KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #5

PAST: Astrology: Talking about what’s coming to the Earth population ½ way through she discusses a Saturn Retrograde which is a 16 year cycle started in 2008 – this triggered everyone to find an internal authority and also on a planetary scale, since this is going retrograde now and we are ½ way through there are big shifts this year and it will continue to play out until 2024 Spring Clean Your soul - Now’s the time to get rid of all that no longer serves your heart, your life, and your soul. Lynn shares proven secrets to clearing the thoughts, behaviors, habits, people, and environments that are preventing you from living the life of your dreams. This information is a breath of fresh air that will lighten your entire being and help you plant fresh seeds for a happier, more fulfilling life. Astrology You Need To Know – April Jenessee visit to Serpent Mound over the equinox. Hosted Ceremony for 8 people, stepped into a new part of my soul timeline. Explain Soul, Causal Body & High Self. How when we do this things begin aligning to our higher self and we become guided instead of having to force pieces of the puzzle into place. PRESENT READ FUTURE: April 3rd - Eating Vegetarian & Vegan – 12pm by Barrie Rosencrans April 3rd -Bio-Hacks the new medicine – Dr.Bizjak at 6:30pm The latest and greatest bio hacks, tools, shortcuts, and research to help you get, and stay, super well & healthy. April 5th – 6pm Thursday Loving Yourself into a Brighter Life - Dr. Holly Timberlake The more we can support ourselves lovingly, the brighter our lives become, even during the difficult moments. Come practice simple and powerful ways to support your own well-being: speaking lovingly and mercifully to yourself, reassuring the insecure feelings that arise, encouraging and motivating yourself in ways that are light and love-filled. Ways that help you to see and feel more of the truth and beauty of your being.