5 Day Retreat - Mount Shasta, California

5 Day Retreat - Mount Shasta, California

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Master Archetype Retreats are held to connect you more fully into your 5D life experiences. During the retreats the group will live together in a single retreat space including Jenessee your host (rooming options available - private to shared) to create a powerful collective experiences. Due to the high level of work we do not eat once the sun comes up and do not break fast until the sun goes down, during which dinner will be provided. The Mount Shasta retreat will work specifically with the collective energy of the beings from the Planet of Peace & Connection, teaching those who participate how to move into a stronger connection with the Earth and its healing abilities, also moving through intense clearings of the individuals emotional body to be in more harmonious flow with live on the Earth Plane. This retreat will also focus on unlocking different latent gifts that each individual has held within their Crystaline DNA. 

Arrival Day - Wednesday, June 19th 2019
After 2pm
2-5 Group Gathering
5-7 Session 1

Thursday, June 20th 2019 
9-11 Session 1 (Energy Body)
11-12 Session 2 (Meet the Collective)
12-2 Session 3 (Clearing Pathways for Guidance)
2-3 Break
3-4 Session 4 (Work with Collective, Circle Energy prep for Solstice)
4-6 Session 5 (Create / Tools)
6-7 Gratitude Meditation
7 - Break Fast Dinner

Friday, June 21st 2019 
9-11 Session 1 (Where is my Energy)
11-12 Session 2 (Locating Information using Charts)
12-2 Session 3 (Messages from the Circle - Summer Solstice)
2-3 Break
3-4 Session 4 (Working with the Collective to Read Others)
4-6 Session 5 (Practice)
6-7 Gratitude Meditation
7 - Break Fast Dinner

Saturday, June 22nd 2019 
9-10 Session 1 (Messages from the Collective)
10-11 Session 2 (Circle Connection)
11-3 Session 3 (Connecting with the Nature Spirits)
3-6 Session 4 (Grid for Manifestation - Review Frequency)
6-7 Gratitude Meditation
7 - Break Fast Dinner

Sunday, June 23rd 2019
Reflection & Integration - Leave Retreat

Additional Guests in Private Rooms Can be added for $750 please contact jenesseeroy@icloud.com 

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