steps that lead to the platform above have a long railing of fire dividing one side from another as Uriel and I walk up the stairs he is on one side of the fire while I remain on the opposite side. It appears that this is done on purpose to separate travelers from one another. As we reach the top of the stairs we find ourselves on a slab of grey stone that has foot holes within it. I place my two feet onto my side as Uriel does the same on his side. I find myself craning my neck to get a better view of what lies above us. The grey glossy stone protrudes out over the glass door ahead creating a canopy over the stone stairs below. The stone seems to be cut from one solid pieces of stone I can see no seems or breaks in the exterior of its shell and in total it seems to be possibly five stories high. If this is one solid piece I wonder how this structure is possibly staying erect with its apparent size and weight.  There are two large columns one on either side of Uriel and myself which leads me to believe on the North side there are two more. Each pillars looks to be the circumference of a large red wood tree this is the only thing that makes me think this structure is safe to enter.

After all four feet filled the depressions the glass doors slid to the side exposing a white open room within.  Like walking into a museum the floor made clicking sounds as our feet hit their polished surfaces. There was a glass partition that moved down the middle of our two sides. I saw Uriel behind the glass of his side while I remained behind the glass of my side. Down towards the back of the long room were two sets of stone staircases one on Uriels side and one on my side. The staircases had a very gradual incline and seemed more artistic than practical as each wind seemed to go on longer than necessary. As I got closer to one of my walls I could see mounted picture frames. The frames themselves were large and ornate there seemed to be a pattern of how they hung first a line of two and then a line of three. The pictures themselves were swirling fuzzy images from my current time line on Earth. I knew instantly that these were portals of sorts and decided to jump right into the first one I saw. Moving right into a distant memory I witnessed a timeline from my current life playing out. I could see what was happening from a much different perspective and witnessed my learning or lesson that was being taught at that point in my life. Happy to understand the bigger picture I decided to venture back into the room to seek out another picture. Being drawn to the back of the room I saw myself in my current position on the Earth plane, I saw myself performing the projection work I was currently doing and got the immediate impulse that I could send a projection to myself on Earth to take any shape I desired. Standing in front of the frame I sent a projection of a large brown bear back to my physical form on Earth. Here I witnessed my physical body on Earth turn into that of a large brown bear. I realized that in this space I could change my timelines I could manipulate the patterns and I could project what I wanted to into the time and space I wished to alter or change. The immediate thought entered into my mind that what if I do not hold the greatest wisdom to create a change what if my ego changes a circumstance and it turns out worse than it had been and realized that much due diligence would have to go into any alterations I sought out to change.

Peeling myself away from my wall I looked over my shoulder through the glass into Uriels wall. I could see vibrantly colored pictures swirling on his wall and wondered if those were connected to his life or if they were clearer images of my life. Questioning one more thing I decided to run outside of this room back to the foot holds in the front of the building and decided to change my form to that of my body from the time space of the old woman from the Bubble Planet. As I made the change so too did my guide, Uriel turn into Zadekiel and my body turned into that of the old woman. Stepping on the foot holds we entered into the museum once again and here the pictures had changed. Jumping into the first image I witnessed the old woman telling a story to a young child who was hanging on every word the old woman was saying, I saw that the woman was weaving a story into the heart of this child that would change him forever. From here I jumped out of that painting and into one hanging in a different location. Here the old woman was young and watching her planet go through its changes, she spoke to the people about the connection to crystals and how to harvest crystals in a manner that was safe for the planet and the people. Here I flashed back to the life lived on the Fairy Planet and saw the wisdom she spoke from came directly from this life time. She made a case to a council of the elders and wise ones from this planet that would help assist them with the upcoming changes they were about to experience. From here I jumped out of this memory and back into 

the museum like hallway. Running out of the room once again I changed back to my original form and so too did Zadekiel turn back into Uriel.

We walked through the separated halls and found the staircases towards the back of the building. Here we both journeyed up towards the very top floor each on our separate staircases. Not that there were any other choices other than up this staircase curved around three times with no exit options except to go all the way up. Once at the top floor we found ourselves on what would appear to be the roof top of this structure. Completely open to all of the elements below and around I could see the exposed black and pink muddied sky above which seemed oddly peaceful. We found here at the top of the building we could see every direction that this building faced. There were no partitions or blocks on the roof top of this building like there was below. This roof top was open to all four possible quadrants visitors. Walking the perimeter of this building I could see over the north, the west and the east side’s. Each side had the exact same view. There were bon fires galore in straight lines separating the large teepees on either side. Like four separate mazes each side had the exact same layout. Curious as to why this may be I remembered how the four quadrants were separate from one another on the inside of the building and even more so the singular quadrant was bisected even more separating its one side from its second side. Recognizing that part of this review was private I could also see that there may be times when multiple parties are allowed to come together after the review has been done to discuss potential connections, outcomes, or changes that need to be made for better results. This might answer my earlier question pertaining to changing my timeline. This viewing area atop the museum might be a space to come together with other parties to analyze situations before adjusting or changing the timeline. Searching the space outside of the bon fires and teepees I stand side by side with Uriel when images begin to come into view. Here I start to question the inevitable question. What is the purpose of one who might preserve their body here? Squinting to see past the four mazes I begin to receive in my mind’s eye what lies outside of these paths and I can see a large circle of beings held in tubes contained in a state of suspended animation. The knowing that I am out there again begins to hit me. Starting to mull through my rolodex of questions I can’t seem to understand why if every soul goes through a life review after an incarnation would they need to hold a body on this planet? Everything witnessed here seems to be in harmony with a sixth dimensional live review so why incarnate here to have access to what just about everyone has access to?

Uriel pushes away from the side of the rooftop and begins to walk towards the stairs. Catching his movement I do the same. Still questioning to myself what the difference between this and the sixth dimension could be I find we are at the bottom level and ready to make our way off of the platform and onto the stairs. Moving towards the bon fires and teepees Uriel stops at the bottom of the steps until I catch up and make the undeniable decision to venture into the teepee he so quietly stands in front of. Seeing the smile on his face I move into the first teepee on my left. Here I see my sister from my current lifecycle on Earth waiting for me. She sits quietly in the middle of the teepee watching light shadows dance upon the inside of here canvas walls. Making my way to where she is I lie down on my back watching the same light shadows scroll around the inside of her accommodation. She looks at me and says, “Thank you for releasing your expectations of me. Thank you for finally seeing me for who I am and seeing my heart. Because you can see this inside of me I can now see it in myself. Thank you for this blessing.” Staring at the energy of my sister I embrace her and make my way to the next teepee across that way. Moving inside of this first teepee on the right hand side I find my father from my current timeline of Earth. He sits cross legged in the center of his teepee also watching the light shadows dance across the canvas walls. I sit beside my father and star at him until he is ready to talk. “Thank you for teaching me the lessons of fixed perspective and allowing me to see that there is no real delineation between young and old that we are all the same here to learn and to teach. You have allowed me to break those patterns of my expectations in relationship and for that I thank you”. Embracing my father I stand up and move to the next tent. Here I encounter my boss from the time space of Earth 2015. Sitting in the middle of his teepee he stares at the light shadows dancing on the walls of his teepee. “Thank you for teaching me to take back my power, how to be true to myself and focused on what is most important.” Here we embrace and I can sense the next few teepees and who they hold and what messages they have. I find this a beautiful way to see how we are connected to our circle of light beings in a singular life. The messages were loud and clear and helped to reaffirm some of my lesson plans and the addenda I had set forth for myself in my Earth existence.

Walking to the end of this pathway filled with teepees and bon fires Uriel and I now stand close to the circle of lifeless beings held in suspended animation. Here a great dilemma begins to pull at my mind. Still confused about the purpose of these beings I begin to see lifeless zombie type creatures moving all around me. Uriel acknowledges their presence and states that this is how a being will come to take ownership of a life on this planet. The soul will inhabit one of these beings and then go through their own review process where multiple lives will analyzed together to assist in the bigger picture of the soul. Those who chose to unite all aspects of their soul self into one existence will choose to hold a body here. Those who are working to bring together all experience in complete recognition must have access to all timelines and be able to adjust and change timelines that need further completion. A being that chooses to hold a body here will be able to bring closure to lessons while alive in one body and affect the course of another physical body that they hold. This is why one chooses to go into suspended animation here. Showing me the number of souls in tubes surrounding this place I get the feeling of Hell. I see millions of tubes of what appear to be forgotten vessels. Why are there so many here when I have been told that only 2000 exist on Earth at this space and time. There are many souls that start the transcendence process hoping to reach levels of divine connection where they may be way showers and guides for other souls. This process is one of the most difficult levels of accomplishment for a soul to achieve as much light is wisdom, knowledge, and transcendence is required to attain this level of awareness to assist another. A soul may initially choose this path and be guided elsewhere or chose to live out an existence within another realm where the path is easier. We have many sign up yet few complete the journey that was intended so there are many bodies here that will remain here forever. This is where I am pulled to thoughts of hell. I can see the journey of a soul one who wishes to transcend and yet gets seduced by an easier path or trapped in a dimension somewhere where they are unable to rehabilitate into their previous body. I feel this is a risky move to be held on this planet and feel it might be somewhat of a short cut in being allowed to witness all life times from one place and make adjustments and changes that may be necessary to safely move on. Maybe this is why so many come here because the allure of being garneted access to a place as powerful as this is seductive for a soul wanting to do everything yet the potential for return may be limited due to a souls ability to chose and have free will at any given point in time.


Original Channel - Part 1 Recourse Stealers

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.



Recourse Stealers

Dropped into yet another new and interesting planet my mind immediately opens up to the unique sights surrounding me. I can tell the position I am at is elevated off the ground at least one story high. Scanning the perimeter of the landscape I see what appear to be three space ships spread out with a mile or so n between each one. The closest space ship is anchored to the ground by a ladder or large stair way. The body of the craft is white in color and is shaped like a pointed missal with a semi rounded top.  There are three fins on the base of the ship that allows it to implant into the ground and presumably help in stabilizing this vessel while standing.  I see each ship is illuminated from within and is packed full with beings from this planet.

Turning my body around I now see I am on the top of the fourth space ships stair way getting ready to enter into the interior of the craft. As I walk inside I am greeted by a group of people who are unwilling to make eye contact. Each being holds their heads low and the energy is quite somber to say the least. Passing by each one I immediately pick up that they are Paladien. This is made apparent by their long flowing hair and striking blue eyes. I see young small children, old adults and everything in between. If crying was an option I think each might let loose a river of tears. The interior of the craft has only seats like a typical cargo plane there are seats lining the walls where inhabitants stand and get secured into a position during flight that they individual will remain standing. There are also groupings of seats that fill the middle of the craft that align in rows apparently available for the younger, the older and those not able to stand. The entire craft seems to hold around one hundred and fifty beings total. Feeling into the energy of the people I would have to say this journey is not one of choice.

Looking out the porthole I see the exterior landscape now and get the impression we are on the surface of the moon. It looks desolate and bare as if no life exists at all anywhere surrounding this area. Knowing this indeed is not the moon I am confused as to where we might be, what we might be escaping from and where we are going. Forgetting that Paladiens can read minds I am instantly greeted by a response to my questions from someone apparently listening into my questioning thoughts. “This is our planet and it is time to find more resources to insure the survival of our people.” Still staring out the porthole I see the creators of this planet and try to envision how any life could have escaped onto this vessel from the nothingness I see below. Watching as the three ships begin to elevate into the sky I can begin to feel our propulsion system initiate and decide to brace myself for the feeling of weightlessness and potential sickness that is about to ensue.

Under an hour of flying time later the ships all move towards a large docking station within space. This docking station has two different spinning rings circling a center orb. The outer most ring spins horizontally the inner ring spins vertically and they are both attached to the centralized orb in the middle. As the four ships dock to the outer bay area we are escorted off the ships and onto a long walk way. Some of the inhabitants are lead off towards the medical ward which appears to lie directly ahead of us following one of the walkways everyone else is shuffled off into a large auditorium following the only other walkway.

Following the heard of people I find my way to a seat within the auditorium. As the group settles a speaker presents himself on stage. “Welcome. You are all here to help secure our planets future. You have been selected to journey to our neighboring planets to seek out the resources necessary to insure our planets survival. As you know we will break off into four groups. As your time comes you will need to meet back at your ship and get ready for departure. If you have any further questions please find someone that can help assist you when the time come. We expect great things from each of you. Thank you.” Looking around it appears that everyone is disengaged from the protocol of this speech. It seems as if they have heard this propaganda before and are just ready to do what they have been called to do. When the speech is over lines file out of the auditorium and I can feel people breaking away to retreat towards their living quarters.

The inside of this space station is cold, filled with metal and industrial feeling. There is not much light that gets through and everything appears to be a bit disconnected. The walkways are like circular tubes surrounding a metal grated path. The living quarters house a single bed and there is no room for social interaction except in the auditorium which understandably no one wants to head back into. The weeks pass by and the station is on course towards its first destination planet. Arriving to the planet the first group is assembled and loaded into something other than their original ship. This object they board looks like a metal cube. Each person gets into this cube and stands shoulder to shoulder. Once sealed in a type of deep freeze or sleep is used on the inhabitants. The cube is set on a path to intersect the planet and the first group is gone. The weeks fly by and the same protocol takes place for the second and third group. It is now time for the fourth group to assemble. We near this last planet and I am called to board the cube. Following instructions I take my place amongst the beings of the fourth group and we are loaded, frozen and sent on a path towards Earth.

Our cube seems to touch down to Earth far enough away from civilization where there will not be any immediate disturbances. The deep sleep freeze simultaneously wares off and the beings I accompany wake up ready to fulfill their jobs duties. Here time seems to fly by at the blink of an eye and the beings scour the planet searching for those resources that they have been tasked to find. The space station seems to have known that this planet has specific qualities we were after and knew what potential it had, therefore the job of my colleagues doesn’t seem so hard after all.  The world here flies by like a movie being played on fast forward, light is bright and pictures of what I see are blurred together. The work gets done and in no time it seems we have what is needed. Interestingly enough some of the beings I have come here with are choosing to stay on this planet. The local inhabitants are very primitive the year is very early sometime B.C. and our comrades find they are treated like gods with their knowledge and understanding of advancements. This is always allowed and sometimes encouraged for better integration between two planets. Upon close of this mission we send communication back to the space station and a ship is sent to pick up our group number four. While we are shuttled back to the space station harvesting of the essential resources located on this planet gets completed and we rejoin the original station.

Being the last group to deploy we are also the last group to return back to the ship. Our homecoming is meet by a half empty space station as it seems many from the previous groups have chosen to stay on their newly discovered planets.  It seems these

deployments are done somewhat regularly so at any time the beings that were left behind could chose to come back if they felt so inclined to do so. We are headed back to our home planet now with resources on hand. The trip seems longer this time around with no stops ahead of us we make the long journey home. Remembering what we left behind I find it hard to believe that any amount of resources will be enough to sustain life once again.

The space station takes up orbit around our home planet and the remaining inhabitants board the ships to make the short flight home. The space ships dock as they had at the beginning of our expedition. Following the remaining members from group four we descend the large stair case to the gray crater filled ground below and walk a path that leads underneath the space ship. Not experiencing this before I find there is a cylinder tube waiting for us underneath the large space ship. One by one the beings step on top of a platform that functions quite like an elevator and slowly carries the being down beneath the gray exterior surface the space ships now dock onto. Being the last in line I find my ride down the tube is remarkable. Passing by the first layer of the gray exterior crust I see there is an entire world operating beneath the desolate surface of this planet. Making my way down the tube I can see that the gray crust is some type of mirror or projection mechanism that appears to be a gray on one side and blue on the other. It acts as a barrier for this world like an ozone layer would be for Earth, but this seems more specific to this planets needs. Riding down this tube I see a busy metropolis of sorts where shinny metallic structures sit amongst green lush hills. Everything is so shinny that the edges of these structures all appear to have slight fuzz. As my ride comes to an end the platform beneath me stops at what appears to be a large stone cliff. Looking to my left I can see three other inclined ridges that stick up towards the mirrored sky. These four stone cliffs all have see through cylindrical vessels that move up and through the sky above. Each cliffs appears to be a large pathways to the metropolis below I can see the other members of groups one through four some more clearly than others now slowly descending towards the busy landscape awaiting them below.

As I exit the tube I begin to question my presence in this place. So far I have witnessed what appears to be a harvesting mission to secure resources from neighboring planets. I have heard that this current planet is in danger due to its depletion of resources. I have witnessed the relocation of inhabitants from one planet to another and seen nothing as of yet that would lead me to believe that this planet is hurting for anything as it seems to be operating just fine. At this I call out to my guardian who I know is standing by somewhere off in the wings. I ask for help understanding all that I have witnessed and ask for guidance on what is to be learned from being here. On cue Malachi a tall Paladien guide with long wavy flowing hair comes to my side. I stop in place on the top of the cliff ridge and turn to look at Malachi and then the city beyond. Why do these people take resources from other planets when they seem to be doing just fine? At this Malachi begins his slow finesse of information transference. Words spoken inside my head begin to match pictures I can see through opened eyes. The people of this planet developed themselves to a point of dependency. They harvested their own resources continuously without regard for replenishment. They took from their planet at a rate in which the planet could not give back this lead to a need to seek out resources from other planets. Because they used and depleted their own minerals and resources and continued to grow their quest for advancements they used to a point of no return. Their entire way of life depended on these advancements and therefore they had to seek out replacements for their overuse.

The people of this planet put emphasis on understanding their problems and figured out solutions to continue their existence with minimal impact on those planets surrounding them. In order to do this they had to review what lead to their problems in the first place and found their solutions by cultivating many to become scientists and study the effects of what they had created. Overtime many of these scientists began to study their planets inhabitant’s and what effect they had on their planet, their environment, and the entire universe they found themselves apart of. These scientists developed a method for studying other planets as well. They recorded planetary patterns over resource use and advancement to help asses where a planet ranked on a risk meter. The scientists created a system for harvesting resources from other planets that would allow their planet to acquire the resources it so desperately needed while also not depleting the host planet of what it needed to thrive. They created a process where each planet would go through a harvest and then be allowed to go through a re-growth cycle before harvested again. This was the main shortfall in their planets own development. Their expansions lead to a cycle of overuse and once they depleted the planet they were unable to regain a healthy cycle where balance could be achieved.

Knowing full well that I have a body stored on this planet I ask my guide what my purpose is here. Although this current planet can no longer make its own resources they seemed to have devised a way to ensure their own survival without impeding on the growth of other planets. So why might I have a body stored here? Seeing now clearly the massive structures of the metropolis ahead of me Malachi allows my mind to soar across the length of the city below. He guides my mind to find a set of three bullet shaped buildings angle towards the mirrored sky. Seeing the shinny metallic structures set amongst the green hillside I knew this had to be where my suspended animation body was stored. Taking my mind now through the wall of this metallic structure Malachi showed me the inside of this building. With a hallowed out center I could see along every square inch of this circular chamber there were glass vessels mounted six high and ten around to the walls. Speaking into my mind once again Malachi tells me these are the scientists. The scientists decided to freeze their lives here on this planet to bring messages of depletion and overuse of resources to the surrounding star systems. They found it there duty to bring what they had learned into the mental awareness of the inhabitants of other planets. Being a planet that had developed to fast for its own good and now depending on the neighboring planets this was a way the people of this world felt they could give back and bring messages of warnings to those planets in danger of experiencing the same outcomes. You have chosen to bring the message of your planet to other planets as a warning. You hope to save many other planets from experiencing the same outcome your planet now lives with. Even the vessel you find your body in is a potential space ship ready to leave this planet if necessary. This planet is a ticking time bomb. You have sworn not to deplete other planets for your own sake and therefore must teach others to follow the harvesting principals in order to insure depletion is not experienced. If the planets don’t heed your warnings your planet will not have other planets to harvest from and will inevitably cease to exist. Your mission is to education about the harvest and proper use of resources. Every planet is interconnected and must heed these warning for full awakening to their full connected potential. Hearing the message of Malachi I know my place here amongst the scientists of this planet and find a harmonic resonance with the message. I feel compelled to find a way to speak this message for not only my home planet, but for the survival of all planets.


Original Channel - Part 1 Termite Hills

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.



Termite Hills

I find myself dropped into a setting full of green vegetation and brown dirt. Grounding myself into the soil the green plants surrounding me appear to be enormous blades of grass. I feel as if I have been shrunken down to the size of an ant and have been placed in the front lawn of my house. There are green projections of grass like plants protruding out at every direction. The base of each blade moves down into the ground sporadically giving the entire place a chaotic feel. With no clear path to take I begin walking towards a looming shadow over my left shoulder. Turning now to face the shadow I can make out what appears to be some outcropping of rocks or boulders not too far away. With no other clear indicators of what to do I decided this landmark will have to suffice and find myself moving towards the large formation.

While in route to my rocky destination I find an interesting stream of sorts running across my path. The stream is so narrow I wonder if the entire width of my body could even fit inside. Moving towards this fascinating discovery I realize that the height will only reach up to my knees so without harm of injury or drowning I step into its flow. The liquid which appeared to be water is certainly not what I expected. This liquid is more solid than I had expected. As a matter of a face I think it’s some type of silicone or gel. With an unbelievably thick consistency the feeling of being in this substance gives me pure ecstasy so much so that I am willing to wade in it all the way to my destination. I am not sure why, but the essence of this makes me tingle all over, it makes me want to bathe in it from head to toe.

Seeing the rocky formation up ahead I can actually see what appears to be a waterfall pouring from over the top of the rocks and landing into the stream I reside within. Prolonging this path of most resistance I endure this slow progression simply enough to enjoy all the wonderful feelings I am having while surrounded by this strange substance. I slowly traverse my way towards the stone outcropping when I realize that what looked to be a waterfall is yet again something entirely different. Moving out of the silicone like substance I move towards the closest edge of the rock formation. I hear the sounds of crashing falling water, but instead of wet water I see a dust cloud of forced spiraling air. The loud blustery sound mistakenly resembled that of churning falling water. I now recognize I was hearing a really high velocity fan or forced air contraption. Moving through the dust cloud behind the veil I can feel massive amounts of air being forced up from the ground through what appear to be tiny holes, similarly along the top of the rocks and facing downwards is yet another set of holes blowing massive amounts of air downward. As if I am going through the final cycle of a car wash every droplet of anything left on my body is now gone. I feel like the air has blown straight through every cell of my body eliminating every partial I had collected thus far whilst being a traveler on this new planet.

Now within the rock outcropping behind the forced air falls I see a long descending pathway ahead of me. This pathway resembles a typical enclosed cave dwelling. Starting at the back of the cavern everything is dimly light illuminated only by the light peeking through the swirling dusty air surrounding the rock face opening. The path starts on the ground level near the back of the rocks and quickly moves underground. At this point my decision seems pretty clear so I decide to follow the singular path down into the dark corridor below. Walking forward I find there is a quick decent which feels like a drop below the surface I had just come from. I move in a straight line almost a mile in length towards a final door at the end of the path. This path has no diversions or an optional exit door to move through it progresses in one direction and that is forward.

Finding my way to the end of the tunnel I encounter the large door. This door appears to be made out of metal and reminds me of something one might see within the enclosed space of a submarine. There is a circular handle half way up the door and a few bars that hinge together at the corners looking to be some sort of locking mechanism. Grabbing a hold I rotate the circular handle until there is no further movement it is when the turning stops that the mechanical clicking starts. Presumable on wheels the door slides open revealing yet another room with more paths to select from. Moving over the threshold I find yet another air strip above and below my body that hums to life with activation as my body moves past.

Standing in the middle of yet another room I see before me three tunnels. The far tunnel on the left moves up at a very sharp incline, the middle tunnel seems to stay level and the tunnel on the right angels downward hooking sharply towards the left. Having no inclination of which way to go I figure going downhill is easier than up so I pick the far tunnel on the right hand side. Following the first sharp turn to the left the tunnel begins to descend downward into a large spiral walkway the middle of the cavern is completely open to the ground below and the path hugs close to the side wall. Now seeing clearly the entirety of what lies below this entire chamber appears to be a very wide probably a hundred feet in circumference and very deep dwelling. After the first few spirals downward I begin to notice along the perimeter of the walkway black wooden arched doors. Every ten or so feet there appears to be another black unmarked door, all the same size and shape made of the same material there are no distinctive qualities separating one door from the next yet I get the feeling this is where the inhabitants of this place live.

Making my way down the last spiral of the walk way it appears I have moved down at least ten floors. The ground floor is made up of the same brown dirt that made up the hallway the path all of the walls and just about everything I have seen so far. Sitting in the very middle of this ground floor resides a large egg shaped crystal. Flawlessly clear and soaring over two stories high this egg emanates a great powerful frequency that vibrates this entire chamber. Moving to get a closer look at the crystal out of the corner of my eye I can see a being emerge from one of the wooden doors a floor or two above where I stand. He begins his decent following the spiral walkway towards me. I take this time to glean what I can about this individual and his appearance. There is something different about how this being is walking yet I cannot pin point exactly what it is. Other than the walk not much else caught my eye as unique or different. He appeared to be very old in how gingerly he was descending the spiral walkway yet his skin, face and features were that of a teenager. There was an air of knowledge and wisdom projected towards me and this I could feel was similar to that of the energy of the crystal before me. Until we were face to face no communication occurred. His patience was remarkable.   

