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Master Trip 66


DISCLAIMER :: Don't Read with EGO there is NO EDITING!!! Straight thoughts from before/during/after trip

Preparing for the last two trips to complete the contracts from the book, 12 Planets, 11 bodies, 1 soul. I find complete clarity in what is happening to me on this journey. Starting out this adventure I blindly followed a request from divine to visit five cities around northern America where experiences and information awaited my connection. Knowing nothing more then where I was going to start the first journey to Sedona uncovered the totality of the four remaining trips and where I needed to go. Still having no idea what I was supposed to do when I got to these places I trusted the divine guidance and heeded the call to explore without attachment or expectation.

After Sedona, I traveled to the great lakes surrounding Michigan and Canada. It was here that the remaining bit of control over this journey departed and I became the completely open vessel whom is writing to you today. After the Great Lake adventure it was time for Mount shasta where to my amazement my astral travel to the Planet of Peace and Connection was mirrored detail by detail during the four days spent around the mountain. Each new experiences was more mind blowing than anyone could have imagined and it was during this trip that I came to realize my subjective and objective worlds were co-mingling in the presence of my grounded human form. 

Traveling back to Ohio and awaiting the next trip to Serpents Mound I keep the energy that surrounded me on the Shasta trip. Completely trusting, I released any need to know, anything. Whether it be spiritual, work, friends, family. I simply surrendered into the moments as they presented themselves, trying my best not to hold onto a single piece of information as I knew that once I grabbed hold I would miss the next element flying by.

Back at home synchronicities started bombarding my field. So much so that I allowed myself to plummet into a state of confusion, there was so much energy swirling around me trying to get my attention and I had no understanding of why it was present and so powerfully trying to pull me in. Leaving for Shasta a dear friend one who I would go as far as to say that I had been the catalyst for her spiritual awakening had been on the edge of a viscous divorce. Daily she was getting pulled deeper and deeper in the fear of her situation and was becoming enveloped by the demands of everyone surrounding her. Barley able to come up for air her she was drowning fast in the complexities of trying to establish a new foundation in trusting divine guidance instead of fearing the unknown. The day after coming back from Shasta another friend whom I would go as far as to say I was the catalyst in him finding his spiritual voice in this lifetime told me he has requested a divorce from his wife. Hearing his words made me step back to look for the energetic connection and perspective. As I dethatched myself from his words another friend came floating into my awareness one who I would again claim I was the catalyst for his spiritual awakening. He a few weeks ago requested a reading from me where divine came in and told him to begin establishing his new foundation this new year of 2017 and begin to grow in a spiritually conscious way. He was probably the one who was most removed from the conscious movement yet was called very quickly into this transforming during this year 2017 which numerological stands for the number 1 or new beginnings. 

With three very close relationships going through this energy all at the same time I had to ask myself what was my part in it all. Being the teacher who preaches the reflection technique I began questioning if I had missed anything happening in my own field. Using the reflection technique anything that is happening around you is typically a direct reflection of what you can’t see or haven’t chosen to acknowledge within yourself. Searching my own feelings I can honestly say that my husband and I are in a very good place so instantly I called my husband to confirm from him what our current relationship status was. Getting him on the phone and asking a very direct question about the status of our relationship, he responded to me as I would have to him. He used a page straight out of one of my spiritual notebooks. Understanding very quickly that we are both on the same page and in a very good spot in our relationship, this only lead to more confusion about what was happening to my circle of people! Why were they going through this all at the same time and why was I in the middle? There was a distinct connection, but to prove my theory there was one more person who I had been a catalyst for during 2016 and before I completely bough in, I wanted to check with her. Sending a very brief email I asked how her spiritual awakening was going and how the transformational year of 2017 had started out? The response came within the day and to no surprise she had stated that she had decided to get a divorce from her husband. Proving my hunch, I asked divine to make the connection clear for me so I could move forward in whatever way was needed for myself and these people. 

Master Trip 3 to 4.jpg

That day I went home to a warm sun hanging in the sky. Taking advantage of the warmth I sat outside on our patio with my computer to research some business items. As time ticked away began to feel a pressure in my head, they type you might chock up to a headache starting yet it never quite turned into that. Then out of my peripheral vision I started to see a blind spot, but instead of just fuzzy this spot grew and shrunk on command and had a complete geometric pattern that moved around the outside of its boarder. Like a ring around the entire spot the shapes danced back and forth and even glowed with color. This distortion stayed in my view for hours and I simply enough played with it making it bigger and smaller. My mind at one point clicked and decided I had to be playing with some sort of wormhole or dimensional opening. All I have every wanted was to see clearly with my eyes open and here sitting in the sun, I know whatever this is I am perceiving energy of another dimension. Feeling accomplished in everything that has transpired from the day I retreat to bed that evening ready for sleep.

Relaxing into bed that night I started to perform the meditation my Dragon guide from Serpents Mound had asked me to perform on the last day of my Shasta trip. Connecting to these five cities: Miami, New York, Chicago, L.A and San Francisco began to see the light fill each of their dormant crystals when divine intervention came through and connected the most important piece of the puzzle thus far. 

The whisper came through, “The five cities connect to the five people currently surrounding you who are going through their conscious awakening and regrounding into a new growth cycle.”

I could see the people who I had recently connected with and had a hunch who the fifth one was. In this one statement I understood what my job was in connecting to the dormant crystals and new that symbolically these five people were the physical representation of how each of these cities would fair with this new wave of conscious energy coming in. 

