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We Donate Directly to Meaningful 501c3 Charities


Since 2015 - Over $1250+ donated!


Sadly our own 501c3 - Art to Save the Animals, was dissolved at the end of 2016. 

That doesn't mean we don't donate! We just don't have to deal with the IRS to do what we LOVE...

Even though we dissolved the 501c3 in 2016 - Chakras Root to Crown still donates the below percentage of GROSS SALES to Animal Welfare Charities and others 501c3 like DOWNS DESIGNS as they become friends of our for profit organization!

With your continued support and with your willingness to advance yourself in Mind, Body & Spirit you will also be helping to raise the vibration of humans towards the ethical treatment of animals. This will allow all to gain new appreciation for the love and support that animals continue to bring into our journeys!

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