Finally at the bottom of the walkway, I decide this is as good a time as any to get my first words out. With a polite smile I ask, “What is this place?” For the first time now after visiting over seven planets I engage in a live conversation with this being, no telepathy, no mind reading, verbally spoken words. The man responds, “This is our home and it’s about to start!” As he speaks the words I get confirmation of my previous thoughts regarding these doors and also regarding the egg shaped crystal. Within seconds a bright white light begins to pulse out of the top of the crystal and a loud humming begins to resonate through the entire cavern. Extending out a hand to me the man says, “You don’t want to miss it, come on.” It is at this moment when a pair of long slender oval shaped wings sprout from behind the man’s back. The beating of these wings begins to elevate the slender man off the floor in front of me. I now see him for what he is and I acknowledge that he’s a fairy! I reach out my hand towards his and as our fingers touch we soar straight up through the cavern missing only the pulsating white light and fly back to the hallway with the three paths above. Here we land in front of the middle path and walk our way a short distance into the large open room beyond.

To understand what I see you must first imagine you are placed on the inside of a large termite mound. Internally the room looks like a hallowed out mountain top. The walls are a dry beige color built up from what once was a kind of plastered dirt. The entire cavern appears to have a melted look. The center most room has a grated floor that can see down to the dwellings and crystal below and around this center lies a ring or walkway that only seems to be a story or so high. There is a large podium like protrusion that sticks out over the center grated floor and soars above the audience standing below, this single structure is around two or three stories high and holds on it one speaker. A queen bee if you will although I feel this may be a male it is very hard to tell with these fairies. The crowd that has assembled below seems to be in organized lines. I get the feeling that this gathering is honoring some kind of military operation. The speaker is shaking her fist violently and the crowd below is moving in accordance with the cadence of her words. Standing along the perimeter of this group it appears there are about one hundred people here which would make sense when compared to the amount of doors seen below.

 As I scan the crowd I notice that the pulsating light from below fills the room above and creates a pace and intensity that all seem to be in harmony with. I can feel the energy building and am not sure what will be happening next. In all honesty I feel a battle might ensue in the coming minutes or hours. As if on cue to my thoughts the first row of fairies clap their wings and hover a foot off the ground. One by one they fly to the level of the speaker and soar up and out the top of the termite like structure. Wanting a better view I decide to find the path that lead upward to the top of the mount. Moving along the perimeter of the room I find my way back out to the three paths. Choosing the passageway on the left I climb the slanted path and find myself crawling due to the steepness of the angle. Moving towards a slim pocket of light I find my release as I am birthed thorough a hole and into the light of the external world. I see fairies one by one shooting through the topmost elevation of this mound and also finding the light of day. As my view widens I can see now that the mound I sit atop is one of nine or ten large mounds sitting in a large circle miles apart from one another in a large field. The fairies that were perceived to be going off to war seem to be dancing and spinning now in the morning light.  

Why A Fairy Planet?

As I sit watching the fairies dance in the sky I see that they dance to celebrate what appears to be some type of solstice. The intensity and ritual are being performed to honor a new time of year. Each of the ten dwellings had ejected its total number of fairies into this open field and now each one dances to the new day. There is elation and joy filling the air and I feel a swell of innocence and happiness to be privileged enough to watch this special moment happen.

Off in the distance I see what appears to be a large solid slow moving mass headed our way. The fairies celebration goes uninterrupted as not a single fairy seems to be affected by this oncoming distraction. Opening my mind to what lies ahead I begin to receive images in my mind’s eye of what this could be. I see first a picture of a cave man second a giant, and third images of the guardian golems from the Half Animal Half Human Planet. Piecing all of this information together I am under the assumption that this oncoming being is here to show me the vast difference in size that these fairies have to the other living being on this planet and second there is nothing to fear if anything this oncoming mass is in some way shape or form a helpful addition to the Fairy Planet. As expected the giant black mass sweeps right through the celebration not stopping to partake, notice or engage the fairies at all actually the fairies simply sweep to the sides of this creature to allow it unimpeded passage through their center circle.

As the excitement of the situation passes I see my fairy friend flying low towards the direction of where I sit. As he descends towards me I can tell some unanswered questions are about to receive their due recognition. Extending his hand we interlace fingers and yet again he allows me to accompany him while flying. Soaring away from the excitement and the celebration we head off in the direction of the trees. We begin back tracking through the path I had taken to arrive at the fairy dwelling. I see the long grass below, the narrow stream and the rock mound. We bypass each landmark and make our way towards a line of trees off in the distance. Turning to look over my shoulder I scan the surroundings to remember what the totality of this environment looks like. Finding the wide impressive fairy village first I notice the excitement and joy yet again as the celebration continues around the ten large fairy mounds. Behind the ten mounds I can see an impressive blue sky with what appears to be a mountain range setting the perfect back drop to the party. I can see and feel a sun. This sun looks like a large ball of bright white light and it simply hangs overhead shining down its rays upon all inhabitants that settle below. The entire ground is covered in what looks like long blades of grass. Each blade towers over my current height by at least two or three times in size. Brown dirt covers the ground and can be seen under the folding patterns of grass. There are thousands of narrow crack like fissures running all around and through the grass that hold the thick silicone like substance I found myself bathing in. The terrain is much like Earth, but then again the colors, vibrancy and feeling of everything holds a much stronger quality than what I have come to expect on Earth during the time space of 2015.

Reaching or final destination we begin to lower ourselves towards the ground in front of a large row of trees. As we touchdown dead ahead lies a tree with exposed roots creating a doorway like opening that is the perfect fit for my current size. My fairy guide allows me to make the first move. Stepping aside he allows me a clear path as I begin to walk towards the exposed roots of the tree. Following directly behind me we are a few steps apart as I walk through the canopy of tree roots. Finding the hallowed out middle of the tree my guide and I stand shoulder to shoulder. Tilting my head back I begin to spin in a three hundred and sixty degree circle taking in all of the carved inscriptions lining the interior walls of this magical place. Not knowing the language or meanings of the drawings I wait for my guide to begin to explain to me what this place represents.

Like the interior structure of a light house this tree comes equip with a corkscrewing path that flows around the interior of the tree. Starting at the ground floor I begin to walk the ascending path upwards as my guide begins to tell the story of his people. “We started from just one. No one knows from where we originally came some think the trees themselves gave us birth some think we come from a distant galaxy. Never the less our community started with just one fairy. This fairy was guided to the first crystal that allowed other fairies to be brought into this place. Once the first crystal was given to us by this planet we were able to connect deeply to its rhythms and began to understand how and what we were supposed to do to be in harmony with everything surrounding us. The crystal guided us to live in accordance with all things and this brought much happiness into our lives. When it was time another fairy would show up and become a part of our community. Everything was given in accordance with how we lived and how connected we were. When it was time one of our people would find another crystal within the ground somewhere. When this happened we knew it was time to create another dwelling around this second crystal gift from our world. Here today we have come to locate ten total crystals. We wait, we listen, we watch for the signs. Each time our population is ready to expand in accordance with our world we find yet another crystal showing us the time is right. We celebrate the life of all living things and find a deep connection to all things in our world we celebrate, we play, we connect and we follow the rhythms of our planet. This keeps us in balance and harmony with all living things.”

Feeling into the story there is an underlying message of connection that resonates deep within my being. I ask my guide why I am here and what the purpose of this journey may be. “We are immortal beings, living as long as we like and expiring when we are ready. Many decide to start out life as one of us very few chose to come back once they have left.” Moving now towards the open root system of the tree we walk along the ground until we see the exposed light of day once again. Finding our path we walk a short distance following one of the narrow streams towards another tree. This tree is not as large as the tree we had just come from, it has a smaller circumference, but still has exposed roots that give it a gloriously majestic feel. Walking through the root system we come into the hallowed center of the tree. Here I come face to face with yet another holding room for beings that have chosen to freeze there timelines. This is the smallest room I have come across on my journey to date only five vessels with beings held in suspended animation.

“You see most souls that come to live in our plane do not choose to leave a body. Most choose to expire their being in full totality leaving nothing, but dust when they go. There are only a few that decide to pause their life on our planet choosing to make a final return.” Knowing full well that I am one of those beings held in suspended animation I wonder what the exact purpose for one here would be. I can’t see any immediate need to return here to help the population they seem in complete harmony with everything on their planet so what is the purpose for someone to chose to hold a body here on this planet? Thinking deeply about the possibilities I stare into the five faces before me. I see beautiful child like features with golden helmets that cover down around the ears and a singular piece covering the mouth. Each of the five beings appears to be weightless and free floating in the thick liquid surrounding them. I find myself questioning the process one must go through before they freeze their body. Looking at my guide I ask this question of him. “The narrow streams we have passed hold your answers.” Thinking back to the silicone liquid, it all begins to make sense. “The liquid is what gives the fairies their immortality. Like you discovered during your play in the stream the liquid begins to repair a physical vessel down to the photon light.  Fairies enjoy frolicking in its energy, not only does it feel good on every level it heals and allows one to live infinitely. When done playing and repairing the fairy must go into the air wash to make sure the liquid is fully removed unless they potentially want to start the freezing process” That must be why it felt so good to me when I stepped into the liquid stream. I could tell I didn’t want to leave even if it made my trek that much harder and longer to get through. “This liquid is also what is used to freeze a body. When ingested and poured over the body simultaneously the body will go into a state of suspended animation, where the soul can depart with prior intention to do so and the body can be held for a safe return.”

Understanding the process I still question the reason for the pause in this timeline. I see the joy, connection, and playfulness of these beings. Laughing to myself I get visions of souls who have recently gone through a life review and are ready for their next incarnation I can see an astral waiting line to get into a body on this planet, for this is what heaven should be. Pure enjoyment, elation and play what an amazing experience. Here I feel that this could be part of my purpose. Knowing that a physical body freezes in order to allow the soul to tap into its memories and lessons I wonder if this is part of the teaching I am to do and to remember. Being a spiritual being living a human existence on Earth in 2015 I am not sure many remember how to experience pure enjoyment, elation and play every day and with this I begin to remember why it was necessary for me to leave a body here after all!

Original Channel - Part 1 The Angel Academy

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Angel Academy

After the final reflections from the Planet of Peace and Connection the guide known to me as Michael draws my attention while extending his hand towards me. Still surrounded by the circle of twelve beings and beginning to lose touch with the reality of the coliseum surrounding me I sense that my body is already aligning to yet another guide for another journey.  I see clearly now how these transmissions are taking place and begin to understand how this story is going to continue to unfold.

I am a fifth dimensional traveler being escorted throughout the universe in all time and space to witness twelve of my suspended animation incarnation cycles. I am being given an opportunity to learn the karmic lesson plans I have created and still have yet to fulfill. As I learn more about each cycle I find I am here on Earth as a vessel to help teach humanity, warn humanity, connect with humanity and learn from humanity. I feel and understand more with each passing encounter and find with the knowledge learned also comes a deeper understanding of who I am on a soul level. I can understand the urgency of each guide and can also start to make healthy choices as to what paths are of the most importance for me as an Earth bound being during this space and time. Looking across the coliseum Michael stands waiting, within a few steps I join hands, shoulders and arms with him and feel my body yet again begin to soar up into a tube of light that sends us speeding off into the cosmos.

Landing on what appears to be a red planet we are dropped into yet another empty terrain. Upon landing on this planet I feel an immediate connection to New Mexico back on Earth, where things seem red and sometimes barren and dry. The ground is comprised of tiny sand particles with swirls of white and red color patterns. Each step taken forward plants my foot into a mound of sand that reaches up midway around my calf. The weather is warm and with yet another glance around I find there is still nothing around.

Having Michael make this travel with me I knowingly started this journey out with a companion. Using this to my advantage I projected my thoughts behind my body and asked Michael to help me understand this place better. With that singular request I begin to sense multiple things happen at once. There is a vision of Heavens pearly gates ahead of me. I sense that a veil has been lifted and an invisible gate has been opened. The ground also begins to shake as if a path is going to be released from the sand below. I begin to see a floating island of green hills that remind me of the terrain around Banff, Canada. Here the word Atlantis also becomes apparent in my mind. I see the shimmering gates reveal the path I had expected to see and begin to walk towards the floating land.

Starting to piece together some of these details I walk the exposed path and can begin understand I am on some invisible floating island. This image validates my original connection to the word Atlantis. I find my mind is filled with some type of knowledge about how this island is able to float. I can see that the red sand below the floating land is magnetized in some way and so is the island. Each has an opposite charge to the other allowing for the slight separation and the constant repelling movement to happen. As Michael and I make our way onto the island the path disappears and the island is yet again a floating marvel.

As large as a big city the circular island is completely surrounded by green pointed mountains. These mountains give the city an enclosed and somewhat protected feel. There is a large interior corridor that feels like the area surrounding Frances Arch De Triumph. On this island instead of the Arch there lies a singular fountain that sits in the exact center of this floating land. Every path radiates outward from this singular location giving the fountain the feeling of great power and focus. Scanning the large mountains I can see a wall that looks like the Great Wall of China curving down and up around every curve of the island’s mountains. This wall extends outward from a very large building sitting behind the fountain. Running in an almost fully connected circle around the entire island there appear to be extensions or pathways that protrude off of this wall every so many miles creating clusters of what I would expect to be homes or dwellings. Directly ahead of me behind the north point of the fountain nestled between two large mountains lies a building that one could mistakenly compare to Washington D.C’s White House. It is long and narrow and has very large columns that create a semi circle around the entrance way. Here is where I decide our journey will begin.

Walking past the fountain I can feel a pull to look upon its waters. Like the call of a siren the fountain entices my entire being to move towards it. Having to focus hard to break my connection with the fountain I swerve towards the far side of the path away from the center of the city with its alluring fountain. I set my gaze upon the long narrow white building sitting amongst the green mountains beyond and continue to head towards this direction. Once past the pull of the fountain I look backwards over my shoulder and can see many beings that have decided to stare into the fountains waters. I am interested to find out more about its function and ask Michael what the fountains purpose is. With this question my view changes and I am now seeing through the eyes of one of the current fountain gazers. I first see a face being reflected in the water of the fountain. The face then turns into a series of images that seem to be connected to this specific person’s life. From here I get a deep sense of peace over what is needed to be done in order to move on. There is a sense of completion, knowing and service that come with the acquired knowledge from the fountain. I am pulled back into my body and can see now that this fountain is like an oracle connecting the people here to a destiny that they seek. Now more than ever I am interested in what I may find later in that fountain. Picking up the pace towards the great structure between the two green mountains we finally arrive at our destination.

Moving into the long narrow building I am greeted by a very familiar set up. In this large rectangular room there are multiple glass vessels holding the bodies of many different beings in suspended animation. I now understand why this building was able to pull my attention away from the fountain it is because my body resides within one of these vessels. There is also a much deeper and older connection here in this room than in any of the other rooms previously visited. This room also has more bodies than I have ever seen before and is much more active than I have ever seen before.  I see vessels stored on top of each other meaning were not just seeing row after row of singular vessels here. I see three to five vessels stored directly on top of one another and there are multiple rows of these stacked beings. There are so many beings apparently in suspended animation that I see multiple beings with what appear to be clip boards checking on the status of the inhabitants of the containers.  As I walk the isles looking for a connection to one of the tubes I see what appear to be ghostly figures flying into and out of the room. As this happens I see life returning to specific bodies and other lives being taken away. The amount of activity happening here is mind boggling. Every other storage facility I have seen has been almost crypt or tomb like, quite and uninterrupted by activity where this facility seems like a highway for souls.

Michael begins to send me an understanding of what I am seeing, feeling and sensing. He tells me that this place is an Academy for Angels that what I am seeing is one of the original separations from source or the matrix. Beings who wish to elevate their frequency into or past the eight dimensions must engage with this place to go through the teachings of the divine virtues. If this island abided by the rules of time or followed the click of a clock like the third dimension I would say it feels as if my body has been here since the beginning of time. Michael assures me that within this place a being will go into suspended animation for multiple life times to learn without any shadow of a doubt one of the virtues and that is why it feels so ancient to me. He goes on to share that once a virtue is learned the soul will come back to its body here on this island and reanimate once again engaging with life. Then when ready the body will go back into suspended animation to again learn the next virtue that has been lined up for the soul. This happens when the individual receives the call from the fountain or the oracle to start the next journey. There will be many lives lived between each virtue to make sure that the being is in full awareness and practice of what is being taught.

I begin to understand why there are so many bodies held here. If there are multiple virtues to be learned and each soul will be required to incarnate into multiple lives before a singular virtue is learned one can only imagine the amount of time necessary to achieve the perfection it seems this plane is seeking. That also explains the reason for so many souls coming back to reanimate their bodies here, due to the virtue a soul may come back at any time to seek further guidance or understanding about the virtue from the fountain. The depth of knowledge one must have about themselves to fully understand all the facets of a singular virtue are immeasurable. I feel comfort in knowing that this is an origin planet for me and that there is no rush to finish this race. I could not imagine what it would be like to have the pressure of accomplish this task overnight. I feel acceptance towards souls taking their time here and feel that souls can move into and out of this existence as they see it fit for their own divine destiny.

Walking out of the great hall Michael and I walk straight towards the fountain. Taking our time we stroll towards the center of this city both in quiet contemplation. My mind seems to be reviewing what was just learned through the guidance and support of my chaperone Michael. Getting closer to the fountain I can begin to feel its magnetic pull on my body. I assume this must mean it holds a message for me. Michael who has been monitoring my thoughts simply shakes his head in agreement and gives me my space as I take my place. As I sit on the edge of the fountain I begin to see the known markings of my reflection. Staring lazily at the swirling colors in the pool of water I get flooded with a full life review. There are images from my current existence on Earth that bubble up to the surface of the water staying present for mere seconds and then float away. Not seeing any one image, but understanding everything clearly as one continuous message I glean my current experience on Earth is about the virtue of Friendship which is tied into the overall message of Kindness. As stated before the virtues must get fractionated so that true learning can be done. When this happens it could take ten plus incarnations to understand and master a single facet of one virtue. Here I get the overwhelming attachment to my current life cycle and what is needed to achieve this lesson of friendship. Pulling myself away from the fountain I feel clear on my direction and need from this life cycle. I know this is yet again a single sliver of my twelve bodies and find peace in knowing this life at least is meant to be relived over and over for full comprehension. Although there is a want to achieve the lessonfully I understand that this timeline take finesse and mastery for full completion and this elevates yet another burden for what I am to experience here on the Earth plane.

Original Channel - Part 2 Hallway

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Other Hallway

Finishing the one on one conversation with this Paladien guide I feel at easy yet still have many unanswered questions. Feeling into this thought the Paladien shifts his energetic form and begins to walk, turning around he says, “follow me.” Walking behind this new guide I follow him along the metal grated walkway past the viewing room down the path towards the first hallway I passed on the beginning of this journey. Moving into the open space of this hallway we proceed down a lengthy dimly light corridor. Finding the end of this passageway we come into a large rectangular shaped room. The hallway opens into the corner of one of the longer walls. Where we currently stand I can perceive only a few feel of distance leading to the opposite side of the room yet towards the left hand side the space goes on forever. It appears that the opposite wall is a looking glass to the outside world. It is made up completely of something that appears to be glass or some other type of see through crystal clear material. Standing in the corner of the room still in the hallway I can see out through this wall of glass into the black atmospheric sky beyond. One can see thousands of stars from this singular location within the underground chamber.    

Waiting patiently in this room are the five other Paladiens that made the journey. My guide steps into the room and explains that I am to be told anything and everything necessary to understand the purpose of my visit. The Paladiens all wearing some sort of golden armored plating across their chests shift mildly from side to side. I can’t tell if this is intentional or just the way I am visualizing their light bodies, for everything seems to be in constant movement. As my guide continues to speak it is as if the entire group combined their energy together to allow me the capacity to receive the messages that were to follow.

Waiting quietly I questioned to myself why these beings weren’t unloading stories to me. I had some questions, but felt they might be forthcoming with the information and not need me to speak up to receive the answers. This apparently was wrong because they waiting until I asked the first question to send me a mixture of visual images, words, knowings and experiences to answer my curiosity. My first question was more of a need for more clarity on something already expressed. I asked to the group why they needed humans? Being fifth dimensional beings they seem to have all of the understanding and wisdom to continue on with their society in a highly functioning way so why the need to cross bread with humans and return to the third dimension? “We lack connection. By evolving our species over time our frequency got trapped in the fifth dimension. Our people no longer knew how to return to the third dimension and therefore we lost the ability to return our energy to the third dimension. We found that creating hybrids using third dimensional humans and mixing this with our Paladiens DNA we could create a breed that had the attunement of our kind and could learn our ways yet remain in a third dimensional body.” So what is the purpose, why is it so important that you know how to be in connection with the third dimension? Humans seem to be striving to reach higher fields of awareness trying to leave the third dimensional plane, what do you know that we don’t? It took Paladiens thousands upon thousands of years to achieve a fifth dimensional existence, over time our people lost their understanding of what it meant to be third dimensional. Generation after generation became increasingly more disconnected from this knowing. We bread out emotions, we lost our ability to physically connection to a planet meaning there is no death or rebirth cycles  and overall we found that this lead to the Paladiens becoming ever more trapped in the fifth dimension. There are many planets and beings that operate within the third dimension and not being able to access that plane lead to disharmony for our people. In order to preserve our way of living and to reconnect ourselves into the third dimension we knew we had to find a way to regain this ability and that is when the experiments with the human race came about. We found success in this process and now continue to develop hybrids with your planet.”

One of the Paladiens assists me towards the opposite end of this room. This is the exact opposite side from where we originally entered. Immediately using only thought a chair and a holographic screen appear. I take my seat as the large hologram morphed into the Earth. Watching intently a voice begins to speak into my mind. “Your people are also losing their connection to the third dimension. What we do is not only for ourselves, but also for you.”   I see the numbers 2020 appear over the Earth and begin to see major shifts in the environment begin to happen. I can see what appears to be wide spread earthquakes, tidal waves, tornados, and volcano’s become increasingly active and more violent. I am pulled to the words, Schumann’s Resonance and begin to understand that during this time on Earth if things don’t change our humanity will have begun to lose touch with the vibration of the Earth leading to disharmony where there is no longer a vibration resonance with the surrounding nature. From here I see the numbers 2030 appear over the Earth and I am pulled yet again towards the country of Russia where I see war breaking out. I feel the war is connected to natural resources and the need to take, exploit, and use what remains. I now see the numbers 2050 appear over the Earth and see the world broken down into sectors that have sustained the planetary changes. I see hybrids working alongside humans. This partnership happens in order to reconnect with the Earth and to insure proper survival of the Earth and the humans within it. The hologram dissipates and I am pulled back into the room where I witness the beings now closely surrounding me. Again feelings of warmth, kindness and love are sent my way and I am asked to take this message back to all who are ready to listen.

Original Channel - Part 2 Woman

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Old Woman

Arriving to the staircase that had been passed by earlier, I make my way up to the secondary level where the tubes are contained. It seems like the elevation of this second floor matches that of a bell tower in a large church. This second floor is open to the ground floor below with only floating walkways creating the floor of this level. These walkways reach from one side of the building towards the walls of the opposite side.  The staircase used to get to this point continues on to another floor above this place I now stand. Looking up and then across the hall I decide it is here that my journey across this thin scaffolding of a walkway should begin.  

Moving across the arched walkway towards the opposite side of the castle I find these walkways are shaped just like the ones leading to the main entryway below. These walkways must be what create some of the architectural detail that can be witness from below. There is a soft yellow light that illuminates everything within this place and it gives most objects a golden sheen that appears warm and inviting, even the arched walkways on the first floor can be seen by means of this glow. Following the path I arrive at the wall of vessels. Thankfully the walkway turns into a wide path that runs the entire length of the wall to the left and the right of me. This walkway seems to sit atop the first floor architecture. I can sense that there are more rooms that lie behind this wall of vessels and it is here while contemplating this thought that I encounter my first being from this planet.  

The being is very tall and is cloaked in a type of cape, the features are fuzzy to me and I can’t completely make out what I am seeing. There is a green glow that emanates off of his body and it seems as if he is holding something in the shape of a clip board. At least that is what it appears to be from the manner in which he is holding onto this item. He appears to be engaged in making notes or taking inventory. Gliding towards me he doesn’t say a word and simply follows behind me as I make my way towards the path on the left. When I was on the ground floor of this place I felt a distinct pull towards one of the vessels up here and I know it was one of the last tubes along this path on the far side of the building.

Walking almost all the way to the end of the path I find my tube. It is the third tube before the wall of this great castle. As I step in front of this glass cylinder it to emanates a yellow colored glow just like everything else in this place. I see what appears to be the body of a very old, very tall woman. Covered in loose skin and wrinkles with long flowing hair I feel an immediate connection to the body within this cylinder and instinctually place my hand on the bottom of the tube. Having traveled to this place in my comfortable five foot two form from 2015 I seem to be at least three feet shorter maybe even more than every other inhabitant of this planet.

The tubes are anchored like museum pieces onto the walls. Half the cylinder is visible from this side of the wall which means the other half must extend out towards the back side of this wall. As I make my connection to my body from this space and time I turn around and look at the individual who has been quietly following me down that walkway. His arms are relaxed down at his sides and he appears to be ready to engage in a conversation. It is clear to me that this individual is here to watch over the tubes. His sole job is to insure the tubes and there inhabitants are kept safe and maintained from a proper return.

When a being is asked, or decides to freeze their body on their home planet they are doing this to allow their soul to travel elsewhere and learn necessary function, skills or knowledge to help sustain their original planet or to fulfill other lessons determined by the individual in suspended animation. Knowing the state of emergency this planet is in, I ask the being why I chose to freeze myself in this tube at such an old age. Looking at the case to the left and right of mine, the bodies seem much younger than mine and I wonder why I was frozen at such an old age. A voice begins to speak softly in my mind. “The people on our planet live for a very long time. You were chosen to travel due to your length of time on this planet and because of your knowledge and memories. You have seen our planet progress into its current state and this makes your experiences very valuable.” I think to myself, so I am the story telling elder who holds the secrets of the past. With a pleased node the being approves of this connection. Next I ask the being to show me what will happen when I chose to come back to my body in this tube. Without moving from our place on the walkway a video begins to play in my mind. I begin seeing, sensing, and feeling what it would be like to have my soul rejoin my body on this planet.

