develop Psychic

It is recommended that you listen to the Energetic Field recordings before you move into this workshop. The content will be easier to understand and more readily digested. 

Energetic Field Recordings & Practice

When you are ready to begin practicing intuitive work, it is important to know energy and how it is moving and working through you. These three classes will give you the context to begin your practice effectively.

7-Week Chakra
Journey Workshop

If you are ready to completely shift your life upside down, releasing any density from your energetic chakra field It's time to start your 7-week chakra journey. Let the fun begin!

learn the Chakra
Oracle Deck

if you have purchased the Chakra Oracle Deck and are ready to take your mastery of intuitive work to a new level find over 50+ archives pertaining to each oracle card as it was created by the author.