Around two maybe three years ago I had connected with a fifth dimensional Dragon from Serpents mound. At that time she told me that it was time to connect and begin awakening the dormant crystal under San Francisco. Before doing anything, and because I had never connected with a fifth dimensional dragon before, I had taken this information to my mentor. I asked her what the dragon intended when she expressed to me to awaken the dormant crystal. My mentor told me that it might be unwise to perform such a task. “When you awaken a dormant crystal especially one like the one you speak about under San Francisco it can have unintended consequences for those who are not ready to go through a conscious awakening.” Her words now ring through my head, I understand what it means to awaken a crystal, by doing this you are allowing divine energy to ground down into the third dimensional plane. A crystal is a host for this celestial energy and will fill to the brim with this new energy and then pour it out into the landscape surrounding it. Anyone residing in the five cities above the dormant crystals would begin to bring this new conscious energy into their energetic field and by doing so they would begin to move through their own spiritual awakenings. Not a bad thing but an awakening has also been called a spiritual emergency because the spirit begins to emerge, but also creates a state of emergency for the soul going through it. During a spiritual emergency the foundation, the bedrock, the constant for the soul begins to shift and change and things begin to adjust so rapidly that if that soul doesn’t have a context for what is happening or have a mentor or teacher for the conscious shift they are going through when they begin to release old patterns, beliefs, and limiting systems they could become almost trapped by the fear of the drastic changes happening around them and block the shift from taking place in a harmonious and natural way.

Having avoided this two to three years ago, this time when the request came to begin activating the dormant crystals I knew I had to help usher in this new energy. I didn’t question the request this time, and now see clearly why these five individuals have been brought forth to symbolically represent the cities and their own acceptance of the new changing, shifting energies. 

Finishing the meditation I drifted into a lucid sleep. Still somewhat present in the room I began hearing hundreds of papers shuffling all around the floor of the room. Near sleep this startled my heart and snapped my consciousness back into my body. Lying frozen listening to the sounds I was immediately triggered that exterritorial visitors might be around. My mind goes to this explanation because it has happened once before to me by an alien group called Kryon. When they came the same sort of sleep cycle took place and then I awoke frozen to a choir of children laughing. Having clear awareness that this might be what was happening I said a prayer to ward off anything unwanted and when the noise continued I knew I was in good company and invited whoever the unseen beings were to work on updating and activating my light body however then saw fit. With this statement, my racing heart settled down and I began to drift off to sleep once again yet right before my eyes closed a bright white light poured into the top of the room near our upper windows. The light came in so bright that my eyes squinted to see through it. Then through the light came a figure and the figure was an unmistakable image from my catholic days of Jesus nailed to the cross. Yet this was a real man handing from a real cross. Out loud I repeated to myself “this is actually happening, this is actually happening, this is actually happening.” By the fourth time I said it out loud the light started to get sucked out of the room and the image disappeared.

Awaking the next day, the experience of the night lingered with me and I am amazed by what I had experienced. I saw with my eyes open in full third dimensional view Jesus on the cross. Not sure exactly why it was Jesus, but that’s what it was and I must think it also had something to do with the vision distortion I had experienced leading up to the encounter. Armed with new vigor for whatever this experience was turning into, I felt a strong pull to connect with the fifth person who I had not yet reached out to. Aging this fifth person is someone over the past few years I have been a catalyst for her awakening and understanding of how divine was working through her. 

Sending a text to meet for coffee we connected the next morning and I was greeted by a person who was a ghost of her normal self. Having recently decided to split from a long time partnership she had lost all way in life and later told me that day if not for my reaching out to her the night prior she would have been ready to take her own life. After talking for an hour about her fear in moving forward with this new energy and having to let go completely the life she had previously created you could start to see signs of the old friend peeking through. She was on the brink of discontinuing her journey because life had started becoming muddled and the path was no longer clear. This seemed to be a consistent energy for these five people whom I had connected with. Not all engrossed enough in the fear to question their existence on the Earth plane any longer, willing to take their lives, but enough so to create drastic changes to meet their conscious awakening and clear a path for new growth and drastic change.

This last encounter really put into perspective the shifts in energy that were taking place and how these unique individuals yet separated people could be connected to the bigger picture of what is coming through into our earth plane right now. Talking with this friend showed me a glimpse of my connection to this situation. I realized that these people were leading their own lives in a very accelerated way and they were my mirror into how the diving energy was coming in to these five cities and how the inhabitants of the cities were going to be able to deal with the new upgrades. I was clued into my potential to help guide these five individuals through their own accelerated process in finding their new foundation or a new root chakra and moving through this next root to crown experiences while being beacons for the new harmonizing planetary frequencies.  

I have always understood to a degree the meaning of becoming a vessel of light as your one true authentic self and by doing this you can in effect change the world one person at a time by holding your own authentic light. I had never understood it to this new degree, that once you reconcile your master archetype you begin holding a light that in itself is so high vibrational that those who you encounter that are ready to accept their journey towards finding the master archetype will branch off becoming birthed by your light and begin the amazing journey towards reconciling their own archetype in this one lifetime. The gravity of this one notion sends shivers down my spine. It only takes one breath, one look, one moment, to know that you are truly impacting the world around you, simply by acknowledging your divine purpose and your authenticity you can begin the expansion of the matrix one person at a time.

