KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #11

Hosts talk about... Dr. Paul Bizjak and his break through lecture on why doctors just don't get it. Emily reviews what she learned at the two hour confrence. Jenessee and emily discuss the Ketogenic diet and Jenessee progress being ten days in and feeling healthy and losing weight. Introduction for Inspire Wellness, and the new doctors joining the team.

Danny has taken an interesting path leading to his dream practice at  Inspire Wellness. After earning his medical degree from The Ohio State University, he completed his residency in Family Medicine at Riverside Methodist Hospitals in Columbus, Ohio. After practicing Family Medicine for 15 years, he returned to school and earned an MBA from Washington State University in order to better understand the economics of healthcare.

Jessica’s story is an incredible one. She grew up in Cleveland, received her MD from CWRU and trained as an OBGYN at University Hospitals. Her trajectory was forever changed when her oldest son, Josh, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 2004 at the age of three. Demanding to uncover the answers to the cause and treatment of ASD, Jessica began her educational journey in the field of Functional Medicine. This area of medicine focuses on reversing chronic disease by understanding the complexity of the body at an energetic and cellular level. Through those efforts, Josh recovered no longer has an ASD diagnosis. Although Josh was the catalyst for this passion of disease reversal, she also draws much inspiration from her children Emily, Michael, Tori, and Gabe to make their world a safer place.

Danny practiced medicine for 21 years at The Cleveland Clinic, time spent learning about lifestyle and functional medicine - focusing on both prevention and disease reversal. He is now delivering the type of healthcare to patients that can ultimately help them achieve a higher quality of life.