Standing in the room behind the cylinder wall I see the back of my glass tube separate from the front as if on hinges and lay out horizontally. My once suspended body falls onto the reclining back of the tube as it separates itself from the front piece. Here gurney like tables sit aside each of the cylinder tubes. As the cylinder opens my body is moved onto this gurney for further awakening. As the process continues the gel surrounding my body turns to liquid and some type of plastic is laid out to encase my body. I feel breath and life transfer back into my being as there is an instant jolt in the body lying on the table. With this the individual working on my body peels back the layer of plastic covering me and I begin to reestablish a connection with all of the bodily functions within this rediscovered vessel.

 Flash forward I see my reanimated body is walked up a set of stairs that exists behind the wall of cylinder tubes. This stairways leads up to what feels like a war room or situation room where a debriefing is held. The room itself is filled with a thick blackness that makes it hard to comprehend exactly who is with me. There are phosphorescent lights that highlight different areas of the room and make it appear glowing in certain spots. Standing in the front of the room I feel memories of incarnations flood into my field of awareness and I begin to layout the pieces to the puzzle that I have collected while out traveling the universe. In this room I am not aware of anyone surrounding me yet I know there are people actively listening to my stories. It is as if this room is completely detached from what I know the rest of this palace to be yet it feels very known and comfortable at the same time. After telling my story the movie in my mind begins to fuzz out and I am again standing with the Sheppard of the tubes.

I begin to realize my role within this planet. I feel inclined already to share my stories yet know it is not the time to rejoin with my body here in this space and time. I ask the being for more understanding of what my past was like here and what memories I hold from this planet. He waves his hand and speaks in my mind to go beyond the protective shield of the castle to see what has come of this place. Following his suggestion I find my way back down to the ground floor of the castle. Moving out the main entryway I find myself crossing the arched bridge of earth and stone I originally used to cross into the castle. I move onto the path that holds the melted grass and find the perimeter of the iridescent bubble of light. It is here that I begin to play with the bubble of light. Projecting my arm outward through the bubble I can sense a change in the field outside of the bubble. Shifting my arm up and down I decide to step beyond the shield into the scorched settings beyond.

Upon first glance it appears that a great fire has burned through this planets landscape leaving dehydrated ground with black singed marks upon its top most layers, I feel a radioactive quality to this whole area which lead to the inability for the inhabitants to use this part of their planet. I see beings as far as the eye can see sparsely scattered amongst the landscape gliding along the terrain plotting out different destinations. As I watch these being glide around the countryside a video begins to play out in my mind and I see a space and time on this planet where this land was different and resources were plentiful. I see habitation that supports that surroundings and things seem inhabitable and pleasant. It is here that I feel the desperate need of the inhabitants of this time and space to exponentially grow their civilization. During this time when things were balanced the inhabitants of this planet sought out more ways to grow and develop their race. I hear the word nuclear power and see the beings digging to the surfacing massive crystals that had been lying dormant beneath the ground. By experimenting and connecting these two great powers the beings create a disturbance in their planet where a fracture is created within the ground and the power the discovered became too great to manage. This discovery unbalanced their environment and caused some tear in their ozone and lead to scorching sun and radiation on their planet.  

Crystals being a source of great power for these people they developed the ability to create fields using the crystals frequency, this discovery protected them from the solar flares and lead to the creation of only a few cities that could be encompassed by a singular monolithic crystals reach. I am pulled back to this current space and time and can see different groups of beings searching the landscape beyond the shield of the crystal. I understand that they scour the landscape trying to source more crystals buried within the planets many layers. These beings appear to be wearing a crystal around their neck, most likely protecting them from the harming frequencies surrounding this unprotected terrain.  They are using only their bodies to locate the crystal energy below the crust of this planet. It seems each has a pattern and walks from marker point to marker point creating a map of the underground energy. This in some way will be used to help plot out a safe path to create more protected space for the inhabitants of this planet. Everything here seems to be in need of repair and re-growth. Resources have been depleted and the beings hang in the unknowing balance of what comes next. The cycle of regeneration is far away and the inhabitants here search for ways to fix the damage that was done by the greed of its people to find more power and energy for their own continued use.



Original channel - Part 3 Learning

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Place of Learning

Standing with my brother on top of the cliff overlooking the valley below I catch his movement as he waves me back towards the platform and says, “Let’s go to the place of learning.” We move on to the platform side by side and I begin to feel the familiar rush of pulsating waves of energy as things begin to change in my body. As the light becomes intense around us my brother grabs hold of my hand and we are propelled forward into the fourth dimensional tube of light. Seconds later we materialize in what appears to be another partially underground city. Seeing this massive structure from the outside it appears that the inhabitants who settled here created this place of learning within the natural formations of layered rocks. The place of learning is open to the outside world, yet has a large dome of light that creates a semi circle shield around the top most part of the exposed areas. In comparison to the first underground city this city has no cover of ground between itself and the sky and landscape above. This place of learning is mostly contained below the ground level yet remains open to the world above and covered only by some transparent shield.

The city itself seems to be the remnants of some great body of water. It seems that at one point in time a large lake or stream could have once filled this underground chamber. Now all that appears to be left are colossal yellowish tan colored flat rocks that give the internal city its shape. These rocks protrude out of the bowl shaped cavern they lie within like chips protruding out from the walls. As if enormous stepping stones these flat rocks move from deep within the walls of the ground they are buried within and project out towards the middle of the city. Each rock creates a different layer that creates the different levels within the city center. Like the previous city this space also appears to be about three or four levels deep. Inside it is stone, dirt, rock and tunnels where just outside of the dome it is lush, green, overgrown and majestic.

 As we manifest our bodies onto one of the platforms inside of this structure we are immediately pulled into the hustle and bustle of what is going on. If this is called the place of learning I would have to compare its energy to that of a college campus. There is lots of action and everywhere there is something going on. It is organized and these indigenous beings seem to understand where everything is and what is happening. Like ants in a nest there just seems to be some understood current to what is happening. My brother leads me off towards the right where there appears to be an enclosed pathway. We begin to walk down the side of one of the large platform stones which takes quite a while to find our way off of. Once out of the center of this city we find ourselves in front of a large stairway. This stairway has been carved into the ground stone and is covered like a tunnel. It appears that behind the exposed multi layered stones of this city there are also passage ways or tunnels that lead to enclosed spaces that travel through the covered ground of the city.

Our trail leads us to choose between two paths. Directly in front of us is a staircase that moves upward towards one of the higher stone levels. The other lies off to the right where there appears to be another tunnel that seems to move in a direction that buries itself deep within the ground floor of this structure. Of course we move towards the darker of the two paths and begin our decent down a long dark tunnel. As we begin to walk the length of the tunnel, lighting becomes dimmer and only a faint glow can be seen from the auric light surrounding our own bodies. Our path begins to open up to a field of underground mines, as we walk our light now reflects off of crystals that line the sides of the path. There are carved archways that randomly appear to our left and our right. This underground structure appears natural and seems to have been made overtime. There are many different avenues to choose from yet we continue on our current trajectory not veering to the left or the right. I can see people down here using tools that look like rakes. They are using these rakes to harvest what lies beneath the dirt. There is a calming essence to what they are doing, almost as if what they do is a part of some sacred ritual.

My brother stops in front of me and takes a seat amongst some very large stalactite outcroppings. He now sits on one side of the path we were just walking on. I remain standing in the middle of the path as he tells me to find a location to rest. As I take in my surroundings I see the entire breath of this underground mine. The stone surrounding me takes the shape of a large spider web. So much of this stone has grown in arched pathways with openings through it that the entire area seems to have once been solid and now appears to be many tiny rooms with holes and patches moving through it. There is another man very close to us who is raking the dirt path to uncover what lies beneath. I see him bend down a pick up the crystal he had just uncovered. After close inspection he places this crystal on a clear spot on the stone in front of him. He then returns to raking. I find a spot on the opposite side of the path so that I can be facing my brother. Using one of the manufactured stone walls to lean against I cozy myself into this spot amongst the beds of crystals.

My brother begins to tell me that the crystals here come from all over and have many different abilities. Some can connect us to our brothers that live in different spaces and times outside of this planet. Others help us to heal. Some can be used for food and others for their light. As he speaks about the crystals he picks one up from beside him to inspect and then places it back down again. I am told that some are of this planet and others have been sent or placed here to assist us in our journey. They are all powerful and have very specific functions. I ask how one knows which crystal to use since they all appear to be very similar? My brother explains that there is no need to know what crystal to use before connecting with it all one must do is open up to the connection and the best bond will be made at that time. He instructs me to open myself to the crystals surrounding me. As I begin to let my guard down and open up my field to all that surrounds me I began to feel an immediate pull towards the front of my body. As I opened my eyes in this space I saw a singular crystal illuminated and I saw a direct line of energy connecting back into my solar plexus area.

Once the connection was made my brother seemed satisfied in what had been accomplished and we both shifted ourselves up from our sitting position. We followed the same path out of the mine that we took in and found ourselves right back at the foot of the original staircase. This time we chose to take the path of the stairs. We begin our assent upward towards the second level of the place of learning. Here at a lookout point we stopped and noticed we could see out towards one of the large stone platforms within the middle of the arena. There was a large congregation of beings that had come together on this second platform. The all sat facing the same direction and a loud mixture of chanting and humming could be heard. As I observed their practice I inspected each of the individuals I could see. In the previous city I felt mostly male energy here although most of the beings looked very similar I could perceive the energy of both feminine and masculine energies.  I received instant knowing that the city we visited before was one where these beings resided it was more of what you would call home. I saw these individuals in some of the rooms that could be considered living spaces and found them without any comforts we would expect in 2015. These beings seemed to be content with a space empty of any personalized touches. The space was a dirt room enclosed on three sides and that was it.

Here in the place of learning it seemed these individuals would come for an opportunity to connect with their community in a different way than had been previously expressed. This area seemed to be a place of learning, gathering and mixing of all genders. After viewing the beings and understanding what needed to be learned by their presence we exited the stairwell and moved down the path into a chamber on the right hand side. This chamber was quite interesting as it appeared very different than most we had previously encountered. The room seemed doubled, as if two rooms sat one inside another. The inside room was octagonal in shape and had long narrow slits in the walls. The outside room seemed to be a circular room. The two rooms seemed to be able to spin opposite of each other, or at least this is the sensation that began as soon as I walked within it center.

As I entered into the room my brother chose to stay propped up against the door frame. He encouraged me to go and take a seat in the center most point of the room. I was told this was a library and from here I would understand the history of the people. As soon as I sat down the room began to spin and shadows began to dance on the walls. I watched as the scene playing out on the walls became more and more vivid with every spin of the room. Sitting in this center most spot I felt almost still as if everything around me spun faster and grew more intense yet my position here in the center was calm and unchanging.

The shadows were simple enough, one picture created a page of knowledge inside of my head. Within a singular flash I understood what seemed like a millennia of information.  The first shadow I saw was that of Earth in the time space of 2015. I saw what appeared to be the continent of North America and saw cities like New York and L.A with their huge buildings and large populations. From here the image got animated and the world spun very fast, the large buildings and cities crumbled down to the ground. As the world kept spinning almost making an orbit around the room I got pulled to the large continent of Europe mostly the country of Russia.  I see now shadows of cannons pop up along Russia’s borders, this happens along with soldiers pointing bayonets outwards. All at once they begin to shoot towards Asia, South Africa, and North America. I see devastation take out many inhabitants of people all around the world. From here I see the Earth go through massive clearings and changes as tidal waves cover the coasts and earthquakes devastate fault lines, volcanoes erupted and the Earth begins to fall apart. This is when I see the shadows of the Dragons fly in from some far off place. They begin covering the Earth in their fire. From here comes a regrowth of the Earth. During the time of rebuild there were many that went underground to live and this is what created the dynamic of the underground cities I am seeing to this day. I see man in his most primal form trying to rebuild a civilization as it once was and coming to understand that part of the lessons to his past was to learn to simplify and connect in different ways to the Earth and the energies surrounding him. This is where simplicity was created and a development of highly attuned higher dimensional energies became understood. Over thousands of years the transformation took place to grow into the coulture I see before me in this time and space of 20300.



Original Channel - Part 2 Underground City

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

Underground City

Looking towards the dragon she nods her head at me and telepathically shows me the underground city. With this visual message she also speaks to me inside my head. Her message tells me, “They are waiting.” I take the hint and move towards the tree with the holographic façade, I move through the entrance just as easily as I did at the beginning of this journey. This time without falling I find the steps and move down the spiraling staircase to the level I had previously explored. A man is waiting for me within the tunnel below. As I exit the tree onto the path he says, “Hello Brother.” 

The man standing by my side is of average height he has dark brown skin to me he looks like an aboriginal man. His hair is black and cut in the shape of a bowl around his forehead and around the back of his neck. He has painted marks on his face and wears a loin cloth that covers his genitals. I feel he is missing a stick through his nose and a disc in his lower lip, but do not see this on the man standing next to me. I wonder why I expect to see these items appear any minute yet they do not.

We begin to navigate the long hallway. He walks with a brisk pace head down as if on a mission, I keep his step and follow along side. He does not choose to make conversation so I ask, “Where are you taking me brother?” He responds we are moving towards the city. With this statement we come to what appears to be a doorway cut through the ground to our left hand side. Everything here is underground, so it as if we are in caves, but nothing is made of stone, the materials surrounding us are all organic and mixtures of sticks, dirt, tree roots, tree trunks and other decomposed organic matter.  As we stand shoulder to shoulder in the cut out doorway I am able to glimpse the entire city before me.

We appear to be standing on the top floor of an underground city housing three different levels. Peering around, it feels as if we are in a large hallowed out bee hive. The center region is completely open, three levels high there is nothing, but space from the ground floor up to the organic material roof. Surrounding this open area are circular rings around the outside spaces that show carved out doorways quite like the one we are currently standing in. It’s as if I am on the highest floor in a hotel looking down upon the lower floors with their railings and rooms sitting atop an open lobby area. There is a warm yellow glow emanating from the bottom two levels surrounding these doorways. Every ten feet or so there is a black hallowed out doorway followed by illuminated light and then another black doorway. The space is grand, the center areas are about the size of a large domed football stadium and that doesn’t include the rooms sitting behind the doorways.

Descending towards the lower level we walk down a set of stairs that attaches to the bottom of our doorway. All around the city there are a variety of stairways emerging from numerous openings on the different levels. All stairways seem to be attaching to the ground floor around the outside of the platform below. Curious now as to what is giving support to this structure I look for any clues that might be within my surroundings. It is interesting because what I see are trees. I do not see the tops of the trees, but I do see clearly the trunks of trees. These trees seem to have once seen the outside world. These trees do not look like a tangle of roots, but fully matured trees with weathered bark. As I notice this detail I receive the impression that this underground city might not have always been underground. It becomes clear to me that this city might have been built and then the ground may have in some way covered what now lays perfectly underground.

There is activity happening all around us in every corner of this city. So far I can only detect the presence of males, I am not sure if this is because everyone looks alike and I think they are male, but it seems the word “Brother” comes to mind for every inhabitant I visual take note of. As we reach the ground floor we move towards the far corner of the main city floor where there is apparently a lot of commotion taking place. The inhabitants seem to be congregating around this specific spot, making me think it must hold something very special. I ask my companions, “Brother what is this place?”  He waves a hand and says this is where we travel. As we get closer I can see two platforms side by side that are circular in shape and can only hold one to two people at a time. These platforms have carvings on their bottoms and have a thickness of a few inches. With organized disorder there seems to be some unspoken understanding about what exactly is taking place. All I can make out is that a person steps onto one platform and disappears while someone else show up on the other platform. My brother takes my hand and moves us up to the first of the two platforms. Without speaking he grabs hold of my hand and we begin to travel.

I feel this effect not only in my fifth dimensional body in this space and time, but can also feel this in my third dimensional body back in the time space of Earth 2015. I feel waves of energy radiate throughout my entire being. It feels as if my body has different currents of energy running through it. I get the sensation of movement and can see a light tunnel that we quickly move into. Within seconds our journey is done and we are at another platform on the top of a cliff somewhere overlooking a beautiful valley below. My brother takes my hand and leads me to the edge of this cliff. We sit in enjoyment of the view and take in the sites of the overgrown landscape below. Everything is pristine and untouched. It is here that the real questioning begins and I feel this is why we came here in the first place.

I ask my brother to explain the purpose of their people, why do they stay underground and what do they do? He tells me their main purpose is connection and community. I get a flash to the city where I see people always together. It seems busy and engaged. I review their people and think about the simplicity I observed thinking how undeveloped their community felt with no advancements. Able to feel my thoughts my brother reminds me that just because there is a perception of simplicity doesn’t mean there is a lack of advancements. He shows me the people’s ability to teleport to any location on their planet and allowing their third dimensional bodies to make the journey along with their mind. He explains their ability to be connected into the Earth and use its energy to support their lives and continue their expansion. He also shows me other cities around this planet that have developed as well and hold the means to visit one anther creating a vast network of community and connection everywhere. He sends me the vibration of compassion and connection and the feeling this brings to everyone within this space.

It is here that I begin to feel a connection to Earth. I begin to think that this may be Earth as it is in 20300. I feel a resonance with the images I am seeing and the indigenous people who live here. I am interested to learn more about the history of this place and how it came to be from what it is today. What do the underground cities have to do with the way the people live and why have dragon come to be? If this is Earth in a different space and time why has the evolution gone this way and what lead to the drastic differences that I have only begun to experience.

Original Channel - Part 2 Deeper

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

Deeper into the Labyrinth

The golden glow of the room diminishes signaling I have completed my teaching. Walking past the etched walls I feel as if a piece of my energy will remain here in this room. The amount of connection I now feel between this planet and my home planet of Earth is immense. I understand our contract with animals, I have always understood this contract, but until seeing the soul connection between the Sentarians and the inhabitants of this planet I really didn’t understand how our link worked. I not only understand, but can actually feel my link, it has been reawakened with in my body, and I am so excited to take this wisdom back with me to Earth. The darkness of the room leaves me hugging the walls until I find the doorway I had entered through. Standing along the exterior wall of the chamber my guide begins to move seemingly heading deeper into the part of the labyrinth we have yet to explore. I follow the bird headed man as we walk one in front of the other deeper and deeper through the barnacle lit hallways. After walking for a bit we come to a stop, I can tell that we have entered the center of the underground archives. Stopping I can feel intense amounts of energy coming from an open pathway off to my right hand side.

“This is what you have been looking for.”

My bird headed guide steps aside once again. Intrigued I point towards the entry way to the right and with a nod he allows room for me to move past him. Before getting even four steps into this hallway my mind begins to wonder. Literally my field of awareness leaves my physical body and begins hovering above where I stand. I see an aerial view of the catacombs begins to take shape within my mind’s eye. I can see that we have journeyed into the center most point of this long maze set underground between these six pyramids. It is as if my energy body is now standing on the blueprint of the labyrinth that I had seen in the second chamber. I can see that directly ahead of me there lies a square room dead center between the six pyramid structures. This square room has four pathways extending out from each wall. The hallway I currently stand in is off to the west, it moves in a long zig zag shape before it hits the center square room. It has three elbow bends from where I stand now. Each bend moves the path closer towards the center room of the labyrinth. Upon further inspection I can see this exact pattern happening on the other side of the center room, but the zig zag there moves outward and East away from the center square room. The tunnels all seem to be creating a large geometric drawing that is a mirror pattern from one side to the other. From this aril perspective I can also see that this square center room has two large rectangle rooms extending off two walls to the North and South, these rooms do not have zig zagging paths they are massive rectangular rooms. Each room appears narrow yet long extending directly towards the three pyramids on the front end of the city and the three pyramids on the back end of the city.  

Having now the complete layout of the path lying in front of me my energy body descends into my body from the interactive blueprint. Reanimation happens which allows me to continue moving towards the zig zagging path ahead. Moving through the dark elbow turns the cave barnacles speciously don’t grow this far into the subterranean caverns. The path was dark and not until I found my way out of the third turn could I begin to see a faint golden light ahead. Entering into the center room filled with a glowing golden light I am unsure if my past assumption about the golden light was correct. Searching around the room I inquisitively look to see how this golden light is made or where it might be coming from. With no electricity or noticeable power of any kind I have to assume that the illumination is happening within the walls themselves. Something seems to know where I need to be and illuminates that part of the catacombs to assist my journey. Releasing my search for the source of the light I movie into the center of the room where I see there is a pedestal that holds a small stone version of one of the large exterior pyramids. The small replica pyramid looks quite heavy and has a light beige and blush color. Searching the perimeter of this room the four solid parts of the surrounding walls have seats build into the stone. A simple slanted carving that allows a back and a seat. Noticeably carved out to sit and view this center podium with the replica pyramid. The natural next step was of course for me to go to one of the seats and sit down, so this is what I did. Sitting down I found my body naturally went into a cross legged position, the base of the stone chair was comfortable enough to bring my legs up and once I did my body went into an immediate softening and a deep trance like meditation began.

The golden lights dimmed as my eyes fluttered open and closed. Focused on the center podium I could see the replica pyramid activate and come to life. The pyramid turned from a beige blush color and began to glow in a bluish purple white light. With my eyes locked onto the center pyramid I could feel my peripheral vision pick up the stone walls to each side of me and it seemed as if each wall pulled away or went dark simply. With this a type of mist entered into the room which only highlight the density around me even more and gave greater reach to the illuminated pyramid within the center of the show. With my gaze focused on the newly transformed colored light surrounding me I started to see a hologram flicker to life above the top of the replica pyramid.  The first shape to appear was that of a cat headed being, the voice could be heard as the image flickered in and out of view. The image I was seeing was that of an inhabitant from this planet, this individual seemed to be giving a report on some indigenous life from another planet. Once the report was over another form flicked into view this time it was the body of a man with a tigers’ head.  He too was giving a report about his observations from another planet. I begin to understand yet question the purpose of this room.

“Is this some kind of war room?”

The dark room surrounded by mist and holographic beings speaking and reporting on situation of people and places felt very ominous. If not a war room as I know it from depictions in movies, this definitely had to be some type of council area where reports where reviewed and decisions were made on how to move forward. Many other begins came into and out of view from the projected hologram. It almost seemed as if this replica pyramid was an answering machine, as soon as I sat down the recordings started to play for my review. I wonder what would happen if I stood up mid-sentence from one of these images?

Not having the heart, I waited until the holograms ceased to be and the golden light of the original room I entered returned. Once everything stopped I noticed my hawk guide had moved into the space of this center room. Pointing to the pyramid, I asked.

“What did I just witness?”

As quickly as I asked the question I see images begin to appear around me. I see what appear to be ghosts of this planet, these inhabitants sprung to life as if in replay mode for the pyramid answering machine. They poured into this center council room from one side of the labyrinth in a single file line, first the cat headed woman, next the tiger headed man. As they walk by the center podium they laid their hands on it and bowed their head toward the stone pyramid in the middle. As their hands make contact the pyramid illuminates and it seems as if a link has been made. Their ghostly bodies then proceeded out towards the rectangle room on the opposite side of this room and left my view. I was not seeing ghosts, but the energetic signatures of the beings that performed these ceremonies during a different time than the one I am in now. It all felt so organized and precise it almost had a military component to it, like these were the planets soldiers going off on a mission and this ceremony was a part of the process they had to complete before they leave. 

The bird head man waved his hand towards the two chambers on the north and south side of the room. He is encouraging me to explore for more answers instead of speaking them to me now. I choose the rectangle room off the north side of this chamber to investigate first. Walking into the room there is one long and narrow room creating rectangle shape I had seen from the blueprint. The room does have a recessed sunken down step and through the middle of the room you can see what appear to be stalls or rows of stone booths that create this middle building. It appears I can choose to walk the perimeter of the room and walk between tightly spaced walls or I can step down into the middle row and walk between multiple phone booth like buildings or horse stalls on either side. Staying on the higher ground I pick a side to walk down and see what appear to be fifteen to twenty of these stalls side by side. Apparently each alternating stall is only able to be enter from the middle row or the outside perimeter row. I am able to enter every other stall from this exterior route. Looking into the stalls as I walk past them each has ruin like inscriptions that fill the entire stall from top to bottom. Entering one of the stalls I position myself in front of one of the walls and allow the ruins to begin their swirling motions. Getting in sync with the stall my eyes soften and the animation begins. This movie takes me into a jungle, other movies pop up showing different kinds of jungle animals each within their own box with symbols and statistics scribbled all over the comment area below the visual of the animal. Questioning what this means I sit and watch these movies all playing along the wall of this stall simultaneously. The animals are being observed in their jungle habitat, nothing more really happens. Watching and waiting I decide to move onto the next stall. Upon entering the second stall I begin to see animals from an arctic landscape. Again a main movie showing details of the landscape begin to play out and other boxes or movies pop up highlighting different animals from this area. Seeing the pattern here I walk to the next stall and see African animals, the next staff I see water animals, the next stall I see desert animals and so on. I understand this is some viewing station for all the different kinds of animals back on Earth. One of the stalls in particular host animals from India, I see some of these animals are illuminated in a light almost white colored with a bold blue outline.

The word human pops into my mind and I get an immediate pull towards the inner stalls from within this long narrow room. I make my way back down the tight path moving towards the front of the room where I had started. Finding the middle pathway I take the step down and enter into this middle path. The same rectangular layout presents itself with alternating stall openings. Walking past a few stalls I see they also have the etchings within their walls. Stepping into one of the stalls the movies begin and I can see how this highlights the same jungle movie now, but with and from the human perspective. Moving from stall to stall I see the same pattern as before, Arctic, African, Water, Desert and India. Moving into the stall with the India I see the movies and begin to hear a number of blue dotted lights tick, tick, tick, moving across the movie screen as if in real time filling up many lines moving around this region. Confused I call out to my hawk guide asking for assistance over what I am seeing. Moments later the bird man enters into the stall I am in, laying a hand on my shoulder his warmth seems to steady my body.