These five individuals represent five of the petals of my master archetype from the Heaven Planet, they each represent a frozen bodies on one of the twelve planets that I had previously completed before starting this second journey. I was told this second exploration for me was going to help complete the contracts of the five bodies on the five planets that were still needed to be completed. I became fully aware of this and what was happening once the Jesus connection came back to me. At the completion of the first astral adventure to discover the 12 planets I was shown the Heaven Planet where master archetypes are held for individual souls to being their freezing, expanding adventure. I saw my own soul get birthed from the Jesus archetype. One thing I have yet to mention up until this point is that I too had been birthed by a mentor who spoke to me of my connection to a master archetype. During a training session one day my mentor answered a question for me that I could tell she was hesitant to answer. The response came from her stating that I was holding a soul of Jesus. Never telling anyone this before because in all honesty how to you bring this up to someone, expressing that you hold one of the twelve souls of Jesus without sounding a bit off or egotistical. I had no real clue what it meant and in all honesty through our conversation I don’t really think she knew fully what she was relaying either. She mentioned that I held a part of the soul that would one day leave me like it had left her and moved to me. When I visited the Heaven Planet she was one of the souls inhabiting one of the twelve vessels like I had been. Putting these pieces together and witnessing these five individuals in my life come together so suddenly and so deliberately to teach me this final message, I was ready to recognize my own master archetype souls to see them come forth and reflect to me that which I had created. This is my world after all, said in the most ego-less way possible! I stress that this is all of our reality, I have been chosen to teach this part of our creation story just as you have been hand chosen to teach your part. Jesus as the man we knew him to be on Earth once fully aligned to his cosmic master archetype collected his apostles, his twelve reflections of cosmic cords. Just as my eleven cords are stepping through in the same way. I have been gifted with the clarity to see my cosmic connection and through that connection I get to see those who have been birthed by my present moment conscious awareness. They will reflect to me the divine cosmic connections I had to planets I had once frozen bodies on. Five of these individuals are know and I have a hunch the other six will make themselves know as time goes on. 

Birthing more clearly reviewed: Having this connection all along has helped me to realize the biggest component of this astral adventure. When I envision Jesus as he was here on the Earth plane he has his 12 disciples, in the Heaven planet he also had his 12 vessels each with a truth about Jesus the Master Archetype. I understand fully now that when a soul makes a reconciliation in one time in one space that souls becomes released from his cosmic contract, living a pure and divine expression of complete authenticity which can begin to expand the matrix. The 12 vessels surrounding Jesus are the 12 disciples that he collected during the life in which Jesus made full reconciliation. Those who surrounded him on the Earth journey were also on a path to reconciling their master archetype, as Jesus became aware of their presence they to also became aware of the cosmic connection and that they had frozen bodies on other planes of existence hence the birthing process began. When one is completely clear of their cosmic archetype they can reflect (as they are being reflected) to another their “birth” into discovering their origin story. I believe now that during the life where one finds reconciliation they are able to meet the ones that are birthed from their archetype to assist in the overall beginning expansion of the archetype itself. A teacher in physical form that will then become ascended master from a different plane. Guiding always those who chose to continue the expansion process of the matrix and continue the spread of divine authentic light and learning from the expansion itself.

Getting ready to embark upon the last two adventures I see clearly the lessons of teacher and student from the Magnetic Planet. We are always learning and teaching, it is our consciousness that leads us to this expression during times of complete presence. As the days counted down to my fourth and fifth trip to Serpents Mound and Mount Ida, Arkansas the energy that intertwined with these five people grew stronger. Every night I would perform a meditation that connected my energy to the five dormant crystals under: San Francisco, L.A, Miami, New York and Chicago seeing chakra colored light fill the crystals I would then hold the energy until pure white golden light came cascading in. The energy every night was strong and during the day a series of intense meditations for these individuals came through. Specific meditations to help them begin to update their own light body blueprints for future manifestation of their path. Still having no clue what their individual paths will be and maybe never knowing I simply recorded the meditations as they came through and sent them attachments until one day both stopped. About ten days prior to my own trip to Serpents mound the nightly meditations stopped as well as the channeling of information. I didn’t even recognize the nightly dormant crystal meditation leave until a week after it stopped. The energy was extremally intense and then simply vanished. It is my belief that the trip to Mount Shasta ushered in the energy of the dormant crystals and the upcoming Serpents Mound trip was going to finalize any lose ends with these five people. 

There was something unique and interesting about what had happened and upon further reflection I realize that my lack of meditation and clarity produced other ways for me to recognize just how important these five individuals were going to be on my adventure. Leading up to the Shasta trip I was not connecting to the field through meditation so divine started to come through my urge to draw. Thinking I was getting back into social media I had the brilliant idea (later recognized this was divine pulling on open purse strings) to draw pictures and then pull a layout from my oracle deck to see what messages divine wanted to give out to the people surrounding me. Doing this over and over every message was about relationships and people needing to review the close partnering relationships around them. Every day another reading different yet the same. I had pulled away from reading myself or trying to find out what my trip had instore for me yet divine found a way to get my attention and focus my energy clearly on what needed to be brought together. So starting around the time I left for Shasta to right before the time I left for Serpents Mound I finally understood what divine was saying and found my five beings of light who I believe are now ready to explore their own cosmic master archetype.

Serpents Mound


Driving to serpents mound from Ohio is slated to take four hours. No big deal in comparison to some of the recent trips the boys and I have taken yet every request, every stop, every need of the two boys in the back seat seem to anger me. Having released all emotional impulses (no joke) I truly have no reactionary impulses through emotion at this point in my human existence. To respond to almost every rise in energy level from the boys with a triggered sensation of Anger frightens me.  

The boys have not changed as a matter of a fact they are the same old road accomplices yet my reaction to their needs has changed dramatically. It takes the entire drive and arriving at our destination to reveal what is happening. Once at the red barn cabin I have time to decompress and review the trip from a higher plane. Existing in the realm of connections once again I begin to see the pattern of Anger and realize that this trip might be panning out to repeat our Michigan trip. During the drvie around the great lakes I had been transmuting Fear for not only myself but the collective consciousness of all beings. With this realization I almost pray that my instinct is wrong. The trip around the great lakes although it be powerfully moving and a complete release of control helping me to step fully into trust with the divine, it was one of the most draining things I had ever experienced.

