Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Reading

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Oracle Deck Reading I $125
(Remote Reading will be taped - 1 month lead time)
Jenessee believes in multiple time lines with multiple possibilities. When assessing an individual’s specific soul vibration, Jenessee believes it is best to go to the Akashic level, where all information comes from. This session will allow you to bring questions, or simply an open intention. The information typically comes across as lessons, patterns or karmic material that once received and reviewed will pave the way for your progression forward.

Energetic Field Assessment I $250
(Remote Reading will be taped - 1 month lead)
The purpose behind the Energetic Field Assessment is to acquire soul-level information as it relates to patterns that you are experiencing in your everyday life. Through this work we can understand the information, adopt new patterns while releasing those that do not serve you any longer. Jenessee will work with your field remotely to receive information about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (the Energetic Field). This data will be collected, then reviewed during your session. Each body presents a different number of items to be discussed for your infinite ability to grow and develop as an energetic human. In the physical body – patterns relating to health problems may arise. In the emotional body – specific sensitive triggers may come through to find the soul-level lesson attached to the experience. In the mental body – we will review the ego patterns and how “open” you are to receive guidance from the field surrounding you. Jenessee will delicately review each energetic field to maximize your clarity. 

Teaching the Teacher I $950
Are you looking to develop your gifts and talents more fully? Jenessee’s passion is to teach individuals about their own development as conscious beings. This Teaching the Teacher course will move along at a pace that is acceptable for you, and your growth within the divine field. There will be 3 sessions. This will be an intense journey moving through your own healing while also learning how to work with those around you. Jenessee will be in communication with you, as well as the divine, to work from and develop your divine lesson plan achieving that which you are here to seek. 

Remote Reading will be taped and in-between session email’s will continue to guide the journey

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