“What do the blue and white dotted lines symbolize?”

The warmth from his hand increases which seems to calm my mind. With this new open and clam stat I seem to be flooded with the memory of the holographic beings I saw mere moments before entering this space. Each setting out on a type of missions. As the connection to the holographic images are made I seem to be downloaded with understanding of each of their stories. 

In a flash my mind settles and my eyes begin to flutter. I see teleportation happening from this planet to Earth. I see most of these beings like the cat woman, or the tiger man make connection to Earth and stay looking as they had when they left. I see them very transparent and moving around Earth unseen through the fifth dimension. These beings are observing the interactions of humans and animals on Earth presumably among other things. These beings seem to be doing some kind of scientific study of our kind. In one instance I see a being from this planet make the journey to Earth and upon moving into the third dimensional plane he separates his animal self from his human self, the two parts move in different directions. I see the man engaged with the humans from his human self and with the animals from his animal self. It feels as if this being has come to Earth as a teacher, trying to impart wisdom and messages to those that surround him.

Moving out of the vision and seeing clearly the stalls and their images I understand the different breeds of humans and animals within each of the stalls. I get the sense that those who are coming to Earth from this planet are not only studying our interactions on Earth between humans and animals. Some are also trying to help shift the consciousness levels of our two species and are manifesting in places of need where the animal and human coulters are still not aligned. I see locations being chosen from this rectangular room within the labyrinth where blue dots are not present within specific stalls. It seems to be that the white and blue lights and dots signal places where a conscious shift has been sustained between animals and humans. The areas filled with blue dots are areas that merely need observation and no intervention from the people of this pyramid planet. I am pulled to my limited knowledge of India where some in their coulter still worships animals and a growing number of its population are vegetarian. More than 35% I am told at this point in time. This is why the stall that held the research of India was mostly blue it represented the growing number of people accepting of the divine connection between animals and humans. This shows growth and potential to realign the animal kingdom to that of the humans.

Taking the Water

Moving from the rectangular room back to the center chamber my guide leads me from the stall we currently reside within through the center walkway and back into the “war room”. Up until this point my hawk guide and I have stayed on the west side of the catacombs. Originally our exploration started in one of the six pyramids large above ground assembly space. Upon meeting together, we straightaway moved below ground and stayed tightly in row with the western wall pausing only moments to investigate chambers close to that initial western path. Moving for the first time towards the East we exit the center room and following the zig zagging pathway. Everything appears to be dark and quite similar to the path used on the western side. Getting closer to the singular pathway aligning to the outside wall of the labyrinth our pace quickens. We walk only a few feet on the labyrinths perimeter path before we come to a stop. This time my bird headed guide does not step aside allowing me space to investigate a new place on my own, this time he takes the lead almost rushing down a long row of stairs moving even deeper underground.

Following directly behind my guide, only the luminescent greenish yellow glow of the cave barnacles showed up to light our way. I counted the steps as we descend the carved staircase; one, two, three, four… until my feet go no further finding step twenty. This last step lands my feet ankle high in water. Wiggling around, I test the stability of the stone platform felt beneath my bear feet. Securely locked in place, I feel comfortable where I am standing, but in this darkness I stand firmly grounded now knowing what to do or where to go. All I can hear and feel is a mighty rushing of churning water, the power of this room is intense and thick. Up until this point I have wondered somewhere quietly within the recesses of my mind if there was any water on this planet as my surface journey didn’t seem to uncover any of the liquid substance. Caught mid thought my guide locked eyes with me and motions for me to proceed deeper into the underground chamber. I watched though the glowing light as he disappeared around a wall to my left. Not one to get left behind in a dimly light unknown space I follow his exact foot placements as we both now slosh through the ankle high water. Entering a large chamber found to the left, my guide enters first moving down one of the walls and lazily takes his position against the far corners of the room. I watch his slow movements and chose to stand a few feet away from him on the same wall. Centering myself in the middle of the room I begin to understand that our positions are not selected by accident.

Quietly leaning against the wall my thoughts begin to flow freely like the water at my feet. Trying to make sense of this place I have yet to come up with a good explanation for our purpose here. Images of a roman bath house begin to fill my imagination. As I play around with this new idea the words “Oracle of Delphi” also pass through my mind. Having no clue what these new thoughts are supposed to connect me to, I send out a metal question to my guide.

“Where are we? What is this place?”

No words come back, but I do get a visual of the rooms blueprint. Rolling the blueprint around in my mind I see the exact layout of where I currently standing. The room appears to be made out of stone, either granite or marble similar to the pyramids above ground. I wish someone would flip on the lights so I can see all of the hidden details more clearly. What I am standing on feels slippery and has the coolness and texture of ice. Rolling the mental schematic around I zoom in to inspect the stone I am standing upon more clearly.  Here I can see in greater detail that the slab underneath my feet is the size of a school bus. Underneath the bus shaped stone are six large circular pillars and then underneath that lies another bus sized stone. The circular pillars anchor into the top and bottom stones and because of the blueprint I understand that this top stone can move up and down on the pillars when necessary. Surrounding all of this is a large underground river. The current of this underground rive circulates intensely giving rise to the small surface waves still licking my ankles.

Blinking the blueprint out of my mind, I inspect what I can see now that my eyes have adjusted to the room thickened by moist. The entire room surrounding us is covered in sheets of this cool stone. As my eyes wonder around each wall it appears there is an opening in the corner adjacent to me where the two walls don’t touch. This is where the river water must come or exit through. Again I ask my guide.

“What does all of this mean? Am I missing something?”

I am immediately downloaded with the all too familiar blueprint. This time I can see all four levels of the schematic at the same time. At the top are the six pyramids with the city that connects them, then below the city is the labyrinth, even lower than the labyrinth is this current water level, and below that is the river running underneath it all. The river flows underneath this newly discovered lower level, it moves in from deep underground, yet at some point the inhabitants of this city built these structures that now lie within its flow. I assume this was done to help support the needs of the people living in the city above. On the blueprint the underground river springs to life directly beneath the main pyramid above, runs the length of the city and disappears again below the pyramid at the back of the city. The drawing shows a large whirlpool like vortex where the river springs to life under the main pyramid in the front of the city. Illuminating now the blueprint highlights an area that I can journey to that connects to this whirlpool. There seems to be another large chamber off towards the right hand side down a long path. This chamber resides closer to the front pyramid moving away from the center of this second underground level within which we currently reside. I can sense a massive amount of energy in this chamber and wish to explore it more fully. Looking at my guide he is already moving as if he has been monitoring my intentions. Passing through the sloshing water we follow the path back towards the stairway. With the option to start down the long path leading us towards the front whirlpool chamber my guide pauses and looks back up the staircase towards the first of the twenty stairs. Distressed, I wonder what my guide is contemplating. This whirlpool seems to be the source of this cities purpose, it seems to be the reason everything has been created and I intend to find out more regarding its unique purpose and placement here, and I believe we must do this by taking the long road towards the front pyramid.

Looking now at the back of my guides head as he continues to stare up the long staircase I question him.

“Why are we not going down the long path to the whirlpool? Why can’t I see what its purpose is?”

With this final question my guide lifts one foot and then the other so that he is positioned now standing on the dry step of the staircase. Turning around he clicks his beak at me in full recognition of the desire held within my heart. The clicks move through me putting my physical body at ease which allows my light body to break free of its physical constraints. My physical body turns into an unmoving statue locked in the sloshing water of the underground river. My consciousness is no longer locked inside of my half bird half human body, I am now experiencing full freedom as my spirit soars above my body and through the levels of the underground labyrinth. My spirit is being pulled very quickly as if magnetized towards the first of the six pyramids. I am pulled up and through the floor of the grand pyramid where I see the entire city has congregated in this one space. The inhabitants from this planet are all on bent knees with heads bowed, positioned and waiting on the ground floor of the pyramid. Every individuals head is bowed towards the front of the room, just like I had seen the Sentarians do. The room is filled yet there is complete silence. In my mind I am told it is time to take the water. My spirit settles onto the floor and lies in wait with the other inhabitants. Surprisingly my spirit body is noticed by the two half animal half humans I settle in between, not lifting their heads each one adjusting slightly to the side to accommodate space for my energy body to settle in. Broadcasting into the minds of each individual the message to take the water has settled in and with it an electrified energy surges through the crowd. Just as the electric intensity of the room hits its peak the ground floor within the great pyramid released a fine mist.  Plums of mists projected through the floor and poured in from the walls. The mist had to be signaling the commencement of a grand ceremony, but in a way it also feels like a type of feeding. All inhabitants remain in their bent knee position with their heads bowed. While everyone’s physical bodies remained in this frozen position my head remained up. Witnessing these individuals take full body breaths of the mist I can see that the half animal half humans are drinking this mist so deeply that each sequential breath makes them bigger growing so large that they might pop through their physical bodies. Drinking the mist works like a form of osmosis entering not only the body, but ever cell making up the being. The intense energy subsides and a state of euphoria follows the feeding. Each individual once frozen onto the pyramid floor has now melted their statuesque positions and have relaxed into a meditative trance. During this softening moment I actually begin to witness some of these beings’ lucid dreams. Seeing the energy of these dreams pop out of their mental center like a beacon of light I am naturally drawn to what they are experiencing in this state of lucid dreaming like meditation. I have an immediate understanding wash over as I move my energy body towards one of the individuals. I know from the bottom of my heart that this is where the inhabitants of this plant connect into their purpose work. Light a light bulb going off inside my awareness, it comes to me.

“This ceremony is where a person will be able to hear the voice of the divine!”

This is where tasks are received and reviewed for betterment of the being. This entire process was a self-guided gift, the dreams of these individuals are all unique and different. From one being to the next each seemed to be on their own journey, yet all collectively are here supporting one another. Just thinking about the collective of this group brought wonderment into my field and sent immediate electrified energy through all of my senses.

Allowing the collective connection to settle down I find a softening once again and bring my awareness back into the space of this great room. As soon as my mind settles I am brought the vision of the water vortex spinning beneath the room in which I stand. Seeing this as a picture in my mind I begin to feel that there is great power coming from the whirlpool itself. The mist was only one of the gifts begin created by this pool of water.  Pausing yet again I begin to feel a whirling cyclone of energy begin to spin around the room. No one accept myself seemed to be noticing this change, so I am not sure if this awakened to my call or if it was happening to everyone together. Opening up my senses I could tell that this energy was spinning in a clockwise flow around my body. Moving from the bottom of my energetic body up to my head. The whirlpool was also creating a vortex of spinning energy in the space of this pyramid. Remembering one of my visions from the labyrinth I understand that if inter dimensional journeying needed to happen it could happen from within this space by using the vortex of energy. I couldn’t tell if there was any travel being done today, but in all honesty I am not sure what that kind of traveling would look like so I gave up trying to figure out. What I do know is that the energy created today is one that is being created to assist all inhabitants in attendance with whatever needs they seek on whatever level they seek them from. During the ceremony I watched as a half penguin half man took a journey into the arctic where his energy split into two different forms, from here I followed a half giraffe half man on his journey up a mountain side. Feeling the elation of each individual on their own journeys I began to find my own space to begin considering my unique questions. Finding my own stillness, I rested back onto the ground floor of the pyramid. It was easy to move into the energy of my own lucid dream from this space. Maybe through the collective of the people surrounding me, the mist, the vortex or all of the above I simply let go and fell into my own dream.

The lucid dream comes in like slides from a move projector, not unlike the experience had with my soul crystal in the records room on the Pleiaden planet. I first see myself in a tube in suspended animation on the Pleiaden planet. The next slide shows my human body getting dropped somewhere deep within the labrynth here on this half animal half human planet, I see this room is lined with golden sarcophagus and feel an instant longing to connect to my body which lies within its golden shell. The next slid shows me the version of myself as a living breathing human in the time space of 2015 on Earth. I begin to question the incarnation cycle and the message of creation from the half human half animal people. Instantly I am downloaded with memories of a previous encounter already had on this planet. The wisdom is unraveled to my yet again, it explains to me that these half animal half human people populated Earth. Thinking though this again I questioned to myself or my invisible dream guide.

“I though the expectations of this first population cycle of Earth was to get the humans and animals to come together in union and harmony living together as one like on this planet?’

Through the mental formation of this question I begin to understand more clearly what I was intended to know. My original assessment was wrong. Part of the reason these beings chose to inhabit and populate Earth was to experience themselves as individuals and not in union together as an animal and human race. Earth was an opportunity to forget their connection to this home planet and a chance at experiencing a different part of themselves away from the whole they had experienced. I see that the human and animal vessels (bodies) were given to Earth to use as a means for exploration in a different time space so that each could understand more of their uniqueness.  Also allowing the soul who incarnates an opportunity to remember and reconnect to their divine roots.

Understanding is accepted as truth in my being, I recognize this message is not solely about the half animal half human inhabitants on this planet, this message is also intended for me and all of my bodies. Immediately my conscious mind is pulled to review my three known bodies residing on Earth, the Pledian planet, and here on the half animal half human planet. I am curious to know why I would chose to have vessels (bodies) on multiple different planets, some with no soul consciousness. What is the purpose of having a shell of a body waiting frozen in a state of suspended animation? Through the process of forming this question my mind is taken into another lucid dream and it is here that I receive another download of information immediately answering my question. My process of incarnation continually tries to know itself more fully as an individual, away from the one soul that I am in totality. I am on a quest to understand the uniqueness of my soul parts more fully. An example of a human acting one way at work, one way at home, and one way with their friends comes to mind, so too this is what the soul is doing on the cosmic level through different incarnations. Bridging the gap between all of these qualities trying to reconcile all of the soul parts into our one true being seems to be our true mission. Yet we can’t achieve this until we have understood who we are within each of those parts. I am flooded with the understanding of time and space and the knowing that there is no such thing as time unless you are living in the dense energy below the fourth dimension. Once outside of the fourth dimension everything is happening simultaneously and therefore all consciousness is experiences as one singular time. When I am removed from the third dimension like I am now, I can choose to experience my soul parts as a fully integrated oversoul with full knowing of who I am throughout all three of these different incarnations. When in the third dimension my mind cannot fully accept the vastness of no time and no space and therefore I am trapped in an unconscious world choosing to experiencing myself as an individual away from the whole. Until I can reconcile all of these soul parts together I will remain unconscious of who I truly am in all space and in all time and remain unconscious. I wonder if I will remember this when I go back? I wonder if anyone understands this on Earth?

The souls’ ability to experience different levels of consciousness at one time makes sense, to my mind. I understand that only in the third dimension do we think of a start and end date for our existence. It is clear that out of the third dimension everything coexists at the same time. This all makes sense on a soul level. It makes sense that the soul would try to understand itself through all of its existences trying to reconcile its lessons into a singular moment in time. I recognize all of this, and see this as the way to become a fully enlightened being understanding ones’ soul purpose, but why then would I chose to freeze my body on a planet if it is not a necessary to do so to learn my purpose? There has to be something I am missing. I can accomplish my purpose by simply reconciling the energy of all of these lives into the consciousness of my body on Earth, so why is it that I have bodies frozen with no souls apparently waiting for my soul to return on the Pladian planet and here on the half animal half human planet?

Confusion and distrust settle into my field of awareness. Becoming very conscious of my mind I am snapped back like a rubber band on a sling shot into my body that remains in the underground labyrinth of the pyramid. My bird headed guide is standing, unmoved awaiting my return appearing positioned in the same spot I left him. Being reunited with my body is uncomfortable, the heaviness of the vessel is draining and gives me an immediate pain sensation in my head. My guide begins clicking his beak, creating a vibration that is immediately felt inside of my own body. The action allows my body to soften and my mind to relax. What I held as concern and confusion before are slowly dissipating leaving me to feel connected once again. The hawk gently speaks into my mind.

“It is not always easy brother to know the truth of your journey. It takes open receptivity and patience to things unknown. Stay curious, but not to a point that you forget your purpose. This will get easier.”

Replying back, I say.

“How can you be so sure?”

In the kindest, softest voice he responds.

“Because brother you are me, we are one. I know your story and you must understand this is just the beginning.”

After the last word is spoken he turns around and begins walking up the steps. Following my guide, he slowly and thoughtfully ascends up the stone staircase. With each step a glowing light at the top of the staircase becomes more noticeable. Step by step the light gets brighter until I can barely see the outline of my guide in front of me. Walking now with a squint in my eyes I begin breathing heavily. Struggling the stairway seems to have gained a thickness making it hard to traverse. With only a few steps left the light becomes so bright I can no longer hold my eyes open and surrender to the heavy lids closing. As this happens my body becomes weightless I feel the amulet from around my neck disintegrate and I release from my physical body here on this planet. My breathing returns too normal and the light around me turns warm. The glowing light softens and my eyes begin to adjust. Feeling my breath return fully into my body my chest heaves with expansion and contraction. My eyes still acclimating let go of the remaining bits of fuzziness. As my vision returns I see none other than the soft fur of my beige colored cocker spaniel, Changa.  


Original Channel - Part 1 Tree

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Tree

Imagine you are standing next to a mature Redwood tree, visualize the depth of the Redwoods bark see how the bark resembles that of a dry river bed where lines of water that once were now remain empty and dry. Now envision a mature Oak with its dehydrated and knotty bark.  The Oaks bark resembles the face of an elder whose time has come, each line an expression of the moments they have had with other human beings. Imagine for a minute these trees can pollinate one another creating an altogether new tree one that has the depth of the Redwood and the dehydration and color of the Oak. The unworldly quality of this tree comes from its clear and transparent center. The bark curves and cuts into and out of the tree like a worm making its way through the dirt. These designs make the tree seem hallow or empty on the center like the bark is supported by an empty tube within. When looking at the tree one can see completely through the other side when following one of the intricately carved designs. Choosing to lay a hand on this tree would not only allow you to touch the texture of its bark, but with care and creativity one could even angle their hand and fingers just right to push through the open maze and out to the other side. This is one of the trees of my home plant, and this is the first thing I see once the fuzziness in my eyes adjusts and the world surrounding me becomes clear.  

As I begin my approach towards this tree I can start to feel my body pulling towards the empty spaces within its center. Every electric part of my being wanted to jump out of my skin and into the tree ahead. My consciousness had a heightened awareness to the tree and like a magnet my body received the call. Once close enough to touch the tree the body I resided in began to literally meld with the tree. Placing a hand onto the tree my awareness started to fill into every open space until a singular form was created. Tree and Being had united. My awareness no longer held any shape of my human like body it now fell in step with the tree and just like that I became the heart, mind, and body of the tree. Any passerby would have seen this tree and noticed a tree with a glowing and luminescent center, not open and clear like I had previously witnessed. The combination of our two parts created a pearl like white shimmering light that filled in between bark and the inner tube of the tree.

As the connection of my light body was made with the form of this tree my inquisitive mind went silent and I no longer had wants or needs that were my own. I found that I could not move past a strong longing sensation that was connected to a dyer thirst that this tree held onto.  Then in unison with this feeling I heard the tree speak to the part of me that remained individual. The feeling was so gentile yet strong.


As if in some symbiotic conversation with the tree I knew what it wanted before it asked yet I felt it ask me as if still separate from itself. Questioning the tree back, I asked.

“Has it rained yet over your plot of land?”

To this the tree replied.


This must be the reason for the amazing thirst I am feeling. At this request I found I had acquired the awareness needed to peel my light body away from the tree and found I had the ability to direct my energy towards the clouds above. As my light body found its way into this new relationship with the clouds I asked in the same connected yet separate way that I did with the tree.

“Clouds, can you help gather the moisture from the air below and share a rain to help hydrate and nourish the trees below?”

Without question or pause the clouds obliged in their non-sealant way swelled up with just enough moisture to provide rain over the tree and landscape below. I could feel a great amount of energy cultivate around my light body as the cloud I remained connected with began its work. As this interaction between cloud and tree was happening I found myself reconnected with the tree by a simple flick of the mind. Drinking deeply the tree held a deep appreciation for the rain and moisture surrounding its long and established root system. While the trees roots absorbed the water and continued to drink, I felt it appropriate to ask how and why I was being given a staring roll in this event? Finding my own words, I spoke from my mind.

“What does this mean and how is this even possible?

Classic, the thought is a beautiful one when it remains in my mind, yet when spoken out loud they always seem to come out so uncensored and emotional.

Through this one question my light body pulled away from the tree and collected itself into what felt like a human body once again. After fully connected to myself I heard the calm, warm and reassuring voice of the angel in my mind.

“Jenessee. You experience this now to help remind you. There is a disconnect happening at this exact moment with the people who reside on planet Earth.”

With this one statement I could sense the singularity amongst humans and a disconnect from the trees, wind, fire, water and light that surround them.

“Jenessee please understand that in order to have complete balance and resonance with the elements of your Earth humans have to remember, they must begin to connect with all the living parts of nature to ensure that balance and harmony prevail. The simple gesture of placing a hand on a tree to feel the vibration and depth of its energy can have harmonious effects for both tree and human, yet the connection is so distant that humans no longer seek this connection to nature. They have lost the need to feel the energy held within its body. The balance between all living things is necessary to create a home that is balanced and suitable for all, yet as your race distances itself from this connection this connection distances itself from you. Both losing concern for the other.”

Thinking for a moment, I take my time to respond as I need to visualize what this voice is saying.

“So our ability to interact with nature simply by being around it can help reconnect our energy to our Earth? This will begin to balance out the changing frequencies of our planet allowing us to live harmoniously with nature?”

“Yes.” The Angelic voice replied.

“In order to keep your planet in harmony with all of its inhabitants you must continue to keep a connection to all things that surround you. As humans become more occupied by the constant impulses of their mental bodies their vibration changes and they go through a detachment of their physical surroundings. Their energetic fields are more ridged and not in a state of coherence and this blocks the subtle yet calming outside impulses and vibrations from nature.”

Before I respond to the warm voice in my mind, I mull over everything the Angel just said and put it together in a way that I think makes sense. Not wanting to fail this important first test.

“So what your saying is that humans end up narrowing their intention to that of the mental body and focus on things that are not within our environment, we think of things that are from our past or coming in our future and this takes our energy out of the earth and places it into a different vibration that makes it difficult to manifest what we want and need and this keeps us from being completely present with what is surrounding us?”

“Yes Dear One, You Understand” Said the Angel.

The warm flow of energy disappeared and the voice pulled away. I took this time to admire the presence of the tree and review all the lessons it had chosen to bring my way. Head tilted downwards my body folded and found its way towards the ground below. Sitting down now comfortably with my back propped up against the tree and its old yet knowing bark I lifted my right hand and began studying it carefully. Wiggling each finger and finding a freedom of expression between each digit my mind began yet again to review the lessons of the tree.

One finger now protruding outward I repeat to myself. The importance of the tree is to find balance and harmony with all living things that surround us in life.  There are times when our mental bodies are too active with thought and we project into our field thoughts and ideas that distract us from the present moment landscape. To be able to find harmony and balance with nature humans should be able to begin opening their mental bodies back up to the present moment and allow this intuitive nature connection to flow through.

A second finger now protruding outwards, I repeat point two. This is about the tree being a symbol for our ability to be present and open to the needs of the energetic field surrounding us. The tree is calling to us to feel into the field surrounding us and listen to the call of what is needed not what our mental field has contrived to keep us distracted. The tree asks us to release our agenda and open ourselves up to receive that which is of our highest importance in this time and space and to move forward with patience and understanding before we make decisions. Listening to the deep wisdom our ourselves and our surroundings.

Completing this memory exercise on the ground floor next to the tree I feel another energetic connection begin to happen between the tree and myself, this time the energy starts to engage through my back body which is currently being held up by the trunk of the tree. All at once as if the tree itself energetically grabbed me through my mind I am now filled with thoughts of the people of Earth. I can see and feel how closed off humanities minds are to the subtle impulses surrounding them from nature. The tree shows me a vision of a wise old man who walks with openness and patience. I feel how this man is being guided by destiny. This wise old man keeps his mind open and clear he does not hang onto the thoughts floating into and out of his mind he simply sends these mental impulses towards the environment which surrounds him. The wise old man does not seek out his destiny he allows his destiny to find him and if the answers do not come he allows the mental impulse to leave his field. I watched this wise old man walked slowly with hands and fingers interlaced behind his back. As he approached a row of ducklings he did not allow the mind to review knowledge and of their breed and question their placement in his path, he simply opened his mind to the oneness of all things and allowed the feeling of love and acceptance for them in his journey to fill the air. I could see that this man felt a part of his surroundings, the environment was his mental field.  By allowing the environment to be his mental field he was witnessed by his surroundings and found peace in his journey. He’s existence was validated and his destiny continued to unfold in the most direct and guided manor.

I mentally grab onto what felt like the trees life fore with the part of my awareness that felt individual and separate.

“I get it!”

I say this as a big smile lands fully on my face. 

“The wise man in touch with nature is a part of our calling on Earth. We are being called to open ourselves to the oneness of the planet Earth and allow all things to guide our path for greatest achievement and success. The ability to completely balance ourselves within our field will inevitably align us to the bigger picture. It is all possible if we can simply open our mental field to receive the subtle impulses of that world that surrounds us. We must let go of our narrow focus and self-controlled directives and allow our path to present itself to us when we are ready. By holding onto our mental field we shut out the simple connection with Earth and all of the divine wisdom it holds. We must be pliable and be willing to melt into our surroundings and feel trusting in what is presented.”

Stopping for a moment to reflect. I say the next part out loud, which I now understand is completely unnecessary as the tree and I are connected through much stronger cords.

“Just like you and I did!”

Now back into the symbiotic exchange.

“Our Earth is here to support us, and by connecting our energy back into it we can help keep our frequencies aligned with one another which in turn will allow all energies to grow in a harmonious way together instead of creating separation.”

