KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #3

10 Simples ways to increase resilience to stress: “What do you want to make of your one wild and precious life – today? – Mary Oliver quote sums what Dr. Timberlake is all about 0-Tapping (emotional freedom technique) 1-Movement 2-Forgiveness & Appreciation 3-Personal Connection (hugs/oxytocin) 4-Journaling 5-Supplements to support resiliency 6-stacking the pain (do what you hate first) 7-forest bathing (inhaling phytoncides from trees reduces stress hormones) 8-foods to reduce stress 9- Aromatherapy 10-Hydrotherapy -1 Conscious Breathing (this leads into Shaun’s talk) Shaun on Mind, Body Connection 1- Connection between mind and body is first and foremost breath 2- Taught a. Square breathing b. 3 part breath or yogic breath c. Breath for anxiety 3 inhale double exhale – slowing down the heart beat 3- Meditation and how this comes after breath work a. Yoga nidra b. 6 healing sounds from Chi Gong (Heeeeeeee) i. Ways to start to get into meditation practice ii. Next month he teaches quieting the mind… Barrie on eating a Mediterranean Diet 1-Plan/Prep/Shop/Cook/ Jenessee on Chakras & Energy 1-move us into present moment