chakra guidance

Don't get sucked into ILLUSION

Third Eye- Illusion,

Physical: (Mind) There is something big going on that you are unaware of. You feel lines of connection to an open and receptive mind, but you are not asking the important questions to make sure the information you are receiving is correct and serving your greatest good. Your mind is filled with though forms created by the ego and this is playing to your own physical world hopes and dreams. You are allowing this illusion of betterment to take you away from your divine purpose. Your mind has found a way to work with you on a level of combined expectation and because you don't question your thoughts you are trapped in this world of created illusion. Watch to see how much you judge what you think about on a daily basis.

Does it feel like PROGRESS?

Yin: Sometimes the best changes in life require us to slow down and take a look around ourselves to focus on what truly matters. From here we can see what the best course of action should be. In this case you have lived a life of security and comfort that has been provided for by your family. Now might be the time to acknowledge what it is that  makes your own fire burn. Take that passion from deep inside your own soul and achieve progress that you can be proud of.