A sudden warmth takes over my entire being, I now know this to be the connection to a loving and trusted being, in this case the tree. No longer do I have any sense of individuality, but feel expansive and grounded. I breath and feel as if I am drinking through every tree lining this landscape. I feel and understand the wisdom and depth of each of these trees. I finally let go completely and become more connected finding that I am everything and nothing at this precise moment in time. It feels more right than anything I have ever known.

Original Channel - Part 3 Song

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Song of Deconstruction

My right hand rests upon the bark of the tree in my backyard. Feeling somewhat light headed I yell to the boys.

“Do you guys want cold water?”

Politely and directly I get two yeses yelled back at me.  The day is warm and apparently this mixed with my body twisting around way to fast made me lose some of my stability. Forgetting why I was reaching for the tree in the first place, I find I can stand up easily while being braced by the large tree. The firmness of the trunk supported my body until I decided to let go. Standing on my own two feet I got an instant rush of vertigo, head spinning my world turned fuzzy. I desperately reached out looking for the security and connection of the tree when all at once the touch of my hand to its bark jolted me into a tail spin of a ride through a white light tube like portal. Intense forces pushed against my body as I move up and down and all around an unseen center chamber. Two glowing lights surrounded my shoulders like football pads and I realized I just might need their protection if this jarring ride didn’t soon stop. As if something more powerful than I was listening all at once everything slowed down and a familiar door appeared off to the side of the tube. Moving closer I could feel a distinct pull coming from its center. As if transparent forces were guiding my journey, I moved right through the space within the space of the door and black out only to wake to sounds filling the darkness surrounding me. Through silted eyes I can’t see much, but can feel into the sounds filling the air. The words “Harmonic Frequency” pop into my mind.

“Harmonic Frequencies?” I say out loud.

“Yes Dear One, Harmonic Frequency is a soul’s signature song that is unique to that individual being.”

I am comforted by the voice and the way it is talking to me and feel deeply connected to the message it’s communicating. I am flooded with bits of familiar warmth that seem to affect my entire body. First I hear and then begin to see that a group of beings are singing a song around the base of a large tree. As my eyes acclimate I am visually drawn towards this impressive display. I find myself a familiar yet distant memory, the landscape calls to me in a way that I understand things about it, but have no previous understanding of how I could possibly know such things. Somehow I can tell that this tree no longer holds onto an energetic it once had. There is no bluish white aura and this feels very out of place. Memories fill my head and I don’t know why, but I know that at night one would perceive this tree without its bluish white glow. Meaning that the tree no longer is an active part of the balance of this place. I can feel that this tree has served its purpose and is now being deconstructed to allow room for new energies to grow.

“You are hearing the Song of Deconstruction.” The warm angelic voice whispers into my ear.

I see a group of hooded beings standing around the base of a tree with no light emanating from it. One would perceive these hooded figures as energetic because they emanate the same bluish white auric light that surrounds all life on this planet. Day or night these beings presumably glow with a sheen and luminescence yet at night it seems undeniable how brightly lit their forms can become. Looking closer there appear to be about fifteen beings all sitting around the base of this large tree. A light is radiating from each of the singular and distinctive forms. The sounds being produced by the Song of Destruction is one of a busy bee hive, simultaneously high and low pitched keeping a constant hum and rhythm. The hooded figures sway slightly with the smallest of movements back and forth. As the sound projects from their individual silhouettes a light follows the amplification and projection of their song through what appear to be waves of movement angling towards the standing tree. A free formed bluish white electrical circle of light now surrounds this entire gathering. I find myself falling into a hypnotic trance.

The song of deconstruction has taken hold and the tree within the center of the circle begins to deconstruct. Piece by piece the tree is sliced from the top all the way down to its base. An invisible axe must be in charge of cutting razor thin slices, because pieces of the tree begin to slide off from the top and fall like feathers into the empty spaces below. Each piece remains perfectly within the space between the beings and the tree. Unaffected by the lessening tree or the falling debris the beings holding the energy of the circle keep the harmony and pace of the song. Fluidly they continue to embrace the energy of the process. Each piece of the tree continues to fall in perfect synchronicity as if the process was planned out in advance. With each falling element a perfect secondary structure is formed, the slices of wood now layer one on top of the other until the tree is cut down completely to the stump. When the last piece falls the entire secondary pile now turns into an ash like dust and begins to filter through the ground below.  I can feel the absorption happen beneath my own feet, it’s as if a long time reconciliation had just happened and both parties were rejoicing in a loud and palpable rumble that spanned the forest floor.

As the last remnants of the tree dissolve and the final particles of ash become fully engulfed by the ground. The beings close their song of deconstruction and begin to move away from the circle. The process has completed and the intense humming vibrations seemingly floated away with the cool air. Checking in with my own body I can feel an intense buzzing sensation. I feel like I just stood in front of a large speaker playing loud music and it suddenly switched off. Now my body was feeling the aftermath of the residual vibration. Checking out the scenery in front of me all that remains of the deconstructed tree is its stump, still embedded into the ground with its roots now beginning to pull away from the soil. There is a feeling that the process will not be complete until the roots and stump also disintegrate back into the ground they came from. While walking around I could feel the small wave like patterns of warmth start to creep into my being. I stopped waiting for the familiar loving voice to enter into my mental space.

“This stump will be accessible to any who wish to sit with the tree one more time before it is completely gone. Energy is still able to be transmitted from the stump to any who wish to sit with it. One might want to send final thoughts of gratitude and thanks or even receive final messages from the tree itself. The process will continue until the stump and roots also disintegrate into ash and return to the ground below. This process allows the tree to make its transition in an appropriate manner, to pull away from what it knew and assimilate into its new energetic form. You humans also do this when you bury your loved ones. The simple act of burring a body and allowing it to decompose at its own time allows for a smooth and gentle transition from one plane to the next.”

This message made sense to me, I could understand how a person might need to acclimate to death in a way that allowed for a healthy and gentle transition for not only their spirit, but the energy of those who once lived and loved them.

“The song of deconstruction teaches us the lessons of life, death and rebirth. This lesson is not one we typically chose to attach to a messenger such as a tree, yet the power and understanding we can gain from this perspective can make the lesson that much more powerful. Jenessee I wish you to follow the wisdom of the tree through each of its appearances to you. I hope you can now understand that every object holds an energetic vibration that is connected into what we consider conscious life. Energy when harnessed correctly can create balance and harmony for all beings that surround it, whether that is plant, animal, mineral or other.

Through the lessons of the tree we come to understand that a conscious being may begin to lose its auric energy one of three ways: one, when it is no longer useful in the specific place it resides within. Two, when it has lost its ability to stay in balance with its surroundings. Three, when it simply has lived its life and is ready for the next transition. Understanding the lessons of the tree we can appreciate this in its fullest potential when we allow our view point to broaden. When we notice that a conscious being is beginning the process of losing its aura we expand our view to see what is surrounding this being in its environment or in its energetic field. While walking at night one might perceive the tree as dimly lit and experiencing a loss of energy. That individual might take a look at what is surrounding the tree and see that many of the trees around it may have grown too tall and this tree no longer receives the nourishment it needs to be in balance with its surroundings. Therefore this tree will need to relocate or change its surroundings to flourish otherwise it will continue to allow its light to go out. In a different circumstance one might perceive that this tree remains alone, no other trees, animals, or beings have taken use of its offerings and therefore the tree has no symbiotic partnership. This means the tree has no purpose. All conscious beings need the exchange of energy or a feeling of purpose to continue to mature in a healthy way. In this case the tree will lose its auric light due to an inability to have the exchange of energy necessary to continue to grow and develop.  Lastly one might perceive the tree and see it is in complete harmony and balance with its surroundings. In this case when the light goes out it means the tree has experienced all it needs to in this cycle and is transitioning to start a new cycle in this space and time or a different space and time all together.”

As the voice fades out, I find am no longer thinking of a tree, but thinking of humanity in its totality! The symbolism between the tree and life itself makes so much sense to me.

“You are correct Jenessee, the teachings of the tree are lessons for humanity. Humans are being called to focus on life, death and rebirth. If a person is not able to perceive their own light they may want to pay special and close attention to what is happening in the field around them, more specifically their environment. When a person is not open to the energetic flow surrounding them and they focus too much energy on their emotional or mental body they begin to close off to the balance and harmony necessary to stay grounding into this Earth plane. When this happens disconnection from the energetic body begins to take place in the physical body. Which means they feel disconnected from life and as if they have no purpose.”

The voice now marries with images that play out in my mind’s eye. I can see people and situations that reflect this exact sentiment and know that the people who are dealing with this have closed off to their environment in a way that doesn’t allow them to feel trust and support from that which surrounds them, human, earth, job or environment.

“This is the second lesson from the wisdom of the tree, as you have just confirmed when one becomes separated from that which surrounds them the process of detachment comes through and the ability to connect fully into your auric energy diminishes. When humans detach from the full flow of their energetic field and do not become witness to the signs surrounding them whether it be a situation that is negative, stagnant or unsupportive they will also begin to lose their light resulting in energetic separation from the physical body. This will in turn begin the process of detaching from the energetic light body.”

Making sure I am understanding these points I interrupt and ask.

“So this is the first lesson from the wisdom of the tree? A person must understand that if the place it resides in is no longer supportive it must find another place? This is a way to help keep it in balance with its surroundings and supported by the energy surrounding it?”

The warmth returns and I can feel waves of energy moving through my body as confirmation.

“The second lesson was about the detaching process, so if I remember correctly if you remain in an environment that is not supportive you will no longer feel purpose from the things surrounding you and therefor begin the process of detaching from your auric light or purpose.”

Feeling like I understand I continue on to point three.

“The third lesson of the tree surrounds a life that has been lived fully with no further need for growth in its time and space.”

The voice pops through my train of thought.

“In spiritual terms we consider this a fulfilled contract. Humans have many exit points built into their lesson plan where they can choose if they wish to exit their human life. A fulfilled contract means that the human is ready to move on from the physical plane back into their spiritual self. This is the rebirth process”

Ready to complete this lesson I speak up and give a final review of what I believe to be point three.

“So in point three when harmony and balance have been achieved and the time is suitable to make a transition a “death” can happen. When comparing this example to humanities journey this would represent a life that has been lived fully whether old or young and karmic lessons or soul contracts will have been achieved?”

The angelic voice confirms everything, with an approving tone.

“Bring back to your awareness times when those you have loved have passed on. The people who surround the situation are sometimes in pain, despair, sadness and grief for those dying, but those going through the transition are either unconscious of their departure and of a balanced state, happy, peaceful or calm before they transition. They are surrounded by loved ones and feel safe. Those who pass through tragic death have determined before their departure to leave at a time when certain circumstances are complete or will leave if they have yet to reach a certain level of consciousness so that they may rebirth into better circumstances.”

Taking time to revisit the ceremony witnessed during the Song of Destruction I examine the details of what I perceived and try to match those images to what I had just learned. The stump still connected to the ground represents the ability for the consciousness of the tree to return to that time and space to connect with the energies in that plane. This is also a way that the energetic beings of this timeline can communicate with the consciousness of the transitioned tree. Humanity has the same ability to reconnect with those past through ceremony such as this. To have your physical vessel (decomposing body) stay connected to the Earth plane (burial) means your consciousness is able to return through the cord of connections still available to the energetic light body who has recently deceased.

To reclaim a full connection into the physical plane before death means that humanity and earth could become co-creators of every aspect of manifestation here on Earth. The conscious beings would be in tuned enough to assist in the transitions and guidance of all of Earths inhabitants and all energetic forms would live in harmony and balance. This process starts with a willingness to ground your energy meaning your spiritual, mental, and emotional energy into the present moment, living each second being completely open to your environment and attuned to the energies surrounding you. To live in this way brings experiences to your front door that you would not have understood or felt if removed from your present timeline. Your gift of existence within this time and space is to learn how to bring together all of your timelines into this one present moment. The way you achieve this is by trusting in the space that surrounds you, opening up to receive the energy from your field and becoming full present and engaged with what is brought to your path. To do this all one must do is hold the energy of the Earth in a harmonic balance with the inhabitants living with in it. By doing this you make it ok to experience all of your spiritual nature in one place and

in one time. You are in balance.


Original Channel - Part 6 Dark Side

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Dark Side

Closing my eyes and then opening again, I was now walking and following the lead of a suspicious blue butterfly. The dark carve had completely dissolved away and I was on a path clearly identified by the enormous purple rows of flowers. The flowers were strange yet oddly familiar. Watching the blue butterfly, I knew I was meant to follow its lead yet the flowers were so intoxicating my entire body wanted to stop and bath in their presence. I watched the flowers pass by out of the corners of my eye as I followed the butterfly’s lead. I could see I was moving towards what can only be described as a city. Moving closer, my escort and I reached the outside perimeter of this outcropping of life, as we apparently reached our destination my blue butterfly simply disappear out of sight. I began to observe the structures within what seemed to be a domed sphere of light. Upon further inspection the cloudy white sphere was not a structure at all, but some type of hologram or shield. Completely permeable this field of energy held a vibration that made a low humming sound. Extending my arm through the sphere of light I could sense no different between the energy within it or outside of it so I chose to move through this domed sphere. Doing so the blue butterfly proofed into existence only to turn immediately into what can only be described as floating ashes that dropped one by one. This held no ominous tone, what simply use to be, was no longer, and my journey continued.

Walking towards what appeared to be the center of the city I took mental notes of my surroundings. No building appeared to be larger than two stories. Most of the surrounding structures resemble that of an ancient pueblo style city. The buildings were square with light colored walls and linear architecture.  Moving past the outer limits of the city towards the center it became apparent that not all buildings had this architectural style, but those of a different style were still too far off to detect in any great detail. Now moving at a quick pace towards the center of the city, my steps increased in an unexpected way. A new interesting structure caught the attention of my entire body. The in ground structure appeared as a carved circular staircase that started noticeably above ground descending quickly to unseen depths blow the surface. As I quietly wondered if this was the access point to the underground limestone cave I had been in moments ago no longer did I get to think the thought when a movement out of the corner of my eye distracted me and caught my attention. I could see a solo inhabitant from this city now moving towards the nearby staircase. Feeling tethered to this being by some unseen rope, every step it took moved me a take a step closer to the stairwell. This connection must have been the reason for the urgency I felt take over my body earlier. My hands floated skyward in a self-revealing way as I bowed my head, corkscrewing my midsection around looking for some magical lasso around my waits. Whatever was happening, this being didn’t seem to know it was tethered to me either. As it stepped a single foot forward so too my foot did the same. We both were within an arm’s length of one another, when the being paused. With a deep exhale it’s head tilted skyward. Taking the opportunity to review what stood in front of me I observed long hands peeking out from the cloak of a wide brimmed dark colored robe. It’s fingers delicately clutched onto a crystal with two pointed ends. My eyes moved over the details of its clasped fingers and hands. Its fingers were longer than human fingers and the extremities of this being were also longer than any of I had ever seen walking Earth. No real musculature could be detected in fact it seemed more tall and thin. The skin was colored with a slight whitish bluish hue. There were times that the being appeared masculine and there were times that it appeared completely feminine.  Androgynous is the only way to correctly label what I had been gazing at so deeply. My eyes continued to take in every possible detail of its body, its eyes were large and a clear blue color with long yellow, gold hair. The most magnificent part of this individual was the warm shining light emanating all around its body. Like an old Renaissance style oil painting I found similarities between the gods and saints painted onto a large museum canvas and the glow captured around this beings’ body. This had to be the part of it I adored most. The being paused if knowingly being appreciated yet having no sense of my placement in its path. It inhaled looking downward towards the descending staircase during which time I could feel my body release a long held exhale. The being took the first step downward which pulled the invisible chain around my midsection activating once again our connection to one another. With every step it took deeper I was only one short step behind.

Moving down the staircase the being glided effortlessly towards the bottom of what appeared to be the same limestone cave I had explored on my own solo journey ostensibly moments ago. As we made our final decent still attached by an invisible cord, two distinct paths came fully into view. The dark path continued on the left hand side and the illuminated path still glowed an eerie green color to the right. The being moved effortlessly and without thought towards the dark path on the left. Perceiving only a faint glow coming from the running water to the left of where we forged the skinny catwalk, I admitted silently that without this cord connecting us I would have had no ability to navigate this dark path on my own. Seemingly the absence of light had no bearing on this individual as his ability to navigate towards the end of the cave had no slip or error of foot placement. Like the migratory patterns of a bird, this being had to be equip with some type of internal guidance system as no bend or turn slowed down the journey or delayed his steadfast determination. Arriving to the final opening of the shadowy cave we seemed to be in the exact replica of the illuminated cave found down the other path, this one just seemed to be shut down.  The individual reached the gridded wall at the end of the cave and outwardly extended his long arm. Embracing the pointed crystal he seemed to move in a calculated way counting three spots over and ten spots down. Placing the crystal in an empty spot specifically reserved for this very tool, the wall now seemed to be one third filled with crystals. The remaining openings were systematically arranged along the exterior of the grid in a clearly circular pattern. Each remaining open space was noticeably waiting for its crystal counterpart to return.

Apparently completing the job at hand within this part of the cave, my leash was triggered by the movement of the large body now hurriedly walking towards the light and pulling me along for the ride. Glancing backwards I could see the faintest of glows began to blossom around the location of the crystal it had just placed. A soft, but steady hum started to roll from the back of the cave towards the front. Hitting us half way down the path I could feel the wave of sound boomerang around my body. It curved around me strong at first then it faded into the darkness. Feelings of life sprung up only to melt right back away, internally I could feel that charging had begun. Turning around to sneak another glance the end of the cave everything was still shrouded in darkness, although the promise of energy had returned, the dark path remained in the shutdown position. Each side of the cave appeared to take its chance, turning on and then off by the changing needs of the crystals within its grid. Instead of walking up the lite staircase and out of this limestone cave, the being and I moved towards the tunnel filled with a warm glowing light. Things moved quicker during this second go around, with the expert guidance of this being, we arrived at the end of the lite cave within minutes. I expectantly watched as a long hand reached towards the gridded wall, it extracted a crystal from the exact same location on the grid to that of the other side. Finishing the process, we hurriedly turn around yet again and found our way back towards the original forked path. Still undetectably in tow, the being climbed the stairway, moving into the welcomed light of the city above, with me a single step behind.

As if on assignment, our journey did not stop. While standing near this center spot of the city it was easy to become very aware of one’s surroundings. Taking in the panoramic view I feel like a spider sitting within the middle of its web. Multiple streets emanated out from this center point. A distinct glitter within the roads caught my eye as I let my gaze follow the streets to a far off horizon point. Moving once again this being continued its walk towards an outside edge of the city following one of the streets extending from the center limestone cave. Walking step for step, I am able to see up close, but without stopping that each street has embedded within it one of the pointed crystals from the cave below. The grid also from below now appears within my mind and overlays the lines of these city streets. Following close behind this being, it is apparent that the crystal it clutches needs to be replaced within the grid of this city street. As we come to the specific location the exchange takes place, as the crystal screws into the landscape I feel a wave move around my body and the low hum returns, life sparks briefly into existence.

As the crystal hums to life my cord to the cities inhabitant noticeably dissolves and the being whom I had been tethered to dissolves right in front of my eyes. Ashes to ashes my mind jokingly says to make light of the peculiarity I had just witnessed.

“Dear one, what questions do you have?”

If hysterical laughing could have been a part of my emotional makeup in this place I would have laughed out loud like a crazy person. What questions, my mind repeats to itself. A warmth enters my heart and pumps strongly through my entire body, making the jitteriness disappear and replaces it with a calm, cool resolve. I guess I am still unclear of the exact use for this harnessed energy… how it all works… why me, the human is here witnessing it… or what the heck the blue person had to do with anything… my mind starts racing again when another flood of energy comes through, sending tingles through my body once again.

“Let’s start with the crystals, a calm voice speaks into my mind. The crystals are use not only to create the domed energy field around this place, but it is also being used within the individual dwellings as well. The inhabitants of this planet use the harnessed energy in their dwellings to supply their bodies with necessary energy. Just like you ingest food they ingest crystal frequency. They also use these crystals for teleportation and other modes of connection to different frequencies.

In terms you might understand the underground cave could be considered an aquifer. Using the porous spaces within the limestone rocks to create natural pressure generating electro-kinetic or electromagnetic fields. The quartz crystals placed at the end of the cavern would capture this current. Quartz crystals have piezoelectric properties, meaning they can change a mechanical force into electricity, or turn an electric force into a mechanical force. The grid placed at the end of this limestone chamber has a specific purpose as well, each individual spot of the grid has a different purpose as dictated by the design and intention. The quartz crystals place here will capture the energy for use within the city and its inhabitants above. It all works harmoniously as one unit.

What you need to understanding about your relationship to Earth is that the electromagnetic frequency on Earth in the time space of 2015, is bombarding humanity with EMF that causes undue stress on the Pineal Gland and the Melatonin in the body.  Through exposure to these frequencies humans begin to experience chronic fatigue and other dysfunctions caused by low melatonin, one of these being a suppression of your divinity and the ability to allow “light energy” to shift your DNA sequencing through interactions with your Pineal gland. You are creating these dysfunctions though your creation of this electrical grid that is not in harmony with the human physical body. The way humans living within 2015 escape imposing EMF currents is that they will move away from your “energy grid” or the field of transmitted electromagnetic frequency. Meaning they will sequester in nature somewhere for an hour, a day, a week or a lifetime. To move one’s body into nature immediately reduces the impact of EMF on the body. This allows for a balance in the hormones and allows for harmony within the particles that vibrate within your body making you, you.

The human body is a network of individual particles. There is a distance between the nucleus of the atom and its partnered electrons. That means that what you perceive as a whole unit, or a singular unit of mass is no such thing. Your own bodies are just holographic images that are constructed from the memory of the photons “light” that tell everything surrounding your nucleus what to do. Photons have the ability to store memory and can carry information, which is why it is said you imbed your “physical bodies” with programming that keeps you locked into a perpetual state of certain stories or holographic representations of who you believe yourself to be.

When EMF passes through your body on a sub-particle level it passes through as photons and electrons. These photons will either present themselves as coherent or random. That means if random photons move through your field you are going to feel the effects of it, and it will feel off, not resonant, or in disharmony. This is what EMF does. If the particles move through coherently or in an organized way you will feel good. Random photons will feel like nervous chaotic energy where coherent photons will feel even and aligned to your physical constitute.

Surprisingly quartz crystal has the ability to take random photons and polarize them, this allows the energy to become more harmonized with its surroundings. Meaning instead of running static chaotic energy from the photon light of the EMF you can harmonize this EMF into a polarized state through the use of quartz crystal.”

There is a break in the lesson here which is surprising because the amount of information that came through was more than I could focus on, but for some reason it all made complete sense on a very deep and understood level.

“So what you are saying is that EMF will affect the frequency of a being, because frequency is really the rate at which our atoms are vibrating and if we are in chaos and not in coherence which EMF will do, our body’s will react in ways that shows disharmony. This can be on physical level, or even spiritual?”

I get a shot of warmth through my body which I recognize as acknowledgment and an immediate recognition of my understanding.

“The application of this energy transference in the time space of 20300 means that the beings are actively capturing and amplifying the energy within their field through the quartz crystal tool. The energetic begins within this time and space no longer live in disharmony with their surroundings. They harness the energy needed by way of quartz crystal and then used it in different ways that keep their bodies in harmony and balance.

No longer do you need to subject yourselves to an environment of frequency that is chaotic and bombards your physical system creating a field that is unharmonious with your original constitute. The lesson here is to begin to adapt your energy into an environment that is harmonious and conducive to your growth as a human and a spiritual being. For some this may result in a departure from the “grid” of EMF. Some humans currently residing within the time space of 2015 may be ready to take their energy and move into a space within nature that is separate from the chaotic grid of energy emitting currents. By moving into nature off the grid of EMF some can immerse themselves into the natural harmony and rhythms of life, where coherence will allow the manifesting currents of creation to find their way through an un-polarized physical form. Those who must stay with other humans in dense populations may come to understand the value of quartz crystals and other objects from the mineral kingdom that have the ability to amplify and ground energies. By bringing these minerals into use during times of work, home, and travel an individual can begin to organize their own energetic field to that of the crystal or mineral they hold, wear or carry. When you introduce these items into your energetic field they create a secondary field that intertwines with the original field sending impulses back and forth. If an individual begins to experiment with different stones and crystals, they will feel more harmony in their life and find the resonance within life that is natural and conducive to their everyday patterns. Creating energetic coherence.”

Hearing much of the same from the voice, I take this opportunity once again to receive validation over the information I believe I have understood.

“By opening ourselves to understanding how the energy of the field surrounding us works we can change our entire perception of harmony or disharmony. When things become disturbed in a person’s field, having the present moment awareness to change the light emitting photons can help to harmonize the messages that photon light carries between the atoms and the nucleus holding our holographic self together.”

A thought comes to me that the voice didn’t discuss, so I ask with eager anticipation to see if I have my facts correct.

“Since photon light is just a hologram that we use to keep the story of our own creation alive, could we also change our story with simple affirmations to ourselves to create coherence and remove the disharmony from our bodies?”

“Yes, that is possible. Humans are multi-dimensional beings so when something comes through the physical conscious mind, it is possible to affirm, like you say, things to your photon light to create new pathways for change. Because you are multi layered, there are factors that work in unconscious layers of your being, as well and that is why simply affirming something to yourself one day may not change your story. By changing the way your atoms respond to their environment, through coherence will allow the subtle bodies to become mapped with the pathways you are programing yourself with. Humanity must work on all levels of existence for complete change.”

I understand. I say with complete comprehension.

