88 - Numerology, Master Number


EIGHTY EIGHT - Signs & Meaning

  • Divine Knowing
  • Divine Manifestation
  • Magnetic Connection of Thoughts
  • Clear Channel for Manifestation
  • Alchemy Properties 

When 88 is present you are being shown that all that sits in your mental realm is being given a green light to manifest. This can also be a clue to review your through processes to make sure there is no ego attachment in moving forward.

77 - Numerology, Master Number


SEVENTY SEVEN - Signs & Meaning

  • Angelic Code
  • Angel Communication
  • Creative Thought
  • Spiritual Warrior
  • Creation of new physical realm
  • Philosopher
  • Direct Communication with Divine

When 77 shows up on your path know that the angels are communicating directly to you. Look for the signs or synchronicities you missed or follow the immediate guidance you are being givin as a new project, contract or tangable plan is being established waiting for your connection.

66 - Numerology, Master Number


SIXTY SIX - Meaning & Signs

  • Universal Joy
  • I Am that I Am 
  • Unification with High Self
  • Facilitator of Spirituality
  • Sacred Fire Keeper

When 66 is in your field be prepared to see reflections of your life work in the people and field around you. When a level of 66 is achieved you have completed soul level contracts that now get passed along to the community of spiritual workers who surround you. Your work in the field will be felt by all whom surround you at this time. Be aware that 66 shows power in healing and letting go to others so that more of your divine path can come through.

11- Numerology, Master Numbers


ELEVEN - Sings & Meaning

  • Spiritual Growth of Mankind
  • Struggle with Ego
  • Internal Struggle
  • Pursuit of Unification
  • Intuition
  • Illumination
  • Divine Connection

11 Walks the edge between greatness and self-destruction. Its potential to grow into that which is divine perfection is undenyable. Holds the key to spiritual truth and a time for introspection to see where duality is keeping you from your divine birth right.

2 - Numerology


TWO - Signs & Symbology

  • Duality
  • Female
  • Shadow
  • Opposite
  • Polarized
  • Objectified
  • Patient
  • Sensual
  • Intuitive

Think of breath where there is an in there is an out. Think of life where one sees positive they will also perceive negative. Two is Yin and Yang two is the search to find one or complete balance (monad) where there is two there is always separation. 

1 - Numerology


ONE - Signs & Meaning

  • New Beginnings
  • Monad
  • Everything
  • Alpha & Omega
  • 1 is everything 0 is the space that allows 1 to be unique
  • Masculine
  • Self
  • Strong-Willed
  • Self-Reliant

It is stability among numbers, one remaining one multiplied or divided by itself, and one of anything is uniquely that one thing. One is perceived as unconditional in its love, yet its majesty and mystery remain veiled beyond comprehension. One is alwasy alone, all one, and no thing can exist without it.