Is Your World Filled With Colorful Peacocks...

What Do You See In Your Reflection?

Our one on one relationships reflect best what divinity we have and allow into our life. What labels do you place upon the one standing in front of you, what expectation do you hold against them, and what judgments do you place upon their path? Why do you focus so much on who they are, what their experience is, and what potential outcomes could come to be? Does the one standing before you reflect the peacock full of life, color, divinity and grace "or" do they represent a past, presence or future detached from the reality you envision.

The partner in our life that chooses to share this experience most closely with us is a simple reminder of the subjective world we are struggling to harmonize. When you judge the color, beauty, and connection of the peacock standing in front of you, denial and detachment crate an objective reality diminishing your ability to see they are only a reflection of your own connection. The one choosing to reflect our shadow back to us takes on the hardest soul contract known to humanity.

Arch angel Michael reminds us that like attracts like and that those who surround us are mirrors of our own subjective realities. Use your voice in a purified and clear way to create the reality in which you seek.

Find fluidity in your path to recognize that expectation and attachment will cloud the colors of the Peacocks standing in front of you. Consider your own passion and cultivate the creativity necessary to bring harmony to each individual moving through their own growth cycle. Learn from their reflection of you and do not attach your journey and growth to their path. See the colors of each individual and recognize they are here to help you find your own beautiful colors.