“Dear One, by allowing the subtle influences of crystals and other minerals to supply necessary polarity and organization to your field you will become better aligned to receive the highest guidance from your most divine self.  By opening up your field of awareness to your surroundings and holding a frequency that is harmonized to you and what you feel only what you need will manifest. This is where complete abundance will flow towards and through you. In a state of coherence, you will manifest exactly what you need when you need it, there will be no density or strain within your field to block this from manifestation. A realization will happen, you will align yourself to “enlightenment” and you will become the master of your field. This is the lesson of the cave. To not only understand how the world surrounding you is affecting you, but to also know how to harness that energy and use that energy to create harmony within your everyday life.”

“It is here Dear One that you should begin to understand how all of these messages are engaging with your human body in the time space of 2015. You once lived in 20300, you were once a bluish white being as you call it. You chose for reasons you yet to understand to reincarnate into 2015. You bring gifts of this life with you. You seek this connection in your current timeline. Your soul contract is to unite all components of your soul. These are your deepest desires, yet your human mind locks you out of fully accepting their placement in the time your consciousness currently resides. You are more than you can imagine and your ability to be who you have always been is only restricted by the limiting thoughts of your mind. Dear one, it’s time to let go.”

Shape Shifter

Drinking in an enormous breath of air, I steady myself between two bare feet. Feeling light headed and a bit dizzy the inside of my head continues to ring with an intense high pitched noise that I can’t seem to shake. Studying myself next to a large metal foundation pole running from the celling to the floor of my garage I find the coolness of its touch helps to bring my awareness fully back into my body. With the ringing subsiding I step over the last bit of junk lining the concrete floor where I finally reach the broom. Upon clasping the wooden stick in my hand I regain a sense of urgency and begin to return to the stone steps where two bare foot children eagerly await the grand finally of this unexpected show. Making my way through land mines of misplaced items, I reach the end of the garage and can once again see the sun drenched driveway ahead. Stepping onto the warm black top, my feet immediately ground and my body pauses to absorb the warmth of the sun. Head tilted skyward I close my eyes and find a moment of release. In this space, time seems to stop, my body tingles with a deep knowing that this is exactly where I am meant to be. I take a breath and fill my lungs with cool air. As the breath reaches deeper into my body filling my belly from the inside out a distinct ringing tone pierces through the moment and lands directly in the center of my right ear drum. The sound jolts my eyes open, head still tilted up towards the sky my eyes burn as if they have been bleached, the result from direct sun exposure. A wash of white light penetrates through my eyes and into my body. Feelings of warmth and energy also begin to fill into my body, as the sting of the sun subsides I find myself staring face to face with an angel.


I say with eyes wide, a very startled expression upon my face.

“Hello, Dear One.”

The angel says back.

Feeling conversantly connected to this being, I am at a loss for words or thoughts for that matter. Surrounded by as a fuzzy white room, every few seconds I perceive a fleeting glimpse of my drive way and the green landscape that lies beyond. The two places seem somehow overlapped with one another, at times I am surrounded by the white fuzziness of the room and at others I can faintly see the outside of my home. I wait for the being to talk, because I can’t think of a single thing to say. Actually I feel a million question, statements, and comments run through my mind yet none seem to be appropriate or important enough to ask at this time, so with a blank look on my face I simply wait.

“You are getting better at receiving my call I see.”

The angel says with loving approval in its face.

“Is that what the high pitched ringing sound was?”

I ask with a mild intuition, knowing that I am correct.

“Yes, we are energetically connected through your auric field. When I am around, your physical body you recognize my connection to you through a ringing sound in your ear. This signals that I am present and because you are also present meaning you are in a state of coherence, you will be able to perceive the ringing. It is our cord of connection to one another.”

The Angel looked exactly as you might expect. It was dressed in a long flowing white robe, its face was neither male or female, and it had large wings tucked neatly behind its back. Its hair was short and there was a golden glow radiating in all directions creating a disco ball effect! 

“Are you ready to return to your home planet to continue your learning?”

The angel asked this in a way that made me feel like I was back in grade school with no real decision making power. Not knowing exactly what was going to happen if I said yes or no, I threw caution to the wind, interested in what my “Home Planet” meant, I took the offer and silently shook my head in a yes motion. With the yes signal given, the process started. Feeling intense amounts of force pushing in a downward motion on my body, I started flying through the atmosphere. There were two golden lights quite like the angel I had just seen guiding my way. After moments of weightless travel, we came to a stop near a familiar looking door. Looking at my companions who stayed about a foot behind me I took the cue of their outwardly stretched hands and moved towards the door. Moving through an unseen barrier I could immediately feel a change in my body, things energetically slowed down, but also became more heightened to the environment now surrounding me.

The fuzziness within my eyes quickly adjusts and I can begin to acclimate to my surroundings. Standing in the middle of what appears to be a forest. Directly behind me lies an arched path of three story tall purple flowers, ahead of me resides a force field of distorted light.  I can see through it yet everything seems distorted beyond it, like a dream. I can see shapes and structures, but can’t tell what anything is because of this humming fuzzy light.

“Dear One, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You need to remember this place before you can move forward.”

Hearing the angels voice inside of my head, I did as I was told. I took a long inhale of breath into my body and could feel the fragrance of the purple flowers surrounding my every cell. Breathing through my skin, my body, my mouth and my mind, thoughts and concerns began to melt away. With each breath I took, I began to feel different elements of the surroundings come into being. There was a beautiful tree that seemed to send me energy, there was a blue butterfly that fluttered across my mind, I heard the churning of water, and saw the most beautiful herkimer crystal filled cave. With every passing image I began to remember what each one meant and where I had learned from their lessons. A wave of warmth entered my body as I remembered all of these journeys, my heart ache in a deep longing way. Was I about cry?

As memories of this place flood in and out of my mind I began moving through the natural landscape around the outskirts of the domed city. Noticing something different about my movement I stopped to take inventory of what might be gong on. Scanning my body, it appears I have no body at all, in fact the form I was using to traverse through this time space of 20300 has dramatically shifted. Thinking back to my body during other journeys to this place I could see from my mind’s eye that I use to have a “body” at least it was an outline of a body and appeared structural in some sense like a human body. It did seem weightless at times and felt somewhat like a hologram, but it still appeared as a body. Now it seems like my body was made up of tiny balls of light. The form in which my consciousness now traveled seems to be that of a cluster of tiny beads of light, all magically held together by some unseen force. This grouping of light that I now call my body had the ability to connect to my singular consciousness, yet as my consciousness focused on the many tiny dots of light I found millions of individual pieces seemingly with their own consciousness moving and adjusting as they saw fit. These tiny balls of light seem to ping off into unseen time and space at rapid speeds. A hand full of the light dots all left my form at the same time, I watched as they moved off in different directions. As if being shot out of a gun, rapidly firing outward and then disappearing. The vibrating balls of light that leave the whole appear fuzzy and static when shot outward and then after disappearing within a blink of an eye they seem to come firing right back to connect in with the whole once again. The entire process happens within seconds and this disconnection and reconnection feels very comfortable if one could say they feel it at all.

As I focus on the hand full of particles that left my body, I can sense them bringing back messages of resonance for the entire conscious unit, yet nothing seems so important to pull attention away from the whole of the consciousness. It feels as if the energy of this vessel is grazing the plane of a different existence. There is a feeling of unity and purpose along with a feeling of being completely free and expansive. There are two distinct missions going on during this time on the outside of the crystal grid: one is to connect with the energy of what lies outside of the grid within nature and the other is to connect into all of the energy of the multiverse surrounding this body.

Presumably the light body I am found traveling around in is being called to immerse its energy into the surrounding nature, the deep crevasses of the tree are in need of the tiny particles of light this vessel now holds, I have a deep desire to find the tree and fill my light particles into its center creating a singular form. Same goes for the large flower fields, I am being called to sit amongst their wave like currents and find a blending of my light with theirs. I am also being called to let go and sense into the unknown multiverse that surrounds me, to be expansive and open to what remains cloaked from my mind within different planes of existence.

Moving towards the dome surrounding the crystal gridded city, my vessel of light passes through the outer boundaries of the dome and an energetic shift begins to happen. What appeared moments ago to be millions of tiny radiating balls of light outside of the city now has a human like form once within the inner perimeter of the dome. It appears that by passing through the crystal grid what was united in consciousness, but unformed is given shape.  It seems by passing thorough the outer dome of the crystal grid the light body is now perceivable as a distinct form with noticeable patterns that resemble a human hologram once again. The energy of my consciousness has been changed into something recognizable, something human.

Through this transition my consciousness has been given more focus and I now feel a sense of obligation although I am not quite sure what it is I am supposed to do. It seems that when one is outside the boarders of the dome their job is simply enough to collect information on a sub particle level and immerse into their natural surroundings, everything and nothing seems to be happening simultaneously. Once the light body passes back through the dome, bodily formation is reestablished and it’s as if the entirety of the experience becomes laser focused and a sense of obligations come forth.

“Jenessee, you are witnessing the process of shape shifting. To understand this more fully, find your way to the building in the center of the city.”

Not completely understanding why the angels voice couldn’t just tell me what it wanted me to know, I begin to move as directed.

“Our vocabulary is limited, symbols and experiences will create a more profound understand that will begin to bridge the connection from your timeline here into 20300.”

Forgetting that the angel could hear my thoughts, I mentally thanked him for the clarification. Walking I found myself following one of the crystal lined dirt roads lining the city. The road remained straight always moving towards the center of the city where the underground path lead to the limestone cave. Remembering my journey from the previous visit, I recalled seeing a few buildings by this part of the city that looked oddly placed and different. Notability unlike the straight lined pueblo style buildings I quickly arrived to the building I was in search of. Upon first inspection the building appeared Grecian or Roman in architectural style. From the outside looking in I could see a circular middle area that was open not only to the sky above, but also through each of the pillars surrounding it, just like a coliseum. There were tall cylindrical pillars that created the external walls, and a wrapping set of stairs that encircled the foundation. Walking up the stairs and into the open middle area of this building the structure still looked like a coliseum, but the purpose seemed more like a stage. Not as big as I had initially envisioned from the outside looking in, I found my way to the center of the circular stage where a single stone podium adorned its center. Atop the podium sat a spectacular crystal orb, clear, cut and shined to perfection. Keeping the crystal orb to my side I walked tightly around the center podium in a full circle, looking out towards the ends of the stage I could see other podiums varying in size and shape, but all at the height of a sitting stump. At the completion of my circle I had counted twelve of these stumps in total. As if the stage itself represented a large sun dial I noticed that each of the stumps could have marked an hour of the clock. Enticed to play along with the energy coming from this stage I felt the call to sit on one of the twelve short pillars surrounding the crystal orb. Immediately I felt a swell of awareness in the pit of my stomach focus around the unknown obligation that I seemed to bring back upon reentry into the domed city. I watch entranced as both the center podium holding the crystal orb and the pillar I sat atop rose towards the sky. Floating above the top of the coliseum and now moving through the fuzziness of the cloudy dome the orb and I were now surrounded by only the sky above. As I pass through the dome my holographic human body tuned once again into millions of tiny glowing balls surrounded by a luminescent light. Losing all connection to the bodily form I just held the crystal orb projected a light towards me that connected directly into my light body. Once the connection was made we move downwards through what felt like multiple layers of energy. Through the deceleration process I could feel the shape of my body begin to reform, all of the awareness of my expansive self now joined the focused awareness of my physical self, the two were now one.

By establishing this connection to the crystal orb outside of the dome, I feel am now able to connect to the breath of my entire existence. Associations are immediately made that tie my soul within all time and space. I see not only Earth, but other planets where I have responsibilities. I can perceive the overall purpose of my being within every cell of my body, but I can’t seem to pull out any specific details. I seem to know or can feel into the end of my story, but have no understanding of how to get there. I see my body going into multiple states of suspended animation or a deep freeze in order to travel through time to assist with the growth and acceptance of another time and space. I can understand the connection between 20300 and 2015, but don’t know what to do with this information. I sense the obligations of everything I have set forth to do, yet at the same time can feel the uneasiness return into the pit of my stomach. A wave of warmth extends over my body and I know my angel is with me.

“Dear One, do not let your obligations to this place bring uneasiness to what you are experiencing. There is much time to explore your divine relationship with what needs to be done here and elsewhere. You have many journeys ahead of you that will make it more clear as to exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. When a soul gets to fell the full breath of what they have intended for themselves there can be a sense of urgency, anxiety and stress, please understand you were given this knowing to inspire not defeat you.”

I begin my statement with graciousness because it’s the only way to convince myself of what the angel is saying.

“How can you let me feel into everything I have to do yet not tell me how to do it. I feel like my stomach is going to tie itself into a knot that is impossible to untie. All I can feel now is this urgency to do what I have come to Earth to do, but have no clue how or what to do!”

“Dear One, let’s review what you believe you just experienced. This may help you understand more fully why you experienced this in such a way. The lesson of the Shape Shifter teaches us about the potential we have to allow our field to constantly update us on what is happening in connection to our highest most divine selves. Through further review of 20300 we see how the inhabitants of this planet can step outside of their crystal gridded dome where things are polarized and through an opening process their energetic field is allowed to reconnect to the multiverse that surround them. In the space time of 20300 this becomes a daily conscious choice of the cities inhabitants. They are able to move into and out of the crystal grid to become open to receive the messages and connections waiting for them. This involves a complete release and trust in what surrounds them as they lose contact with their individuality. Once they proceed back through the dome it is as if they have a new directive or obligation that has been funneled into their conscious awareness. This process take place outside of the domed grid where they serve nature, and things that are greater than themselves then once they move back into the domed grid they are updated with an identity and purpose that will serve their highest self and that of the beings that surround them. It is a cycle and they allow the cycles to come and go with no resentment towards not knowing how everything is going to pan out. They do what is needed when it is needed.

In 2015 the lessons of the shape shifter can teach you to step outside of your normal limiting constraints of the mind and open up to the potential limitless availability of the multiverse. If you imagine that all beings on Earth in the time space of 2015 have incarnated to manifest a purpose or understand what information is out there needing to be funneled through, this gives purpose and direction to all infinite beings living the human experience.

To believe that humans have an infinite self that can be tapped into for further clarification and understanding allows human beings the chance to connect into their highest most loving selves to connect to that which makes them unique in their time and space. To open up to the belief that every soul on earth in this constricted physical form is here for a divine purpose and is completely expansive, gives hope to all that there is more than just the life they are currently living, yet you are meant to find the balance in that life before full reconciliation can occur.  

Human beings still unsure of their most divine purpose need only step into the space of grounded awareness to bring through their divine connection. On Earth in 2015 one of the ways to achieve this opening is to step into the connection of nature. Allowing the energy of that which surrounds you to permeate in and through your being will open you up to the multi dimensional multiverse in which you live. For humans this will allow the body to release chaotic energy and expand into altered states of consciousness where your field can begin too higher its frequency and begin to connected into your divine purpose. When you do this you get glimpses and feeling of what you are supposed to do, this helps you to remain balanced in your human lives and gives you the hope for more.

Remember the tiny balls of light moving into and out of the light being. This is what happens for the human as well, when they soften and release the dense energy or chaotic particles they are open to receive the subtle influences of their own higher vibrational light. Through this connection, impulses can be received that feel like inspiration and guidance to move along a path that will produce the most aligned outcome. This is the connection to the grid of Earth in your time and space. To connect in this way, you will open up your awareness to receive that which needs to come through at the specific time you are aligned and open to receive it, no sooner than it is needed and no later. When a human has learned to find this expansive connection they will then begin to live the divine harmony of their purpose each moment it is presented.

For those seeking their fullest connection, they will need to take on the second lesson of the Shape Shifter. To connect to the all that is and perceive from you most highly aligned place in this multiverse you will need to make the connection to your highest self and bridge together a connection that exists within you so that it doesn’t matter whether you are on the grid or off of it. Here you must create an opening for a harmonious alignment to happen that can span all space and time. That means when you are outside of your physical form and are receiving from the highest source of yourself you must create a connection or organized alignment to that consciousness that is trusted and accessible during any time.  The key here is to become connected and trust that which comes through and then strengthen that connection.

When humans start releasing density from their energetic bodies and start carving out space to be in alignment with this higher energy they will allow for more of this trusted connection to come through. Here I ask you to remember your experience in the coliseum where you connected to the light of the crystal orb with your own light body. When you made this connection outside of the grid a cord was connected between the two of you, this allowed for the expansive consciousness of your entirety to be brought into the aligned of your conscious mind within your physical body as you decelerated down into the domed grid once again. To understanding this in terms your Earth consciousness can understand. When you want to establish a connection to your orb in a trusted way what your human bodies must do is connect through meditation, connect to nature, or connect into your divine purpose.  The orb is your higher self, meaning it is the part of you that is always connected to spirit. When you make this connection through the ways previously described you must move this orb of energy through the denser parts of your human energetic bodies. That means you must allow this energy to move through your energetic chakra column allowing all dense energy to release so that a full expansion of trust in yourself, your authentic self can take place. This requires letting go of those things that don’t serve you and trusting in the internal connection that is happening to things greater than what you have once understood. Only fear of the unknown is stopping you, negative experiences will only come if previously held beliefs are unwilling to be released. The individual who blocks the orb from breaking through the density will constantly question their purpose, their false beliefs will keep their energy dense denying them from their highest connection to their unique purpose. This process was given to you today to show you how the conscious evolution of a being in harmony with their divine process can flow. By gaining more perspective on one’s life and being given the glimpse of what is to come the being gains the energy and desire to preserver too greater highest within their pursuit of connecting with spirit.”


Original Channel - Part 7 Double Sun

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

Double Suns

With my body sitting on one of the twelve stumps my mind begins to question everything! As I feel the mental drain of what was just experienced my body pulls itself into a whirlwind of questioning. What did I just hear from the Angel, what did this body just experienced, and what am I going to do now, remain sitting here on one of these twelve stumps? Each consecutive thought produced more fear and distrust in experience. With the passing of each thought the landscape around me began to change. I could see my body now surrounded by a fuzzy white room with glimpses of my driveway peeking through. 

“What’s happening?”

The yell came from my mouth this time, not my mind. Confused and in disbelief of what now lay in front of me. I search for the reassuring voice of my Angel. On cue a warmth enters my body and through the calming vibrational waves now coursing through my body my mind begins to lighten once again. The white fuzzy room slowly dissipates turning back into the coliseum. Slightly confused and not sure where to start, my guide leaves no room for error over what just happened and the sweet voice returns. In my opinion not a second too late.

“Dear One, this is what happens when you distrust in an experience that is part of the authenticity that is you. It lowers your vibration and you are unable to hold the high vibrations required to do the traveling you are doing. You have now visited this planet on seven different occasions. Almost eight if we would have let you slip away yet again. You have been time traveling, or just traveling as we call it. Because of your third dimensional bodies limitations we have to connect into your field, raise your vibration and then bring you into a frequency that is sustainable for you to travel outside of your third dimension. This takes a toll on your human form in such ways that you experience light headedness, dizziness, lethargy, and simply forgetting all together what was experienced. The more you raise your vibration the easier this will become on your third dimensional body and the more you will remember. For now, we must facilitate a lot of this for you, soon you will be able to come at your own request. You have slipped out of this lesson many times, seven to be exact and each time your body on Earth only appears to be gone for a second at a time. If you can recall your previous Earth day the first travel was experienced at night, followed by six more the next day. Each time you leave you only appear to be gone from your surroundings for an Earth second. See time only exists in your third dimension because you have created it to be that way. Everything above the third dimension exists within all time and space and therefore you can visit the future, past or current timelines simultaneously depending on what you wish to experienced. For now, we will guide you in and out of these time loops, soon you will be expected to do it on your own. It is now time to learn more about your home planet. Jenessee close your eyes we are going to visit the mountain ranges that lie just outside of this cities dome.”

Obeying the request, I close my eyes like I had before and ask to be taken to the mountain range outside of the domed city. When my eyes open I find my feet are already walking, right foot in front of left. Following a visibly excavated path, carved by many feet previously walking its curving shape, I notice the thick green line of foliage accompanying my walk. Like many things on this planet everything holds a vibrant energy within its respected place in nature. Recognizing this makes my heart smile, a surge of warmth enters and fills into all open spaces within my body. With each additional step the ground begins to dry turning into a loose gravel filled path. As my feet continue to walk in a forward motion I begin to mentally review my previous experiences outside of the dome.

“Why do I have a body, since I am outside of the dome, shouldn’t my body be tiny balls of light?”

The Angel responds quickly, taking the opportunity for another lesson.

“Dear One, you are currently remote viewing. You can only hear my voice inside of your head and not see me because you are using my body to witness what is happening around you. During remote viewing you use the eyes of another to view situations and experiences that have already taken place. In this case when you need to experience something we raise your frequency so that you can interact with the landscape around you meaning you will be astral traveling. It is harder on your light body to hold the higher frequencies required to astral travel so when we can we allow you to remote view situation from our perspective. Time travel can involve all of these methods of travel, but can also include in rare and necessary circumstances taking your human body with you to change outcomes from the past or future. This can only be done if it has been written into your soul contract. This you will understand more during a later journey.”

Still not completely clear, I continue.

“So what is the difference between astral travel and remote viewing?”

“Astral travel includes taking your light body along on the journey not just the consciousness. You experienced the light body within your experience outside of the dome. The light body can interact with the surroundings using its senses; hearing, touching, smelling and so on. When you astral travel you are moving through the landscape able to interact with its inhabitants if they are of a fifth dimensional frequency like your own. If they are of a lower vibration you will simply witness them in their goings on. Your light body is always a part of you yet only when you become aware of how to move your awareness into this space and sustain it for elongated periods of time can you use it for conscious travel. When you Remote View you are limited to seeing through the eyes of another, one who was there, is there, or is guiding the journey of the individual. Many times during day dreams you can see your body going through situations you believe you create from your mind. In these situations, you see your body from a different perspective or angle, as if you are witnessing your body from afar. This is one example of remote viewing where you use your guides perspective to review your timelines from a detached perspective. Others ways one can remote view include seeing specific visuals in a sequence that is meaningful for you, like in hypnosis. In this scenario it is as if your there, but without control. Many times humans slip into a frequency that allows them to remote view without knowing they are doing it.”

Understanding the connections more clearly, I review my current experience.

“I am currently remote viewing, it feels as if I have a body and eyes that are my own and that is because I am using your body and eyes. When I was outside of the dome earlier I was astral traveling, meaning you allowed me to experience the landscape of this planet as if I lived on it so that I could feel what an actual being of this place would feel, is that correct?”

Warmth rushed into my body and I took this as confirmation of my correct learning. Focusing back on the dusty path I noticed that I had covered quite a distance while talking with the Angel. Looking around I held a new level of understanding that seemed quite helpful for this journey. I was looking through four eyes not just two! The lush plants that surrounded my path reclaimed my attention yet again. Up ahead all greenery seemed to slowly recede into the lush forest now at my back. The path ahead escalated sharply, it appeared I would now be scaling the side of a large mountain. With the thick foliage fading into the back ground I take in the panoramic views and can see that my path is quite high in altitude. It appears as if only the top of the mountain remains above me, over three fourths of this mountain already lies below. The climbing won’t be as tedious as I thought. As the green forest path disappears an outcropping of different size and shaped rocks take its place. Ascending the side of the mountain I made the steep climb upwards. Now looking skyward, a glorious orange color seemed to be the predominant match to my lazy gaze. Backtracking my thoughts to recover details of my first visit to this planet, I note that sky has always been this vibrant orange color, through most of the seven visits thus far this sky has remained constant. Only during a brief encounter with night did the color appear to be something dark and different. Climbing what feels like the last bit of the way I sense that the spot I seek resides up ahead. My mind wanders, can I feel this because I am traveling within a guide that has already done this? Has all of this interdimensional knowledge been helpful or harmful my experience? I now seem to be reviewing every detail of this journey from a third party perspective, I have so many more questions than answers.

Knowing that my destination lie directly ahead I begin to take in more of the scenery surrounding my destination. Unnoticed until now the mountain I had been scaling appears to have a twin that lies directly to its side. Following the gaze of my intuition the path I currently walk connects around the face of the first mountain and dips back into what appears to be a carved out plateau that resembles a large recessed throne sat between these two distinct mountain tops. Catching a glimpse of one of the suns above my head it appears to also be heading towards this coveted space between the two mountain tops. Reaching the carved out throne area I feel cradle between these two sister mountains. The sun reaching its panicle point within the center of the sky above meets in sequence with me as if all is a part of some divinely orchestrated plane. Standing in the center of this area looking skyward the glowing orb of light seems to sit directly within this pocket of the mountains where my body also resides. I pause for a moment allowing the orange glow to radiate through my entire being knowing this is exactly where I am meant to be.

Everything seems to be in alignment, my body, the sun, the mountains and the city below. In this vast space between the two mountains time seems to slow down and a realization occurs, there is more to what I am seeing, more than just a chance placement of my body with the sun, and more to the mountains towering above the city below. Everything now becomes visible in a way I had not yet seen. Scanning the base of the mountains below I can see the city with its domed grid come to life. The cities placement is in direct alignment to the sun and these mountains. Across the horizon I pick up another pair of mountains, they appear to be exact replicas of the two I stand between now. The city itself seems to be within a bowl, cradled and surrounded by these mountain ranges. As the long days passes with continued interest I watch the far off mountains, my four eyes now glued to the unchanging landscape. On cue and without a moment to spare my eyes see the second sun begin to crest over the far off peaks.

“Dear One, the line of the sun here is constant, never changing. The sun always appears between the peaks of one set of mountains and then disappears between the valleys of the second. The sun is constant, never changing and that is why the inhabitants have built their city within this line of the sun. This planet orbits its main star at rapid speeds yet spins on its axes very slowly making its orbit around the sun within seven days and what should be seven nights. You have just witnessed the second sun that can also be seen from this planet. This sun does not have enough gravitational pull to force the planet into a new orbit yet can be perceived by the inhabitants that reside on the planet. During half of the planets cycle this sun is on the opposite’s side of the planet meaning the two suns sandwich this planet causing more light than night. What should be an even seven day and seven night cycles is turned into three and a half full days of light and followed by three and a half day and night cycles. Half of the orbit perceives one sun where the other half of the orbit perceives two suns. The night cycles are time for repair and rebuild, but due to the length of time away from the source of light it is imperative that these energetic beings work in harmony with what they have been given for optimum survival.