Reviewing my reactions of Anger towards the needs of the boys, I begin my subjective comparison of the two trips. Fear was most definitely root chakra based and a way to allow my soul to step into full acknowledgment of its trusted connection to divine. Here with Anger I can feel the vibration resonate somewhere around my heart chakra. I am angry because the boys are not listening to my rules, they are blatantly disobeying our everyday standards, they are demanding, they are petty and fighting and they are requiring my every ounce of energy to simply keep a normalcy to our trip. I am angry because it isn’t easy and my expectation of them and how they should behave isn’t panning out. Thinking more clearly now I remember my teachings about emotions and recall Anger happens to a person when they haven’t established a boundary between them and another person. Anger is the trigger that shows you a cord from another has attached and triggered your field signaling a boundary line needs to be set. 


Recognizing this pattern is enough to detach me momentarily from the emotion of anger and allows the boys and I to relax peacefully at our new destination. Renting this secluded cabin, we chose to explore the new property and go for a hike. Finding a creek, pond, and paths galore we travel around the boarders until it is time to prepare food. Moving inside I begin making the food while the boys play together on the hammock. Screams erupt and I am called into action once again to separate the fighting boys. Immediately I am connected to Anger and the trigger pulls me away from the emotion to reflect the pattern yet again playing itself out. Recognizing the pattern, I send compassion towards myself for feeling the way I do and realize there is more work to be done surrounding whatever messages are trying to come through. 


After dinner and desert the boys go to bed and I finally lay down with a moment to myself. Performing a quick meditation, I pull a book onto my laid out body and ask a simple question. “What do I need to know about the Science Planet and how it connects to my journey here at Serpents Mound?” Always able to find answers to lifes great questions within the pages of a book, I flip through the pages until one sections feels right. Page 181 had a large chart on it with no words and so did 180 yet 180 had a single paragraph at the top. 

“The progression of the monad beyond the human kingdom can be seen in Figure 11I, which is a continuation of Figure 8f. When the monad achieves cosmic consciousness at 1500 and rises to plane 8 (the lowest subplane of the cosmic emotional plane) it discards its entire triad chain (from the 1:7 atom to the 7:4 molecule). However, the monad retains its 7-atom until it has finished its evolutionary journey and is fully conscious on the plane 49.” – the Science of Spirituality by Lee Bladon.

Reading this excerpt I become fully aware of what is happening and actually understand completely where I am being guided. It has been my understanding that after connecting to my cosmic master archetype that I will begin the detachment process from what I have created here on the 3D plane and begin to move back into a consciousness that is expansive and undefined. Yet I am required to completely let go of that which I have created and attached to here in the 3D plane so that the new expansion can begin to take place. Throughout these journeys I have been conditioned to let go of expectation over myself and release the need to see clearly what is being presented for my review. I have connected into the present moment allowing my subjective and objective worlds to guide my experiences. I have full trust in what is presented and greet most things now with no expectation over how it is going to interact with my path, I simply allow the energy to come in, act on it in a very connected and authentic way and then allow the energy to leave. Again, doing all of this with no expectation of how it should manifest into reality or what the result of its presence should turn into. I am an active member of the flow of divine moving through my existence. Yet here I am being told that there is another level of letting go that is needing to be achieve before this complete release can happen. The paragraph above talks about a monad “soul consciousness” moving through the cosmic plane. In Lee Bladon’s book he talks about the solar scale and the cosmic scale. A monad is moving through first the solar scale achieving complete reconciliation with its divine self and then begins to move through the comic scale repeating everything it had accomplished in the solar scale seven more times at each plane of existence. This is how a new matrix is formed. Reading the above statement, I do not believe I am at a level of existing somewhere between the physical and emotional plane on the cosmic scale, but I do understand this message to mean that in order to fully reconcile what I have learned about my cosmic master archetype that I have to now let go of what is presenting as emotional triggers in my field. Here during my journey I understand that the Anger is happening because I am attached to an outcome of how I want others to behave around me. I have let go of expectation as it pertains to myself, but am still engaged in outcomes through my attachments to others. Having children I understand that it is believed that we must mold them into perfect societal representations of ourselves and our beliefs and teachings so that they represent all that we have learned in this life, making them better versions of ourselves. This is a concept that I have never bought into because in my own quest for authenticity I had to remove layers of my own programing to reveal my truest nature. I did not grow up with a strong understanding of who I was and had to release the beliefs and programing that was imparted in me to find my own authentic voice. I can see now how my Anger is revealing where I am overly engaged in others authentic paths, but not only is it reveling where I am trying to control and outcome for multiple people it is showing me where I am not allowing divine flow to take place. 


This became more clear when my husband and I connected over the possibility of buying property down near Serpents Mound. Part of the trip focused around my want to purchase property near the mound, this was discussed many times by my husband and I. A real estate agent was acquired and an entire day was spent reviewing property near Serpents Mound. Finding a 20 acer plot of land I thought we were ready to buy. Speaking with my husband on the phone about what was found he had taken a 180 spin in the opposite direction and told me he was not ready to buy. Poor communication between the two of us, lead to a burst bubble for me. I though this was it and the time was right and became very angry when over the phone he conveyed his agenda. Again, Anger emerged and this emotion not typical of my normal constitute allowed me to see more clearly the pattern being created. Anger towards my children not following rules can be validated, but Anger towards my husband when my dream of buying this property had been burst was totally different. It became clear that the cosmic emotional plane was trying to teach me that the people surrounding me were helping to divinely orchestrate my path. I had become to wrapped up in my own subjective world and when I had an idea/concept of what was right for me that wasn’t right, the people surrounding me were going to help get my back on my path by dissuading me from what I believed or had been roped into thinking was right at that moment in time. Sometimes being clear on your path means you can feel things so strongly that you feel like the time is now to do something or make a change. When you move past the 3D model of time, space everything becomes aligned to your path and you can feel strongly everything aligned to you in this cosmic plane. Yet we still have to live out our human existence learning and teaching as we go. I realize that the Anger trigger was helping me to see clearly where others were trying to slow me down and keep me aligned to the flow of where I should be on this path.  

