KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #12

Dive deep into discussions about Jenessee recent book 12 Planets, 11 Bodies, 1 Soul a Journey to discover the Master Archetype.

This non fiction autobiographical memoir takes on the tone of a Science Fiction novel. Thestory spans the length of just one 24 hour day on Earth. Following the stories lead character, Jenessee you begin to understand from a first person perspective what it feels like to go through a metaphysical conscious awakening as an entire life is reviewed from the perspective of multiple incarnations on twelve different planets. This journey takes you on a visual stunning exploration of different planets. Each new planet introduces Jenessee to a new body which has been frozen to teach her different lessons about her soul’s master archetype. Throughout the journey Jenessee struggles to believe in what is presented in the astral realm, she is found constantly fighting the urge to believe in what she experiences and finds no affirmation from those who surround her. The novel has political, environmental, advocacy, and self-help undertones all of which help the reader to understand their own cosmic place in this multi-dimensional multi-verse.