The balance of this planet requires two suns for optimal sustainability of life. These cycles of day and night are in rhythm with what the inhabitants of this planet need, and this pertains to all energetic beings residing here not just the humanoid ones. This planet views a second sun from another planet within the Milky Way galaxy through a type of worm hole or star gate. The ability to be within the light of this sun during half of their cycle allows life to flourish and continue in a way that brings harmony and balance to the beings of this particular planet. They require the energy from this other planetary system to survive. The balance of each system, determines the longevity and success of both. Inhabitants of planets require a harmony with their surroundings not only on a micro scale, but on a macro scale as well. For inhabitants to not be in harmony with their planets natural rhythms will drastically alter the wellbeing of the entire system and this could eventually knock them out necessary planetary alignments.”

I ponder if the solar system and planetary alignment that the Angel talks about in the Milky Way Galaxy is a direct reference to Earth and our Sun. Wondering what the connection or lesson is for me, I ask.

“We have reviewed the relationship between planet and inhabitants already, how does this lesson add anything new to what I have previously learned?”

“The lesson of this planets Dual Suns in connection to your Earth in 2015 is to stay in harmony with the changes in climate and nature as a whole population, on a macro scale. The Earth will continue to go through changes that are a direct result of the humans living within its diverse environments. The Earth is after all an energetic being just like you and I. When these changes happen it is crucial for all humans to adapt and begin to find harmony within their immediate surroundings. From small changes that occur like day into night and darkness into light, humans need to find a rhythm that matches their own bodies’ frequency. A person does this simply by being in harmony with the changing cycles of day and night and then from season to season. If your body is not in harmony with the frequency of your location it may be an indication that your vibration is needed in a different location. When a human lives in the jungle, but is to lethargic to go out and work the land of the jungle they are not living in connection with their surroundings. When a human lives high up on the mountain top, but is too cold to go out and live within their landscape they are not a functioning frequency of their environment. When a human lives in Sweden as has the glory of the midnight sun yet cannot function with that amount of day light at night they are not living in harmony with the frequency of their environment. This creates a discord between human and environment that they live within. This creates density for the earths physical body, just like your human body reacts to density in its auric field. When humans on Earth remain within places that are no longer serving their greatest good it creates the beginnings of discord within the Earths energetic field. Human and Earth are one.

On a grand macro scale when the Earth energy begins to shift through movements of the tectonic plates and its changing placement in the universe the dynamics upon your planet will also change, sometimes quickly and sometime at a slower rate. As a part of the energetic process of Earth you humans will soon be called to adapt and change within your own planetary system. Becoming aware that this change is necessary for your continued growth should be your primary motivation of Earthly connection. There will be a time when your environment will begin to change and you will be required to find a place that is harmonious and sustainable for the continued development of your race. By knowing when you are out of connection to the Earth is the only way you will begin to perceive and adjust to the changes that are coming. There are many changes that are going to happened during your lifetime on Earth. From droughts, to lack in food supplies, to contamination of air, land, and water. There are signs happening everywhere that specific areas of your planet are in need of release by their inhabitants for re-growth and change. If the inhabitants do not receive this message and continue to neglect the Earth changes happening around them they will inevitably suffer the trauma that befalls that part of the Earth as it goes through its change in order to rebuild.

Humanity will always be given signs of the developing changes that are slated to befall specific parts of the world. It is important to get in tuned with the flow and balance of nature and all things Earth based so that you too may be on alert when an area no longer supports the energetic beings residing within it. Your ancient civilizations would use stone placement to monitor the solstice, and the Earths placement within the universe. They did this from city to city using these alignments to monitor the stars. Humanity has the ability to pre determine when these Earth changes might come, yet as a whole you have lost touch with these inherent connections. Although star reading is quite helpful you don’t have to re-establish this ability from city to city. By aligning yourselves to locations that feel in harmony with your body and are conducive to your growth on the Earth you will be in the right place at the right time. Our only fear is that you have established such concrete foundations for yourselves that you do not understand when the nature around you is changing and this is why so many will be lost to the unforeseen changes coming.”

My mind focuses my awareness towards my current residence on Earth. North East Ohio has been my home for ten years now. My husband and I jokingly talk about our lives in Southern California previous to our move to Ohio. We reminisce about our lives in Orange County, and how we felt a part of a culture that never stopped to smell the roses. Being 30 minutes away from the beach, but never really going because it wasn’t on the agenda, been there done that. There never seemed to be an urgency to go outside because it was always a warm sunny day. There was no need for “Carpe Diem” in our opinions, one day simply rolled into the next. Our bodies were out of harmony with our location.  Reflecting now on Ohio I can see how my body is in harmony with my surroundings. We love the four distinct seasons and count them each as a blessing for what it brings into our life. Warm days we make sure we are outside taking full advantage knowing that the cool weather is right around the corner, cold days we hunker down and relax in our cozy spaces in doors. During fall we thrive in the cool weather watching our landscape change and participating in fall weather activities. While spring brings rebirth and we get to watch as cycles start anew. We thrive where we are because our landscape gives us inspiration towards what we need to be doing in our own lives. We take cues from nature and allow it to guide us through our own wake and sleep cycles. I now understand that if my body reacted to the intense Ohio spring with harsh allergies, or if the winter became too much for my body to bear, it would be my time to review my contract within my location and review what was needed to once again be in balance with the surroundings. Like the California of my past, my body was out of sync with the landscape. In California I was no longer was an active participant of the land and because I no longer held a strong energetic connection to my land my body was open to receive a call that was in harmony with my energetic needs.

“You understand correctly Dear One, there are great forces at work here. If you humans stop to think about what makes you relocate you may review moving for a job, family, security, money, or a loved one, but this is only what you manifest for yourself to make the transition. Energetically there are much bigger forces at play. Recognize where you were emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually when you decided to create your new foundation. You needed the energy of your new location to help bring you clarity on not only your human journey, but to acknowledge the journey that your Earth is going through as well. There are times when one might be required to move somewhere that is not in harmony to their being on a planetary level and the reason for the move may be to help bring forth a more sensitive connection. Your collective consciousness and soul contacts have such a greater energetic influence over the course of your path this is something you need to begin to understand. Humans need not be afraid of their circumstances, or in fear of the change, by listening with their hearts, clarity will always come to those who question. Jenessee it is time. You are bring called back to the coliseum, close your eyes and visualize the place as you remember it.”  

Original Channel - Part 8 Orb

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Crystal Orb

Eyes closed I can feel intense amounts of energy emanating from the direction of the coliseum. Visualizing the steps outside of the building I feel a subtle shift in my energy. Literally within the blink of my eyes, I open up my vision and see my feet are planted on the stone steps right outside of the coliseum. A low vibrational hum begins to permeate the field surrounding me. Approaching the outer ring of columns surrounding the inner stage, I can feel the hum more intensely now, its palpable waves move one after another through my body. Moving off of the steps and closer to the columns my vision is triggered by a group of light beings who I can see surrounding the twelve stumps around the stage. Watching closely, they appear to be performing some type of ceremony around the center crystal orb. Each of the twelve stumps within the structure are occupied by a singular being of light. Focusing my gaze on the one directly across from where I stand I can begin to see what appears to be a form, almost human like with no structure, as I try to focus on any particular part the light gets brighter. The humming continues and I can see energetic light waves freely moving between the orb and each of the twelve beings surrounding it. As my gaze travels across the stage reviewing each of the twelve light forms, I see what appears to be inhabitants of this planet standing in the shadows discreetly moving behind the ceremony stage. Simply watching the show, it seems as if many of these onlookers have stopped to take in the sights just as I have. As my eyes wondered around the shadows I felt a cool breeze kiss the back of my neck, trembling, the skin of my body prickled up in an automatic response to the eerie sensation. Something was watching me and it gave me a feeling of urgency in the pit of my stomach. With a newfound sense of proximity, I quickly moved my gaze from shadow person back to the beings of light. Instantly an electrified jolt of lightning singed through my body as my eyes locked onto the light form at the stump directly in front of me. Immediate feelings of light headedness wash over me as a voice maneuvered clearly into my mind.

“It’s not time yet, turn around and enter the building behind you.”

Feeling altogether different then the voice of my Angel. I respond back to the voice in my head to ask.

“Who is this?”

Waiting far to long for a response to come, I felt I had overstepped my bounds in my quick assertion to the voice in my head. Defeated, I turned around to find myself on the opposite side of the street facing another large building that mirror the size of the coliseum. Between two and three stories tall this structure looked more like a museum from New York City than anything from Rome or Greece. The building had a large marble staircase that had far more steps than the coliseum now at my back. Moving from the ground floor up the stairs one by one reduced in size and width as they progressively moved upwards towards two large ovoid shaped doors at the entrance of the building. The beauty of this building was reflected in its attention to detail. Two intricately carved columns appear on either side of the entry way doors. There was an elegance in the design of this building and I could feel the echoes of prestige, wisdom, and authority as I began my ascent up the grand staircase.

Moving up the stairs, past the columns and through one of ovoid shaped doors, I stopped immediately as my foot passed through the threshold. I was greeted by an expansive front room as large as any grand museum entrance. The rectangle shaped room was wider than it was deep and appeared to be built out of the same marble or shiny light colored stone that the front stairs were made of. I though the step of my foot would make the sound of a tap dancers shoe as it hit the marble slab below and waited for the echo to follow. With no noticeable disturbance of my surroundings I craned my neck in a slow twist one way and then the other. Still unsure of what the objective of this exploration was I stayed as still as possibly upon this first review. This allowed my head to take in all of the sights from the left to the right without drawing too much attention. Noticing something on the opposite end of the room, I pushed my sight to its limits as I scan the back wall, veiled from my current vantage point I can feel something lying just beyond another arched doorway. I feel inside of my belly a nagging pull to move close, but perceive more wanting to be discovered within my immediate vicinity first. For now the door will have to wait as many more points of interest are coming more clearly into view. Off to the left hand side at the far end of the long room there seems to be two more arched doorways. Side by side like two big teeth carved out of the marble facade it seems there are many paths to choose from off of this main room, the unknown adventure fills my mind with much curiosity.

Pointing my head towards the left my body eagerly follows my gaze. Moving towards the two arched passageways on the left hand side I stop abruptly as my peripherals catch a glistening light. Moving towards the front of the wall of this grand room a close inspection reveals multiple globe like spheres floating along the marble. Each orb is delicately attached to strings tautly tethered at each end from floor to ceiling. Like some elaborate Christmas decoration, I see that each wall is covered with these embellishments. With full perspective now I notice that this is the exact same kind of crystal orb being used across the street at the ceremony in the coliseum. Each strand has between ten to twenty orbs and each wall has multiple strings hanging from floor to ceiling. Turning around in a complete three hundred and sixty degree view it becomes clear that every open wall is adorned by hundreds if not thousands of crystal orbs.

Curious to find out more, I scan the room for any clue as to what the orbs purpose could be. As my inquisitive mind traces over multiple orbs a specific shine catches my eye. Close to the open hallways on the left hand side and towards the top of the row almost touching the ceiling I find myself mentally attaching to this specific orb. As my mind locks in to the location, my body effortlessly closes the gap between the front door and side hallway. As I reach the space in front of this specific orb I freeze not knowing exactly what to do next. The orb is so high off the ground I am not sure how to acquire it without destroying the ten below it. Looking around I search the nearby corner for a pole or ladder or some kind of tool that I could use to get this orb into my possession. At a loss I begin the mental analysis to the pros and cons of leaving it behind and moving on.

“Dear One, simply ask and you shall receive.”

Why didn’t I think of that? This is what this Angelic voice has been teaching me right? Close your eyes and ask has pretty much been its mantra this whole time. Okay then, closing my eyes I mentally ask the orb to come down where I can reach it. As my eyes opened it appeared the orb had obeyed my mental request. In what appeared to be a state of levitation the orb detached itself from its place within the row and glided slowly in the direction of where I stood, leaving an open spot in the row of orbs near the top.  I now find myself reaching out two hands steadily to grasp the levitating orb I had requested just moments ago. As my hands lay on either side of the orb a rush of remembrance floods into my field of awareness.

The experience of the Shape Shifter comes into full view. Like watching a movie screen, I witness myself going through the process of connecting my energy to this exact crystal orb. During my own solo ceremony in the coliseum I remember how I transcended all time and space to connect my highest wisdom with my light body in the grid. The crystal was not only a catalyst for creating this bond, but was also a record keeper for what was experienced.  As I received the understanding of my divine purpose and received the impulse of my soul destiny the crystal was recording the entire experience so that it might be accessed at a later date.

Understanding the purpose of this crystal and how it connects to my soul, I feel an instant connection to the coliseum where the ceremony was being conducted moments ago. I see clearly now that these crystal orbs connect to individual souls and hold all of the divine wisdom that the soul needs. The ceremonies are conducted in honor of a soul’s journey, and the twelve beings of light are there helping to unlock, harmonize, and infuse the energy from the orb where it needs to be so that a specific soul on its journey can have memories of its purpose. I understand that this ceremony will be conducted for all beings who have an orb in order to help them reconnect to their divine purpose.

Having strong feelings now that I have been here before in a different time with a different body, I start to sense what lies beyond the hallway at the back of the room. Sending my orb off to reconnect back into its spot amongst the other orbs I release the overwhelming sense of unease in my stomach and step foot in front of foot as I march towards the back of the expansive room. Holding onto the imparted wisdom of the crystal orb and a soul level knowing that I am connect to this space, I swallow hard the knot that has now made its way from my stomach up into my throat. With each step further down the corridor I find the light white marble walls turn into a cool shade of blue. The air temperature drops and I extend my hands to feel the walls for any noticeable changes in their temperature or touch. As the hallway turns sterile seemingly untouched by anyone, but me I am reconnected into an all too familiar room.

“I have been here before.”

I say this out loud hoping my verbal validation will end what the visual I am about to witness. As the hallway ends and a chamber opens up in front of me, I am greeted by a sight right out of any science fiction movie. Line after line of cylindrical tubs fill the room, each tub is taller and wider than my current body, but not by much. The ceiling is much lower in here than in the great room and there is not much space to maneuver. I can tell that each tube holds a humanoid form of a body, my mind will not let me see the bodies in detail, but I can sense their appearance even though the fuzziness of my mind. Each body represents an inhabitant from this world in a state of suspended animation. There are tubs running up into the ceiling from the dark blue cylinders and there are also tubs connected to the beings behind the glass.

“Dear One, do not be sad or fearful. Those within the tubes are inhabitants who have chosen to “freeze” their current time line upon this planet so that they may revisit a time and space to lean, teach, and grow themselves, and or the people around them.”

 Feeling the truth in this statement, I still had an unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach. Walking through this room the scene did not ever become ordinary in fact it became increasingly off putting. Rows of cylindrical tubes are lined from wall to wall with only enough space for one person to walk through the path. Making my slow precession through the tubes I see inscribed on the top of each tube there is a date, the numbers are strange to my eyes and I find I can’t read them, but somehow I know they represent dates. As I walk from tube to tube I look only through the corners of my eyes hoping not to see what I know is right around the corner. With every step I take I can feel the tension in my body grow, until my time has come. The tension is so strong my body begins to cramp under the strain. Counting myself about five rows deep and towards the front far off wall of this room, I come to the tube I was meant to find, the tube in all honesty I hoped not to see. Squeezing my eyelids tightly shut I can’t bear the thought of what might be reflected if I open them to look. Knowing that when I open my eyes I will be staring back at my face, a face that is lifeless and still, alien and foreign yet me. I don’t think I can do this.

“Open your eyes.”

With a warm reassuring vibration, I realize that whatever I am meant to know hinges on this visual validation so with apprehension my eyelids release. As my eyes open I see only a single rose within the tube in front of me and a date that my eyes begin to understand as 2069.

“You need not fear this is all within your control. You have been here before and will be hear again, today you see what you need to see. You are not ready to perceive your authentic form from this place as it scares the part of you that is unwilling to completely believe and trust in what is happening. You do not need to acknowledge this part today, that can be done at a later date. Today you must realize your place and your time. You have witnessed your exit date from Earth. You know your timeline. You will be back here again when you are ready, but for now you have what you need and may exit this space.”

Within the blink of an eye I am placed within another room, I sense that this is one of the two rooms that looked like teeth carved out of the marble coated front room. Unlike the pod room this room is completely void of life. it holds the equipment necessary to suspend a life and put a being inside of a tube. Swirling around I find my body does not shudder with fear, I am actually happy to see the equipment used for the suspended amination process. It is comforting to me on some deep level. I see sterile examination tables and big silver machinery attached to the wall. There are semicircular tubes on the wall that have three metal rings around them. There are tanks with a gel like substance and other hoses and cords one can only being to imagine the uses for. A new age mortuary, without the dead bodies. Did I say I felt at ease?

“Dear One, remember you choose this for yourself.”

The warm voice says into my mind as I semi close my eyes and half stare at the wall in front of me.

“You committed yourself for this task, and chose to place yourself into a state of suspended animation. By reviewing the process, you might find more meaning in this choice. Before initiating the “freezing” process you performed a ceremony with the crystal orb in the coliseum. From there you moved into the records, “museum” as you call it, and began the preparation for treatment. In the room next to this one, the first room on the left hand side of the marble entryway you will have gone through a review process with your guides. These guides are like your council they are high energy begins that will come and help you review the contract you set forth for your soul to travel. You will have written out the details of your souls’ journey so that you may understand your adventure more fully and so that everyone else will understand it as well. There is purpose for the “freeze” and this is determined within the contract.”

As the Angel speaks into my mind I begin to see the visual image of my contract from my mind’s perspective. I see a parchment that is unrolled as if by a mysterious hand for my review. The paper is ancient looking with gold and red writing on it, at the end it seems to be marked with a big red stamp. Like many things here the harder I try to focus on its words the harder it becomes for me to read, so I stop trying.

“Part of your responsibilities written into this contract express your obligations to Earth’s inhabitants, because of your soul contract you must remind your brothers and sisters of the balance needed to maintain harmony with the planet and the planetary alignment they belong to. Your home planet currently connects to Earth through its second sun, you have “frozen” your body here to help facilitate this awareness. You are also here to teach that Earth is also a birthing planet, those who are upon your planet and hear these words will begin to understand their role through your exploration. You have chosen to bring awareness to those who have forgotten their full potential in this multi-dimensional landscape. You all need each other in order to learn, grow, teach and connect together. You agreed to teach those on Earth about their beginnings. You will connect those who seek deeper into their soul contracts, you will affirm those who already know, and you will guide those who are confused. These are, but some of your tasks from this planet. This is what you would have discussed before moving into the room where you stand now, where you would have been put into the “freeze”.

Knowing the entire breath of my purpose on this planet makes my decision to go through suspended animation less fear based, but makes my mind run wild with questions and concerns about my current journey.

“I understand what you have said, but can’t understand how this has come to be. My human companions would tell you I am the least grounded person they know. I would claim to be extremely disconnected from nature and have no sense of these planetary connections. I love dreaming of things greater than myself, but am no vessel for bringing humanity messages they need to hear, I am just one person. What do you expect of me?”

“Dear One, you are the perfect vessel because you have done it all before. You chose this path for not only those who surround you, but also for yourself. There is never a one-way lesson being taught, you chose this because you are also testing yourself and your ability to remember your origins. You have many more experiences yet to have, on other planets, with other bodies. This is just the beginning, you do this to remember for yourself and for those who also need to remember. You must trust, trust in yourself, and trust in you path. Everything will soon become clear.”  

Trust is an easy concept for an Angel. What is there not to trust? When everything is perfect, aligned and makes sense on every level how could you possibly question.

“Humans are different, we are vailed, we don’t understand, we don’t know what’s going on. You just expect us to believe this with no question and follow our hearts. Let me tell you my heart has been wrong, so what then? How can we be expected to trust when we don’t have all of the information we need?”

“Dear One, the lesson of the Crystal Orb is here to help you understand your connection to that which is eternal within each of you. Consider this orb to be a representation of your own soul, that which makes you uniquely you in this world. Each of you have diverse goals, teachings, and growth to experience in your own way. Through this you are always connected to that which is uniquely you, through your Orb the Soul. There are times when you fall off your path or become too distracted by other non-essential things and it becomes hard to feel the pull of your orb. This is when your guides or angels as you call them, your “council” will vibrate resonance into your soul to help you remember exactly who you are on your path.  You have your “council” with you always they are from all of your timelines assisting you to stay connected to your path.  You also have guides, teachers, and watchers on Earth that are in resonance with your timeline and they are here teaching you through the space and time of 2015. There are some incarnated with you from your own soul group, meaning they came with you to specifically help you remember who you are, they work alongside of you in the Earth plane. Everything is in resonance with your purpose, every single thing you draw to you is meant to assist you in the growth, teachings and development of your original contract. What is there not to trust. Your world is being created specifically for you! This vail you say you have is only a creation of your Earth minds. This information you say you need is only a manifestation of the distrust that you don’t already have everything you need. Everything you need you have, everything you do is divine, you are the living expression of your contract.

As you chose to incarnate into a new life you chose to align with people and places that will help to fulfill your contract while on Earth or whatever planet you incarnate onto. Each person comes with a different set of goals and lessons to work through for their good, and the good of those surrounding them. By acknowledging your connection to your soul orb you figure out that everything you experience is a part of your contract, this brings more resonance to you by living your divine work and living a life that is purposed by feeling you are here doing what you came here to do. You do this over and over until you have successfully completed your contract or learned how to live a life that is purposed every day trough ever breath by simply being you.

Now I what you to see and understand this orb in all time and space. This orb is your core it holds all of the wisdom of your being from all planes of your existence. As you move through your contract and become more conscious of your soul self, your orb which travel from point A to point B along with you through this one incarnation also travels in an expansive way through all time and all space simultaneously bringing together all your incarnations in one moment of existence. This orb not only moves forward and backwards (past and future), but also radiates out in all dimensions of space time. With every step you take on your conscious timeline the orb takes one with you. While you are only aware of your singular past and your directional future the orb pulls into your every step the full awareness of your soul in all space and all time. With each step you take in this life in this contract you can reconcile steps from every life you have ever lived in a single moment, because as you move forward in this existence your orb is pulling every timeline together into that very moment for clarity on all aspects of yourself. Every life you live, every breath you take is a chance to align yourself more fully into your orb. We are not separate Dear One, you are me and I am you. We are one in the same, we are connected in our soul group and we are meant to reconcile our individuality into a singular expression of the divine. The expression that you are dealing with karma now from a past life is one hundred percent accurate. The goal of the soul is to unite all timelines, contracts and aspects of the self into one lifetime trusting completely in the divinity of that soul. You are what you seek Dear One, the sooner you acknowledge this the sooner the soul returns back into its infancy. 

You witness the lesson of the Crystal Orb so that you may connect completely and without hesitation into your divine contract. It may seem daunting to have to reconcile all of your lessons into one lifetime, but if you can only see that the meaning of this shows the limitless potential of any soul to connect into all space and all time to reconnect with that which makes you uniquely you. To become clearly aligned to your soul quality will direct you into a full alignment within this time and space. This means you have the ability to understand yourself as the full expression of spirituality that you chose to be. To be authentic and unique through this connection into your soul, to be doing your soul work, and to be in harmony with all that surrounds you. To be in infinite time and space in this time and space and to be able to pull through those soul qualities that are most meaningful for you to complete your contract. This is the answer Dear One, and this is what we are here to teach.”

Loss of the Second Sun

Head hung low with eyes still glazed over from all of the newly acquired information, my mind is contemplating thought after thought as I walk out of the new age mortuary. Greeted by the magnificent marble filled room I shuffle into the middle of the open structure and let out a deep exhale as my head tilts skyward. With my mind momentary emptied a quote enters into my mental space that makes me smile. “The more you know, the more you know you know you don’t know.” Good old Aristotle, he was considered one of the fathers of metaphysics I wonder what his take on all of this might be? Walking back towards the front wall of the records hall I find my crystal orb still hanging on its tightly strung cord. Standing still by the wall I wonder if I could once again have an experience with it? Knowing more than I had when I touched it the first time and feeling more lost than ever I wonder what it might show me this time. Mentally calling to my orb I ask for its guidance once again. Eagerly extending my hands the orb floats nonchalantly towards my fingertips.   

“Time Space of 20300.”

A broadcaster like voice pops into my head announcing the title of what I assume is going to be the move about to play through my mind. Feeling like I just sat down in a classroom I prepare myself for what feels like the final prep before the exam.  The words I see “Time Space of 20300” now fade away and are replaced by a slow moving sequence of frame by frame pictures of planetary systems and historical looking slides.  The voice strikes back up and I sit back presumable ready to enjoy the show about to take place.

“Welcome to the Pleiades Star system. This planet within the Pleiades star system (circling a small orb of light on one of the reels) relies on the systems second sun for life to thrive and remain in balance. It is a well-known fact that the planets second sun resides within a different part of the galaxy not originally understood by those from both planetary systems. (slide changes, now showing a large sun) The sun itself is a worm hole or star gate to the inhabitants of the planet Earth. The forecasted outcome for this planet in 20300 when it is said to lose its connection to the second sun is dim to say the least. (slide changes, showing Earth dimly lit and through a mirror like image the Pleiades planet dark and lifeless) Due to the seven-day rotation cycle each day and night last millennium longer than a day and night on Earth. This means without proper light the inhabitants’ will lose their ability to thrive and the balance of their environment will change. (slide changes, showing tall bluish beings with blond hair walking a land that is baron and diminished from what I have previously witnessed) The loss of this second sun is a forecasted outcome of what may happen to the Pleiades system if the inhabitants of the Earth do not make the necessary adjustments to regain their planetary balance within the milky way galaxy. (slide changes, showing Earth in its glory) Are you ready to make a difference, join your brothers and sisters and bring these messages to Earth today.”