Figuring out the Anger component left me open to do the work I needed to do at Serpents Mound. After a day at the cabin it was time to visit Serpents Mound and reconnect with the Dragon if she would present herself once again. Finding my way to the back of the mound I sat on the stone platform that was built to view the forest below. Finding a quiet moment while the two boys played on their electronics I connected easily into the fifth dimensional field surrounding me and am greeted quickly by visions and here is what began to come through:

Scientists from the resource stealer planet were working with light energy and learning how to use this to stabilize the health and Connection of their people to the planet that they had drained of natural resources. I see the body of these beings as a hologram and watch as the scientist move light around, interpenetrating the holographic blueprint helping to nourish the body with what it needs. 

After the vision of the Scientists, the dragon meets me and takes me to visit a crystal beneath serpents mound. She said this crystal works with the frequency of my body and by moving here I will be in harmony with a frequency that will not only help me, but stabilize this part of the planetary grid. The crystalline energy here resonates with my holographic body and like the scientists from the Resource Stealer planet I can heal my blueprint with the energy of the underground crystal here.

I am told that the five people apart of this journey, who were birthed by my cosmic connection are also connecting with their crystals and yes they will find harmony with the place they are connected to, but will also find connection by simply beginning to connect to that crystal below the city that sits within the grid that they are in connection with. The crystal is a representation of them symbolically, in a holographic way, but also physically. By establishing a connection to their dormant crystal they will help to raise their frequency relieving the messages they are waiting for. By finding harmony with the place and crystal each person is meant to connect with they will begin stabilizing the grid of the New Earth as well as helping to ground the galactic energy coming in further signaling their hybrid status. This will also help to raise the frequency of the dormant crystal in its current location which will help to effect change for the local people dwelling above ground in the cities surrounding the crystal connection.

Finally, I am shown that The planet of Peace and Connection, the Scientist Planet, and the Dragon Planet are all connected. They show me this symbolically by connecting each Planet to an angle of the downward pointing triangle of the star of David. They anchor this once triangle to the upward pointed triangle finishing the star of David and connect this three dimensional symbol within me. Malachi the guide with me confirms everything is happening simultaneously and everything I have experienced, has happened before, and is also currently happening. The presence of this the solution, I Am that I Am, As Above so Below. By being aware of these interactions and claiming my connection to the current frequency I can help finish contracts and even facilitate further progress of the cosmic connections I am tied into. My current awareness in this conscious space allows further awareness in all cosmic connections.

These 5 people were gifted cosmic awareness through their birthing Connection to me. Just like I was with my mentor and Jesus when I was consciously birthed. Once we become conscious of our cosmic archetype we begin reconciling all cords we are still connected to and then we reconcile, living and expending a completely new path and reality. Reading this section of the book, I understand I have to let go of everything I have created it is time to find my eleven representations here on this physical 3D plane. I have awareness of the five people who have been birthed by my reconciliation of my first five contracts, as soon as the remaining contracts complete which is the goal of these last five trips the others will begin presenting themselves to me. I will have my absolution, I will subjectively and objectively be perceiving on all plans of existence. My birthed archetype will come through to show me the completion of my master archetype and the completion of my cords to this 3D experience. From this I will be able to consciously expand the matrix in full presence and awareness by simply enough living! 


Master Trip 55


The planet of peace and connection


Tonya my mom blessed me with her company during the Shasta trip. Happy to have a companion, our trip started separately with her in San Diego with my sister and here two kids and I in Ohio preparing the crystal selections for the trip.

The crystals selected for this trip were chosen because as they came into my life some years ago each had a distinct quality which was it resembled a mountain. Not knowing until a few months prior to this trip that this is what each of these crystals was for I was happy that the message was clear this time. Selecting a quartz with tourmaline, fadan quartz, emerald in a matrix, and tourmaline with a quartz chunk I had the main stones selected. Of course the Tibetan tektite came as well. Before the trip I was organizing a box of small crystals I use for gridding on photos and grabbed a few new crystals off the shelf, thinking I might bring this box along to show to Tonya. Pulling the new crystals I grabbed my crystal information book to see what watches meaning was and why they might have chosen to come along. Brookite, Argonite, starolite- as I write out a quick synopsis of each they all are stating the exact same information: clarity in third eye and sight into higher planes of reality. Having always wanted to see with eyes open and having just received a tattoo for Regulus and Archangel Raphael synchronistically which stood not only for the dream had while traveling the Planet of Fire but also to connection to Clear Sight through Raphael I knew these three stones must make the trip as well. In the bag also came 2 plan stones one a sunstone and one a labrodite and some crystal presents for Tonya.

Day one I arrived before Tonya and explored Stewart Springs where we were to stay the found nights of the trip. Arriving just as a sweat lodge ceremony was finishing I checked in and began hiking the wooded area around the cabins. Having released any need to know what this journey would entail I completely surrendered to divine allowing the guides to present my path as it needed to be explored and this was no different. Starting the hike I telepathically reached out stating if there is anywhere I need to be guide me there now. Just as the call went out two deer appeared in my line of sight. Standing at the end of a path up a hill I took the immediate sign and follow the path.


