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START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY! I f you are ready to completely shift your life, releasing density from your energetic chakra field It's time to start your 7-week chakra journey. Let the fun begin!

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IT'S TIME TO BREAK FREE Learn to walk as your high self. Are there areas of your life that you don’t feel fulfilled? Do you believe there are patterns and automatic responses that are holding you back? Do you want to change? Join us at the Earth’s energetic root, Mount Shasta, as our facilitators hand over the keys to discover and unlock the root of what you are experiencing. Enjoy this beginning exploration before the retreat takes place this June 2019

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ILLUMINATE YOUR LIFE! If you have purchased the Chakra Oracle Deck and are ready to take your mastery of intuitive work to a new level find 77 archives pertaining to each oracle card as it was created by the author. And learn to read the energy surrounding you. *Recommended to purchase the Oracle Deck & Workbook $55-