Am I watching a propaganda film from a planet in 20300? Is this why I left my body here and brought my soul to Earth? I feel somewhat betrayed, was I sold this piece of marketing material before I incarnated? Thinking about Earth and our political propaganda, I begin to wonder how authentic this message could have been, was I used in some political agenda? Releasing the orb, I gradually bring my awareness back into the marble filled room as I watch the orb reunite with it’s place on the string towards the top of the wall.

“Dear One, don’t allow your judgments of Earth in the time space of 2015 to cloud your understanding of this task. Humanity on Earth in the year of 2015 is being called to make the shifts necessary to feel grounded in their planet. There is a shift that is happening now and has been happening for the main part of humanities existence, where conscious beings are being called to transplant themselves from one location to another. There are locations within the Earth that are in need of balancing and this will come mostly from the humans that will occupy the space in these areas. The have brought with them gifts that will be needed to bring these areas of Earth into complete alignment, but there is a warning for those who are too dense to hear the call and resist the changes required. Their inability to feel into the Earth will lead to instability of your planet.

Whether an individual is called to relocate for heightened enlightenment of their conscious mind, or is called to help stabilize the energy of others within the place they move. There is a need to listen to the urges within your being to shift and relocate when the time feels right. There will be pockets of civilizations within Earth that begin to materialize around specific areas, this will create the harmony and balance the planet needs to continue on with its cycles of birthing new generations of spiritual begins and staying connected to the planetary systems you are connected to. When an individual connects into the correct place they will feel infinitely connected to the others within these civilization pockets through unconditional love and acceptance. There will be times when inhabitants’ do not heed the call, and find themselves in situations where devastation takes place to force their hand to move or eliminates them all together. Others who oppose the call of their contract will move to places unsupportive to them, this could in severe cases lead to their destruction so extracting their light from their life. Full extracting happens only when the individuals contacts say it is necessary to be remove completely from life for best benefit for all involved.

Earth needs its inhabitants’ to stay grounded into the energy of the environment and the communities surrounding them. By doing this the Earth will continue to develop in a secure way providing successfully for all that reside within its lands. When humanity becomes separate from the Earth through emotional and then physical detachment Earth will begin its cycle of depletion extinguishing its resources and losing the able to sustain the life forces living within its care. When this happens the Earth will begin its phase into non existence and so too will those inhabitants’ that once dwelled upon it. This is a potential timeline for Earth that you have seen, due to this many have been called to help the current inhabitants of Earth remember who they are and what their purpose is.

The lesson of the Second Sun is to recognize that Earth is a play ground for its inhabitants’. All residing on Earth are there to obtain lessons about their world and how it works. Earth is a birthing planet that creates new dimensions for its inhabitants’, those unwilling to move forward will be shifted into another time and space that is conducive to their level of awareness. Those needed to ground the Earths forces and keep harmony and balance for the planet will reside within its three-dimensional sphere continuing to care for the land and help stabilize the environment. Those who have transcended their lessons will move onto another dimension where connection into an original timeline can take place or continued learning will persist. No one option is better than the other, but it is important to know that Earth will remain a birthing planet. Earth will continue to produce ways for its inhabitants’ to find peace in their authentic self through means of different growth opportunities. Those who stay authentic to themselves and feel most connected will inevitably find the peace and harmony they seek in their current timelines, those who don’t will be given opportunities to move on. Through every cycle Earths’ position within the planetary systems change, this effects all connected into it on the micro and macro scale. That is why many extraterrestrials will continue to seed Earth with their kind, these beings hold the knowledge of the potential timelines and will help to keep life moving in ways that stay harmonized and balanced within the systems that surround it. They do this by staying true to their nature and listening to the call of their contracts.”

As the Angels voice trailed off I no longer felt as if I had been sold a piece of propaganda. As my thoughts returned I began to ponder this planet and its seemingly dyer message for Earth. Who am I really? I understand I am a part of this place, yet I feel more human than anything I have seen here. How does one begin to spin their timelines together? The Angel left no room for error in explaining that we are all living expressions of our totality, yet the voice didn’t quite detail out how the human mind is going to achieve such understandings. I have always believed in reincarnation, but now I must believe that all these aspects of myself are one life all happening at the same time.

Original Channel - Part 9 Night

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

When the Cycle of Night Falls

Letting out an expansive exhale I glanced at my crystal orb one last time while walking through the ovoid shaped doorway at the front of the marble record room. This planet created an endless rollercoaster of twists and turns that was starting to affect my mental faculties.  Stepping onto the marble staircase in the front of the record room building I noticed that day had turned into night. Looking at the dirt road at the bottom of the stairs I noticed one of the Herkimer crystals sparkling under the last light of the sun. When the twinkle of light hit my eye, a quick flash back hit my mind. Upon first inspection, the crystal grid laid within the roads of this city appeared to be active during the day. Remembering the dark side of the limestone cavern, I can clearly see the image of an energetic being replacing a crystal from the grid with one from the limestone cavern. Similar to a vision of a person choosing to replace a battery in an electrical appliance. Seeing this for the first time I could only understand the basic principles of what was happening, it seemed as if the crystals from the cavern supported the grid electrically. Today as the twinkle of light hits my eye I understand this much differently. What was once my opinion that the caverns supplied energy to the grid is now replaced with the belief that the grid might supply energy to the cavern.

Moving quickly and without lifting my head I follow the line of crystals embedded within the dusty city streets. Following the direction of my questioning mind I remember that all of the roads converge at the city center. This being the access point to the limestone cave I find no rest until I have found the entrance. As the streets turn into a center circle my head pops up and there appear to be about seven beings hovering around its opening. Stopping abruptly, I can’t remember if I am in astral form, interacting with the landscape or if I am remote viewing, as an unseen image. Not wanting to be found wondering the streets with questions I don’t know how to ask outloud, I hang back to assess the situation. The first thing I recognize is the hum of a song. Together the seven beings create a powerful resonance within the field surrounding this area. It feels as if another ceremony is about to take place. The landscape surrounding the grid and the sky above appear to be entering into a state of darkness, a cool bluish purple color washes over everything in sight and a coolness settles into the thick air.  Shifting my vantage point I move so that I can get a better view of the limestone cave opening. As I move off to the side of the ring of seven I see an eighth being not initially spotted. It is standing halfway between the outside and the inside of the cavern opening presumable standing on one of the first few descending steps. I catch just the top half of this being as it disappears below the ground of the limestone cave opening. Intrigued I feel a desperate need to see what is happening below. 

Following the guidance of the angelic voice from before I close my eyes and think of the place I want to go. Having visited the cave twice before I close my eyes and see the bottom of the carved staircase in-between the two paths. The light green colored water is churning like always and it appears that a switch is being made. What once was an illuminated path to the right has turned dark and the once dark path on the left has turned light. The hum from not only the beings above, but the energy below is permeating throughout this entire area. The increasing volume and tempo of the song creates an intensity within the cave that seems to bring everything to life. Like a switch being flicked this entire lower cave level transitions into a new operating mode. The light filled crystals from above now sit within the rock at the end of the cavern to the left, completely illuminated and presumably absorbing the energy being created by the churning waters over the limestone rock fissures. To the right lies a cavern where the crystals have recently been moved up to the surface. It seems as if this exchange is used to match the changing atmosphere within the environment above. During extended times of endless night when no light from either sun can be viewed the crystal grid supplies the energy necessary for the beings to continue on with their lives. Feeling like one mental loop is closed I gain the understanding necessary to feel like I know how this society functions on a very basic level. This brings some sense of closure and relief to my already fatigued mind. Losing interest in the crystals I glance down the two paths looking for the being I followed. Through the illuminated tunnel I see the face of the being I was looking for, as it made its way out of the illuminated path our eyes meet and I realize that it is actually studying me, with curiosity the being has stopped to witness me! Closing my eyes quickly I see the large purple flowers in my mind’s eye, exhaling deeply while trying to steady my thumping heart I begin to soar.

I Am the Orb

“Dear One, time travel is easier than you may think. Most beings within Earth resonate around a third dimensional frequency. This means they holographical reside within the third dimensional and understand that which is of a third dimension reality. When shifts in the human frequency happen they are able to slip into the fourth dimension sometimes without even knowing this is happening. An example of this could be when one wakes up in the morning from a deep sleep the body is immobile, but the brain can pick up on the intense imagery from another time and space. Perhaps when you are driving and your body in coherence leaving your mind to wonder seeing visual imagery of scenes playing out in front of your opened eyes. The fourth dimension is a place where time travel occurs and one can begin to remote view things happening during any space and time that their mind allows them to visit. As a human you may call this daydreaming, but as a conscious being you will understand this to be the method in which you can begin to perceive all of the time and space surrounding you in this vast matrix. It is the frequency at which you perform the daydreaming that determines the perception of the experience.”

While listening to the angel talk, my mind can also see and feel my glowing orb of light moving through the dimly lit landscape of this planet. Floating through the thick mist of the glowing flower fields my energy body calms down and I see my path leading towards the domed city. Moving over the top of the grid, the expansive feeling of my energy body seems everywhere and nowhere all at once. Seeing through the grid below my orb floats past the limestone cave where I see the seven beings still humming their powerful song. Flashes of the two eyes within the limestone cave come back into memory, and an intense shiver runs through my being. Who was that, and why now after multiple visits here did an inhabitant of this place seem to recognize me? Without interruption the angelic voice enters into my own thought process.  

“Dear One, you have made a connection with the being from the limestone cave because you are a soul mate of this inhabitant, you are part of one another’s high self. It could see and sense you while astral projecting because it is a part of you. You two are viewed as one, on the level of spirit. The two of you have been communicating for millennia now through your soul connection. You are it and it is you, no separation. It perceived you today as a part of its high council. Today you have validated for this being a part of its connection to spirit, just as it has done for you. Remember Dear One, the limiting beliefs you hold disconnect you from knowing the full capacity of your connection to the divine. You consider me an Angel, one who is above you and greater than you, yet I am you. You consider the voices you connect to during your meditation guides, you believe these guides are wiser than you, and you believe they come from a spiritual level outside of the knowledge you have access to, yet they are you. You have all separated yourselves from the oneness that is you. While on Earth your high self which is the soul of “you” will be guiding others within your soul family. You are always acting as guide, angel, human, extraterrestrial, god, yet you lessen yourselves to think you are the lowest of existence. You must drop this label of unworthy and step into the full recognition of your place within the divine.” 

As the empowering response from my Angel moved through my mind the dream like soaring of my path started to slow down. This aeronautical journey all at once stopped when my orb of light floated into position directly over the top of the coliseum stage. Once connected to the spot needing to be connected to I began seeing light waves of energy dance below the grid. The light was hypnotically enticing my energy to come closer locking my position more fully into place. The glowing symbols below the grid attracted me and became my guiding lights. The performance below can only be described as a light show one might see while experiencing a drug induced state. The light streams make noticeable figure eights that connect into infinite patterns, they also seem to be drawing a form of ritualistic style writing into the air only able to be seen though the rippling light currents from above. All of my awareness is now focused on what is happening beneath the domed grid. Snapping out of my trance I am startled, pulling away from the spinning lights below by a sudden lightning bolt of energy that has been sent up to connect to my orb of light by one of the twelve ceremonial figures orchestrating the show below. A shiver ran through me as awareness settled in. I know this energy this lightning has happened before, and that’s when the commanding voice spoke.

“Are you ready?”

With not a single idea of what I should be ready for, I feel every particle of my existence pull closer to the grid. Within moments a tube of light extended past the grid and attached in, up and through my glowing orb. Pulled immediately into the center of the ceremony stage my orb takes its spot on top of the center podium. My consciousness feels as if it has been swallowed into a crystal ball, no longer free form I now feel like I am trapped within the confines of an enclosed crystal ball. From my vantage point I hear the twelve light filled beings begin to hum a song as they dance amongst the waves of light. While their intense humming vibrations emanate from all corners of the stage the dancing light waves grow in brightness. While exploring the limitation of my new situation I try to figure out the dynamics of what is happening around me. I begin to focus on an energy that is pouring off of a familiar figure off of the stage somewhere within the coliseums surrounding shadows. Just outside of one of the columns I can see a light filled being. This being is sending me intense amounts of love and acceptance energy. It seems to be doing this through a cord of white light that directly connects and attaches to my crystal orb within the center podium. Movement from one of the twelve golden beings on the stage engages my attention pulling me away from the familiar being and back to what is happening within my immediate vicinity on stage. I watch as the golden ceremonial light being now aligns itself into position across from this shadow dweller sending me the cord of light. Watching with no idea what is about to happen I feel the energy of our triangle intensify. In a booming voice as clear as day the being of golden light begins to speaks.

“It it is is not not time time yet yet, turn turn around around and and enter enter the the building building behind behind you you.”

This voice reverberates though my mind and my orb in such a way, I swear I am hearing an echo or feedback. Is the crystal ball I am encased in creating this double talk from the golden being of light? Within a split second of the questioning thought I gain full recognition of what was about to happen, I cling with all of my energy onto the white cord of light that the shadow being had sent me. Grasping to the cord like it is my only true connection, as if I was about to lose a part of myself… I was about to lose apart of myself.

The shadow figure behind the pillar was me, it was the holographic version of me that was hear only moments ago before I discovered the records building that held my suspended animation body. What I was hearing was the time laps between my remote viewing self and my astral projecting self. Being in this space twice I experienced the words from each aspect of myself. As expected when the booming voice of the golden being of light spoke the holographic version of myself disappeared moving away from the coliseum and towards the records building. Somehow I felt more alone than I had before, knowing full well it was just a part of me that left, I still felt a loss. When the cord between my holographic body and my soul essence orb detached leaving my orb alone in the center of the stage I received an immediate visual confirmation of my Earth body. I see in my mind’s eye the imagery of my Earth body standing in front of a mirror seeing the shining orb within its center. The symbolic imagery that I am perceiving gets me to realize that the human body is a shell and the conscious orb is what lies within. As the humming around me concludes the light moving around the twelve beings begins to enter into my crystal ball. Every strand of light now penetrates the exterior of my protective shell and moves directly into the part of me that remains consciousness, I feel the warmth move into my awareness and with ever additional strand of light that enters my space I become more aware that I have a human body surrounding this orb on Earth. I feel dizziness, and surging electrical impulses that I can only label as pain. Here within the space of my orb I don’t feel pain, but the connection to my human body on Earth makes me recognize a sensation that I can only label as pain. Why would I feel pain from this situation?

“They are downloading you Dear One. Here in 20300 as your orb “soul” sits within the circle of golden light it is being integrated with information from 20300.  This information transfer is meant to imbed into the subconscious and sometimes even the conscious of the person it is attached to. Remember how you could see the holographic version of yourself while contained within the orb in the middle of the coliseums stage?”


I reply in full awareness of my soul mates’ energetic connection.

“You witnessed this here in 20300 to understand the relationship you have to all of your soul components wherever they are. There are times when your soul will be downloaded with information from your soul mates. Do you understand this fully?”

“I remember you told me that I am my soul mates, but I am not sure exactly what this means.”

“There are multiple layers to every soul to help it achieve the highest degrees of learning Dear One. When I say learn, I speak about the souls’ quest to know itself as a full and complete version of the divine. When souls’ choses to have a consciousness they chose to separate from the whole. They do this in a way to understand their connection to the whole more fully. When a soul does this there are many layers it will go through in order to reunite with the knowing that it is the totality of its parts. A soul can split itself into multiple parts and go into many different incarnations simultaneously. Meaning you are living many different experiences at the same time, you have unknowingly experienced this just now. As you use my body to witness things in 20300 through remote viewing you are really using your own body from another space, time so that you may gain a different level of understanding. During the experience within the coliseum you were astral projecting into a part of your soul that came to witness a download from the guides surrounding you on this journey. You were simultaneously witnessing both things at once from two different aspects of your soul. Souls’ will also partner with other souls, what you call guides, who may or may not be a part of the souls’ family, these guides can be a part of the soul family or oversoul either way they are partnered with you on this journey helping you to learn as much as you can during your incarnation. As you reside on Earth one of your souls might be a guide for a member of your soul family also on Earth. Guides help you to understand specific aspects of your soul quality, a quality you all share.

You experienced the crystal orb, your soul getting downloaded, this happened while you were housed in the center of the stadium in connection to all of your souls’ timelines including the one you are currently living on Earth. To receive a download means you are being implanted with information from a different time and space to help evolve your consciousness through all levels of your soul’s existence. This happens through the connection to guides, soul mates, angels and divine beings who are in charge of your timeline helping you to achieve what you set forth to achieve during your incarnation. This is a part of the spider web effect we discussed earlier. Your limited human self only understands one operational consciousness although you have many that are operating at the same time. What happens during downloads from another time, space is that your etheric body or the subconscious part of you receives direct knowledge and wisdom that is of another space, time from one of your congruent timelines or the beings working with you from that space. This information is designed to bring through what you need to remember during times you require the information, or it can be used when you have fallen behind yet desired to remain at a certain level. There are many reasons for downloads, yours will become more clear as the learning goes on.

Up leveling is another term used to explain what happens to someone receiving a download. During the initial download a third dimensional physical body will go through moments of pain, dizziness, numbness and other physical sensations with the eyes or ears or other parts of their physical shell that are meant to help up level their light body and DNA. These physical symptoms are a signal that the body is acclimating to higher level frequencies. It takes a momentary raise in the frequency to download the information into the conscious or subconscious bodies. Once the download has begun it is up to the end user to allow these shifts to take place within the body, meaning one can resist the changes to their frequency or accept them.  A resisting person might take medication to not feel the pain in the physical body, they may also resist by simply not acknowledging or giving awareness to the shifts taking place. Resisting can also happen when a person interprets the change as something physical and begins to ignore what is happening to their physicality and consciousness, they suppress the change thereby locking the information into places within their physicality only to manifest later. These blocks can manifest overtime through disease and break down of the physical shell surrounding the orb. When one denies their purpose and closes off to their divine flow their physical shell becomes harder to penetrate with high frequency leaving the shell susceptible to dense frequency which will cause sickness, disease, and detachment from their journey. A person can also receive a download and thereby up level without physical pain or aggravation to the physical body, but this requires much present moment support to recognize and adjust moment by moment to the shifting frequency coming in. This is why we preach to you about connecting into your surroundings and grounding into the energy of nature, nature is a natural ally of those who receive frequency shifts.”

The warmth of my angels voice leaves my field of awareness and the searing pain returns to my mind, I can sense the pain that my Earth body must be feeling, I seem to be able to feel how distressed this is making my form on Earth. What is the meaning of this?

“Dear One, this shows you the power of the interconnectedness of linked souls. When a soul becomes sensitive enough and raises its frequency high enough it can become sensitive to the entire soul family that makes up our divine matrix. When one is that sensitive they can feel the pain of a fly being swatted down from across the other side of the universe. This is not your current state of experience, at this point you are able to sense through your connection to your oversoul and your soul family. Because you are connected to this soul on Earth you can perceive and sense the pain of your link. When this happens it is triggering you to send the light and love you hold through your connection. You do not have to know what to do you simply need to do, when your frequency feels low or not like you, simply send white light and love out into the field around you. The white light is for travel and to hold the high vibration of the love, by doing this it will go where it is needed. This is what you witnessed happening between you and your soul mate during the ceremony. A cord was sent to your orb from the soul, in this case it was done unknowingly by your soul mate. Your soul mate did this for you because it felt a pull of interest towards the ceremony stage, when it engaged with your orb a connection was instantly made and love was exchanged. This is how easy it is to send vibration to another soul. Be aware Dear One, this can also happen with negative energy and vibration as well the power works both ways.”

Sending white light and love to my body on Earth, I regained a sense of calm and was able to focus on the twelve beings of golden light surrounding my orb on stage. With the focus of my mind now directed towards the twelve glowing beings an immediate shift happened and each one drew closer to my orb. Being enclosed within the orb one might think that the quarters were tight and confined, yet the feeling I held inside of this space was expansive and endless. The orb seemed to be the method in which I had to be worked on from within this gridded city, yet from my perspective within the orb I felt as if I was the king of my own universe. My awareness could be focused anywhere during anytime or it could be focused on that which resided outside of the orb. Currently all of my awareness was focused outside of the orb on the twelve beings of golden light. Drawing closer I could see each of the twelve beings as moving illuminated shapes. As each drew in towards the orb I remembered that these beings were a part of my process, guide of sorts. With this knowledge at hand I began organizing in my mind the questions I wanted to ask them.

“What is the meaning of all of this?  Why would I choose to have my life held in suspended animation here in 20300 to peruse another life on Earth in the time and space of 2015, especially when I can just split my soul and do both if that is what was necessary to do?”

Not knowing I had actually telepathically asked the question to these beings, four out of the twelve beings step closer. Their bodies close in on my orb and I can see each of them clearly now, bodies, faces, I can even feel the familiarity of their energy. These four guides have come to me through meditations and visions. These four beings have spoken to me before as a human on Earth. Memories flood into my awareness and I acknowledge that I have called these four beings my circle of light. They represent four out of a group of eleven light body beings who have guided me along my journey towards conscious awakening while living in the Earth plane. With complete awe over what was happening the four beings seemingly take my questions and begin to send me images, knowing’s, feelings, and affirmations.

I can see myself as an inhabitant of 20300, I am a hybrid Human and Pleiaden, a cross breed it seems. I see my red symbol being stamped on the bottom of the rolled parchment that signals I have made a choice to take my soul, this orb and all of its knowing’s into the space, time of Earth from 1983 to 2068. A whisper in my ear says that I have decided to halt my timeline in 20300 to incarnate onto Earth to assist with the upcoming changes that Earth is going through. My Pleiaden side has a goal to help humans remember how important it is to stay connected to the third dimension, to find the passion within living in the space and time they chose to live in. To live their contract in full knowing that they are their divine purpose. My Pleiaden people lost touch with their physical third dimensional reality becoming evolved overtime and detached from their environment and that which kept them grounded into a third dimensional reality. This happened because of their quest to constantly evolve themselves into the next dimension. They faced the end of their civilization, without the ability to stay connected into the third dimensional environment they would lose touch with their planet and the energetic balance would be lost.

In order to avoid their planet and their civilizations destruction the Pleiadens learned that breading with humans or creating hybrids would allow Pleiadens once again to connect into the third dimension, the physical reality of their planet. By doing this Pleiadens ensured the success of their people and planet and have been able to cultivate a connection back into their environment. As the human species and the Pleiaden species are very similar it has been the goal of the Pleiadens to help teach humanity the error of their own ways and curve humans in the right direction so that the same outcome does not befall the human race. There are hybrids living among the human race and may have incarnated here to bring this message of connection and divinity into the same space, time of 2015 that I occupy.

My stream of knowings ceases and the whisper comes back into my head. The wise voice says, we can assure you that humanity will not be lost. Humanity is in a growth cycle of change they need to acceptance their unique gifts and talents that they bring in from the totality of their existence. As those of Earth begin to figure out their abilities they will align the frequency of the planet to that of balance and harmony which will reflect the state of the inhabitants. All humans are born with abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, time travel, telekinesis, astral travel and other aspects of the higher dimensions. It is important to remain grounded in the Earth frequency while these gifts are developed so that you remain connected to the planet and the people surrounding you. This is the ultimate lesson of a soul.

The knowing’s return and I understand that during this space, time of 2015 so many are just now discovering what those gifts feel like and are beginning to push the boundaries of where their mind can take them. If there is not proper guidance of those wanting to push the limits of higher dimensions what befell the Pleiaden race could also become the future of Earth. We are here to teach authentic integration of the higher frequency, so that as the human race begins to play within the field of enlightenment they also stay connected to that of the love vibration. This will help anchor them emotionally to the Earth and all living beings during this shift. Learning to integrate the qualities of the fifth dimension with the qualities of the third dimension is what will guarantee the ultimate success for all involved.

As I stare at the being that is relaying this information, I notice how tall it is with a light blue skin, blond following hair and big blue eyes. I recognize this being as a part of me that holds the wisdom of this space, time. I see the others surrounding me as can make out their features, but not as strongly as this Pleiaden from 20300.  The other guide step in and send me a loving vibration that calms my mind and allows me to relax into the deep wisdom of what was just experienced. A hum picks up and I hear the voices of all combined together in what feels like a song.

“There is so much more Dear One, you have chosen to hold your body here in suspended animation so that you may come back to this planet, one day you will reanimate the body here with your acquired knowledge from all space and all time. You chose this for yourself here to teach those of this planet, but understand not all planets you visit will be in harmony like this one. You have set forth upon this journey to not only visit the planets where you have bodies stored, but you have also set upon this journey to bring back messages to those of Earth. Each planet holds a soul aspect of one of your humans on Earth. As you will see many of the planets you are about to visit will directly connect to one of your human counterparts. You are required to bring back to them the vibration of their soul and help them reconnect into that which lies at the heart of who they are. Your Earth is a melting pot of extraterrestrial beings who have lived in all time and all space. They have forgotten parts of their divinity and through your visitations to your eleven bodies you will be able to reconnect those who also seek for their deeper meaning, but have yet to find. Each soul will connect to one or more of the planets you are going to visit. Please relay the messages to your humans so that they too may step fully into their light. We need you to start to integrate your own timelines so that you can have conscious awareness of all of the aspects of your existences and bodies wherever you are whether it be Earth, 20300 or in other timelines you visit. You have contracted to do this for yourself and for others, and it is time now Dear One for this to take place.”