KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #2

Past Dr. Bizjak – Back to Basics 1-doing things that are always good (broccoli over French fries) 2-Ease into change (what happens on Jan 2nd?) 3-Trust the bodies innate abilities to heal itself (if treated preventatively) 4- No big breakthrough coming (no single thing will be the answer) 5-Don’t wait for your dr. approval (doctors are trained in crisis – don’t go to dr. looking for approval on wellness and prevention) 6-Become your own wellness expert (if you read 5 books on gluten intolerance – you are now an expert over a primary care dr.) 7-keep it real (real-food, real-movements, real-relationships) 8- TO DO’s (add supplements if you can’t take away (donuts…) fish oil, vitamin d, probiotics.