Photonic Grid Charts

IMG_4710 (2).JPG
IMG_4710 (2).JPG

Photonic Grid Charts


Double Sided Charts include: Front - Grid for stone placement and intuitive work. Back - Detailed explanation on how to use the grid and begin your intuitive work.

Animal Grid: Working with totem Animals, Guides, Shamanic Influences, Shape-shifting

Hybrid Grid: For humans working with Cosmic Contracts (hybrid - Human/Alien)

Astrology Grid: For those seeking wisdom and answers from the stars, aspects of alignment, planetary energies and archetypes.

Moon Cycle Grid: Great for manifestation and cycle recognition.

Chakra Field Grid: For healers, readers, intuitives wanting to connect more fully to the field surrounding their clients or themselves.

Elemental Grid: For those working with Earth energies, people needing the support of the foundational Gia energy or those wishing to harmonize through elemental cycles.


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