Walking this path there were many rock formations and great large moss covered oak trees. Staring wildly at the beauty of this place every new foot placement had something amazing catching my attention. Stopping for a short moment I sat upon a rock which hugged a tree. Connecting to the land I simply let go. Walking further up the hill a specific tree caught my eye. Screaming vortex the branches spiraled downward towards the earth interlocking in endless infinity signs. Feeling the energy I knew this was the place to start and performed a quiet reflective meditation getting in touch with the land and trying very hard to release any more expectations so that I could be a clear vessel for the trip. Leaving the black tourmaline with quartz and one of the tektites I felt this was a good area to charge the stones and when I brought Tonya back we could retrieve them for our next adventure.

Day two started Tonya wasn't due until 6pm so I spent the day hiking, drawing, partaking in the ritual or the mineral springs and preparing my body for an open in controlling journey. When Tonya came into the property we got her settlers and then began our hike to the vortex tree. Not knowing how this journey would go, anytime another soul is accompanying me on these adventures I have recognized that there is a need to be flexible to their level of spiritual practice. If it were me alone I would sit and meditate possibly for an hour at each location, but with kids and now my mom that might not be the case. Being tonyas first day it was hard for her to get out of her head and once at the tree she talked quite a bit which helped me recognized she was not going to sit in quite reflection to receive guidance yet so we engaged in talking at the tree and then carried on back down the hill. At this point it did not feel appropriate to retrieve the stones so I let them be sit in the tree and decided we could retrieve them anytime. Returning to the lodge area we found our way to the angel statue which sat in the middle of the stream. Having had quite the moving experience with archangel Raphael before the trip started I felt this was the time to leave the three stones brookite, aragonite, and stratolite at the alter created to pay homage to the angels. Feeling somewhat distant from the direct purpose of this trip I knew the stones had come along for a reason and left them where they seemed to fit.


Day three Tonya had an interview and needed internet connection something we didn't get on the property we were staying at so we drove to Starbucks and she jumped on her call leaving me to draw and get some things lined up for the day. Not knowing where to go the only feeling I had was to visit North, South, East and West Shasta. Staying at Stewart Mineral Springs we had were already immersed in the North so I pulled up a web page and wrote down a few interesting addresses to some hikes around Shasta. Not knowing or wanting to plan where our day would head I kept an open mind. The page that compiled the hikes had some links that looked interesting one to a pyramid and another to a garden. The pyramid looked like sessions of some sort and the garden had a picture of mother marry which I though might be great for Tonya. Jotting down the address to the garden I though this might be a nice first spot to visit and then called the number attached to the pyramid to see if the man could squeeze in a session (whatever that instilled) for us. Calling the number a man Answered and happily scheduled us for the next day. Not asking any questions mostly because I didn't want to know I trusted divine was guiding me and set my note book down feeling accomplished.

Tonya came back and we headed to the garden. Arriving to the address there is nothing indicating the space other than a low sign that says Peace Garden! 


Immediately I knew our trip was beginning. Visiting Shasta to connect to the Planet of Peace and Connection and here we were first day exploring and finding the peace garden. The private garden did not disappoint with multiply areas to sit, walk and meditate the construction and love put into this area was palpable. Walking to one of the many alcoves I found a circle wailed with black onyx and rose quartz. Startled I reflected back to my house where I have the starting of my medicine wheel laid out in a room. The circles is anchored by large black onyx pieces and rose quartz! Surprised but subconsciously feeling the divine connection I felt at home here in the garden. Walking around a small orange cat came prowling out of the bushes and headed directly towards me. After introducing myself he moved forward ready for me to follow. I telepathically asked where do I need to go cat? He stood at the intersection of a path looking left and right over and over. Finally he chose to the left and took me towards a bench in front of a tree I had already explored. Sitting with this magnificent tree I knew the Planet of Peace and Connection was coming through. Feeling the love for this land and the connection to nature here I could feel the connection to the Planet. Feeling lighter each minute that passed I walked with Tonya back to the rose quartz circle and placed the Faden Quartz and Tektite. Snuggled amongst a landscape of other talismans left by other visitors I felt no need to burry these crystals and they sat in the middle of the circle empowered by the Peace Garden.


After the adventure in the garden and placing the first crystal I though exploration to a new area would not be necessary as my mind contrived one crystal experience a day so we hopped in the car and headed towards Pluto Caves one of the address I wrote in my note pad. In Weed county on the same side of the mountain as we were the word cave just sounded fun. Finding our way through an off road maze we finally arrived to the caves. Not impressive at first glance and having no clue what this was about all I saw when I wrote down the address was that there were many discovered and undiscovered caves here. Standing at the rock basin it didn't appear to be much but we proceeded on anyways. Following a winding path Tonya's worrying tone could be heard from behind. You could tell there was a bit of fear of not knowing where we were supposed to go as there were no trail signs. Having just went through the Hell Planet and back I had recently let go of all fear and placed my path in divines hands so my unwavering tone and steps I hoped would calm her mind.

Finally finding the entrance to the first rock cave we both got excited until we saw the graffiti and smelt the damp, possibly human smell. Slowly walking down the rocks mom says watch out there might be people living here! Thinking somewhat the same thing we make it through the first cave with not a soul in sight. After the cave we find an open grassy area that leads towards more rocks. Walking and not expecting much we find our next cave entrance. The scenery completely chAnged here to a lush green and moss began growing all over the rocks. Thinking we were just transplanted to Ireland we both comment on the potential fairy presence and take picture all over before entering the next space. As we move into the next cave it's dark, deep and long. Exploring and walking as far as we can go it hits me that we are living the process of the book chapter by chapter! First the tree in the Peace Garden and now the Pluto Caves which symbolize the limestone Caves... surprised by the connection and totally not expecting this kind of literal translation in our exploration I decide it's good enough for me a decide to leave one of the stones in the cave so I have a cord of energy connected back to this place. Again with no need to burry the stone I leave it towards the left side of the cave the emerald stone in black matrix with a Tibetan tektite. Thrilled we walk to the green fairy area And sit to connect with the Caves energy. Tonya implants one of her stone record keepers into the fairy area and I express my excitement over the journey this far but convey my fear of anything continuing from this point on...


"How am I ever going to connect with an Orb or find a roman coliseum and connect with my 12 guides!" Those being the next chapters in the book I almost resign from the thought that this fun literal translation of the book could continue to happen. The Pluto Caves conclude our night and we head back to Stewart springs where we both enjoy the mineral plunge in the freezing stream and then warm up by the sauna.

The next morning we head to our scheduled meeting with Omarion and the pyramid. Tonya asks what this is about once again and throwing up my hands I admit I have absolutely no clue. He said he does private sessions, but also does pyramid sessions??? I don't know, it just seemed right. Coming down from Stewart springs retreat we were greeted by a view of Shasta every morning that changed each time we passed it by. This morning it was so clear that I stopped on the side of the road and had Tonya get out to take a picture. Finished her task we jump back in the car and head towards the freeway. Not being able to take my eyes off the mountain I can't help myself and pull over on the side of the road one more time to take a picture hope in to capture the energy I am feeling on my iPhone. Jumping out of the car I start snapping pictures. One after another I am capturing a blue Orb. Hollering into the car I ask Tonya what qualifies an Orb? And how do I know if it's not just dust. She told me to take a picture of the ground to see if it was on the lens which I did and it was not. Snapping around ten more photos at different angles the blue Orb never left only moved around. Getting back inside the car Tonya read to me something online explaining the details of an Orb and the color associations. Figuring we had just caught an actual Orb Tonya looks at me and says well you got your Orb. Having not put two and two together at this point I start squeezing with delight as Tonya joins in the excitement. Oh my god I saw the Orb another direct connection to the book! Giddy now I repeat once again to Tonya great we got the Orb, now all we need is to find the coliseum and twelve beings! Laughing at the enormity of this request we head to our 11am apt at the pyramid.

Arriving at Omarion's home we pull up still unaware of what to expect. The man approaches the car and is a sweet as can be an older gentleman with kind eyes. He begins explaining who he is and what or who he connects with and explains the birthing process of the pyramid. Through divine connection ISIS and other assented masters came through to Omarion and gave him the specific schematics for how this pyramid needed to constructed. He built the immaculate pyramid on his property to the exact specifications and now charges people like us to come for an hour and use the pyramid for ceremony or meditation. Walking us around the property he shows us the newest addition to his landscape a dodecahedron with pyramids at each flat space to symbolize the Christ light and I Am Connection the stricter is made of copper and is sitting off the ground so that the bottom point of the pyramid can just barley graze the ground. Explaining he tells us that a person I supposed to sit inside of the stricter for 30-minutes so that the 12 divine beings can come and work on the persons energetic field. At this my mouth drops clear to the floor. Looking at Tonya she hasn't gotten it yet and I mouth to her, my twelve guides. The coliseum, this is it! Omaran apparently saw our faces because he asked if we wanted to do this before we entered the pyramid to which I yelled YES!

IMG_3790 2.JPG

The structure was amazing and the pyramid also, but nothing was more amazing than the book literally unfolding in front of me and Tonya. Swapping time we each spent 30-minutes in the copper structure and the other 30-min walking the labyrinth in which I felt compelled to wish for earth to marry the harmonic vibration of the planet of Peace and Connection. Leaving my palm sunstone in the middle of the circle I felt a happiness and release from my wish and could feel it's manifestation begin to take place. 

The hour of darkness inside the ground level pyramid was just as amazing as sitting within the structure. Here is what was experienced:

Pyramid session started with a separation of body like the tiny balls of light we're trying to separate I kept hearing let go let go.

Then my bodies separated and I saw each physical, emotional and mental held up as if on clothes pins and a washing of their energy became apparent. They turned translucent. My high self sat in the side waiting for completion. Then like a puzzle box each fit back together and clicked into place where my heart center accepted the light of my high self.

Then mom and I connected and intense heat came through my right ear I took this as a sign of holding someone else's energy and needing to move through the clearing process of my own bodies.

Then I asked questions about selling our hose, getting. $$ for it and the book... was guided to Jen and guy

Was told to start seeing with my heart and placed the stone on my heart and began feeling the energy of my heart

A pig came through from Sedona mad about his land

Jesus took me to the Akasha and I saw a book with golden scribe the gold turned into pictures I saw what I was doing here with crystals and the land and saw the sacred symbol of all triangles grid across the US then intense indigo light filled into the earth and two vortexes sat funneling into and out of the earth. The points never touched and our plane of reality seemed to sit in between them

Then at the end a vise grip took hold of my head and 30sec before the man dinged the bell the pressure/download stopped.

After the intense session my head continued to fill with pressure a symptom I usually get from being in alignment with high frequency energy. We took the rest of the day to explore Ashland in Oregon and allow all of the amazing downloads to continue to process through.


The last day of the trip Tonya had to leave early in the day and all that seemed to remain was a quartz crystal with tourmaline and my desire to find lake Shasta where my Oma and Opa had taken my sister and I when we were young. Journeying down the mountain Tonya and I took separate cars so that she could continue to San Francisco once eleven am hit. Hopping for some kind of last sign to leave the final crystal I was following Tonya's lead down the mountain. An hour into our drive I started getting the sign of 55 which was the numerical seal of this trip. As soon as the number came up, a voice came through my head saying this is the spot. Hoping for one more sign that this was the exit I asked the guides to provide another sign indicating this was the place for us and just then Tonya turned on her blinker signaling we were both aligned to whatever was off this exit. Following her lead we wound down the road to an entry point of lake Shasta, not what we were looking for I wondered what could have signaled this exit and racked my thoughts to remember what I had been thinking when we exited. Remembering my thoughts I told Tonya to get her camera and take pictures of me while I call out to my guardian angles and I would do the same for her. Wanting to recreate the Orb photo was my intention. Shooting photos of each other turned up empty, but when I had taken the camera into selfie mode there was the blue Orb once again zooming around my face. What a final glorious confirmation of divine connection. Feeling satisfied we continued to one more exit where we said our final goodbyes and Tonya left leaving me free for one more half day to explore. Not having an agenda I let myself be guided by my heart and found an exit claiming caverns. Always interested by caverns I followed the exit to the bottom of a hill where I departed and followed the signs. 


Little did I know where I had been lead was into a full two hour tour accompanied by a boat trip, bus trip and 400+ stair climb into limestone Caves of Shasta! If the first Caves didn't cut it these surly would and to top it off once in the gift shop the rock specimens available from the caverns for sale were exact replicas of the last stone I had to bury a quartz price with green tourmaline - although I believe there's were black. Taking the tour I could feel the energy of the caverns and the crystals around me and realized this was to help the download of energy received earlier. Floating through the tour 2-hrs later my journey landed me at the Shasta national Forrest. Walking into the trail head about ten minutes the entire space opened up onto a view of Shasta. I found a neat little space sat down upon the earth and decided it was time for one final meditation to say goodbye to the mountain and ask for the last bits of download to come through as my head pressure had still not lifted. This is what happened: (and btw if you know me and flys this is the first time a fly came to me during the trip and I had called in all my divine team forgot one name and said out loud who am I forgetting - the fly landed and I alighted and said yup Jesus!)

During meditation I believed I was going to work on some physical ailments held in my body when the dragon "the great protector" as I call her came to greet me. In typical form. I pull down the silver grounding cord and connect it into the crystal within the core of the earth below me. This time she came and guided me to use view the gigantic crystal point that sits below San Francisco. Pulling my cord here she stayed that it was time to activate the crystal. Illuminating when my silver cord dropped in she began breathing fire onto the crystal here she said that during my next travel to serpents moi d we will be working with not only this connection but also a crystal residing under L.A, Miami, N.Y, Chicago and SF. Illuminating all the crystals I saw not only my cord in SF crystal but others some were very old and some new and still illuminated. With her fire some of the old "not useful" attachments fell away and some illuminated with her breath. She said we will be working through the connection to the Science Planet and my mind began to wonder how this all could connect. Follow me child she said and with that we zoomed to each of the cities and I witnessed the first breath activate each crystal. My mind reviewed what I remembered about the Science Planet and I heard, "Over Consumption" and words from my mentor rang through my ears, "if you activate crystals and people are not ready great catrastiphy could occur." Knowing this was not my doing I understood some greater energy work at play here and watched now from somewhere above the lAndscape each of the 5 crystals illuminate in different levels of color from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and then pure white. Like beacons from within the earth I could feel the emanating energy pouring forth from their placement and began to see bubbles of an energy field appear over each city. My thoughts Turning dark for a moment I contemplated what might happen (earthquake, violence, fires, floods...) with these crystals now activate and wondered if that was my morbid thinking or possibility? Then a gentler though of relocation for those not ready settled into place. The dragon instructed to hold these cords in daily meditation until I visited serpents mound where we would once again explore these cities and their connections to the crystals.

Burying the final crystal along with a piece of Tibetan tektite and my palm stone of labradorite I covered my tracks and began feeling a bit overwhelmed with the energy now swelling to full pressure once again. Almost running to the car I decided maybe the altitude wasn't helping and cut my trip one night short driving immediately to San Francisco once my cabin was packed up.


Remembering the last meditation from Shasta back at home in Ohio here are the events that have come about before the trip to Serpents Mound to engage the Scientist Planet:

During meditation I believed I was going to work on some physical ailments held in my body when the dragon "the great protector" as I call her came to greet me. In typical form. I pull down the silver grounding cord and connect it into the crystal within the core of the earth below me. This time she came and guided me to use view the gigantic crystal point that sits below San Francisco. Pulling my cord here she stayed that it was time to activate the crystal. Illuminating when my silver cord dropped in she began breathing fire onto the crystal here she said that during my next travel to serpents moi d we will be working with not only this connection but also a crystal residing under L.A, Miami, N.Y, Chicago and SF. Illuminating all the crystals I saw not only my cord in SF crystal but others some were very old and some new and still illuminated. With her fire some of the old "not useful" attachments fell away and some illuminated with her breath. She said we will be working through the connection to the Science Planet and my mind began to wonder how this all could connect. Follow me child she said and with that we zoomed to each of the cities and I witnessed the first breath activate each crystal. My mind reviewed what I remembered about the Science Planet and I heard, "Over Consumption" and words from my mentor rang through my ears, "if you activate crystals and people are not ready great catrastiphy could occur." Knowing this was not my doing I understood some greater energy work at play here and watched now from somewhere above the landscape each of the 5 crystals illuminate in different levels of color from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and then pure white. Like beacons from within the earth I could feel the emanating energy pouring forth from their placement and began to see bubbles of an energy field appear over each city. My thoughts Turning dark for a moment I contemplated what might happen (earthquake, violence, fires, floods...) with these crystals now activate and wondered if that was my morbid thinking or possibility? Then a gentler though of relocation for those not ready settled into place. The dragon instructed to hold these cords in daily meditation until I visited serpents mound where we would once again explore these cities and their connections to the crystals.

At home synchronicities unfold and the flow is palpable. Sitting outside and working on my computer I begin to see a blind spot out of my peripheral vision. The